otp: i believed in you and i was right

OTP Quotes Challenge

A belated celebration for reaching 5000+ followers! Here we have a list of random quotes for you to use for your OTP! You can have followers tell you numbers to draw your OTP as, or you can write stories based on your favorites, or both! Take these quotes in any direction you like for your creative use. Have fun!

  1. “Aah! That tickles!”
  2. “whAT IS THAT?!”
  3. “woah what happened while I was gone”
  4. “wait no that’s mine what are you doing”
  5. “No, I’m paying”
  6. “It’s fine, stop worrying about me”
  8. “Come over here— oh crap no don’t fall— why does this always happen”
  9. “just tAKE THE JACKET”
  10. “I’m so hungry I could eat a— stop looking at me like that in public”
  11. “Well, that was certainly awkward”
  13. “are… are you awake? Did you fall asleep already”
  14. “great, what did you bring home this time?”
  15. “I don’t know why you don’t like this outfit on you. You look splendid.”
  16. “aaah I can’t stop blushing… No you’re not helping at all”
  17. “I can’t believe they spelled your name wrong again”
  19. “I can’t… I can’t believe you actually remembered…”
  20. “Put some clothes on already, jeez! We have company coming!”
  21. “okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”
  22. “I wish we could stay here forever”
  23. “who was that? oh… your cousin…”
  24. “You okay? You seem a little off today”
  25. “I’m fine
  26. “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
  27. “c-can I hold your hand?..”
  29. “oh, remember when you used to wear that all the time? Good times.”
  30. “you can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you”
  31. “You don’t need to tell me— I’ve memorized your order by now”
  32. “y-you look… you look very nice.”
  33. “did that person just take a picture of us?”
  34. “c’mon, let’s dance!”
  36. “oh, we are not letting you drive when you’re like this”
  37. “you’re a nerd. but my favorite nerd.”
  38. “why do you find those cute I hate those pictures of myself”
  39. “you’re very warm… It’s nice.”
  40. “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”
  41. “Wait, stay right there— I’ve got a song for you”
  42. “oh thank goodness… I didn’t think you’d still be here.”
  43. “You don’t have to do this if you’re scared”
  45. “I can’t believe you actually bought that”
  46. “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”
  48. “let’s pretend I didn’t see you do that”
  49. “You’re too sweet”
  50. “ah, you’re up. how’d you sleep?”

I love those ships that are just

Person A: i’m telling you I only enjoy reading classic books that have hidden symbolism and important messages-

Person B: but the little engine chugged right over that mountain just by believing in itself! that’s a great message if you’re asking me…

All that time I review the BSD ending, I think about... Just look.

Here Atsushi sinks among the darkness, water column doesn’t transmit light. Darkness — his thoughts, his past, his fears and his complexes, his self-flagellation. And he sinks in it, he sinks because he can’t change anything. He sinks because he thinks he is useless.

And here the Dazai’s hand. He touches Atsushi’s forehead, and look. Darkness recedes. Fears, despair, loneliness — all of this goes away. Here becomes light. Peace and tranquility are in Atsushi’s head, and all because of Dazai. And I’m not talking about his ability, I’m talking about himself. About his personality.

This is the best impersonation the way Dazai affects Atsushi, isn’t it? He gets rid of Atsushi’s fears, lets the light in the kingdom of intrusive darkness, vile thoughts immediately retreat.

Recall even chapter 25, where Dazai really helps Atsushi wake up from painful thoughts which suddenly revived with all the strength in his head. He gives Atsushi a slap and says the right words, standing on knees like Atsushi does. Dazai is not above Atsushi. Dazai is together with Atsushi.

And here Atsushi reaches for Dazai’s hand, so gently and tenderly, as if Dazai is a ray of light in his life.

Isn’t it so?

Furthermore, did you hear the lyrics of this ending song?

“Whenever you’re darkened by sadness and your tears overflow…
 Whenever your heart floods with loneliness and begins to waste away..
 I’ll call out a name: your name;
Just as you once called out mine”.

These words are playing right in that moment when Atsushi sinks and Dazai touches his forehead.

