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GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

Listen to me...

Seungchuchu needs to be canon…
Not just because I don’t like their ships with JJ but because they’re complete opposites.

Seung-gil is an introvert, he doesn’t really care about socializing nor about other people in general (and he doesn’t fancy being with a woman… just saying).

And Phichit is an angel. Just like that. He is an extrovert, he is sweet, he cares about others, he is the Instagram queen, and he is a literal ray of sunshine. He is such a smol bean.

I can see them falling in love.
Seung-gil will be hesitant at first. He will try to find a logical explanation for what he feels.
Phichit will be sure about what he feels but he will go with Yuri in seek of advice nevertheless.

Their relationship will be slowly worked. But Seung-gil will learn to care about someone else.

Just thinking about Seung-gil smiling lightly at the sight of an extremely happy and energetic Phichit makes my heart melt.


I’ll always be with you~

i got really emotional w this one….i drew it while listening to Remain by Jose Gonzalez

when your otp too real and you need a moment


I don’t know if you’re the same anon, I assume you’re the same. And I have not so much time right now and I shouldn’t be drawing BUT SASODEI IS SASODEI and I cannot say no to THAT CLASSIC AND ETERNAL OTP IN MY HEART ASDFGHJKL 😍 But I tried to sketch both things in one because, again, time! WHO AM I KIDDING?! TAKE 2 DRAWINGS MORE BECAUSE THEY WORTH IT.

Let me tell you that you have some cute otp Ideas and I LOVE THEM.
Also I love how they look in edo tensei. Even if I think Sasori’s puppet body has its kinky charm I’m such weird (and out there are some very good fanfics on which Deidara describes the taste of the wood while kissing Sasori ♥ I’m SUCH weird). BUT I think the edo tensei is very precious too, I mean those black eyes has also its own charm ♥. Also it have more posibilities, I mean Sasori finally have the eternal body he always wanted, but now he can feel the kisses of Deidara too, and feel the warmth of his skin ♥ and what he can do with those hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’M SUCH WEIRD! IGNORE ME.

Anyway hope you like it, and thank you so much for asking, I love them with my entire heart but I’m not drawing them so much right now so any excuse to do it is more than welcome ♥♥♥

New ship

So I just started watching 13 reasons why (I can’t stop watching it) and I don’t know why but I ship Alex and Justin so much. And I feel so weird but fuck my heart beats for them and I really want to see them together, and it feels awful because I can only imagine it.

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*COUGH* she cares *COUGH*

okay so you see when Leroy said “we can handle villains, but Emma… she’s one of us !”

look closely at everyone’s reaction

Snow : yeah it sucks, but i’m going to do my best for saving her

Charming : i know bro and now we gotta find a solution

and then there’s Regina



This comic takes place right after Lord Tireks defeat. Discord feels ashamed of his decision of betrayal and won’t ask for forgiveness. Will Fluttershy forgive and maybe even reveal something more, that’s been hidden deep within her heart?

Uploading it here too. You can find all the pages on my Da account too.


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 33/?

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top 10 ships?

In general or for Naruto? In any case: 

1) Louis Tomlinson and Harry styles.

 The only real people ship on this list, and i’ve shipped them since 2012. I s2g this is the best love story of all time. Louis is the sun and Harry is the moon. They love each other so much. Louis helped Harry come out of his shell, Harry was Louis biggest fan (you know the ‘and naruto’ joke in the SS fandom,, ehm,,,and niall). I love these 2 individuals they have taught me and each other so much. The matching tattoos, the songs everything is just perFECt (pun intended). I have cried with them, and for them. I have memories with the 1d fandom and the larries that will last me forever. Staying up all NIGHT (pun intended) listening to their new albums (buy four on itunes) and crying over larry lyrics. I won’t forget wild nights trying to decipher the mystery behind the RBB twitter accounts, the memes, the fics, the friends, the frenzy, the twitter world wide trends, the fandom fights. Also, Freddieismyqueen reblog if you agree.

