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I tried to warn you. So many songs, so many asides.

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honestly why do u even ship sns its so bad & abusive im glad ur pointing out its flaws for this illiterate fandom but. Why do u ship it

hmm lets stick to my meta habit and break this down.

Is SNS abusive?

No, abuse is:  treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. To exploit for personal gain. 

Sasuke never abused Naruto and vice versa. They got in fights, they argued, insulted each other, were ridiculously petty with each other and had catastrophically different ideologies that almost caused both their deaths. It’s unhealthy and toxic but it is not abuse.  

What’s bad, and should be acknowledged as bad about SNS?

-They both never understood each other and tried to violently enforce their ideas on one another. 

-Sasuke almost killing Naruto (in their mutual fight, thus not abuse) left some very serious trauma on his psyche.

-Naruto’s complete and frankly assholic insensitivity to the Uchiha clan massacre and where Sasuke is coming from. The fact that he knew of the truth yet regarded Sasuke’s mettle for avenging his family as ‘loving too much and being sad’ and that he tried making Sasuke’s want for justice #relatable by playing the ‘i was lonely too!!’ card. He even hid it, people try to pin this on the overall shitty ending but tbh it’s always been that way.

-Naruto had a certain selfishness when it came to Sasuke where the feelings he had towards him (canonic platonic,,in the sns fandom usually considered romantic) made him almost disregard Sasuke and his wishes.

-Their fights..aren’t really that romantic. Nobody wants their ship to cut off each other’s arm. 

-The pettiness they share towards each other is almost..overbearing lmao 

Why do people, including ruby, ship SNS despite all of this (or bc their cognitive dissonance lets them believe all of the above is none existent)?

- Naruto at the end of the day is truly just the story of how two lonely boys who on the surface seem totally different on the surface but actually have a lot in common who’ve come to see the world in very different ways due to their different experiences come to a mutual understanding. It’s the journey of one constantly trying to understand the other, constantly learning to take all what he’s learned and teach it to the other. No matter what he just wants to reach him with the message he’s learned ‘Pain is less when we share it between us.’ ‘Even with our differences we always have something in common. It’s better to unite based on that than to separate because of our differences.’. No matter how many times he is shut down, or trampled by some obstacle he wants that message to reach the person who saved him first. There’s a moral behind their story, if not just the whole unite part then learn to avoid what Naruto’s ass does when trying to unite with a person bc it’s annoying as shit. 

- They literally grew up watching each other! They gave each other hope! I cry. Literally look at this???

- While no one except kagehina can pull off orange/yellow and blue aesthetics (even tho their complimentary they are ugly together lets not fool ourselves, what are you? A mikasa volleyball??)

They manage to make the combo look aesthetically pleasing.

-The bond they share is literally representative of the yin yang energy elements

-Naruto always strove to understand Sasuke

-Naruto always had a profound impact on Sasuke and the way he sees things

-Being apart hurt both of them like hell

-Naruto had a panic attack at the thought of Sasuke dying

-The personality types of these two always work in shipping!!! Specially for me. Some of my similar troped otps:

*My favourite ship ever is Kagehina from haikyuu. They do the trope of energetic ball of sunshine and angsty boy the best imo. So sweet they give me a  toothache, but when it’s angsty I cry my ass to sleep. They have tropes like ‘save me from my loneliness’, ‘rivals help you develop’ and ‘friends that give the feeling of romantic subtext’

*RinHaru is another popular ship in fandom culture, also very similar tropes such as sunny boy w angsty boy

*Tododeku. One of my absolute favourite ships atm. They are like a kagehina 2.0 and its the same damn trope. Innocent energetic boy saves angsty boy and makes him reconsider the way he looks at life.

*Klance. Always arguing, clearly care for each other. Keith is angsty and angry, Lance is a ball of life.

*Zutara. Motherly loud girl and angsty boy in need of getting his shit together. 

The list could go on but roughly speaking some of my fav ships and the respective fandom’s fav ships have these dynamics and tropes that are similar to what Kishimoto was trying to do. I personally can’t say SNS is the best ship out of these. Naruto telling Sasuke ‘you’re my friend’ doesn’t hit me as hard as Hinata’s ‘I’m here!’. Sasuke’s ‘I trained to escape that weakness’ never shocked me as hard as ‘Rin, I know who i’m swimming for!’. Sasuke’s revelation of tears cannot touch the intensity of the second Izuku got to Todoroki with a single line after breaking his bones to get through to him. SNS had an arm but it wasn’t as dynamic, it wasn’t as well done. 

