otp: i can't imagine a day without you

OTP Prompt 63

Person A runs into Person B’s workplace randomly one day. Before Person B can even finish asking if something is wrong, Person A presses a kiss to their lips.

B: “um– thank you. But, what?”

A: “you left without waking me up this morning, jackass.”

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|| y/n and calvin have been friends for as long as they could remember. when a planned day goes wrong, it ends on a special note ||

“Y/n,” Calvin said as he turned to face you, “what movie are we seeing?” he asked. You grinned as you looked up from your phone, “I chose the last one so you can choose this one.” Calvin nodded as he turned back to face the computer. “Well, I know what I want to see, so let’s go!”

You and Calvin made it to the movie theater pretty quickly. You were excited to see the movie he wanted to see even though you didn’t know what it was, you still knew it’d be good. You also had a good feeling about today. Something just seemed right. It was summer, the sun was out and it was the perfect weather, not too hot but not cold. You wore a normal T-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans, and whatever random shoe you picked up first. You did your makeup, giving your eyeliner a small wing, and your lips coated with a tinted lip balm. You could say you looked ‘on fleek.’

You walked beside Calvin up to the theater and smiled to yourself; he looked especially cute today. He looked cute everyday, but today he just had a bigger smile on his face. You’d been paying attention to him and you hadn’t even noticed him talking to the man at the ticket stand.

“What do you mean they’re sold out? It said you had some,” Calvin said, his face falling slightly. “Yeah, sorry, we just sold the last two.” You frowned slightly and and watched as Calvin sighed quietly, “Okay, thanks,” Calvin said quietly, forcing a smile before he turned around. You turned your head to him and poked his shoulder, catching his attention. “Hey,” you mumbled, “We can just see it a different day.” Calvin looked at you and chuckled, rolling his eyes, “Nah, were too cool for this shit.” he joked. You nodded your head and let out a quiet laugh as you began walking down the street.

“Well,” Calvin started, “do you want to get ice cream? Its hot as fuck.” You laughed as he looked back forward, “Yeah, sure,” you replied, seeing the ice cream shop come into view. “I’ll pay!” you said quickly, causing him to look up. “No!” he said, “I’m paying! What the heck?” He grabbed his wallet from his pocket and held it up, but you grabbed it quickly and shoved it in your back pocket. “You can’t pay if you don’t have money.” you mumbled, squinting your eyes slightly as you smirked. “Give that back! Y/n, I will get it back-” he said, pulling you to the side by a tree. You laughed and shook your head, “the only way you would get it back is if you get it yourself, and its in my ASS pocket,” you exclaimed, a laugh following.

He tilted his head and rolled his eyes, “Y/n, I’ll fucking do it. I swear I will.” You rolled your eyes back at him and shrugged, “I’m paying and that’s it,” you beamed, crossing your arms over your chest. You turned around and began to walk away, but stopped when Calvin called your name. You turned around to see him frowning, pouting playfully, not moving and inch. You knew he was joking but it still broke your heart -also made you melt at how cute it was- to see him 'pouting.’ You groaned and took the wallet out of your pocket and threw it at him. “Take it back, pinecone, but I’m still paying.”

He picked up his wallet and smirked as he walked past you, “you know you WANTED me to reach for that wallet,” he mumbled. You gasped, your eyes wide as you held back laughter, “I did not!”

You did end up wining and you paid for the ice cream. You ate it in the shop since it would have melted outside. By the time you were done, it was around 7 pm (you tried to see the movie at 6) and the sky was changing colors. It was a mix of blue and orange, and the sun was reflecting off of the water, making everything near cast a shadow on the ground next to it. You were already close to the beach and since neither of you were ready to quit the day, you decided to go there.

“Wait,” you said as you grabbed Calvin’s arm, stopping him in his tracks. He turned around and looked at you, “What?” he asked. You smiled and pulled him back closer to where you were, “We should run to my house so I can get my swim suit. You left one at my house too, so you can use that one.” He watched you for a moment as he thought before nodding slightly. “Yeah, sure.. your house isn’t that far from here, right?” he asked. You shook your head and smiled, “Its not far at all.”


You ended up getting to your house within ten minutes. Calvin put his swim shorts on while you changed into a bikini in the other room. You put on a loose shirt and shorts to cover yourself. You also grabbed towels and shoved them into a bag along with sunscreen. “I’m READY!” You exclaimed as you came running out of the room and down the hall. Calvin laughed and shook his head, “Okay, come on.” You threw him the bag and he caught it just as you picked up your car keys. “I really don’t feel like walking,” you mumbled, “so I’ll drive.”

You did as you said you would and the two of your drove to the pier, parking your car in the parking lot for the beach. It was a mix between a beach and a carnival so there was lots of parking space. Not too many people were at the beach either.

You stepped out of the car and grabbed the bag, dragging it with you. “Why’d you bring sunscreen?” Calvin asked as he picked up the bottle you dropped. “The sun is starting to go down,” he said with a chuckle. “Okay, yeah, but its not gone yet, and I do not want to burn.”

