otp: i am so in love with you

I don’t know who I am without you, but I know that as long as I’m with you, time will stand still. So who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert? A selfish friend, a jealous brother, a horrible son? Or maybe with a little luck, I’ll do right by you. Because you may be a thousand miles away or a hundred years away, but you’re still here with me and my heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me. - Damon Salvatore

Apritello week?Sure it is!And If you want it.Please repost it.

So Yup.After seeing Leorai fans celebrate the week of their OTP.I was so jealous of them.Cuz they have a brilliant week to show their love to Leorai by awesome fanarts and fanfics.

But why can’t we Apritello fans have a week to celebrate for our OTP?I am So confused.I know every Valentine’s day is Apritello Day in these pass years and it is a approve and sweet day for them.however,personally,I feel it not enough for us Apritello shipper.So with my confusions,I make a question to @kleptotello.She call me why Valentine’s Day is and she also support my idea.There is also a thing make me more excited——A great artist I love,respect,@stuhnmeh senpai is also considering this ideas when she told my idea to her,then according to Miss @kleptotello’s reply.I had a nice talk with stuh-Senpai.

So at last I want to ask you guys whether you want an Apritello Week or not.If so,please repost this blog and tell me your views or ideas.If not,please repost your friend who is interested in it.

That’s all,Thank you.

I want to tag @hotmilkytea @suthnmeh @millin21 @kleptotello @tmntpunx @redworld96 to help me to spread it out.

katyanoctis  asked:

So I know you like hesrtshipping. What other ships do you like? Got an OTP?

thank you for the concern, friend. I really appreciate it.

i am very much a multishipper, so i don’t really have just one “OTP” ship, haha

Other than heartshipping, my big ships are probably wishshipping and dragonshipping (and feathershipping).
I also looooooove chaseshipping, peachshipping, visionshipping, and trustshipping.

I’m partial to rivalshipping, protectshipping, loyaltyshipping, and tameshipping (which is my name for psycho/trashshipping because one name is gross and the other is just… kind of lame and nondescript imo) if it’s done well. I also really love angstshipping, but I am veryyyy picky about how it’s characterized and portrayed

my crack ship is Rebecca Hawkins/Noah Kaiba because it’s ridiculous but it also makes a little bit of sense

in all honesty, though, aside from a couple of very strong NOTPs, I’m pretty fluid and chill with ships. I like a lot of them


not everyone
not y o u


+ Bonus Aaron hearteyes


Person A: *hiccups* *more hiccups*
Person C: woah, you should drink some water
Person A: *drinks water* I still feel.. *hiccups even more*
Person C: I got it. The element of surprise shall save you from your mis-
Person A: *falls to the floor*
Person C:
Person C:  oh my god, I think you just killed A

how to fall in rarepair hell

1. Consider the pairing 

2. Laugh at how unlikely it is (and at yourself for even considering)

3. Sudden realization

4. “maybe I should check ao3″

5. “i probably won’t find it that good”

6. “no, i don’t love it, it’s just interesting”

7. “OK but it’s still not my OTP what’s the big deal”

8. it’s 5 am and you have reblogged all those 1000 year old posts from the bottom of tumblr

9. you regret all your life choices 

this lovely human was high af on wisdom teeth meds and forgot to hit anon 😂😂 so i am keeping their identity a secret (per their request haha) but i hope this is kind of what you’re looking for, my friend!! rest up and take care! 💜💜 


I have to .. there’s something you need to know.

But what if Lance liked panic! at the disco though
  • Lance: when I say shotgun you say wedding! Shotgun- *points to Keith*
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: vol...tron?

nerdramblings101  asked:

You seem really upset over Supergirl tonight.

i am. i am a little upset. because they finally, finally, gave m'gann screentime that actually went somewhere. they finally gave m'gann the time of day, the time to explore her past and people from it, the time to realise that she has j'onn now and he cares about her. they gave her a storyline that was interesting and action packed and to be honest, it was fucking incredible, and then what? they shipped her back to mars. just like that. their only major woc character, literally written off to another planet.

i’m upset because of alex. because honestly what fresh hell? alex danvers loves her little sister more than life itself. she literally broke up with maggie two weeks ago because she was so torn up over not being around for kara, so she chose kara. and now? now what? she’s bailing on kara’s birthday, a day they’ve always celebrated, a day that so clearly means so much to them - kara especially. and i get it, i do, alex needs to have a life outside of kara, her life doesn’t have to just be protecting kara anymore because she has maggie and they’re happy, but for goodness sake this wasn’t just any normal day, it was kara’s earth birthday, and alex would never bail on that, especially not so easily and especially not after seeing how clearly upset it made kara. the danvers sisters are the heart and soul of this show and i’m upset because you wouldn’t know it if you just started with this episode.

i’m upset because this is supergirl. supergirl, not the mon-el show, and yet somehow even in an episode in which he didn’t have as much screen time as usual, he manages to take over. why does kara have to feel guilty about not having feelings for him? why does every guy kara tries to be friends with end up falling for her and she ends up the one suffering most? why, in that last danvers sisters scene, was alex encouraging kara to give him a chance? i’m sorry but alex danvers has never been entering any mon-el fan contests so why, in a scene that was supposed to be about fixing alex’s relationship with kara, did the conversation end up about him? why did kara have to be convinced she maybe might have feelings for him? and for the love of god that last scene, are you kidding me? kara sees him with another woman and gets jealous because oh whoop de do would you look at that she’s magically discovered feelings for him and now he’s with someone else. look at how not fucking surprised i am. i’ve only seen this on Literally Every Show Ever.

i’m upset because i got new scenes with my otp and i can’t enjoy them as much as i usually would because they just don’t feel right. maggie surprising alex with tickets to see a band she’s loved since college? maggie looking so god damn happy as she bounds up like a damn puppy to tell alex they got vip tickets? fucking fantastic, sign me up. maggie looking ridiculously at home in alex’s apartment? incredible. but i can’t enjoy it as much as i want to, because they came at the cost of alex and kara’s relationship and as much as i love sanvers, they’re not the relationship that makes supergirl. alex and kara are.

don’t get me wrong, i liked this ep. it was action packed and white martians are evil but pretty fucking cool and i am LIVING for all the m'gann we got, all the m'gann and j'onn we got. i am living for m'gann fighting as a green martian, and evil alex was fucking incredible (and hella hot) and vasquez finally returned from the cave in the desert, so don’t take this as me spewing hate left, right and centre because there was a lot about this episode that i really liked, i just. i’m a little upset that this show is supposed to be about supergirl and yet she’s being sidelined as a love interest for the token white guy, and all the other characters don’t seem to be winning any favouritism contests with the writers either.

(disclaimer: it’s 3.30am and i’m tired and cranky and i can’t be bothered to reread this so it might not be worded as best as i could possibly do to say what i’m trying to say but i just don’t care anymore pls don’t come at me)