otp: i can spend the rest of my life with you

The Engineer and his Bestfriend

-Hunk is a brilliant engineer

-Lance knows this, it’s why he spends hours just just watching Hunk work, keeping him company and telling him that it’s time to go to bed whenever it’s late

-Lately Hunk has been getting ready for the final battle with the Galra, taking inspiration from the trap they created intended for Allura and Coran

-It is a machine that will get its intended target into a never ending black hole, no time loops, no time jumps, just nothing

-And it seems like the machine works because they have experimented on inanimate objects and have tried everything possible to bring them back and once it becomes impossible they know that they can then build one on a bigger scale

-Hunk’s machine works and it will save the day but

-Something goes wrong with the machine, it was something that kept cropping up in the beta testing, it’s a certain screw that just never really wants to work

-And see the only people who know where the screw is and how to fix it are Lance and hunk

-And once you fix it, it’s game over, there no coming back from it

-Lance and hunk both know this

-Before Hunk can even go apologize or go fix it

-Lance is already on his way to the machine

-But just before he gets there, he stops and through the intercom tells Hunk “You are the best damn engineer and friend in this world, watch me make your machine work buddy”

-And hunk is just sobbing repeating “I love you Lance and please don’t do this, I can’t do this without you, I can’t do this without my best friend”

-And now the rest are starting to catch on to what Lance is really doing but by that point it’s too late the galra are gone

- Lance is gone

-And because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer there’s no way to ever get him back

-But you see it’s because Hunk is such a good engineer that he doesn’t give up

-He works non-stop for almost a year trying to get Lance back

-Pidge spends more time on the computer becoming more withdrawn, more obsessive in finding his family, including Lance

-Shiro takes it hard, he feels as if he’s let down his team for not being able to keep them all in one piece, he goes back to being very tense and stiff around the others

-Allura spends days, even weeks trying to find Lance, pinpoint where in all the universe he could be, she won’t say it but she misses his bad pick up lines

-And Coran is just hurt and upset that the young man who would get so homesick and yet try his best and be there for others would give up his chance to see his family and that is what pains him the most

-And Keith just starts spending even more time training, withdrawing from others, trying to act as if though he doesn’t miss Lance, trying to move on, failing to move on

-Hunk just well he needs to get Lance back because what is life without your best friend?

-Who just sits for hours on end just to watch you work and tinker

-A friend who has been there for so long they know what tool you need with a look

-A friend who knows that food isn’t the only important thing to but goddamn we need to find small things that bring us happiness

-A friend who makes you go to sleep when it’s late and you’ve been on a creating binge (the others don’t know but that’s okay the person who needs to know, does)

-A friend who just wants you to succeed

-A friend who loves you for who you are and ask for nothing in return

- A friend who would die for them, for him…..

-What is life without your best friend?

-Hunk already knows and he never wants to live through that again

-Because you see it’s because Hunk is such a good fucking engineer that he does get Lance back

I just have such a profound need for best friend to lover AUs when both sides think there is no chance of anything ever happening.

Sharing beds together since they were little kids and never really growing out of that habit even though it now hurts to be that close to each other, knowing it will never be anything more than platonic cuddling. 

Each of them being that one person the other goes to to feel better when they’ve had a shit day or date. Bonus if it’s 3am and they spend all night talking.

Neither of them realising how much they act like they are dating/married and getting super flustered or sad when someone asks how long they’ve been together because do you have to remind me of this painful unrequited torment I die a little more of with every passing second?

How much they make each other smile when one of them walks into a room. 

Drunk kissing.

Practice kissing.

Going as each other’s dates to everything because it’s “convenient”. 

Wearing each other’s pyjamas when staying over somehow becoming more arousing than if the other person was naked. 

Having inside jokes and finishing each other’s sentences as casual as anything. 

Knowing random medical shit about each other. Bonus if one of them takes an allergic reaction to something and the other one just pulls out some random ass medicine like they carry it around all the time- spoiler: they do- just in case of this exact eventuality. 

The heart break of seeing each other with other people but doing their best to see it through with a grin and with as much encouragement as they can muster. 

Staring a little too long at each other. 

The awkward moment when they reach the age they said they would marry each other if they were still single.

Getting fake married as kids and family members always reminding them about it , maybe going as far as to put on the video of the fake ceremony and giving them knowing looks.  

Something happening- a kiss, sleeping together- and getting into an argument about it, scared this is it, this is the end, that they’ve fucked up and just wishing they could talk to each other about it, to their best friend. 

Having the best black mail material on each other but ready to pounce on anyone else who so much as dares try black mail their BFF. 

Having a song. Having a whole playlist. 

Laughing the first time they have sex. 

Already having seen each other at their very worst.

Getting to say cheesy things like, “I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend” or “I know I’m marrying you but…do you think I could still be in charge of your send off party? I’ve been planning this night for ten years and I will not have someone else mess those plans up.” 

Even after years of being together, still being in awe of the fact they get to have the one person they thought they’d never get. The person they helped ask other people out. The person they used to give the “you deserve someone who loves you for you” speech to. The person they used to look at and wonder why does it have to be you? The person they look at now and think it could never have been anyone else. 

Confession Time- Prompt Batch

Anonymous Asked: “Hey! Do you happen to have any prompts for two old friends who bicker a lot and are just discovering they have feelings for each other? You know, typical rivals to lovers trope… Plus an awkward confession, if it isn’t too much? Thank you in advance! I love your blog a lot!”

Anonymous Asked: “Hi, could you please write a hitman/spy guy trying to apologize to the girl he had to give to the hitman boss and also trying confess his love for her?”

I’ve gotten several other requests that partially included confessions as well, so I figured I’d tackle them all here.

Different confession prompts:

As an apology:

1. “Look, I know this doesn’t make up for anything, but… I did it for you. So you’d be safe. Because I… care about you. A lot.”

2. “I know this isn’t the best time, but I thought you deserved to know: I… I love you. I have for… Longer than I can remember.”

3. “I didn’t have a choice. They never give me a choice. I could either let the one I love die-that’s you, by the way-or they’d… They’d go after your family.”

4. “Even if you can never forgive me, you deserve to know the truth. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


5. “No, I won’t calm down! You almost died, and I can’t lose you! … Not you. Please, not you.”

6. “Don’t you get it? I-I’ve tried to tell you, so many times, but it’s like you aren’t listening!”

7. “Why? Because I love you, okay? Because I. Love. You.”

8. “Please, just think about this! If you do this, you could die! I can’t lose someone else that I-”

Awkwardly: (Popular request,)

9. “I-You know I’m not good at this stuff. Words, and junk. But… You’re important. To me.”

10. “We need to talk. About something important. I… I l… I love your face. And the stuff in it. and around it. Just you, in general.”

11. “So, the thing is-you know how we weren’t even friends? But then, you know, we were? Are? So…. What if I don’t want to be friends anymore? Not that I want to go back to hating you, more like… I want to start… Dating you.”

12. “We should date. For science. Because I like science. And you.”

13. “If I kissed you, would you punch me? Because I want to kiss you, but not if you’re going to punch me.”

Over-the-top Romantic:

14. “The thing is, it’s you, okay? It has always been you, for as long as I can remember. And even if you never feel the same, that won’t change.”

15. “I will always choose you. Every day. Every time. No matter what. Because I love you that much.”

16. “I’ll sing it, if I have to. Shout it from the rooftops. Whatever it takes to make you believe it.”

17. “When I look at you, I see something I haven’t seen in a long time: A future. But only if you want it.”

As A Goodbye:

18. “I know this is too little, too late, but you deserve to know.”

19. “We’ll see each other again, right? I still need to spend the rest of my life telling you how much I love you.”

20. “Shhh. Everything’s okay now, my love. I mean-No. No, that is what I mean.”

~I hope these help!~

haikyuu!! fic rec

i’ve been consuming unreasonable amounts of hq!! fic these past few months… here’s a rec list of ~70 fics for 16 ships. 

(edit: if the links aren’t working, right-click to open the fic in a new tab. sorry;;)

❤ = favorite

❤ ❤ ❤ = god-tier 


Bokuto/Akaashi (otp: my head, his heart)

the better boyfriend battle by norio (M)  ❤

Summary:  It’s two days after their first date anniversary, so Bokuto ruins Akaashi’s life.

i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight by carafin (G)  ❤

Summary:  In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. Sort of.

Karma by dgalerab (T)

Summary: Akaashi pulls a muscle and Bokuto offers to help him with yoga. Akaashi knows a bad idea when he sees it, and he really only agrees because he’s suddenly acquired a deeply rooted desire to see Bokuto do yoga.For multiple reasons.