After that I just can’t believe that Dazai doesn’t care about Atsushi and doesn’t make him feel confident and…


Maybe I’m just a fujoshi, but my heart beats faster when I see them together ^^ Don’t hit me /)т_т(\

anonymous asked:

do you really think about red and liz as a romantic ship?? i think if he is not her real father, (which i think he is) he loves her like a daughter

ummmm yeah?

that’s some otp material right there

sure yeah he’s always very protective and caring but there are definitely underlying romantic feelings as well…

which are actually pretty obvious like 90% of the time

and I think Liz has feelings for him as well (even though she tries her best to fight them)

I just don’t believe he’s her father (which is why I ship them obviously, I’m not that horrible). there are just too many little details that go against a father-daughter relationship…

like several romantic tropes

and the music choice

Red’s reactions to Liz saying he’s her father

and his wandering gaze

and Liz’s

the sexual comments

Lizzie’s jealousy…

I mean even blacklisters see it

why can’t you?

but well if he’s really her dad then he clearly has some issues


I was told in no uncertain terms that the Abbey wasn’t where I was meant to end up. It’s just a step along a path. You know, god allegedly has bigger plans for me.
Something tells me you don’t entirely believe that.
I suspect that’s because I don’t.
Well, maybe they’re right. I mean, just think, if you hadn’t got fired we wouldn’t have met.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

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1. The fifth time they meet, it is because she seeks him out at the Royal castle. It is several weeks after he allowed her to escape from the Dark One’s dungeon, and she has recovered fully from her wounds. She tries to tell herself to let that be their final interaction – he had the opportunity to end her life, but chose not to, which means he’s moving on from thoughts of vengeance. She should lie low and permit him to walk that path without having to deal with her - the person he blames.

2. She should also be making the most of her second chance, moving on from her old life and family. And yet, if there is one thing she can’t do, it is to let go of her son completely. Facing an existence without seeing him is even harder when another version is so close. So, against her better judgement, she finds herself one evening pushing her dinner to one side, taking a deep breath and allowing her magic to transport her away.

3. She reappears next to a bench set amongst some rose bushes. It is a small, private side-garden, accessible only to those who know both where the door is hidden and also have the key. The bushes look cared for, so she can tell at least someone tends the plants inside. Her instincts told her to come her, so she settles on the bench and waits. A long time passes, her fingers becoming cold from the breeze. Her wounds may be healed but her body is still more tired and sensitive than before.

4. Finally, when the last of the daylight has vanished and the stars have made their appearance, she hears the sound of a key in the lock. Someone enters, closing the door behind them, and then footsteps near. She waits patiently as the person approaches, letting herself smirk slightly when the feet come to an abrupt halt. ‘We’ve spoken before without guards,’ she pushes, when the silence lingers. Henry – King Henry, as she always has to tell herself – moves into view.

5. ‘How do you even know about this place?’ he asks, a curious expression on his face instead of exhibiting fear or hatred. She supposes that is definitely a step in the right direction. ‘I gather you read that book back to front several times?’ she replies, already knowing the answer. He nods, choosing to lean against a statue rather than join her on the bench. He’s dressed in typical night robes for this land – not something her Henry would be seen dead in. She smiles at the thought.

6. ‘Well, when we had that year where we were all sent from Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, and I was separated from my Henry-’ she breaks off, pain in her heart at the similar situations. And yet this time, there is no Snow or David or even Belle around her. ‘We stayed in our version of this castle – the entire pathetic group of people. I would come here every night, just to have some peace, and think about Henry without Snow asking me every five minutes if I was alright.’ 

7. She almost bites her tongue when she realizes she’s mentioned Snow’s name. The death of his grandparents and disappearance of his mother is of course all on her head in his eyes – even if she wasn’t the version to actually perform those acts. Henry crosses his arms, but appears to contemplate what she says. ‘If what is written in the book is true,’ he begins slowly, ‘And I’m not saying that I believe it - it could just be your way of trying to trick me.’

8. He glances sideways at this, and she knows he’s lying – he does believe the book, at least somewhat. ‘If it were true though, you two ended up being close then? You and Grandma?’ She smiles sadly at him, and nods. ‘We forgave each other, and became family. She was always giving me ridiculous hope speeches. Emma became a dear friend too. I miss them.’ He bites his lip, clearly turning something over in his mind. ‘If it was so difficult during that year, why did you leave again? Leave Henry?’ 

9. ‘It’s all there in the book, Henry,’ she says gently. ‘I didn’t have a choice about leaving. And I miss him, every single day.’ Silence falls for a moment. Her hands are getting colder, and she rubs them together slightly. ‘I’m not him,’ Henry blurts out suddenly. ‘I’m not your son. I have no memories of growing up with you, or living in that world.’ She remembers then – remembers mistaking him for her Henry when she lay dying. Maybe that is what made him believe in the book. 

