otp: i am here

Hey. You followers of mine that suffer from depression

please read this, I know you may think the world is against you, or that you’re better off dead.

That is so not true.

You may hate the people you know in RL, but you know you love the people on the internet that are there for you. They’ll always be there. Always.

I suffered it last year when my ex died, and my best friend I met on another site helped me through it. And she lives in Texas! 

Don’t listen to the people that are there to hurt you, listen to those who are there for you. They’ll help you.

And if you ever want to talk in private with me, feel free to ask for my Email, and when I get my phone fixed, I’ll give you my kik and Skype. I’m here as well. Just know that.

Your followers love you.

Your friends love you.

Tumblr loves you. 

Now, please, sweetheart. Wipe the tears from your face, and smile, whoever comes to mind first that you love. Go to them. Go. Get rid of those razors, and those scissors, and knives. Pills, and bullets. Talk to us. 

We’re here.

And we’ll always be here


takedasangel  asked:

Is there any manga you know of that has to do with the serious subject of bullying

Hm. That’s not really something we publish— we do a lot of fantasy/sci-fi, not so much the slice-of-life, schoolroom drama-type series where they’d actually handle bullying on a serious level.

Arisa might work, but it’s a little fantastical— it’s not a “down to Earth” examination of bullying, and it certainly goes to some quite drastic extremes. And by “extremes,” I mean there are multiple attempted murders…

I Am Here! also has some instances of bullying, and Hikage does react quite negatively to it, but it’s also a sweet shoujo series at heart so it passes relatively quickly (I think Hikage even ends up making friends with the girls). Not really something I’d recommend if you’re looking for a gritty examination of bullying.

Honestly, it sounds like you’d be more interested in something from Keiko Suenobu. Vertical publishes her series The Limit, and Tokyopop published about half of her series Life.

saroohs88  asked:

when I Am Here! Volume 3 will be released?

There is no I Am Here! volume 3. It was originally a 5 volume series in Japan, but our release repackages the series in two omnibuses. So our volume 1 and volume 2 contain the complete series. ^_^

If you liked I Am Here!, why don’t you try Missions of Love (also by Ema Toyama) or Kitchen Princess (another cute and sweet series)?