Maybe We’re Airborne, Baby by sterlinglee (T)

Summary: Realizing he’s got it bad for his setter is the easy part. Getting his feelings across might be the hardest thing Bokuto’s ever done, not counting his literature final or putting out the flames on that birthday cake he tried to bake for Akaashi last year, or—or a lot of things, actually.But the point still stands. Reaching out to Akaashi is a leap in the dark, and he wants it more than he’s ever wanted anything (especially the smoking remains of a cake he baked before he really understood his feelings, but knew that it’s what you attempt with your own two hands that matters).

snowflakes by arsenicjay (T)

Summary: Bokuto is a simple wizard with simple needs; a nice date, a little romance, and he’s all good to go.Or, Akaashi and Bokuto spend a day in Hogsmeade just before Christmas.

stating the obvious by ThinkingCAPSLOCK (G)

Summary:  There’s a lot of things Bokuto isn’t sure about now that he’s in university. His program, his new team, his future. There’s only one thing he’s absolutely sure of. He is not dating Akaashi Keiji. Not even a little bit.

Year-Round Love by masi (G)

Summary:  In his first year of university, Bokuto realizes that he really adores Akaashi.

Rest of the rec list under the cut!

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yamizoldyck  asked:

Say, if Hunk and Pidge had godly parents, as in, pjo style, who would they be? Sorry for my bad English btw. (You're super cool too C: )

Hunk is definitely a Hephaestus kid! Hunkules just got a way with all his tinkering! And being able to produce fire with his hands like Leo—HELL YES. Also I want him in Steampunk clothes because I have a mighty need for that. He frequents Cabin 4 because Demeter kids love him, I mean, who doesn’t love Hunk tbh? He gets free access to the cabin’s amazing cooking tools. Being a Hephaestus kid can be tiring, so he goes there to bake and cook food and shares it with everyone. He built his own dragon at the age of seven—a fire breathing mechanical dragon because no one wanted to play with him. He loves giving smiles to anyone he meets and it usually lifts their spirits. He’s the best boy, no competition.

Pidge is an Athena kid for obvious reasons: she’s a prodigy. Don’t have godly powers like the rest? Well, she’s definitely the smartest and techie of them all. Everyone respects her and looks up to her (just don’t tell her she’s small because she will smite you). The whole gang protects her but Shiro or Keith teaches her some moves whenever she’s free. Hunk and her get to bond a lot because YOU JUST GET ME, HUNK. Shiro and her spend time together discussing battle strategies and Shiro really appreciates her input. She’s the very first one to actually talk to Keith and she knew from then on that she will like this guy. They’re the conspiracy theorists, I JUST KNOW ALIENS ARE REAL, KEITH. I MEAN, WE’RE DEMIGODS WHO SAYS THEY AREN’T?

I know you’re not asking for the rest but I’m doing it anyway.

Lance is a Poseidon kid. Yes, he’s one of The Big Three and he brags about it. “Whacha say to my big three face?” Then he threatens them with his powers, but he’s mostly joking around about it. He’s very well liked. He thinks he’s special, he was after all, the first big three kid to arrive until he wasn’t. He loves water and just loves swimming the whole day but he loves hanging out with Hunk and Pidge the most. He dubbed them as “Tres Diablos” and Hunk is scandalized! All three of them like to prank people around. He loooves randomly breaking out into a song because he’s got such a wonderful voice and he gets all flattered when girls compliment him for it. There’s a rumour going around that people usually think he’s a child of Aphrodite at first, Hunk and Pidge knows it was Lance himself who spread it. lmao

Shiro is definitely a child of The Big Three. He’s the son of Zeus, and boy is Zeus proud of him. He arrives together with Keith because best friends stick together. He’s the tallest and everyone was just at awe knowing A CHILD OF ZEUS WAS IN THEIR PRESENCE HOLY SHIT. He looks so regal too which didn’t help a lot. He has a growing fanclub and they like to tease him about it. Definitely the leader of the gang. Being a child of the god of the gods, he feels all the pressure to be Mr. Perfect but at the end of the day he just likes to spend time with Keith and watch movies while eating left over pizza. The theme song of his life is “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan, the rest find it hilarious while Keith is the only one who tears up about it because he knows. Also Shiro can fly and sometimes when he’s staring off into space, he’s not aware he’s floating until Keith taps him “You’re doing it again.”

Keith is a child of Hades. Yes, I freakin went there. He’s closed off and likes to stick around Shiro all the time. He’s quiet but he’s very observant which is why you don’t want to piss him off because you’d want him to be in your team when it comes to battles. He’s the most skilled when it comes to wielding a sword. He lived by himself until Shiro found him so he knows self defense the most. Most people don’t want to approach him because DAMMIT KEITH THE FLOWERS ARE WILTING WHEREVER YOU WALK. But it’s not his fault. Hades kids are just like that. He can summon the dead and he spars with dead warriors which was how Shiro found him and was impressed. With the ability to shadow travel, he sneaks around at night to Cabin 1 because Cabin 13 just feels so cold and he got used to a certain someone’s warmth. He’s actually the most powerful demigod but he doesn’t want people to know. He is Hades’ favourite so he gets to “unlock” the most powers.

Allura and Coran’s godly parents
Keith’s backstory
Hades visits Keith at camp and everyone is surprised

I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you

For @nerdyadventures Happy birthday my friend, I’m 10 days late and I made you beta this but this is for you and for keeping up with my texts all the time and humoring me and texting me back. You’re wonderful and I can’t it to be January so we can hang out in Disneyland.

This is the start of a hopefully 3 part story. I hope you guys like it.

Piper was applying lipstick to her lips while Sally and Hazel worked on her hair but Annabeth was hardly paying attention to them, her brain kept thinking about what was about to happen… in less than an hour she would stop being Annabeth Chase and she would become Annabeth Jackson. In less than an hour, she would be marrying the love of her life. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to keep the butterflies in her belly at bay.

It had been so long since Percy had caused her butterflies but it wasn’t a bad thing, after all, they had been together for almost eight years and known each other for eleven. Percy didn’t give her butterflies anymore but he gave her a feeling of safety, love, home, happiness and that was better than any butterfly. She felt weirdly calm, she never thought this was how she would be feeling moments away from her wedding, like any bride she had her bridezilla moments but they didn’t last long, not when they usually ended in Percy’s arms, his voice soothing the stress away, joking how they could elope in any moment, how the only thing that matters was their love.      

“You look beautiful, honey.” Sally’s voice brought her back from her thoughts, her future mother-in-law had tears in her eyes. Annabeth looked at her reflection in the mirror, two beautiful braids worked as a headband and they ended in a messy bun with small white flowers braided into it, Piper had given her a beautiful but minimal makeover, hints of gold framed her eyelids, her lips had a peachy color on them and her cheeks were covered in light pinks and she looked, well, she looked like the blushing bride she wasn’t. “But you are missing something.”

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If You Love Me for Me - Bughead - Chapter 1

Dulcenia, otherwise known as the Cooper kingdom is unstable — it has been for years. Since the death of King Harold Cooper, his wife Alice and her daughter have been struggling to make ends meet for the kingdom. The royal family is left weak, and vulnerable. When a wealthy, growing family, the Blossoms, begin their fight for the throne, Princess Elizabeth is faced with a series of impossible decisions, and some newfound feelings for her tutor and best friend, Forsythe.

Warnings: warning for angst in the future, I suppose? nothing in this chapter. keep reading cut, sorry mobile users!
Pairings: Betty/Jughead (who goes by his birth name in this fic), some archieronnie in later chapters, although they aren’t the focus of the story in the slightest.

(A/N: I have big plans for this fic, so lemme know what you think? also, I suck at coming up with kingdom names. these two came out of a generator. also not historically accurate in the slightest.)

thank you @raptorlily, @animechibifangirl, @jennimisk @leaalda and @xobughead for helping me out in your own special ways when it came to writing this, and @jandjsalmon for pushing for this concept so hard. it’s a great one. and thank you, @ogcannie for giving me the idea for this particular plot in the first place ;)

The view from the castle was remarkable. Not only could Elizabeth see beyond the castle walls, but also past the village, and off into the chain of mountains, hiding a long winding trail to a fellow Kingdom. The air had begun to take on a characteristic cold, typical of their land in the later months. She sighed, cold breath swirling around her until it dissipated into nothing. She longed to journey far beyond the castle grounds, to experience the world outside of gloves and gowns, formal dinners and polite smiles. She sat on the small bench that rested on her balcony, looking aimlessly into the distance.

