otp: i can't lose him

“… and then your dad did what no one else ever did, he fought back the devil and won. The world was saved because of the strength of your dad’s spirit and the bond of love between your dad and papa. Their love is unbreakable.” 

John Bobby or J.B as he likes to be called could only stare up at Sully in pure awe as his friend finished telling him a tale of how brave his dad and papa are. “Wow.” J.B breathed out. 

Sully’s smile could have powered up the room. He had been so honoured when he became the imaginary friend to the son of Sam and Dean. He had made it his mission to tell all the children that he became friends with the heroic tales of Sam and Dean Winchester. The boys deserved to recognized as the heroes they are.

“You’re my hero baby boy,” Dean whispered as he curled his arms around Sam’s waist and tugged his boy into his arms. He hadn’t been too happy when Sully arrived in their house telling them that he was their son’s friend. That all changed the first night Dean overheard Sully telling J.B about the heroic things Sam had done, clean for small ears and Dean had surprised himself by standing outside of their son’s room, against the wall listening to all the things Sam had done. Then Sully had surprised him when he started talking about all the times Dean had saved the day. 

Sam could only smile at Dean as he leaned into his arms. “And you are my hero. Always have been always will be.” Sam promised.

That wasn’t the first time Sam had said that to him and Dean knew it wouldn’t be the last time he heard those words fall from Sam’s lips and he treasured them. They were done with the life of hunting, had been since the moment Sam had come to him with a scared look in his eyes and told him that he was pregnant. Nothing had mattered in that moment to Dean but Sam and the baby he was carrying. 

Jody and Donna had helped them set up a new life and they lived ten minutes away from Jody who they asked to be their son’s godmother. Dean’s hand curled around Sam’s growing stomach, Donna was to be the next one. 

Sully could hear Sam and Dean out in the hall and his smile grew as he watched J.B the perfect mix of the two eyes flutter shut. 

Dean and Sam had known each other were heroes and they had been enough for them but not for Sully. Sully made it his mission as did his fellow imaginary friends to spread the heroic tales of Sam and Dean Winchester. Their story would never end. 

People tend to forget that before Ruby got him hooked on demon blood.

Before he learned that he was Lucifer’s true vessel.

Sam Winchester was one of Azazel’s children and his blood flows through him.

Sam had been grateful when his powers went silent, he was no longer a freak. Except for moments like this. When Dean’s life was on the line.

The BMoL, the bastards who had tortured and mind raped him, were now aiming the Colt, the colt that their mother gave them, at Dean. Sam had pushed down his feelings and trauma he had experience thanks to them because they had bigger things to worry about.

But now Sam could feel nothing but fear and hate building inside of him.

There was no Death.

There was no Billie.

There was no one around to make a deal with to bring Dean back, if he died here it would be for good.

Sam couldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t.

As the trigger of the colt pulled back something inside of Sam snapped and reawaken.

“Oh hell.” Crowley knew that they were all in trouble as the colt flew out of the BMoL minion’s hand and into the hand of Sam Winchester whose eyes were pure gold. The Boy King was awake and pissed off.

Only one person was guaranteed to walk out of here whole and that was the man climbing to his feet heading for Sam with his hands stretched out before him.

“Sammy, Sammy, I’m okay put the gun down.” Dean Winchester was experiencing a lot of emotions at that moment, ones that he wanted to push down as he gathered up his little brother and got far away from here. He wanted Sam safe before he dealt with the fact that their mom had been working for the monsters that hurt his little brother.

But none of that mattered, not when Sam was in danger of losing himself if he didn’t gain control.

“Sammy, listen to me you can fight this. You are stronger than you think. You beat the devil back, you can beat this side of you back.”

Sam’s response broke Dean’s, heart.

“But why?” Sam was done.

“After everything we have done. After everything, we have sacrificed and lost we are the ones who pay for the prices. The BMoL sat on their asses and did nothing while we faced off against Azazel. They did nothing when we tried everything to stop Lucifer and we ended up losing Ellen and Jo. They did nothing when we went against the leviathan and lost Bobby. Why should I spare them?”

Dean could see the pain in Sam’s eyes it was the same pain he carried around with him. They had lost so many they cared about and still, they were the ones blamed and punished. “Because I want to be the one who rips them apart for hurting you. They were dead, baby boy the moment they touched you. But Sammy, you fought back this side and won, don’t let them be the reason you give in.”

And in that moment everyone knew what Crowley knew they were screwed, the Winchester brother’s wrath was not something you wanted to be directed at you, no one walked away.  


bellarke according to tumblr.

Don’t even get me started on the “you okay?” thing. The fact that Bellamy just got beat mercilessly by his own sister, the one person he probably thought would never grow to hate him that much. He literally thinks he’s a monster. Clarke KNEW that Bellamy had been on Pike’s side. She knew he wanted war. The last time she saw him he handcuffed her and she tasered him. And now Bellamy feels like he’s lost absolutely everyone…Gina, Kane, Octavia, all because of his mistakes. He thinks he’s trash. He let Octavia beat him, he lets ALIE say all the things that we know haunt him at night, he lets Niylah hit him. Because he truly thinks he deserves it…But Clarke shows up…and she’s asking him if he’s okay, and running to him at the sound of yelling, and she’s tending to his wounds and tenderly touching him. And she’s comforting him and telling him the same words that once comforted her “Maybe there are no good guys.” She’s effortlessly giving him forgiveness even when no one else can. Even when he can’t forgive himself. Clarke knows that they’re the same.

Demon Dean and Meg as friends. Those two would go out and raise hell with smiles on their faces and not giving a damn about the chaos they leave in their wake. 

Sam and Castiel exchanging knowing looks as they follow their lovers and do their best to reign them in just a little bit. 

Dean would put on a show, get Sam all hot and bothered and not give a damn who might see him take Sam over the nearest table, up against the bar or across the pool table as long as they know Sam is his.

Meg, oh she loves getting Castiel all possessive and growly and all it takes is for her to do a little dancing, swaying her hips and hands running up and down her body to get eyes on her but it isn’t until the first offer to dance does Castiel get moving.

Demon Dean and Meg might be the biggest troublemakers that Sam and Cas know but they don’t love them any less. 


Tabletop games with a Hyuuga are ridiculous, you’d have to eat your cards if you didn’t want them to see your hand.

Also, if you don’t know the rules of Uno (or play them differently) the Reverse card means Sasuke will have to pull the +4 instead because the gameplay reversed, it was also Hinata’s last card so she won anyway.


DON’T GIVE ME UP | a bellamy/clarke mix {listen}
love is w e a k n e s s”

He who raises (chapter 2)

THIS GOT WAY OUT OF HAND! this is actually the scene that inspired the entire fic and i enjoyed writing it so so so much! i hope you kids like it!

chapters: 1 2 3 4

summary: the story of how Bellamy finds out his partner has a child, and of how he ends up falling for said child (and also falling for the girl).

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“Bellamy and Clarke have obviously grown to depend on each other, they need each other. They’re like two sides of a coin. I think that they do love each other, but it’s not romantic yet, obviously. That doesn’t mean it won’t be someday.”