(pick someone who’s supportive)

‘Is it so wrong that you make me strong’

‘for your eyes only i show you my heart’ 

‘ So many nights I thought it over
Told myself I kind of liked her
But there was something missing in her eyes

I was stumbling, looking in the dark
With an empty heart
But you say you feel the same
Could we ever be enough?
Baby we could be enough

And it’s alright
Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
When you’re lost, I’ll find the way
I’ll be your light
You’ll never feel like you’re alone

I’ll make this feel like home’

‘All I know at the end of the day is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way’

The larrents, the rose and the dagger, it is what it is, the ship and it’s compass, strong and happily, things I can and things I can’t, won’t stop till we surrender. I love them with all my little heart okay.

2) InuYasha X Kagome, InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi (yes the kiss is not canon manga material, but it is shut up)

This is my otp. Kagome is my favorite female character of all time. I love how her unconditional kindness and acceptance was able to bring out the golden heart that was always inside of my lil shit fav inuyasha. They are able to openly communicate their feelings and insecurities, and they are so protective of each other. They have so much chemistry flowing between them because they are both so PASSIONATE by nature. They’re fun but they also make you cry, the journey they share is unforgettable. I love seeing Inuyasha jealous it’s so funny, and I love seeing how much selfless love kagome has for him. They’re literally MARRIED UGH, she was born to meet him and he was born for her UGH, she doesn’t know what she can do for him but she just wants him to be happy UGH.

#1 otp for life.

3) Ranma x Akane, Ranma ½ By Rumiko Takahashi 

Rumiko Takahashi is kind of known as a comedic genius, but to me she is a genius period. Ranma ½ is farce through and through. Nothing is meant to be taken seriously, the characters have motivations that are too wacko and the relationships everyone shares with each other are almost ridiculously violent down to ranma and his dad kicking the shit out of each other and verbally lashing out at each other 24/7. That being said, she still managed to make us care about these characters for years. That being said, she crafted one of the funnest, most iconic romances of all time. These 2 jump each others throats all the time but when it really comes down to it they support and love each other through and through. They would not HESITATE to die for each other. Ranma named Mariko his mortal enemy because she made Akane cry, Akane was ready to fight a bitch when she called ranma an ugly fool. Bonus : Akane loves ranma regardless of his sex change under his Jusenkyo curse. The amount of genuine moments these 2 have makes up for the jealousy, the fighting and the open ending. It’s that much funnier when you consider they are just 2 clumsy teens trying to navigate the situation they have been put in. Their development is iconic and i LOVE them.

(look at them spar i need sasusaku to do this)

Ranma Saotome is my second favourite male character of all time (you can guess who the first is) and I think I have a thing for black haired anime guys lmao.

 They live together so it’s pure domestic heaven too.

A good ship.

4) SasuSaku, Naruto By Masashi Kishimoto

And the award of Most Aesthetically Pleasing Couple goes to: These two. Listen,, sasuke is my favourite character of all god damn time and sakura is on my top 3 list of favourite girls, and their union is a beautiful thing. The whole ‘couple who endured’ theme is (almost too) real as shit with these two. I love how she was able to break his ice and his defenses all throughout the story without having to use force, and I love how her love for him stayed strong despite everything going on but how she was also becoming less naive, but more hopeful towards him coming back. She just wanted to save him and once the hate curtains were removed, he was so so thankful for her always trying to reach out to him.

 I love how they were both key parts towards each other developing, from sasuke going out of his way to compliment her with a wink, to her thinking of the Holy Trinity while cutting her hair.

 The fact that she talk no jutsud him into getting over his fear of stronger opponents with a sense of blood lust due to itachi, the fact that she was sick of him protecting her so she decided to get strong for herself. 

The fact that sasuke is a boy who lost his family, yet saw them in her and team 7. The fact that she gave him a new ray of hope called Sarada Uchiha. 