10. ‘I know you aren’t my son,’ she admits, twisting her fingers together. ‘That doesn’t mean you aren’t like my Henry in many ways though. You’re him if he had had a very different upbringing, is all.’ He snorts at this, rubbing a toe into the dirt. He looks very much like a teenager in this moment, and nothing like a King. ‘I’m not trying to replace my son,’ she continues, watching his face closely. ‘And if you want, I can leave and you’ll never have to see me or think about me ever again.’ 

11. He becomes quiet again at this offer, and the silence stretches on so long that she makes a move to stand up and transport herself away. If that is his choice, then she will respect it. But as soon as she’s standing, he holds out a hand. ‘I have to welcome all the nobles in the Kingdom to the castle next week,’ he tells her, in an odd shift in topic. ‘I’m slightly terrified that they won’t take me seriously, considering the fact that they’re all at least two decades older than me.’

12. ‘Overwhelm them with polite steeliness,’ she advises him with a twitch of her lips. ‘I became Queen at a rather young age myself, and found if you’re polite but don’t let them get away with anything, the old curmudgeons learn to respect you quite quickly.’ He nods, and at last smiles back. ‘I know, I read the books,’ he tells her. At her confused expression, he elaborates. ‘Our history books, about your reign. When you weren’t trying to track Grandma down, you were a pretty good ruler.’ 

13. She laughs slightly, and shrugs her shoulders. ‘Helped that a lot of them were scared of me,’ she admits, pursing her lips. ‘Not a prudent route for you to take.’ He drops his chin in agreement. ‘Most of my advisors are terrible,’ he confides with a wince. ‘Half of them don’t know what they’re talking about, and the other half want to run the kingdom themselves.’ She knows that feeling well, and extends a hand out, letting it hang in the air between them for a moment in a gesture of peace. 

14. ‘I understand that, I do,’ she tells him seriously. ‘If you ever need another person’s opinion, I’m always available.’ She feels stupid at the offer, but there is a flicker of relief in his eyes, or so she chooses to see. ‘I come to this garden every night myself,’ he informs her. ‘None of my guards are allowed to disturb me here.’ They stare at each other for a moment, with new-found understanding. ‘Good night, Henry,’ she says, and she sees him smile before she transports herself away.

Credit to the artist. <3
Writing by me.
“You know..I’ve never really gotten to know how truly lovely those ruby hued optics are.
Zen, why do you look so nervous? Does me being this close make you afraid? Or does it make you too excited to move and give me a worried like facade..? Tch. I could remove that silly little frown right off your face now if I wanted, but I won’t. Someone as beautiful as you deserves a proper greeting by someone as truly handsome as me.
I can’t say that I hate this cute face of yours anymore, even if you do insult my precious Eliza..but I suppose I’ll let that slide right now. What are you thinking about?
You’re so cute when you’re shy, Hyun..”
Jumin leaned forward, kissing the other tenderly. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially to the person who’s been his enemy from the start, but he just didn’t care any longer.

In which Marcus gets amnesia and forgets he used to be an asshole

“Abby!  Abby!  Get a load of this. Thelonious is cracking me up.  He’s trying to convince me we all used to live in space.”

“We did babe.“


“Yeah, why do you think we all now currently live in the wreckage of a crashed space ship?“

“I thought it was just a bold design choice.“


“But then how could I be an advocate for peace and harmony among all nations if we all lived together on one tiny spaceship?“

“You weren’t, babe, you were kind of a dick.”

“I was?“

“Yeah, you were a dictatorial authoritarian who threw people in jail for disagreeing with you.“

“Um I think you’re referring to Pike.”

“Kane, did you forget the part where you had Jake Griffin executed?“

“That doesn’t sound like me at ALL.  Why would I do that?“

“Because the ship was running out of oxygen and he wanted to tell everyone, and you were afraid there would be riots.”

“Hmmm.  Sounds like a tough call.  What did Clarke say?  I always consult Clarke on sensitive political matters.”

“You arrested her, Kane.“

“Uh, hello, why would I arrest my stepdaughter?“

“Kane –“

“Why would I ever do something that would cause physical or emotional harm to someone who is so important to me?“

“Ooooooh, this is gonna be awkward.“


“You’re forgetting about the part where you had Abby whipped, aren’t you?“

“Babe why would you tell Thelonious about that?”

“No, babe, he doesn’t mean in a sexy way, he means like in a ‘public shaming’ kind of way.“


“You did, babe.”


“Kane –“


“Kane, you tried to have her floated.“

“Ha!  Good one, Thelonious.”

“It’s true, babe.”

“That doesn’t sound like me at ALL.  Did I have an evil twin in space?”

“No, it was definitely you.  I remember pretty clearly since I had to hobble out of Medical with an open wound to get to the airlock and stop you.”