 When they fight it’s hardly as cute as klance having their daily banter and Naruto is not as understanding as Katara. So I will always stand by what I say, SNS is the weakest mxm ship in all of shonen. In an entire genre based on strong bonds between dudes, they manage to become a joke within the fandom. But Naruto in itself is a series with a lot of flaws that is considered a joke, even among its fans. I love SNS for the same reason I am trapped in Naruto hell, anon. The god damn potential of it all.  

My stance:

Rarely any anti content regarding any team 7 ship on this blog. I am pro SS NS and SNS. I don’t ship Kakasaku but i’m also pro that. The only ship I hate in Naruto is Naruhina, the rest have strong bases and are highly compatible so,,they all get a yes from me. It’s no secret that I otp Sasusaku the most tho.

Thanks for the ask, mate. Hope this cleared shit up.

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Can you do something with ZenxJaehee? I ship them super hard and was /really/ wanting to play matchmaker with them in Jaehee's route. So could you do something with them, like maybe them finally dating, or maybe when they're in a relationship, or maybe even the far future or something, anything, with them? I'm having trouble finding things with this ship.

I really never understood the ZenxJaehee ship until I played Jaehee’s route and oh my goodness anonny you’re so right! They’re not my OTP but I thought that Zen and Jaehee would make a cute couple, especially after some of those CGs of the two of them from Jaehee’s route! Also I really got into this and made this super long oops! But I loved writing this one so thanks for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! :)

  • The RFA members always had a feeling that Zen and Jaehee liked each other more than an actor and his fan
  • Whenever you showed up, it essentially became the reason why Zen and Jaehee became a couple
  • Jaehee had always looked up to Zen and would always make sure that he was okay, especially whenever he broke his leg while Zen had always encouraged Jaehee to ignore the Trust Fund Kid’s wishes and for her to follow her dreams and be happy
  • You were the one to help Jaehee realize her feeling for Zen, although she was in denial for quite sometime due to her not wanting to hurt Zen’s reputation
  • Seven, Yoosung, and even Jumin were the ones to help Zen realize his feelings for Jaehee, telling him that it was alright to tell Jaehee his feelings for her
  • When he got the courage to do so, he finally asked her on a date
  • Zen and Jaehee’s first date was far from awkward, what both of them had originally imagined and went smoothly, with Zen bragging about his new role in an upcoming musical while Jaehee basically fangirled the entire time
  • It took time, but Zen and Jaehee gradually became more comfortable with their relationship and when they announced it to the public, the majority of Zen’s fans were supportive since Jaehee herself is a fan of Zen’s acting
  • Fast forward about five months into their relationship and Zen and Jaehee couldn’t be happier
  • Jaehee quit working for Jumin to pursue her coffee passion as well as to continue to support Zen while Zen’s kept on getting roles in musicals along with encouraging Jaehee
  • Zen loves seeing Jaehee flustered and blushing, this usually happens whenever Zen either holds her hand or gives her kisses in public
  • The two could literally spend the entire day cuddling in each other’s arms and enjoying being in each other’s presence
  • Zen has many nicknames for Jaehee that include love, dear, sweetie, hon, and his personal favorite, queen
  • Dates include lots of musicals, cafe visits, walks in the park, and relaxing together at home
  • Zen and Jaehee end up living a long happy life together while constantly supporting and encouraging each other, both of them couldn’t be happier and are glad that they told each other their feelings of love
Confession. I - I -

My OTP is Naruhina. The ship of all ships sailed, my baby girl got her blonde boy, and they floated off in a ship christened naruhina into the beautiful weird looking thing into the distance that looks like a sun setting with an Uzumaki sign on it. 

But oh boy, does any other Naruhina shippers have this thing inside them? Like, a confession to make? Oh, no, you guys don’t? Fine theeen. I’m on my own.


There, I said it really quickly your fault if you didn’t hear


Yes, that’s right. I always had this thought of why no interaction between the two I could ship them hard 

I was pretty ignorant of anything about Naruto when I first watched, so I never really thought at a deeper level of why I liked them together except that they felt similar … but there was just this deep feeling, you know? And now I know for sure  that they would be such a cute couple because they have so much in common like seriously

like psycho weird … just weird clans

doujutsu … like, their eyes, man

family issues … need I say more

dark hair dark style

siblings of the same gender (Itachi’s actually a girl tho. Just suspecting)

Oh the contrast between them …

Him all secure in his abilities and her all unconfident in herself

Him a genius and her - er, not a genius

Both with siblings stronger, cooler than themselves

And oh gosh the result of their procreation! Their kid would probably have this hybrid eye thingy. I’m gettin the creeps. 

Soooo …. in conclusion, whilst Naruhina is my OTP and nah, I never shipped SasuHina like crazy gah they would have been cute

the more I think about it the more I think, silently, underneath everything

What Sasuke and Hinata could have been if they hadn’t just … you know, blanked each other out completely.