Listen,, I love how they judge people together

They have been Naruto’s parents at 12 before they ever conceived Sarada

Despite all the drama in part 2, these guys are a lowkey fun couple

And i love the passion between these 2 fucks 2



(My top 10 nards ships are: SS, Sasunarusasu, narusasusaku ot3 ,Sakukarin, inosaku, minakushi, narusaku, narugaa, naruino and shiita) (I like all of them unless you count naruhina, sasuhina and sasukarin lmao)

Anyways,,, i love these 2 and team 7 so much you don’t understand.

And love and light finally conquered 👼

5) KagSan, Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

pc to kago-bae

best girls stick together 

6) Zutara, Avatar The Last Air Bender

The 3 Ks, aka Kagome, Katara and saKura are my actual queens. 

Zutara should have been canon and I am forever salty. So much development, so much chemistry..UGH

7) Klance, Voltron

Ignore the fandom,,,,let’s APPRECIATE these 2 ‘rivals’ who came to respect each other. Keith is gay. Lance is bi.They are in love. It should happen.

A fun couple. 

8) Lily and Marshal, How I met your mother

9) Chandler and Monica Bing, Friends

10) Luffy and Nami, One Piece 

A Pirate King and A Navigator Queen

Remember what I said about support? It’s my favourite thing tbh.

sorry not sorry for the long post byebye

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Hey Rem. You know, once I was a Hiccstrid shipper (How to train your Dragon) but then I saw Zootopia and it started to ship Wildehopps. It felt somehow strange to ship Hiccstrid and Wildehopps at the same time and then I lost Hiccstrid as my OTP. Was it okay to completely dedicate myself to Wildehopps? I mean, I feel somehow guilty to simply let them go. What would you have done? 💕

Hi, dear! You don’t have to feel like you have to “choose” your main ship. You can love both, it’s normal you would give more attentions to a ship because is more “fresh” or it inspires you, someways. I love all my ships, the fanboy/fangirl’s role often is promiscuous. So you don’t have to feel guilty, do what your heart tells you. (And I’m a Hicstrider too, aaaaaaaaaa)

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FT 535

Oh my god my heart. Erza’s face when she watched Acno trying to kill Jellal…truly she has just lost Makarov and now this? Can you imagine how much fear and how helpless she must be feeling in this moment? And I feel you, Erza T_T Erza you are always the most important thing in this world to Jellal. My poor OTP. But someone will save Jellal from Acno’s hand, I will keep my faith.

And I give credit to Ichiya for asking Jellal to give up, seeing the value in Jellal’s life. But Anna. She only remained silent watching Jellal getting kill when it was her plan that led to this life-threatening situation Jellal is in now. A shame.

I actually like how Lucy and Gray working together to save Natsu. And Lucy being consumed by darkness? Umm are we going to have END Lucy instead of END Natsu?







Thoughts on the bnha drama cd vol 3

I just wanted to say that it was such a touching story…I really did not expect this from the drama cd. 

First of all, Hagakure and Ochako interacting and hanging out together is so awesome!!! We really don’t get enough of Hagakure :) Its so nice to see that the girls of Class A have ‘girls hangouts’. For a moment, I was expecting to hear Tsuyu’s voice somewhere in this volume but oh wells. 

Secondly, It is so great to know that Yaoyorozu is very well-respected among her peers. I had one of my Japanese friends go over the drama cd with me because a lot of the expressions were hard to grasp. He kept asking me “Are you sure this Yaoyorozu person is not the teacher? Are you sure she’s not like third year and the others are in first year?”. The formal speech given by Yaoyorozu really does reflect on her ‘royal’ family background; her seiyuu (Inoue Marina-san) portrays Yaoyorozu so well! Her voice is just so perfect.


…..OKAY I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF. THE MUSIC WAS SO PERFECT. The scenes with all the TODOMOMO FLUFF (first scene with them going to the festival and the other one where the fireworks happen) was romantic, in my opinion. I know, I’m biased ‘cas I’m a huge todomomo fan but the music made my heart feel soooo warm everytime the todomomo moments came up.