A boy her age emerged from behind her. He had soft black hair and beautiful blue eyes. His pale skin was clear, save for a smattering of beauty marks on his cheek, and his hair was cut sloppily, a few strands obscuring his eyes from sight. He sat next to her, resting his arm on her shoulder. She relaxed at his touch, turning to face him.

“What is it, Elizabeth?” He asked. She sighed.

“I’m not sure, Forsythe, Mother’s always worried about the Blossoms, you know? And she’s still talking about marrying me off, for money to wage war,” Elizabeth sighed, and Forsythe gave her a sympathetic smile.

“Does she seem serious this time?”

She nodded, as he held her just a little tighter.

Forsythe was Elizabeth’s tutor. At least, that was his formal title. However, half the time he was unneeded as a tutor but very much appreciated as one of her only friends. The castle staff was often twice her age, and stern with what she was permitted to eat and what she could do, hardly allowing her to step out to the castle gardens without an attendant trailing behind. Once, her lady-in-waiting, Adela had lambasted her for eating two chocolate truffles at a dinner full of delegates, and that’s when Elizabeth decided she hated her.

Forsythe’s mother had left the kingdom ages ago, leaving him and his sister under the care of his father Forsythe Pendleton Jones the Second. They had a quiet life in the village, until FP, a knight, died in the line of work protecting Queen Alice herself. Indebted to his family, Forsythe had been living in of the royal palace with his younger sister Forsythia with Queen Alice’s blessing. They weren’t treated like royalty, but he was fed and permitted a place to sleep, and given access to the humongous library wasn’t bad either.

He made his money tutoring Elizabeth, although she didn’t need it. Elizabeth was a student of science and history and she often played the part of the tutor rather than the other way around. However, he so treasured their friendship, even if he was bitter at that being it.

He had been in love with Elizabeth for the longest of times, every one of her “friendly” touches setting his skin on fire with warmth and need. He wanted her, so so badly. She had even wormed her way into his dreams, conjuring up sinful images in his sleep that filled him with shame. The stationery that sat in his room was full of long writings with the princess as subject, perhaps his biggest source of guilt.

The strangest thing he noted, perhaps, was that he didn’t just want to be with her in a sexual sense. He wanted to take care of her. Wanted to see her wear a dress that didn’t have a corset laced into it, let her hair down when she so pleased, and eat as many chocolate truffles as she’d like. He didn’t want to make a beautiful poster-wife out of her as everyone around her expected. He wanted to run far far away from the kingdom, where no one knew their titles and they could be together with honesty, no pretenses.

But only a fool would fall in love with Elizabeth if they weren’t a king or, at the very least, a nobleman. Queen Alice was aggressive in her shooting down of countless potential suitors. It was an honor just to have their hearts broken by her.

And if only a fool could fall for the princess, Forsythe was the biggest fool of them all.

Her head rested on his shoulder as the sun began its descent. He noticed she began to shake gently, her breathing characteristic of a person crying.

“Hey, Elizabeth, look at me. I don’t give a damn if you get married. You’d still be my best friend in the whole world.”

“Thank you, I guess I just don’t want to get married. Mother says I should marry the king of Crealia, Archibald. Apparently, he is young and seeking a wife.”

Forsythe nodded sympathetically, trying to conceal his own bitterness. It made his blood boil just to imagine another person touching her, in any sense.

Elizabeth’s mother Alice had been viewed as an unfit queen since her husband died. The Blossoms, a wealthy family of aristocrats from a neighbouring kingdom were looking for a way to push Alice off her throne, or they’d start a war. News travelled fast, and their land simply couldn’t afford to go into a war, so Alice decided to have Elizabeth marry Archibald. He was a rich young king from a neighbouring land, who’s wealth could save their kingdom if they needed to fight.

“And besides, I already have someone I wish I could spend a happy forever with,” and that made him choke up. He knew it couldn’t be him, but he could dream, couldn’t he? Maybe, just maybe she felt the same way he did.

“I know it’s my duty to marry him, our people come first. But I really just want to make my mum happy.” She said, bottom lip wavering.
“I think you should do what makes you happy. I know it’s hard, but you deserve to life your life as you please.”

“I suppose. I’m to meet the King soon. What do you think he’ll be like?” She inquired, trying to make conversation with the one thing she’d been dreading.

“I’m sure he’ll be suitable,” Forsythe said, gritting his teeth.

Adela appeared at the door, clearing her throat rather loudly. “Forsythe? Princess Elizabeth is to rest now. You may go,” she said, her voice laced with unkindness. While Forsythe had been living in the castle for years now, he was still a poor in their eyes.

“Actually, Adela, I’d rather he stayed with me tonight.”

“Your Highness, he can not-”

“No. He’s permitted to stay. You can leave now.” Elizabeth said, turning to face the older woman in the doorway. She sputtered some nonsense about him being unfit and uncouth, then stormed out.

“She’s such a piece of work.” He said, rolling his eyes as he opened the door back to her bedroom for her. She curtsied jokingly, her pink satin dress flaring a bit.

“Isn’t she?” she laughed.

Later that night, Forsythe found himself sat upright in Elizabeth’s plush bed, stroking and petting her hair absentmindedly. She’d long been asleep, head in his lap, taking comfort in his presence at a time of loneliness. The last thing she wanted was to spend the night alone, especially with words like marriage, war, bankruptcy, and suitable whirling through her mind.

He kissed her forehead softly before slipping out of her bed, and pulling the covers over her thin form, wincing as she stirred in her sleep. She hadn’t seemed to wake, so he closed the door behind him as softly as he could.

In the hallway, he found himself in tears, not even bothering to look at the maid, (Ethel, was it?) who came around to sweep ornate fixings and paintings every night giving him a look of pity. Forsythe could barely think, with whisperings of war with the Blossoms, and the thought of Elizabeth being married off to someone else. The maid passed, did her cleaning, and disappeared around a corner.

Eventually, he returned to his own room a few hallways away, noticing his sister fast asleep in her bed, he lit a candle and sat at his desk writing furiously until he fell asleep, dreaming of a certain princess who was not only two hallways but a whole world away from him.

this is going to be a lot darker, and a lot more interesting soon. I swear. right now there’s your groundwork for this fic and the foundation for their relationship, the calm before the storm if you will.

please, please let me know your thoughts on this fic, I worked really hard on it. reblogs are always hella appreciated. thank you for reading!
I’ll have this on ao3 once I get my email invite!

Roadrat Tangled AU

Jamie is the lost prince who was stolen and locked up in a tower for his “treasure”.

Mako is a thief with a grudge against the kingdom for giving away his land and home as part of a treaty.

Things go as expected, Mako ends up in Jamie’s tower after stealing the missing Prince’s crown, which wouldn’t be a problem if Jamie hadn’t been spending decades learning how to build bombs and traps while locked up. Now Mako has a choice, get blown up or take Jamie to see all the sights around the Kingdom that he’s only heard about but never seen.

Cue a few months of them riding around the kingdom on Mako’s trusty steed while evading the authorities and those who locked Jamie in the tower in the first place. Over time, Mako and Jamie start to know each other better. Mako starts to tell Jamie about his grudge against the kingdom and the life he lived before. Jamie tells Mako about his magic hair (it’s still pretty long, but not 60 feet long, he can’t cut it, but no one said anything about burning some of it off)

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okay have we ever considered what would happen once ronan grew his dark curly hair back?? 

{be warned: long rambly hc ahead.}

Adam once casually mentioned that he liked Ronan’s hair. Gansey’s showed him pictures of what Ronan used to look like before he’d shaved his head and he’d commented that he’d barely been able to recognize him, but in like a good way. 

  • So Ronan decides he’s going to allow his hair to grow out again while Adam’s still off at college. 

