otp: i always loved you the best

Shared house traits

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff
-sweet summer child
-close, intimate, heartbreak mending hugs
-giggles “that’s what she said”
-likelihood you’ll fall in love with them +9999999%
-probably still owns a stuffed toy

Ravenclaw & Slytherin
-already wrote an encyclopedia on all the ways they’re better than you
-judging you not-so-silently
-“my words are both poison and exilir. tempt me, if you dare.”
-intimidating at first bUT THEYRE ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLLS
-“aw you didn’t have to do that!-…what do you want?”
-too many trust issues, someone just HUG THEM

Gryffindor & Ravenclaw
-already stalked you on all your social media accounts
-board games. video games. gaaames. 
-always has a mess. somehow knows where everything is. 
-BUSY. friends, hobbies, school/work, internet til 2am, busy.

Slytherin & Hufflepuff
-knows who they will search for first during the apocalypse
-“i trust you with my life. don’t let me down”
-literally gives the best first impressions
-it’s actually a little scary how much they could be hiding
-work, work, work, workwork

Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
-“god you’re so fucking weird and i love it”
-that friend who never yells at anyone until they do and everyone is terrified
-my otp is better than yours
-“rules were not made to be broken unless i say so”
-happier when all is peaceful and quiet

Gryffindor & Slytherin
-that friend that shares all the hot selfies they find. (bless them)
-has never made a good decision after 2am
-*loses something* *blames it on you* *finds it 2min later with their stuff*
-selfie game too strong

it's not a love story but,

i won’t leave here without you,

i always come when you call,

nobody wants him here more than i do,

i need you,

i love you,

don’t make me lose you too,

i’d have died for you, i almost did a few times,

cas is family,

you’re the best friend we’ve ever had,

and i did it, all of it, for you,

where are you?,

i need you here,

please, dean,

i miss him,

i’d rather be here,

i’d rather have you, cursed or not,

i was getting too close to the humans in my charge, you,

dorky little guy,

i’ll watch over you,

dean and i do share a more profound bond,

to keep them away from you,

i’m doing this for you, dean,

i’m doing this because of you,

everyone you love, everyone except me,

don’t ever change,

his human weakness,

he was your boyfriend first,

where’s your angel?,

the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you,

and then you’d kill the angel castiel, now that one–that i suspect would hurt something awful,

he has this weakness, he likes you,

when castiel first laid a hand on you in hell, he was lost,

i know, you’re hoping castiel will return to you,

i only wish he felt the same way,

i was there, where were you?,

morning, sunshine,

nobody gets left behind,


and casti—cas is my best friend,

i won’t hurt dean,

i can’t,

i could go with you,

i prayed to you, cas, every night,

thank you, for everything,

i could pick up on a longing,

i’ll go with you,

you know i always appreciate our talks, and our time together,

cas almost died!

we’re family,

you were stupid for the right reasons,

we’re making it up as we go,

personal space, cas,

hello, dean,

hey, buddy


71/365 days of fitzsimmons

A LOT of Ereri/ Riren Fanfictions

Varrying between one/two shots, canon au’s, modern au’s, all kinds of au’s, mostly multichapter with THOUSANDS of words of sin and fluff~ (WARNING: Some may be unfinished but none are abandoned (or at least don’t say they’re abandoned :/ ))

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006 - FUCKINGMANIFESTATION (orphan_account)

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Recommended Authors:












SimplySeirin (SimplyTsundere)

I own absolutely none of these fics by the way! [Except one… ;)] GIVE THESE AUTHORS AND FICS THE LOVE THEY DESERVE


Libra is represented by air, not moving but the air that circulates slowly that we need to breathe. Bringing harmony, life and balance to the world. Libra wans to be peaceful and essential to the lives of everyone they touch, just like air. Libra wants to form relationships of balance, I give you air, you give me life. This is how important relationships are top the Libra sign.

Originally posted by notas-vacias


Leo is the middle fire sign, Leo always has to be in the middle, like the sun which happens to be Leo’s astrology symbol. Leo loves to be the center of attention and this is where they perform and feel the best. Like the sun, Leo is stable and radiant and helps to keep others under control. Leo is steady, dependable, grand and makes it’s presence known.

moriano  asked:

hello! i really really LOVE your blog and art >w< it's also amazing cuz we share otps! have a nice and amazing day!! uwu

Thank you so much! I’m glad we have the same otps <3 And sorry the answer is too late, I’m always like this omg. 

                       I REACHED 1200 FOLLOWERS HERE! 

I’m so happy, thank yall, you are the best and I know its not much but I am proud anyway! I love you guys, really. 