LAST BUT DEFSSSSS NOT LEAST… THE AMAZING TODOMOMO OTP-NESS. How can anyone listen to this and not feel like they’re meant to be? 

Todoroki was comfortable enough, for that one moment when he was walking with Yaoyomomo in the festival, to talk about his history/feelings about his family. Its not something you see from Todoroki, given he’s so tsundere/nonchalant. But here, you see it (hear, rather), and although I know that right after Todoroki notes how he just said it to someone else which is ‘not right’, Yaoyomomo reassures him after the ICONIC fireworks moment, that she’s not just ANYONE ELSE (他人じゃありません). She then emphasizes how Todoroki should be able to count on her, amongst the others in the class.

Also, Ochako and Hagakure somewhat teasing at the end, knowing well Todoroki and Yaoyomomo went to the festival alone together was a bonus!

I’d like to hear what you guys think about the drama cd too ^__^ 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 26/?

Post Quinncident Headcanons

Follow up on my Quinncident headcanons because CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. I believe you made grabby hands for this, @lukeskywalkersbutt.

  • Imagine Quinn staring at SW with fear and longing and crushing pain because she even as she cut down his droids, she didn’t cut him down.
  • Imagine Quinn unable to believe that she is letting him live, unable to hide the hope in his heart until he hears the cold, monotone voice with which she speaks.
  • Imagine Quinn silently returning to the ship and avoiding everybody - SW, Vette, Pierce, Broonmark, and especially Jaesa.
  • Imagine Quinn cleaning up his injuries in the medbay - unsurprisingly empty since SW had taken Jaesa off, no longer capable of trusting him - where he wonders at how wrong he had been.
  • Imagine Quinn exiting the room and finding all of the things he had slowly been moving into her quarters piled outside as though thrown haphazardly to the ground.
  • Imagine Quinn retreating to some lonely corner of the ship, away from prying eyes because he can’t bear the thought of interacting with other people.
  • Imagine Quinn not being able to look SW in the eyes, staying to himself and throwing himself into his work.
  • Imagine Quinn looking for her instinctively when he works, accustomed as he is to being able to glance up and find her, trade glances and warm smiles, but now she’s no longer there, and even if she is, she looks away by the time he blinks.
  • Imagine Quinn not noticing that her eyes are rimmed red whenever he sees her, not noticing the sniffs that he hears when he hesitates outside of her room. Not noticing that at all, nope, and definitely not feeling his heart break more with each moment.
  • Imagine Quinn reaching for her as he used to, and the stinging in his eyes as his hands reach empty air yet again, and the aching pain in his chest as he remembers how he used to hold her, warm and solid and safe.
  • Imagine Quinn wanting to tell her to be safe whenever she leaves but he bites on his tongue, hard, because it’s not his place anymore.
  • Imagine Quinn cutting himself off when “my love” nearly slips from him because he can’t do that anymore; he lost all rights to call her anything than “my lord.”
  • Imagine Quinn desperately trying to think of something that might mend the rift between them, the rift in his heart.
Phan ❀

ok I’ve had this random imagine in my notes for a while so here ya go, dunno if it’s that good….. but whatever

also,, credit to whoever made this adorable edit ⬆︎


Phil’s pov

“Just friends. Let’s just be friends." 

That’s what we said. Seven whole years ago. I can’t believe I went through seven years managing to not really feel anything for him. But here it is again. The feeling I got when he kissed me, my heart skipping over a beat. The looks I used to give him, I’ve lost control over them again. I look back now on those days and realize I could’ve handled things better. I could’ve been more… normal. 

But how are you supposed to act normal around your first real love? You never forget your first love, do you? Obviously not if you spend every day with them and live together. 

This is what goes through my mind late at night when I hear Dan pacing in his room and rummaging through the fridge in the kitchen. I can see him clearly in my head. His hair, ruffled in a curly mess on top of his head, his eyes sleepy and his skin soft and warm.

