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Writing helps me calme me down. Like I don’t joke when I say writing safe my life.

Writing makes me grow as a person. It makes me realize I am worthy of care and love.

Mental Health Month is something I was not aware, but if I can help someone in a way I wished someone had helped me I would.


As a survivor, kinda, I know it seems as a lie when someone tells you “It will get better.”

But believe, because I was there someday, it will. I used to despise being alive and now I’m in love with sunsets and sunrises.

I am here and I believe in you.

[[ hello my lovelies!! I do apologize for being inactive! I will get to my drafts and to my asks tomorrow!! But important PSA first!!

I wanted to tell you all that you are loved. You are wanted— thank you for existing. If you haven’t already, please eat! Please drink some water & please take your medications. I love you okay? Tomorrow is Monday and I know it can sound/feel overwhelming but hey! It’ll be alright okay?? Listen, me and you, we will kick butt tomorrow. If you can’t get out of bed, take it slow. And message me so that I can make you smile. I love you- now let’s get some sleep!!! ❤︎ ]]


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