“Uh, I think you’ve been taking one too many of those happy pills, Thelonious.  My best friend Indra would never have let this happen.  Wait, why are you looking at each other like that?“

“Babe – “


“I’m sorry babe.“

“So I really tried to kill you?”

“It was a long, long time ago, babe.  It was like … almost six months.  We’re good.”

“I’m so sorry babe I can’t believe I did that.  Wait, was I distracted because my kids were in danger?  How many kids did I have then?”


“None?  Not even a single Blake?“

“I’m sorry, babe.”

But then why would I even have a beard if it wasn’t to make myself appear more fatherly?”

“You didn’t have a beard then, Kane.”


“Shhhhh, okay, babe, it’s all right.“

“I hate space me.“

“I know, babe.  I know.“


#cat wants affection so badly #so so so badly #but she has no idea how to ask for it #even with kara she has to start with the pretense of criticizing her hair #pull a face so that kara doesn’t know that cat just wants to be close to her #to reach out and touch her friend while she can #which she does until she realizes what she’s baring in the action #flattens her hand and jerks back when she meets kara’s eyes #and what makes them so perfect #is that kara doesn’t just know what cat’s doing #she understands #kara knows what it’s like to be hesitant to touch someone you care about #cat is scared because of how vulnerable it makes her to show how she needs someone #needs /kara/ #and kara used to be afraid because of how vulnerable other people were to her strength #and so she barely makes cat wait a moment before she pulls her in for a hug #one cat falls into #closes her eyes and breathes out in relief and comfort and connection #and twice now when kara’s squeezed cat tighter with those too-strong arms #cat’s tightened her grip right back


We have this one little life. And for a lot of it, we just blow around in the wind. But if we’re lucky, and we believe that life knows what’s best for us.. Sometimes we land on the right someone to talk to.

Requested Asslets Masterlist

(to be updated as ass(orted)(fic)lets are completed)

  1. yoonseok // pillows + makeup
  2. kookiemonster // kittens + roadtrip
  3. jihope // gin + fortuneteller
  4. vmin // pet store
  5. yoonseok // binders + potted plants
  6. vmin // wedding from Inc.
  7. yoonseok // bottom!yoongi
  8. taegimin // overly ambitious roleplay
  9. jihope // dares
  10. vmin // “are you kidding me?”
  11. taejin // plaster mold
  12. vmin // “you’re too drunk for this”
  13. vmin // “we are gonna be the BEST fucking parents”
  14. taegi // drunk confessions
  15. ot7/yoonjin // law of the jungle
  16. yoonjin // “dad i think i’m on my period but i don’t know how this works.”
  17. vmin // “Stop opening my packages, my new vibrator was NOT supposed to be used as a potato masher.”
  18. vmin //  "I’m telling you that I like you, but you keep thinking that it’s a friendly joke, so now I have to prove that I am serious"
  19. taejin // “why is there a half eaten steak sandwich in the underwear drawer”
  20. namseok // dora the explorer
  21. yoonjin // “so i found your internet browsing history before you could delete it”
  22. vmin // mattress shopping
  23. vmin // social media
  24. jikook // bend and snap
  25. yoonseok // “i thought you were an asshole when i first met you”
  26. namjin // “daddy i think i need tampons”
  27. sugamon // “what you do you mean i wasn’t supposed to use the whole thing?”
  28. vmin // belly rub + hic-ups
  29. yoonjin // haunted houses
  30. vmin // office halloween parties
  31. yoonjin // first christmas together
  32. vmin // “do these pants make my dick look big?”
  33. kookvmin // “i can think of a hundred reasons why this is a terrible idea, and all of them end with us dying by the force of jin-hyung’s rage”
  34. namjin // tupperware parties
  35. vmin // (both) single dads
  36. yoonseok // diy sextoys 
  37. taegimin // peeing in the ballpit
  38. vmin // “i think we’re my otp”
  39. 2seok // “when do you think they’ll realize it’s gone?”
  40. vmin // flowers + scraped knees
  41. vmin // aliens
  42. taegi // ikea assembly
  43. sugakookie // human barbell
  44. namjin // “singles will be paired”
  45. yoonseok // “we’re going to hell”
  46. yoonjin // “We already have 6 sets of these at home, I don’t care what new colors are out, we are not getting anymore god dammit!”
  47. sugakookie // flowers + lipstick
  48. yoonjin // blind date
  49. vmin // new werewolf
  50. taegi // fake plants
  51. vmin // “i can’t believe you thought that would fit in there”