otp: i am calling for personal reasons

you are my person
—  i really like the “you are my person” idea in Greys Anatomy because it’s a word for that person every one has in their life who they’re not sexually attracted to but have a relationship that goes beyond the term “best friends”.  Being called someones person is literally the best complement, it means if for some reason i had to hide a body i would call you and i know you wouldn’t judge me, it means if all the sudden you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned at all they’re the person you call and the person who convinces you to tell the dad, when your mom dies they’re the person who gets a red eye flight and just holds you because your significant other just won’t get it. They listen to you at 3 am about your otp theories even when they really don’t care or its their notp and that’s something really special 

Yeah, keep calling me homophobic because that’s the end of your wit xD for some reason every time someone’s arguing against you, you always end your argument by calling the other person homophobic. “Kaistal is just an excuse for them because they wouldn’t prefer the other option”. Please, if my favorite gay otp actually found to be real, I would’ve been ecstatic. I’d want to tell the whole world. I’d be their biggest fan. But reality happens.

Apparently because I am straight, you feel free to call me names. I have met tons of other gays/bi who are disgusted by your actions and words and how you perceive him. “Oh he’s gay and he wants to hide it to protect himself, let’s help him by showing to the world how gay he is”. Honestly, stop hiding behind the LGBT badge because you just want to validate your ship.

“He didn’t say anything not even an apology”. Yeah as if idols have the tendency to openly talk about their relationship. This is why I’m disgusted with you people. You keep asking for proofs, pictures or words from him to be ‘convinced’. You even asked for an apology for something he didn’t do wrong? Do you have any idea how one tiny proof can be used against him? Do you have any idea how haters have been attacking him for even a small stupid rumor? When we’re here trying to protect him for having any of those, you are there actually asking for it, just to ‘prove’ it’s real. Who cares if he gets shit later right? Ask yourself, do you even care about him at all or do you care about your otp more?

“Those confirmation are from SM, you just blindly believe in them”. Who tf cares about the stupid company? Whether I like it or not, SM is his representative. Someone who represents his own words of confirmation. He’s at the stage of his career where he can actually voice out and do things. You’re saying he just lets SM lie for him while he sit there and do nothing. Rather than focusing on SM, I’d just focus on his own actions upon it.

“Why would you think he wouldn’t lie, he doesn’t even give a fuck about you” You see, this is the difference between us. For me, I believe him to be genuine, honest, and empathetic for others. But yeah, that’s on me, that’s how I see him. Of course he would lie for a few things to protect his own personal life. But the accusation you made him to be was too much. The method is too low for a person to choose. If you believe him to be the other way around, fine, I might be wrong about him anyway, but I won’t understand why you’d stan such a person. But that’s of course if you actually claim you care for the guy more than his ‘secret relationship’. I mean, otp is more important for most of you anyway :3

xwynn  asked:

I'm so thirsty for Bokuroo, do you have any headcanons!?

THIS ASK MADE ME SO HAPPY FOR SOME REASON, but of course I do! I am always thirsty for Bokuroo, it’s my absolute OTP!

I like to think that Bokuto and Kuroo absolutely do not care about public displays of affection. They just hold hands, kiss, play with the other’s silly hair and sit on each other’s laps, much to their teams dismay.

Even before they dated, they were always too affectionate with each other and they didn’t know anything about what people call ‘personal space’. They slept in the same bed, cuddled even if the couch was super big and kept throwing their arms around the other’s shoulders randomly.

Also, about sharing beds, they have sleepovers all the time and always end up pulling all-nighters talking (and kissing) and watching movies or simply laying down on the other eating some chips. They always end up spooning when they fall asleep, though.

Bokuto is the little spoon and like to wiggle his ass just to see how Kuroo will react. Kuroo pretends that it pisses him off, but he secretly likes it. Talking of Bokuto’s butt (which is obviously amazing), Kuroo has the habit of slapping it after matches, and one day, when he thought no one was watching, Akaashi caught him. He had never been so scared in his life.

They have a secret handshake that looks like this. It took them an entire night in training camp to create it and their teammates had never heard people laugh this much.

(NSFW) Kuroo is a bottom. He is the hottest bottom in this universe. Also, can I say: power bottoming? The truth is that Kuroo always thought he was a top, but when he saw of determined Bokuto was, he gave up. Best decision of his life, to be honest.

They love to hug each other. They are just the right size, and Bokuto burries his head in Kuroo’s neck and tickles him with his nose. Sometimes they hug so tightly that they can’t feel their ribs anymore, but it’s a detail.

They’ve watched the integrity of Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit without moving from the couch (except to piss). They think Frodo and Sam should’ve totally ended up together. Also, Orlando Bloom is hot. Their favorite characters were Pippin and Merry.

They never actually confessed to each other. They had been mutually crushing on the other for at least a year, giving hints and telling pick-up lines, but they were so close that it all seemed to just be jokes…until Bokuto kissed Kuroo and the rest is history.

When they announced it to their parents, they thought they were already dating. All of this hugging and teasing must’ve meant something, right? The parents were alarmed. Did this mean the affection would get even worse? God save them right now.

Kuroo dyes Bokuto’s hair when his roots get too long, and they always end up watching sappy romantic comedies during the wait. They love to comment on the character’s stupid pick-up lines, even if they’re not so good themselves.

When they can’t see each other for a long time, they always send each other silly snapchats and mixtapes that makes them think of the other. The songs can either be really romantic or really weird, always changes.

Bokuto thinks Kuroo’s strange laugh is the cutest thing in the universe and he can’t stop himself from kissing him when he does, so it always ends up in a messy mix of kisses, smiles and laughs.

Kuroo is actually good at cooking. Bokuto loves his pancakes and his owl-shapped pastas. Bokuto isn’t allowed to cook, because he once set their table on fire while trying to make a fancy chocolate fondue.

Okay I am going to stop before this becomes endless, but seriously, I have a lot of headcanons because I think about them 24/7. I’m even going to write a fanfiction soon, so if you want updates on this, you can follow my sideblog


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