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Are you saying Killians wedding band is gold? I only saw one blurry pic and thought it was silver. But it's really sometimes difficult to tell the difference between metals at a glance. Typically wedding bands are the same base metals for married couples so that they kinda match. Never met a couple with one silver, one gold. Puzzling

That’s actually what bugs me about the whole thing. 

The pics aren’t that great because they’re, you know, quick pics snapped with a phone from a distance, but I recall the wedding band being a bit yellower than the other ring on his hand. 

And look, I’m not the biggest fan of yellow gold (I think almost all my jewelry is sterling silver), but if Emma’s ring matched…whatever, I wouldn’t have a problem. But (if my eyes are telling me correct) they don’t match and that bugs me.

That said, my OTP is married. Who the fuck cares about anything else?

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saphael fake dating?

It was the first thing that came to his mind when his mother demanded that he tell her who Raphael really is to him.

Who knew out of all the people his mother could run into it had to be Maureen and of all the questions his mother could ask, she had to ask about their tour.

“So you told her I’m your boyfriend and we’re invited to her house for dinner, so you see the problem here?” Raphael asked, his brows frowned together as he watched the fidgeting fledgling in his office.

“Vampires can’t eat?” Simon said with a shrug.

“We can, doesn’t taste good or helps with our hunger but we can, the problem is that you have a girlfriend, the problem is that we have to make your mother believe that we’re actually dating”

“Won’t be a problem sweet cheeks” Simon said with a wink.

Raphael groaned and waved a hand dismissing the grinning fledgling.

At eight pm the following night Simon and Raphael stood in front of Simon’s family home.

“Dios, when we get back to the DuMort I’m buying you a suitcase full of combs and hair brushes” Raphael mumbled and reached his hand to fix Simon’s hair.

Simon swatted away Raphael’s hand “I look fine”

“You look like you got into a fight with your closet”

“You two are just adorable” Elaine sighed happily when she swung open the door. “Come in, come in” She gestured and stepped aside to let them in “oh Raphael I’m so happy to see you again”

“I’m happy to see you too, Mrs Lewis” Raphael smiled and hugged Elaine.

“Oh please, call me mom”

“Why didn’t you just say you two were dating and living together in the first place?” Elaine asked two glasses of wine later.

“Mom” Simon began but was cut short when Raphael placed a hand on his leg.

“Mrs Lewis, this is very new to both Simon and I, we didn’t know how tell you” Raphael paused and looked between Elaine and Simon.

“Your son means a lot to me, I care for him that’s why I came to you when he was feeling uneasy about lying, I should have told you then but I wanted give that right to Simon, if he has to confess something to you, he should do so”

“That’s good to hear, I’m happy Simon has found someone like you, Raphael” Elaine smiled.

“Thanks” Simon muttered as he and Raphael walk down street from his house.

“No problem, I love playing fake boyfriend” Raphael deadpanned.

“I mean, thanks for everything you’ve done for me” Simon began but was cut short by his cellphone ringing. “Hey Clary, yeah, I’m coming”

Raphael turned to Simon and shook his head.

“Listen, about the things you said back there-”

“Impressive right, I took acting classes in the 90s” Raphael snorted.

“S-so what you said about caring about me wa?”

“The truth, if I didn’t care you think I’d be here?” Raphael asked, he looked at Simon and sighed “go play house with your shadowhunter”

Credit to the artist. <3
Writing by me.
“You know..I’ve never really gotten to know how truly lovely those ruby hued optics are.
Zen, why do you look so nervous? Does me being this close make you afraid? Or does it make you too excited to move and give me a worried like facade..? Tch. I could remove that silly little frown right off your face now if I wanted, but I won’t. Someone as beautiful as you deserves a proper greeting by someone as truly handsome as me.
I can’t say that I hate this cute face of yours anymore, even if you do insult my precious Eliza..but I suppose I’ll let that slide right now. What are you thinking about?
You’re so cute when you’re shy, Hyun..”
Jumin leaned forward, kissing the other tenderly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially to the person who’s been his enemy from the start, but he just didn’t care any longer.

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1 and 6?

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

in marvel, i don’t get st*cky? like ok they were friends and steve really cares about him but i don’t see the chemistry. in the walking dead, i don’t see romantic potential in ca////ryl? they seem more familial to me. for star wars, i’m not a big kyl*x person, only bc we don’t know much of anything about hux yet? we shall see

6. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

*cries* fandom ruined f*nnrey for me but i think that’s it

Let’s Agree to Disagree

The Percy Jackson is obviously insane, we lost our minds a loooong time ago. We love each other and we argue, I’ve seen straight up cat fights between shippers of Jiper and shippers of Brason (which, guys, that’s not even funny anymore).

Personally I don’t care what you ship, it makes me sad to see people getting so angry fighting over Percico and Percabeth, because guys stop we’re supposed to be family, stop fighting over everything, stop getting so insulted, it’s ridiculous. We’re not children (I think), we should be able to have a civil conversation about couples.

Example, I freaking love Jason and Piper, they’re perfect, but I also ship Valgrace and Reyna/Piper (forgot their ship name whoops), and Pipabeth, because it’s adorable.

Percabeth is my soul but guys, Jercy.

Solangelo is OTP but…. but STOLLACE.