  • They make time for each other while maneuvering around Adam’s schooling of course, some weekends Ronan will drive up to Adam’s campus or Adam will take a few days off to return to Henrietta to meet Ronan, Opal and the rest of the group. 
  • Gansey’s stunned and silently relieved, feeling like a proud father. He’d never thought he’d encounter the old Ronan again, and this was better than the old Ronan, this was a new and improved Ronan, who’d wrestled tragedy after tragedy and stood triumphant in the wake of each one, not letting it get the best of him. Blue marks it as an improvement and proceeds to nickname him Rapenzul, “Shut the fuck up, Maggot.” “Are you going to let down your hair, princess?” Noah likes to pet his hair just the way he likes to pet Blue’s hair. “So soft,” he’ll say. Ronan only lets him because it’s Noah, although he may or may not threaten to throw him out of more windows. (Yes, I don’t care what happened in TRK, Noah is undead and well, let this boy live okay!!!) 
  • When Adam first sees Ronan with his hair all grown back he actually physically falters bc goddamn does this boy have any idea how crushingly good he looks? ?? 
  • “You… You’re…” Adam doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to muster a cohesive sentence ever again. Adam was used to the Ronan who was all sharpened edges and split knuckles, but the curving ringlets that curled around his ears now and fell over his forehead in drunken midnight tufts made him appear softer, warmer, kinder. It was like seeing the before-image of a burnt photograph. It was like a fairytale filter version of him. Adam can’t help but see an uncanny resemblance between Ronan and those effortlessly handsome young war hero portraits. 
  • “Stop staring, Shithead. It’s a fucking wig.” Ronan says, because that starstruck look in Adam’s eyes is doing things to him. 
  • Adam is suddenly overcome with the sweeping urge to run his hands through it. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate running his hands over Ronan’s buzzed head or the Ronan that he’d known before. He’d loved Ronan just like he loved Gansey, Blue and Noah even back when he carried himself like a vicious python, all spitfires and bloodied lips, even when he was getting drunk every single night and trying to fight the moon. Adam wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but there’d been something ethereally enticing about him even when he was this self-destructive drag racer that Adam had been so afraid to fall and cut himself on. 
  • But the Ronan Lynch that Adam fell in love with was another boy completely. He was the dreamer who dreamed up EpiPens for his friend and hand cream for Adam’s chapped hands and performed secret handshakes with his little brother and wanted to spend the rest of his life at his family farm and who pressed his lips ever-so-gently to each one of Adam’s fingers like they were dandelion stems. 
  • All his life, Adam had felt broken and delicate, but for the first time, he felt glad for his nimble fingers, his turbulent history, to be Adam Parrish, the chipped teacup boy, because Ronan made him feel loved and wanted and appreciated, because Ronan felt everything so strongly, and there were still nights Adam was filled with gratitude for being the brunt of Ronan’s desire. 
  • So they make the drive up to the Barns in silence, Ronan asks him about how college’s been and Adam tells him all about the university Ronan wouldn’t be caught dead in and catches that proud glint in his eyes when he admits he recently got offered a TA position. “So now you’re nerding your way up to the nerdom throne. Good for you, Parrish.” They talk about Gansey, Blue and Henry’s trip to Venezuela and how Opal’s been helping Ronan build his dream ramp and chewing on all the curtains. The minute they step out of the car and into the house however, Adam can’t help himself anymore, he pins Ronan against a wall and regales him with firm, heated kisses before dipping his hands into Ronan’s hair. It’s even softer than he’d imagined, and he’d been tugging distractedly at his lip and staring out the window the entire ride, imagining a lot. 
  • Ronan’s overwhelmed but they’ve been apart for weeks and feeling the hot, reassuring weight of Adam’s lips and hips against his again, and with his long, pianist’s fingers gruffly tugging at Ronan’s hair, his thoughts upend and bottom out and all he can think is let’s never fucking stop kissing. yeah. let’s kiss until we fucking die.
  • Later when they’re laying down in bed, Adam loops his fingers in Ronan’s hair again, raking through it delightedly, and Ronan lets out a quiet sigh. 
  • “It feels weird,” Ronan then admits. “I’m not that person anymore.” Adam wanted to tell Ronan that no, he wasn’t that person anymore, but he was more whole than he’d been in a long time. He wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to fool people into thinking he was this awful, intimidating presence anymore. He wanted to tell him that it would be okay if he just let the world see him for what he really was. That he wasn’t the wolf in the henhouse, but neither of them were ever very good at words, so he just pushes a little bit of his hair back and presses a kiss to Ronan’s temple instead. “Well, I like the person you are now.”
  • “Do you think it kills my badass edge?” 
  • “What badass edge?”
  • Ronan presses a hand into Adam’s chest and playfully shoves him backwards at that, before helping him out of his t-shirt and biting into his shoulder.
  • Ronan’s thinking he might never shave his head ever again.
McKirk blind date!AU
  • Leonard’s life has been pretty crappy over the last few months. Ugly divorce, no full time custody over his child, didn’t get the promotion at work. And then just today, he nearly crashed his vehicle because of a dumb truck driver ignoring a red traffic light. All in all, he’s pretty grumpy when he arrives at the bar. Whiskey in his hands, he just quietly enjoys his own company, and the clutter of noise around him. That is, until - “Hey,” a guy says, sliding down on the chair next to him, “Bones, right?” “Huh?” “Bones,” the other repeats, as if that explains anything, “from the dating site? It’s Jim.” That doesn’t help. Leonard has no idea what Jim’s on about. Still, the blond’s got an charming smile, blue eyes that look at him with an interest Leonard’s missed for a long time now. So he turns, looking at Jim with similar interest. “Sure,” he says, reaching out to shake Jim’s hand, “Bones. Yes. Hi, Jim.”
  • “On your profile, you said you were a doctor,” Jim says, and Leonards nods. At least that’s not a lie. “Surgeon, actually.” “Really?” “Yeah,” Leonard says, “can I see my profile real quick?” “Dude, open your phone,” Jim replies, “it’s a bit early to go snooping around my private messages.” Leonard laughs, shaking his head. “I’m not interested in your private messages. If you’re texting 2 other dudes and a few ladies on the side, I couldn’t care less.” Which, considering he didn’t know who Jim was, is entirely true. Jim looks at him with interest. “So what is it you expect out of this date, Bones?” he asks, and Leonard shrugs. “I haven’t given that much thought,” Leonard replies, “can’t I just enjoy the company of a handsome young man sitting across me?” Jim cracks a smile, nodding to that. “I didn’t peg you for a flirt.” Leonard laughs, leaning back in his seat. “Me, either.”
  • But flirting is fun when it’s like this. There’s nothing at stake, and Jim is surprisingly easy to woo. Either that, or Leonard’s game is still stronger than he thought. Really, all there is to it is giving Jim attention. Gentle touches, attentively listening to what the other’s saying. It’s easy when you’re pretending to be someone else, and Leonard finds himself enjoying it. Jim does, too. Keeps saying; “Oh, you’re actually more attractive than your profile picture”, and “you really didn’t seem so flirty when we spoke”. The name “Bones” is a little weird, but Leonard takes it. Even when Jim follows him to his apartment, and calls it out loudly when they have sex.
  • Leonard wakes up mildly hungover, but otherwise he’s very calm. That is, until he turns around and finds Jim’s still there. Fast asleep right next to him. Initially, Leonard thinks of kicking him out, but he’s pretty hungry, and he assumes Jim is, too, so rather than actually kicking him out, Leonard makes them a healthy breakfast instead. At the smell of coffee, Jim is instantly awake. “Hey,” Jim says, showing up at Leonard’s side. A hand on his shoulder, and Jim leans in to press a gentle kiss to Leonard’s cheek. “That breakfast for me, too?” “Yeah,” Leonard replies, "hope you like scramble.“
  • It’s a little awkward, though. Both are obviously a little tired, and now Leonard doesn’t know what he wants to talk about. After all, everything Jim knows about him is pretty much a lie. Or, well, most things. His name, for one. "Hey,” Leonard starts eventually, while they’re eating food, “listen. We should-” “I gotta be honest,” Jim interrupts, “I haven’t been completely truthful.” “Oh, really?” Leonard asks, and Jim shakes his head. “No. I’m used to this, right? The whole dating thing, sleeping together. But I’ve never had a relationship or anything. I don’t know what you’re looking for, but I’m not relationship material.” “Don’t worry,” Leonard huffs, “that’s not what I’m looking for either. Wait, you’ve never been in a relationship?” “Does a long weekend count?” Jim asks, “I was too lazy to go home.” Leonard laughs, shaking his head. “No, I don’t think that counts.” “Then no,” Jim says, “never. It just never happened.” “Or did you always avoid it?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs to that. “Whatever, right? We had good sex. I’ll have breakfast, and then I’ll go.” Leonard nods, glancing towards the door, but then he looks back. “Or you could stay until lunch, and we can go another round?” Jim’s lips turn into a small smirk, and he instantly puts his fork down. “Let’s go.”
  • For some reason, though, they bump into each other again a week or so later. And the same thing happens. They talk, they have a drink, and then they sleep together. After it happens another time, Jim just asks for Leonard’s phone number, to make these hookups a whole lot easier. Leonard doesn’t even hesitate.
  • They get progressively closer, too. Sex at night and leaving after breakfast turns into Bones spending the entire weekend at Jim’s place. Jim, too, visits Bones regularly, even during the week when instead of just having sex, they have dinner and complain about work, friends, and whatever else. By now, Leonard is so used to the nickname “Bones”, that he responds to it with ease.
  • It isn’t until they’ve bickered pretty much all afternoon, to the point they’ve spent dinner mostly yelling at each other, that Leonard realizes this is more than they’ve set out to be. Because despite their bickering, Jim doesn’t leave. He just stays, and h kisses Bones a little angrily. Though, when they settle in bed for the night, Jim’s mood seems to have improved again. “I have to tell you something,” Leonard says, and Jim looks up from his phone. “What is it?” he asks, “you’re not gonna kick me out for that fight, are you?” “What? No,” Leonard says, “why would I?” “I dunno, because you were angry,” Jim says, shrugging lightly, though visibly he’s more relaxed now that Leonard’s allowing him to stay. He shifts in closer, resting his hand on Bones’ chest, “what is it, then?” “My name isn’t Bones,” Leonard says. “Well, yes, I figured out as much,” Jim says, “I’ve seen the post on your doormat, Leonard.” “But I mean, I wasn’t even your blind date back then,” Leonard says, and Jim frowns. “What do you mean?” “You approached me, and I just rolled along with it. I’ve never been on a dating site or anyting.” Jim sits up straight, looking down at Leonard in both shock and amusement at the same time. “You lied to me?” “Listen,” Leonard says, though he has nothing, “I just-” “I was supposed to meet the love of my life there that night,” Jim continues a little dramatically, and Leonard really tries not to roll his eyes. Jim laughs, though, and now it’s Leonard’s turn to relax. “In hindsight, though,” Jim says, leaning in to press a kiss to Leonard’s lips, “I think I did.”
Pearl and Mystery Girl Headcannon

