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Gale Hawthorne Appreciation Week: Day Three (Katniss)

“What a pair we were—fatherless, frightened, but fiercely committed, too, to keeping our families alive. Desperate, yet no longer alone after that day, because we’d found each other. I think of a hundred moments in the woods, lazy afternoons fishing, the day I taught him to swim, that time I twisted my knee and he carried me home. Mutually counting on each other, watching each other’s backs, forcing each other to be brave.”

i can be alone with you here

I just have a lot of feelings about that statement. Because it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t count or that she feels alone when she’s with him. It implies that his presence is simple. That when he’s there, she doesn’t feel rushed or invaded. After Life is such a good episode for them because we get three perfect scenes, depicting just that. She can be with him and feel calm and serene. And at his point in the series that’s exactly what she needs. She feels so overwhelmed with everything that’s going on around her. Everyone is excited to see her alive but they don’t really pay attention to her and how she feels. They don’t know that she’s been torned out of heaven and how hard it is to go through every moment. And the only person she can confide to is him. Because for one, he understands, and he’s respecting her space. To me that’s when she starts having feelings for him because she realises that they can relate to each other. Rely on each other (cause let’s admit it, it didn’t start in s7. she obviously expected him to help her get her life together in s6. before and during the sex).

In which I go on about my love for the end of Showtime

I just saw the end scene of Showtime so many times in a row that I lost count, but oh god, I love that scene. I had some thoughts (okay it’s really mainly flail over the wonderfulness that is that scene but anyway) and they’re behind the read more because they got a bit long. 

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