Can’t we just agree to disagree and be NICE ABOUT IT?! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but everyone in this fandom who argues between Solangelo and Percico are Octavian. That’s right haters, those of you who are violently rude to Solangelo shippers because you ship Percico (and vise versa), you Hera scum all OCTAVIAN.

Do you wanna be known as the Octavian’s of the Percy Jackson fandom? Do you? Because that’s what you jerks are acting like.

Live and let live, love and let love, agree to disagree, stop being dickwads, because it’s immature and rude.

That said, can we just agree on one thing? Even if you ship Percico, or Stollace, or Valdangelo, or anything else involving Nico and Will, we need to understand something.

The ship name Solangelo is the most beautiful one we have. I dare you to give me one that sounds even more beautiful, something aesthetically pleasing to both eye and tongue, I frigging dare you.

Ship what you want, even if you don’t like the ship itself, the name is perfect.

And no one messes with Frazel.

Or Gruniper.

And stay away from Tyson/Ella.

Will these Mycroft feels ever go away? 

Every time I think they’re starting to go away, they just hit me full force again.

Say what you will about S4, it was a huge gift to Mycroft fans and to fans of his relationship with Sherlock. 

We’ve known for a while how much Mycroft cares about Sherlock (even if he doesn’t always make the smartest decisions there) but to see a little bit of Sherlock caring about Mycroft…It was so wonderful.   

Platonically speaking, theirs has always been my favorite relationship on the show. 

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Jeff x Annie Episode Reference Guide UPDATED

Ever felt like binge watching your favourite Jeff x Annie episodes but couldn’t remember what episode that specific shoulder hold/goggly eyed stare was from? Now you have a reference! All episodes featuring significant Jeff x Annie summed up in a few sentences. Under the cut.

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Nami x Money

Rate ships [x] | @inevitabilis-sors

NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY

“What makes you think that?”

//(No personal offense to @inevitabilis-sors because this tends to be a popular opinion)  Sorry but this is one that kind of irks me.  A lot of people tend to have this misconception of Nami being a money-hungry bitch who couldn’t care less about others and this is where I say “Nah, man, nah.”  Much like Sanji being a pervert, Nami’s greediness is part of her character, but there is so much more to her than that.  In my opinion, to Nami money=security.  Look at how she lived as a child.  She didn’t have much, only wore second-hand clothes, and Bellemere would sometimes only eat tangerines so that Nami and Nojiko could eat.  Then she ends up watching Bellemere die because they didn’t have enough money to pay for the three of them.  After that, Nami stole just so she could try to save up enough to save her village from Arlong.  No wonder she’s always concerned about having more money.

So yeah, this is one that I will always firmly put my foot down and say “No.”

ALL I CAN DO IS LOVE YOU HARD AND LET YOU GO- a mix for jeff winger and annie edison


i. it ain’t me babe- fleet foxes|ii. welcome home, son- radical face| iii. falling slowly- glen hansard and marketa irglova| iv. between the lines- sara bareilles| v. in my place- coldplay| vi. creature fear- bon iver| vii. love- daughter| viii. fiction- the xx| ix. academia- sia| x. love love love- of monsters and men| xi. nicest thing- kate nash| xii. call it off- tegan and sara| xiii. georgia- vance joy| xiv. reservations- wilco| xv. ends of the earth- lord huron| xvi. la cienega just smiled- ryan adams| xvii. let her go- passenger| xix. goodbye until tomorrow\ i could never rescue you- the last five years

Ok so I actually didn't think this would be a problem

So I received an ask that made me both shocked and uncomfortable, requesting ‘certain artwork’ of Nova and Star Dream.

Look, I really didn’t think I would have to say this or make a post about it, but unfortunately I guess I do.


This isn’t a call out post for NSFW artists, this is a call out post for people requesting NSFW art from minors.

I’m not going to mention the blog who asked me, one because I forgot the URL and two because I don’t mean to get you spammed, but since I deleted your ask consider this your answer: Absolutely positively 100% NO.

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LOL! When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Goku and Chichi… Seriously you all are retarded for shipping a brain damaged retard and a bitch.

Awe, finally i get some hate, i was staring to feel left behind!

<< When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Gokú and Chichi >>

you really think, that with a message like this you change something? or make me desist about GoChi as my OTP?

haha, how stupid you can be child?

BUT, i do feel honored since i closed anons ask, you have the guts to at least open a blog yourself, cute.

Now, now that you ‘’officially’’ discover this super interesting fact, what do you want? a fucking medal?

Please child, send this asks to people who can be bothered by them, i couldn’t care less if you live or die, what makes you think i care about your thinking?

aaand well i wasnt about to post it right now but just because you seems to love gochi as much as us here:

a wedding photo of the brain damaged retard and the bitch, aren’t they cute?  haha.

This is the second library date my boyfriend and I have had this week.
We’re heading out of the building, holding hands, and when we’re nearing his car he says, with a thoughtful look on his face,
“So it seems, Liz, I’ve completely forgotten about something really important I had to do before I left..”
And, me being completely oblivious to the subtext and underlying message in those words, I asked him what it was.
He laughed softly, and pulled me close to him.
And he kissed me.
Right there,
in our high school parking lot,
with not a care in the world of where we were,
or who saw us,
or anything at all.
It was just us.