First time MG sees Pearl about to throw down with evilness or monsters and she’s just like “ExCuSe ME YOU WANT TO FIGHT MY TINY PERFECT GIRLFRIEND?! I WILL RUN YOUR ASS OVER WITH MY NICE SHINY MOTORCYCLE”

Pearl Hi-key loves it. MG knows. 

Greg is stunned by how much she looks like Rose, he tries a little flirting, nothing serious, for old times sake. 

Pearl is trying to be polite cuz they danced and sang and bonded and shit but she’s interally freaking the ever loving fuck out because not again. NOT. AGAIN. But its so important to Steven that she and Greg get along….fuckfuckfuck she’s blushing and stammering and she wants to flip but she’s resisting and Steven just looks HORRIFIED 

MG just kinda looks him up and down, real chill, and goes “Thanks but I prefer conscious configurations of light”

Pearl blushes

Greg is confused. 

MG clarifies. “I like putting my mouth on Pearl’s mouth. Alot.”

Greg is no longer confused. There are no more flirting attempts. 

Garnet ships it so.fucking.hard. 

MG and Lapis chill at the mall in sunglasses popping bubblegum. Everyone thinks they are badass hoodlums until Pearl and Steven rush over to show off a cute dress. And Pearl’s talking loud and fast about how she knows she doesn’t technically need to buy clothes, she can form them with her gem, and it probably would be too silly to get it, and MG just leans down and plants a little kiss right on Pearl’s pearl before leaning back and nodding. “It looks cute. You could wear it to my parents’ on Sunday.”

Amethyst dislikes her alot first. She’s the punk rock rock, who is this poser? But they like alot of the same music, so they chill with Greg and jam, and go to concerts. They get on good terms, till one day there’s this argument between Pearl and Amethyst and Amethyst just turns to MG and is like “Pearl only likes you because you look like Rose! Beautiful Rose that never gave her the time of day! You are a substitution!”

Amethyst immediately wishes she hadn’t said that, would do anything to take it back, cuz Pearl just crumples like a paper ball, crumples on the floor tears pooling in her eyes as she sobs “that’s not true, it’s not true, I swear…”

MG was really chill, leaning back on the wall scrolling through blogs. She didn’t really care that much about the fight or the comment. But Pearl is crying. Pearl is hurt. Her happy little ball of cheerful sunshine and outer space logic is sad. Heads will roll. 

MG scoops up Pearl whose desperately trying to deny it, to say how she cares for MG because she’s MG, not for anything else. MG knows, she just pets her head and shushes her. Then she glares at Amethyst. And Rose never glared like that. 

“Tiny purple punk rock. Not cool. Don’t involve third parties in your fights, and she was right, you’ve been really reckless lately and that’s dangerous. Do not make my small alien bird baby cry again or I will curb stomp you. I like her because she’s Pearl. Pearl likes me because I’m me.”

Pearl laughs a little because she is NOT a bird thank you very much

MG dyes her hair green the next day. Pearl sees it and spends the rest of the day reciting lyrical poetry about it

Finally MG is like “Dude just say its sexy” but she’s laughing because it’s sweet and genuine and Pearl. 

Pearl sighs. “It certainly is. But more than that. I believe….I believe the word would be ‘beautiful’.”

MG blushes hard core and hides her face in Pearl’s shoulder, hugging her. She’s been called badass, punk, sexy, but beautiful…that’s a first. 

Pearl makes MG a stud earring using scraps from the war and the volcanic heart of the temple’s core. MG loves it. 

Pearl tries to learn slang. She does not suceed, and will turn to MG after winning Mario Kart, or stabbing a monster with her spear and say “Was that ‘punk rock’?!?” 

MG just smiles and says “Very punk.”

MG gets shit for dating an alien. Pearl’s response is along the lines of “I saved this planet, and technically have lived here for 5,000 years. So I’ve been here alot longer than you.”

The shit talking stops.

MG loves to watch Pearl train Connie and Steven and Stevonnie. Mostly because her girlfriend is a goddamn boss. 

Pearl doesn’t like to talk about the war. But alone in Pearl’s room, floating on the water and listening to smooth jazz on shared headphones, she’ll admit little things. It’s easy for people to forget prim and proper Pearl is a rebel, a renegade, and a wanted criminal. (MG finds it kinda hot really)

Amethyst introduces MG to Vidalia and they hit it off big time. Vidalia paints MG and Pearl and gives it to MG, small enough that she can carry it around. It makes her smile like a sap all the time.

MG likes tattooes, but never knew what to get. So she gets a swan, pearly white and made of water, with a rising crescent moon behind her. Peaceful, strong, beautiful. Just like her Pearl.

Pearl doesn’t sleep, but she’ll stay with MG and play with her hair, clean her clothes, straighten up the house, and leave post it notes hidden for MG to find later. 

Pearl has to regenerate, MG flips out and is an angry crying mess for days. When Pearl comes back she nearly sends her back with a bone crushing hug. Later she realizes Pearl’s made a little alteration of her own. It’s her own kind of tattoo, blending in with her skin perfectly. It’s just a few words and some scribbly lines. The words say “My Mystery Girl” in perfect cursive. 

When she asks about the lines, she explains its Gem writing. She blushes and says she’ll translate later. 

Pearl considered ended things with MG incase the Diamonds come and she gets hurt. MG sees this coming and threatens to kick Pearl off the motorcycle for being stupid. She’s with her till the stars fall down. 

Pearl is adorable in MG’s flannels. It nearly stops MG’s heart. 

Pearl checks that MG got enough sleep, has eaten three meals, has hydrated, and wears a helmet and thick pants on the motor cycle. Steven teases Pearl is more like a Mom than a girlfriend, but MG’s never felt so loved.

Yellow Diamond kidnaps MG to lure in Pearl and shatter her. Pearl comes in, dancing with swords, bruised and beaten but looking fucking TERRIFYING. When she saves MG she has a soft smiling and kisses her hand like a knight to their lord. 

“We had an agreement. Together till the stars fall down.”

MG cries. It’s okay, Pearl’s crying too.

MG thinks its hilarious that Pearl can lift her with one hand. 

Pearl finally admits the words in Gem are “I pledge my life to the brightness of my life” with the human “My Mystery Girl” underneath. 

Garnet has grasped more slang and whispers “OTP” quietly with a big grin whenever they are around. 

Peridot uses MG as a human ladder to get to high shelves. MG is amused. Lapis is jealous. That’s HER little green space dorito. 

MG loves it and starts calling Peridot “little green space dorito”

For Christmas, Steven gives Period a T Shirt with it. 

MG loves Steven and lets him braid her hair and do her lipstick and ask about her piercings. They dance to music videos together on the couch. Pearl thinks its too cute to tell them to stop. 

They manage to fuse. And its nothing like Rainbow Quartz. She’s pale, big, and beautiful with short wild hair that changes colors in the light. She’s got three eyes, all of them are pink, and piercings in her lips, ears, eyebrows and tongue. Four arms, two legs, and a wicked smile. Her weapon of choice is throwing knives made like minispears. Meet Mystery Pearl. 