You set your bag of stuff under a picnic table and sat down at it. Calvin sat next to you as he looked down at his phone, which made you laugh. “Hey!” you exclaimed, taking your phone out of your pocket, “let’s take a picture, yeah?” you asked (more like demanded). He looked up as you held out your phone and grinned, looking at the camera as he scooted closer to you, wrapping his arm around your waist. You felt your cheeks heat up. It wasn’t something new, he always hugged you or wrapped his arm around you, but it always gave you butterflies. Once you took the picture you smiled to yourself. (No wonder almost every LeafyIsHere fan ships you two.) You saved the picture and stood up, removing your shirt and throwing it onto the table. “You ready?” you asked, still looking down as you slipped off the shorts. You didn’t know but Calvin watched you the whole time, biting his lip as he scanned your body. He adored you, he thought you were incredibly cute, but also incredibly sexy.

“Hey, pal, buddy,” you blurted out, laughing as you looked up. He blinked quickly and looked back up at your face, “Yea! Sorry, I sent a text.” he lied. He set his phone in the bag and stood up, smiling at you as you pushed your hair behind your shoulders. “I’ll race you!” he quickly blurted out. You knitted your eyebrows closely together and looked him in the eyes. “Actual, physical movement?!” you joked, your lips curling into a sheepish grin soon after. He rolled his eyes and smirked, “loser gets pushed into the water.”

He began running and you gasped, taking the chance to quickly run after h. “I didn’t agree to this!” you yelled out as you ran after him, a smile taking over your face. He turned to glance at you for a moment, opening his mouth to speak, but before he could he tripped over a sand pile and went flying towards the ground face first. You gasped, raising your hand to cover your mouth as you stopped in your tracks. He groaned loudly and you began running towards him again. “Calvin,” you called out worriedly, “Calvin, what the hell- are you alright?” you asked as you bent down, grabbing his arm and helping him up. His bare torso was covered in sand so you began wiping it off, chills running down your spine at the touch. “I’m fine,” he muttered as he shook the sand from his hair. You sighed and let your shoulders slump, a weak smile taking over as you looked st him. “You’re so clumsy. You scared me, man, don’t do that.”

He smiled at you and shrugged, “I guess I am clumsy,” he mumbled. You grinned and nodded, “Yes, you are, now lets go swim normally, okay?”


You and Calvin swam for about a half hour before the water began getting cold. Your hair was wet and so was his, because even though neither of you went under, you splashed each other like children.

“You ready for me to build you a sand castle, my queen?” Calvin asked as he sat up on his towel. You, still laying down, looked over at him and laughed. “Oh please, I know I’m fucking amazing, but you don’t have to.” Calvin laughed quietly and looked down, “You are amazing,” he said as he looked at you. You felt your cheeks go red and you gave another sheepish grin. “Shit, you pinecone, you’re making me blush,” you mumbled. He rolled his eyes playfully and shrugged, “I guess its the power of the pinecone, huh?” he asked, still smiling at you.

You sat up and sighed, turning to face him. “Maybe it’s just because you’re cute, and I like when cute people compliment me.” Calvin stared at you once you finished speaking and he smiled wider, his eyes squinting slightly as the sun went down a little more. “Really? I’m THAT cute?” he asked. All you could think about was leaning in and kissing him. You wanted to do it so badly, you wanted to end this night with the perfect kiss on the beach.

“Yeah, you are!” you beamed, smiling wider as you bit down on your bottom lip. Calvin chuckled for a few seconds before his face sort of fell. “Can I tell you something? Straight up?” he asked. Your smile weakened and you felt your chest tighten up. His voice sounded less excited. “Yeah, go ahead. You can tell me anything.”

He looked up and without hesitation he grabbed your hand. “You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever fucking laid eyes on. You’re funny and you’re cute, and you can make me smile on a bad day - you’re my best friend and I’m so happy to have you,” your eyes had gone wide and your face became more red than it ever had. Your heart was beating so fast and so hard that you could barely breathe normally; your whole body was trembling, your stomach was turning. These were not bad things, you were just so shocked, you liked him so much he made you weak.

“I’ve always liked you. Once I knew what a crush was, I knew I had one on you. And I’m.. I’m saying.. that I still like you. I can’t hold it in any more.” He finished speaking and his red face looked at yours, scanning you for a reaction. You instantly smiled and squeezed his hand slightly. “My heart,” you choked out, “is beating so fucking hard right now. I’m surprised you can’t hear it,” you mumbled. “Is that a good thing?” he asked quietly. You laughed and a tear slipped down your cheek just from the excitement. “You fucking dork,” you whispered, “of course it is.”

You closed the space between the two of you instantly by pressing your lips to his. He was definitely shocked but he kissed back as soon as he could react. You rested your hand on his cheek and his hand rested on your knee, his other hand gently caressing your arm. You smiled into the kiss before pulling away, still keeping your face close to his. “What if I said I felt the exact same way about you?” you whispered. He smiled as he stared into your eyes, “I’d ask you to be my girlfriend?” You laughed as he finished speaking and nodded your head. “I’d say yes.”

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