I can’t help it, I stand up and walk out of my room. The door to Dan’s room is open but he’s not there. I keep walking and stop when I see Dan in the kitchen. He’s staring tiredly into the fridge. I lean against the doorway and just look at him. Dan eventually closes the fridge and jumps at the sight of me. He holds his hand on his chest while chuckling at his jumpiness.

"Not eating your cereal, I’m a good friend.” is the first thing he says. 


He points his finger at me and laughs and I fake a smile.

“What are you doing up?” He asks and looks down on his iPhone. It’s 2:14 am.

“You woke me,” I chuckle and stop leaning against the doorway. I take a step closer to him and he takes a step back to lean against the counter. How symbolical.

“Oh sorry,” Dan says casually. He lifts his hand up to remove a piece of his fringe from his eye. 

How is it that I find that so beautiful? I always loved his curls. It was almost like a sign of his love for me in a way. Back when he was insecure about everything he wouldn’t show himself to anyone without straightened hair, but me. Now he’s embraced it and, don’t get me wrong, I love that but the fact that he’s showing the whole world makes me feel empty. It’s like our bond is fading. He’s showing the world what he used to show only me. It might just be really stupid, but so am I.

“I really like the curls,” I say quietly and Dan laughs at me.

“Thanks,” he mumbles.

“What’s up?” he asks.


“You. You’re upset.”

“I’m not. I’m fine,” I fake laugh and Dan raises his eyebrows. I guess our bond isn’t really fading, I was being dramatic. He still knows me better than anyone in the world.

“Phil, stop.”

I stare at Dan for a solid four seconds before looking down. I guess that is what they call ‘Love Eyes Lester’. I never really realized I do that until now. When I look up I see him looking at me intensely. It makes my heart skip a beat again.

“My heart just did that thing,” I whisper and as soon as I realize what I just said I shut my mouth and look down.

“What?” Dan asks. “Phil, I didn’t hear.”

“Nothing,” I shrug. I see his feet taking a step closer to me.

“My heart did the thing,” I say louder and we make eye contact again. His concerned expression fades away as all his muscles relax for a second. He looks as if he’s in shock.

“First kiss kinda thing?” Dan asks and I clench my jaw. He remembered what I said about our first kiss, how my heart almost did flips inside my chest. We haven’t talked about us kissing in years.

“Uhm..” I look around the kitchen as I panic inside.

“Phil,” Dan says. He takes another step towards me. “Do you want to kiss me right now?”

We stare at each other for what feels like ten minutes, but is actually only five seconds. 

Another small step from Dan. 

Does he feel the same? Have I just been blind?

“You never forget your first love, Phil. Especially not if it’s your best friend,” Dan almost whispers. I sigh quietly and Dan smiles weakly.

“You don’t like that word, do you?”

“..not when it’s addressing us,” I mumble after another long silence.

“Hm,” Dan hums and looks down.

“Seriously Phil, I think about our first years a lot. I do… Why not risk friendship again?”

I can’t tell if he’s just being sarcastic or if he’s serious.

“Love is just friendship set on fire after all,” Dan shrugs and touches my hands. I flinch the first millisecond but then immediately accept his hands in mine. The feeling of Dan’s skin against mine is one of my favorite feelings in the world. 

It immediately throws me back to the two young boys in a bedroom in 2009. Two boys being foolish, experimenting and living life to the fullest with each other. Two boys on a bed, talking about life, playing with each other’s hair and intertwining hands.

“I’ll be the fire,” Dan says which takes me back to reality. He smiles and before I know it he pulls my body closer to him, causing our faces to collide in a rough kiss. 

Suddenly I’m fully awake. 

Suddenly I’m staring at Dan’s closed eyes. 

My head, despite the late hour and my hazy state of mind, pulls it together and tells my body to close my eyes. I do and for the first time in seven years I feel Dan’s lips on mine.

For the first time I realize I’m in love.