–– ♡ ❛ + VERSE/OTP NAME IDEAS [ PART 2 ] !

       there are a lot of master lists like these based on songs. and songs are great, but, as a movie lover, i decided to put together a bunch of quotes from movies to be used for the same purpose. so under the cut you’ll find 178 movie quotes that can be used as otp/verse names. these are organized by movie title and some may even fit a brotp. hope it comes in handy to any of you!

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Say My Name, Say My Name

Fandom: The 100
Pairings: Bellarke
Characters: Bellamy, Clarke, Miller, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Jasper.
Words: 2,154
Summary: Bellamy shouldn’t tell Miller anything because he’s a disloyal dickbag who doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Or: Bellamy tells Miller that he called out Clarke’s name during sex with someone else and Miller tells the rest of their friends. And Clarke.
Notes: prompt: “bellamy calling clarke’s name during sex with someone else then he is telling someone and she hears” This turned into Bellamy calls Clarke’s name during sex, his friends tease him relentlessly about it, and then Clarke accidentally finds out. So, mostly to the prompt, just a slightly different emphasis. Also, I’m posting au drabbles every day (aside from Wednesdays) until hiatus is over, so feel free to leave me a prompt.
Ao3 link.

He doesn’t mean to do it. It just slips out. She’s blonde, he’s looking at her from behind, and he’s fairly drunk. Which isn’t an excuse, just. He probably should have thought about his choices more. Like, he shouldn’t have taken home a blonde, or he should have drank less, or he should have focused more on who he was actually doing and not let his mind wander to who he wanted it to be.

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anonymous asked:

what do you say about the "i was gonna propose to you but you got also a ring for me and now we´re the biggest dorks" (spones/spirk/mckirk/mcspirk you get to decide the best fitting ship )

  • “I was thinking,” Jim starts, and he hears a tired grunt coming from Bones. “Jim,” that soft raspy voice rings quietly, “it’s 3 in the morning.” “You’re awake,” Jim says, shifting in closer, and smiling when the other turns around and slides an arm around Jim’s waist. “How do you feel about marriage?” Jim asks. He worries Bones has fallen asleep again, because he takes way too long to answer. “Tried it once,” Bones replies eventually, “I’m not a fan.” “But with someone you love.” “I loved Jocelyn,” Bones says, “with all my heart.” Jim doesn’t know why hearing that sucks. He’s not jealous; Jocelyn has been out of Bones’ life for a long time, and the few moments they see each other each year it’s because of Joanna. "I tend to ruin marriages,“ Bones says, “I just don’t think I’m meant to be like that.”
  • That said, when Leonard gets a hold on Jim’s PADD, he slowly starts changing his mind. It’s not like he’s actively looking for Jim’s browsing history; after all, he does trust Jim. But Jim asked him to look up a restaurant in York town he’d earlier searched for, and that’s where Bones finds multiple searches for wedding venues. It throws Bones off guard for the rest of the afternoon, thinking it over. If Jim’s this serious about him, and Leonard can’t even imagine himself being with anyone else anymore, why wouldn’t they?
  • “You wanna go out tonight?” Jim asks. They’ve arrived in York Town just a few hours prior, and the two of them have only now managed to make it to their shared apartment. “Can’t,” Bones says, “I gotta meet up with Chapel and M'Benga.” “Really? You can’t see them tomorrow instead? I want to go out to dinner with you,” Jim says. “How ‘bout tomorrow?” Bones suggests, and Jim smiles faintly. “Yeah,” he says, leaning in to press a quick kiss to Bones’ lips, “okay.”
  • But the next night Jim calls Bones to cancel their reservations because Jim’s stuck at the Starfleet Headquarters. Bones is asleep on the couch when Jim returns home, PADD resting on his chest and a half eaten pizza on the coffee table next to him. It’s barely a flattering look, but Jim still looks at him so fondly. Briefly, he considers giving him a blanket and let him sleep here, but he knows Bones will just get groggy if he doesn’t sleep in an actual bed. So he walks over, sitting down next to the other, and he gently runs his hand through Bones’ hair. “Bones,” he says softly, “C'mon, old man, let’s get you to bed.”
  • It just happens at least two more times that Bones reserves a table somewhere cozy and romantic, and then either one of them has to cancel because life gets in the way. Every single time. And both are increasingly more frustrated because of this - even if there’s nothing to be frustrated about. It just leads to more bickering, less intimacy, which just leads to even more bickering. Leonard doesn’t regret his ridiculously expensive engagement ring, but the whole idea around a romantic candle lit dinner is just ruined. Jim feels a similar frustration, grumpier than usual and more agitated by Spock (or anyone else) when they fly back out into space.
  • “What’s the matter with you?” Bones asks when he catches Jim in the bar later that night. Save from Scotty and Keenser talking engineering gibberish in the corner, it’s completely empty. Jim sits by the window by himself, staring out the window as they pass a nebula in the distance. “Nothing’s wrong,” Jim says, pushing his empty glass in Bones’ direction for a refill. Bones does so, filling a glass for himself as well, and then he sits down next to him. “Really? Because you’ve been acting like a child,” Bones says, and Jim huffs. “Right back at you, you dick.” At that insult, though, both crack a smile. “I’m annoyed we couldn’t spend any time together in York Town,” Bones says. “Me too,” Jim replies, “we were supposed to take it slow this week and we still ended up working overtime.” “I had to cancel a dinner reservation three times,” Bones says, and Jim laughs. “Me too, man. I even got us a table at Il'thaa.” “That super expensive, always fully booked restaurant at the plaza?” “That’s the one. Used my name and my charm to get us a table.” “Your charm?” Bones asks, “I’m surprised you got in, then.” Jim scoffs at him. “It’s okay,” Bones says, “I don’t think that overly romantic thing is our scene, anyway.” “But I really wanted to,” Jim says, “fancy suits, expensive dinners, great atmosphere. Super romantic. I would’ve swept you off your feet.”  
  • They’re still chuckling about it when they get back to their quarters. Jim watches Bones take off that blue shirt, that toned chest and strong biceps something Jim’s so fond of. In the blueish light from the bedroom window, the other looks stunning. Jim reaches out, pulling the other in closer. “I love you, you know,” Jim says, and Bones smiles. “I know,” is all he replies, and Jim grins against the other’s lips when he kisses him. His arms wrap around Bones’ shoulders, puling him in closer when he falls down on bed. “I was thinking,” Bones starts, and Jim frowns - not quite where he expected this night to go, but okay. “You were thinking?” “Yeah,” Bones says, and when the doctor sits up straight on that bed, Jim figures sex is gonna have to wait. “Something wrong?” Jim asks, sitting up, too, and Bones laughs. “No, not quite. Just something we discussed earlier. I was gonna ask you in York Town, but since we didn’t have the time… and I think, you know, location doesn’t matter when you really want to be with someone.” “Oh God,” Jim groans, catching on, and he realizes how stupid both have been about those canceled dates in York Town, “hold on, Bones.” “No, Jim-” Bones starts, but Jim rolls away instead. “Before you continue,” Jim starts, but Bones interrupts him. “Please, Jim, can it just wait-” “-no, Bones, seriously-” “- let’s talk first and do whatever you want to do after-” “-I  just need to grab something-” “Jim.” “Leonard.” “Marry me.”
  • Jim isn’t sure who says it first. It’s not the romantic scene Jim planned out at all. Not the “whoops oh look at that ring in your champagne glass”, or whatever. Bones sits on bed, half dressed, a little black box in his hand. Jim’s in his underwear, also holding a ring in his hands. Both are silent for a few long seconds. And then Bones just laughs, and so does Jim. “Of course,” Bones says, and though the answer should’ve been obvious - since both of them asked - Jim still feels a sense of relief when he falls back down on bed, immediately pulling Bones in for a kiss. “I can’t believe this. That’s why you were so on edge,” Jim says, and Bones raises an eyebrow. “I was on edge? You were so grumpy cadets came to ask me when it’s safe to approach you, rather than the other way around.” Jim laughs, grabbing that box from Bones’ hands to check out that ring. “Same jewelry shop in York Town, too, huh?” he chuckles, finding a very similar ring to the one he bought for Bones. “What can I say,” Bones says, “great minds think alike? You rub off on me.” Jim grins, pulling the other closer for another kiss. “Pretty sure we rub off on each other in more ways than one.”

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So like what is the evidence for Kylo jumping into the sea to rescue Rey on Achto? I've seen that mentioned many times these past few months but I have no idea where people are getting it from. And especially after the Vanity Fair Scare just now I don't want to be hopping on the train of excessive Reylo optimism unless I got my solid evidence handy for that plot point happening.

hiiiiiii! so this is a thing known to most of the fandom as the Cliff Scene™, but it’s origins are spoilery so under the cut to avoid possible spoilers for TLJ!

But before we go and I lose some people who understandably want to be as spoiler free as possible, it’s really important for me to say that excessive Reylo optimism is not a bad thing, nor did Vanity Fair strike it down. Fandom is in large part a thing of wild hope and speculation, and while we want every single thing to come out and confirm our wildest hopes, that’s just not how it’s always going to play out (and people have different hopes, even in an OTP/ship fandom).

So if this idea excites you (or any idea), then it’s okay to have that wild hope. That’s what fandom is about. And those who have been in fandoms long enough know that what is written/shown on screen is almost never as fantastic as some meta/headcanon/stories you’ve seen - and that’s okay. As long as we’re still eating ice cream, we can enjoy all the different flavors!

anyway, just my thoughts on that - spoilers re: the Cliff Scene™

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anonymous asked:

if you're still taking jonsa prompts: Jon saying "if you so much as breathe on her..." Mafia AU

Mafia AU was an honest challenge but I loved it! Thanks for the prompt!

Hope you guys like it!


It’s a little like a cheesy over-the-top romantic comedy but with a lot more blood and no one’s laughing, least of all Jon. Even distantly, in the part of his mind that can appreciate how they met for what it was, he still thinks her life would be better off if he hadn’t shown up in her ER with a bullet wound to the shoulder. Now, because Jon couldn’t stop himself, her life is in danger and it’s all his fault. He should have known better. Who he is and who he has to be can never be worthy of someone like Sansa Stark.

But Jon isn’t going to let his despair and regret cloud him from what he has to do. She’s in danger and he’ll kill every last Lannister if he has to. She’s the only thing in his life that’s ever made sense, and if he loses her like he’s lost everyone else, Jon doesn’t think he can live through that.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Edd inspects his gun for the third time in thirty minutes. He doesn’t look up from his meticulous inspection but his head is inclined towards Jon as he waits for his answer.

Jon wants to shout that, ‘yes, of course he has to bloody do this,’ but he knows rationally it’s not Edd’s fault that he’s being questioned for his actions. The Targaryens have had a long-standing truce with the Lannisters for as long as Jon has been alive – all twenty-four years of his miserable existence – and to do this would be to effectively cut those ties off. But this isn’t some overstep from the Lannisters, procuring and selling weapons on the Targaryens’ territory. This is a direct attack on Jon. They know he’s being groomed to take over the business now that his siblings are both dead and his father is dying. They don’t respect that he’s so young or that he’s not a full Targaryen, and normally Jon wouldn’t even give two shits whether a bunch of golden-haired assholes thought he was worthy of leading the Targaryen family, but they took Sansa and Jon’s going to get her back even if it means he’s breaking every rule in the book.

“You don’t have to stay,” Jon says in lieu of answering because Edd knows he has to, but his friend scoffs loudly and shakes his head. “I don’t need more blood on my hands.”

“How do we know they even have her?” Tormund asks instead. He has his feet propped up on the opposite bench with his arms crossed over his chest. It’s the only way the man can properly fit in the back of the SUV without lying down on the bed of the car. “It might not be the Lannisters.”

Edd scoffs again. “Did you see the way that prick Joffrey was eyeing her the other night? Oh yeah, he definitely has her.”

The water bottle Jon has in his hands crackle loudly. He drops it onto the ground, staring unseeingly at its mangled form. “It’s time.”

All three men file out of the car silently. Edd and Tormund make their way around the abandoned warehouse as Jon walks up to the entrance. They’ll be expecting backup but they won’t be expecting how little backup Jon actually has. He doesn’t trust anyone else to understand how much Sansa means to him and he doesn’t trust anyone else to have his back as loyally as Edd and Tormund.

His phone vibrates in his pocket and he quickly answers.

“So you found me.”

Joffrey,” Jon sneers into the phone with as much disgust as he can muster under the circumstances. “Let me in.”

“Uh uh, you’re not in any position to be making demands, or have you forgotten I have your little girlfriend here with me? Say hi, sweetheart.” There’s a muffled whimper and Jon’s heart plummets to the ground. His hands tighten into fists by his side. “She says hi.”

“If you so much as breathe on her, I swear to god I’ll tear apart this warehouse to kill you.”

“Big words for one man,” he laughs, but before Jon can answer, the door to the warehouse swings and a heavily-armed man signals for Jon to come in.

He hangs up the phone and follows. In the centre of the warehouse tied to a chair is a blindfold Sansa. He inspects from where he is, struggling against the urge to run to her and make sure she’s okay, but he is resigned to the consolation that she looks okay. Her hair is tousled and matted to her skin. She looks paler than usual and there is dried blood caking her forehead but her chest rises and falls rhythmically. She’s alive. That’s all that matters for now.

“You have my attention,” Jon says, distinct and clear. “What do you want?”

Joffrey leans against the chair, his hand toying with strands of Sansa’s hair. Jon’s going to kill him. It’s not wishful thinking; he is going to kill him.

“When your father dies, you’ll step back from the business,” Joffrey tells him. “You’ll dismantle the Targaryen family.”

This nearly makes Jon snort because it is now so obvious to Jon that Joffrey has gone behind Tywin’s back. The patriarch would never have bothered with such an asinine plan. He’s more cunning than that; his treachery lies in the seams of an operation. He understands that without a Targaryen family in charge, there’ll be power vacuum and any two-bit drug lord or arms dealer could stroll on in, causing trouble for the Lannisters. The truce they have works because they both respect it. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

“And how do I know you won’t just kill us when we leave here?”

“You don’t.” Joffrey presses the muzzle of his gun against Sansa’s temple. “But the alternative is me putting a bullet through her pretty little head right now.”

Sansa jerks her head and he hears something like a growl coming from the woman. It makes him proud that even in the face of possible death she’s defiant to the very end. She’s always been stubborn. It’s one of her most infuriating and endearing qualities. She jerks her head again and begins to speak against her gag.

“Is that necessary?” Jon points to the cloth wrapped around her mouth. “Let her speak.”

Surprisingly, Joffrey unties the gag and drops it to the ground. Sansa lets out another growl before she inclines her head back to look at Joffrey. Her face is startlingly impassive, a firm set of her lips, and blue eyes cold as ice. This is the face she wears in the ER when she’s dealing with particularly unruly patients but as quick as it comes, it can easily slide away to her sweet smile and fond eyes when she meets a young child. The first time he saw it happen, Jon knew instantly that he was stupidly, irrevocably in love with her.

“Leaving an entire section of the city unmanned is not in your best interest,” Sansa says evenly, and Jon’s heart thumps in his chest. He’s never told her about what he does – and that he knows was his first mistake because it’s not like he doesn’t trust her; he was just terrified of her walking away – and Jon can’t fathom what she’s doing right now, but he can see the determination there so he doesn’t interrupt. “People are going to be suspicious and your family will spend months trying to win back their trust.”

Even Joffrey looks impressed, which he tries very hard to hide. “What would you know?”

“My family has been in politics for longer than you’ve been alive,” Sansa spits out. “If you want a change in power, you don’t overthrow the previous regime and expect everything to return to normal. It should be gradual. Start by forming an alliance with the Targaryens.”

“Hmm,” is all Joffrey says for the moment and Jon wants to laugh because the man is clearly not expecting Sansa to be so intelligent and fearless. But Jon did. There’s nothing she can’t do.

“An alliance will increase business on both ends,” Jon adds after the silence has stretched too long, and to show he’s supporting her no matter what. “You can become more involved with us and by the time I step down, no one will be any wiser. No war. No blood shed.” The last he says with bite, just so the message is clear. If Sansa is hurt, there will be a war and Jon won’t care who dies in the process. Love makes people do dangerous things and a lost love can leave a man with nothing left to lose.

Joffrey is stupid but he’s not that stupid and even he can see the merit in this deal, so it’s only five minutes later that he agrees to the terms, cuts Sansa’s ties loose, and then Jon is finally, finally holding her in his arms like she is the most precious thing in the entire world.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he murmurs into her hair, one hand pressing against the back of her head and the other wrapped around her. “Are you hurt? Are you okay?”

Sansa laughs, voice muffled against the crook of his neck. He can feel her smile into his skin and he lets out a relieved sigh. “I’m fine, Jon. Let’s… Let’s get out of here, okay?”

He nods as he takes her hand. He’s not sparing Joffrey another glance because he has Sansa back and she’s not pushing him away. If anything, she’s pulling him closer, latching herself to his side like she can’t get enough of him, and that’s okay with Jon. He’d be happy to just hold her for the rest of his life.

Once they’re back in the van with Edd and Tormund, who nod to Jon in acknowledgement as they cram into the front, Jon turns her in his arms and kisses her, soft and chaste, on the lips. “I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I thought by not telling you about all this I was protecting you but… I got you hurt anyways. I’ll understand if you don’t want to… It’ll be okay if you don’t want to see me ever again.”

Sansa pulls back to look at him. “Will it? Because I won’t be okay if I don’t get to see you again.” She shakes her head, sighing softly. “I’m not happy about how I found out about your… um, family business, but I love you, okay? You’re a broody, stubborn man, but I love you and I’m here if you’ll have me. We’ll figure this out together.”

He surges forward to capture her lips again, turning the kiss from soft and chaste to desperate and needy. She loves him and she wants this just as much as him, and those thoughts are so intoxicating to Jon that he completely forgets about Joffrey until they’re curled up on his bed later that evening watching the six o’clock news.

Police suspect that the cause of the burned down warehouse in lower Riverrun was due to arson.”

Sansa shifts from her position so she’s resting her chin on his chest. “You did this, didn’t you?”

“It’s a message,” Jon answers easily. “They had a new shipment in the basement so we burnt it all. This way Joffrey knows that he can’t use you as a bargaining chip.”


“No one was hurt.” Although Jon was thoroughly tempted to hurt everyone involved in the kidnapping but he knows Sansa wouldn’t approve. She may be okay with his family business but she’s a doctor and the taking of lives goes against everything she is. “But if they take you again, I won’t be so kind.”

Sansa huffs but she presses a kiss onto his chest. “You’re ridiculous.”

“We also might have sent a second message,” Jon admits after a moment. At Sansa’s questioning gaze, he chuckles softly. “We knew his father didn’t know about the kidnapping so we sent a little nudge in the form of a video recording Edd took of the whole conversation at the warehouse.”

Sansa opens her mouth and then closes it. She laughs. “So your business is okay?”

“It’s okay.”

“And we’re okay?”

The slight waver in her voice has Jon sitting up so he can cradle her face in his hands. “I won’t let anyone hurt you for as long as I’m alive, Sans,” he tells her emphatically. “I’ll protect you any way I can, however I can. Even if we’re not… even if you don’t want me anymore, I’ll always be there for you.”

“I want you,” she responds quietly, a small smile at her lips. “Us. This. Even all of your questionable life choices. I don’t care.”

“Are you sure?” Jon has to ask because this is not a normal response and he doesn’t know if he believes her. Maybe it’s the adrenaline of what happened. She might regret it in the morning. He’d let her go if she did but it’d still kill him to do it. “My life is dangerous, Sansa. I do things that I’m not proud of. My family aren’t good people.”

“But you are,” Sansa says instantly. “You’re the best person I know. And…” She ducks her head to rest her cheek to his chest again. “They’re not your family. Edd’s your family. Tormund is. I’m your family.”

“You have too much faith in me,” Jon says but he’s grinning down at her. “I’m going to make bad decisions. Do bad things.”

“And I’ll be there to help you fix it. Get used to it, Jon Targaryen. I’m here and I’m staying.”

“Well,” Jon laughs again and drops a kiss to her hair. “Good. Because I love you and I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“You better,” is the last thing she says before her breaths even out and she’s fast asleep, curled into his side.

Yup, Jon thinks, he’s definitely stupidly in love with her.

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you should totally hit us up with more domestic!victuri ^^;;

i’m always down for domestic victuuri, my guy

  • they pick up more couple-y things to do together in their downtime 
  • like scrapbooking? scrapbooking
    • what better way to cutely display their memories than by decorating a scrapbook themselves to look through in the future :’)
      • they hadn’t thought of it until their wedding where phichit gave them a scrapbook of memories as a gift on their wedding (with a little help from chris, who contributed a lot of photos)
    • it was yuuri who suggested it first, and victor was the one to gather all the supplies, reference pinterest, all that
    • it’s literally so cute they have so much fun and sometimes ribbons are accidentally glued to fingers and buttons to noses it’s just adorable i imagine them having so much fun and laughing a lot it’s so Good i’m
  • they also adopt like 2 more dogs– i don’t imagine a specific breed bc i’m sure they love all dogs but it’s gonna be a big round dog full of FLOOF and super bouncy and they love it makkachin is so happy he has more friends especially since he’s getting old but fuck i don’t wanna talk about that nope :)
  • you would think that victor – being a little broader shoulder-wise and taller height-wise – would be the Blanket Hog™ but nope
    • yuuri katsuki is a selfish fucker who hogs all the blankets and while victor’s p good at handling the cold it gets rlly annoying like yuuri pls enough is enough
  • working out together is such a struggle like it’s either them being rlly cute and doing that “sit-up and kiss” couple thing but other times it’s like hey victor bet you can’t do tHIS
    • victor feels rlly torn like on one hand he thinks it’s really cute and on the other he feels like he’s created a monster oh no
  • they go grocery shopping once every 2 weeks but its one of those little mundane things to look forward to like for some reason just the thought of going shopping with someone you wanna spend the rest of your life with is appealing? wild
    • not to mention like half the groceries they get are for yurio because let’s face it they basically adopt yurio too
    • and yuuri learns to make a really good pirozhki 
  • a few years after they retire, they’ll be in their like mid- to late-thirties and that’s when they decide they want kids
  • just think about them with kids its literally so cute
    • yuuri and victor are such doting parents they love their kid(s) so much they wake them up with kisses and hugs and tickles
    • 100% supportive always, especially when they start school and Anxiety™ kicks in yuuri is there before you can say pork cutlet bowl
    • they love to hang up their art on the fridge it’s just rlly cute imagining them to be the proudest parents no matter what their kid pursues its honestly the best feeling ever
ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Raj: Uh-oh. She wants to meet us.

Howard: Not us. Him.

Raj: Yes, but him doesn’t even know about her.

Howard: Well, him about to find out about her.

Raj: Really? Us gonna tell him?

Sheldon: Who’s going to tell whom about what?

Howard: Sheldon. Hey.

Raj: Hi.

Sheldon: Your surprise confuses me. I live here.

Howard: Right. So, listen, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon?

Sheldon: Be more specific.

Howard: Four thirty.

Sheldon: That’s not afternoon. That’s preevning.

Howard: What?

Sheldon: It’s a time of day I invented. It better defines the ambiguous period between afternoon and evening. Preevning. I’m fairly certain it will catch on as it fills a desperate need.

Raj: Right, okay. What are you doing tomorrow preevning?

Sheldon: Well, tomorrow’s Saturday. Saturday night is laundry night, so I’ll be spending the preevning pre-sorting and pre-soaking.

Howard: Okay, what if I were to tell you, tomorrow, at 4:30 you could meet a woman who has been scientifically chosen to be your perfect mate?

Sheldon: I would snort in derision and throw my arms in the air, exhausted by your constant tomfoolery.

Raj: But it’s true. But we-we put all your vital information into this dating site, answered all their questions just like you would, and they found a match for you. Her name is Amy Farrah Fowler.

Sheldon: Please. Even assuming you could answer any question the way I would, the algorithms used by matchmaking sites are complete hokum.

Howard: And that’s exactly the answer we gave to the question, what is your attitude towards online dating”

Raj: Howard wanted to write mumbo jumbo, but I said no, our Sheldon would say hokum.

Howard: Well, come on, where’s your scientific curiosity?

Sheldon: Well, most of it is being applied to unravelling the secrets of the universe while the rest of it’s wondering why I’m having this conversation with you.

Raj: Okay, how about this. Even Spock had a date once every seven years.

Sheldon: He didn’t date. It was pon farr. His blood boiled with mating lust.

Howard: Okay, well, why don’t you start with a cup of coffee, and you can pon farr Amy Farrah Fowler later.

Sheldon: I don’t drink coffee.

Howard: All right, you can have a hot chocolate.

Sheldon: As I will not be engaging in this nonsense, my choice of beverage is moot. But for the record, I only drink hot chocolate in months with an R in them.

Howard: Why?

Sheldon: What’s life without whimsy?

Howard: Okay, I’m out.

Raj: Sheldon, I’ve hidden the dirty sock from the roof somewhere in your apartment. Unless you are willing to come with us to meet this girl, it will remain there forever.

Sheldon: You’re bluffing.

Raj: Are you willing to risk it?

Sheldon: Curse you.

3 x 23 The Lunar Excitation