Like I’m here for all the headcanons about Percy being flustered about Annabeth, and how much he loves her but I’m also here for all the posts about Annabeth loving Percy and being flustered by him, and looking at him with heart eyes and just being happy because Percy makes her happy and it’s fucking canon and it’s barely discussed. Annabeth Chase is as in love with Percy like he is in love with her. 

that little scene definitely reminded me of the proud failure speech. naruto opening up to hinata about his worries and putting himself down, hinata being like, “no, that’s not true, you’re doing your best and i love you for that”

even as adults their relationship hasn’t changed. they stay uplifting each other and seeing the best in each other and it’s such a beautiful and heartwarming thing to witness. i just love this ship so much.

ainiyuku  asked:

Hello! I just started watching Voltron because your art finally helped me make the decision :) I was wondering, if you haven't already and don't mind sharing, why do you ship Sheith? They're quickly becoming my favorite but my friend said they aren't as popular but they just seem so amazing!

Thank you! Glad my art contributed! :D

I ship Sheith because:

  • I’m always a sucker for those best friends to lovers trope. That’s what the best OTPs are made of for me.
  • I love the angry-ball-small who turns all soft for sunshine-tall pairings.
  • Shiro is literally Keith’s world. FIGHT ME.
  • Shiro is Keith’s number priority and is the embodiment of his hopes and fears. Like DAMN, SON. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
  • Sheith reminds me of my first love in college it’s scary and nice at the same time. tbh i haven’t decided which yet lmao
  • Shiro treats Keith so differently compared to the others? Shiro can let his guard down and be himself with Keith.
  • KEITH WILL SAVE SHIRO AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES DUDE THIS GUY IS IN LOVE IDK HOW ELSE TO INTERPRET THIS. Make Shiro a female here and we all know that’s a very romantic scene. It IS a romantic scene. End of discussion.
  • Have you seen how much they touch each other so tenderly? /clutches chest/ Like this is just too much for me. Idk how to handle it.
  • I’m just at lost at how much they are each other’s very important person? It’s so obvious in canon sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming it but I’m not? it’s literally out there. Spelled out for all of us to see?
  • They have the most established relationship in the show I’m honestly 75% sure they are going to be endgame. 25% is obviously for dreamworks being cowardly fools. 
  • THEIR DYNAMICS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP. So much trust, so much love… they’re so soft and tender it’s turning me soft.
  • Pretty shallow but they are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. As an artist, their character designs are perfect to be drawn together and I love drawing them doing whatever the hell I can come up with.

I’m sure there are more reasons but I’m at work right now and this is what I can come up with at the moment during hard times HAHAHAHHA

the best thing about laine scoring a goal is the enthusiastic nikolaj ehlers who always grabs him in a bear hug and clings to him like the happy puppy he is whilst laine calmly maintains his “i just scored a hat trick it’s no big deal” steel

like look

truly incredible


such friendship goals?????

im not crying you are



Malec Appreciation Week - A first time

i love the whole concept of the alliance rune, so this is my take on the first time magnus and alec used it. i’m not very familiar with it because i haven’t read the books but i did research, and did my best with what i’ve got  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

available on ao3 [here]

“Clary, you’re sure this is safe? A newly created rune is already unstable; one that combines shadowhunter and downworlder abilities could be catastrophic. Mutations would be the least damaging side effect if the bond isn’t properly created.” Magnus had his arms crossed over his chest, thumb dragging over his lower lip.

“Magnus, Ithuriel is the one who sends me these runes,” Clary argued, stele gripped in one hand. “I’m not just making them up myself.”

“Magnus is right, Clary,” Jace interjected. “We’ve never done anything like this before with one of your runes. How do we know it’s safe?”

“You’re just going to have to trust me.”

Alec snorted, looking over at Magnus. “Downworlders can’t bear runes, Clary. Even a rune created by an angel to gift to you isn’t exempt from that. A rune is a rune.”

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twodemigodtraveleroflorien  asked:

Any prompts for a boy trying to tell his best friend he's in love with him?

I can certainly make some! 

“I uh.. I love you.” 

“I love you too, man.” 

“No, I love you, love you, man.” 


2. “Hey, can I talk to you?” 

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“So uh.. This is… This is really hard for me to say but I need to tell you because I can’t hide it from you anymore. Im..im just so scared you’ll look at me differently or won’t talk to me anymore or something because you’re my best friend and if there is anyone I can’t loose its you and i.. I just dont want this to change us..”

“Hey.. it’s okay. Come here, calm down. Nothing you could ever say to me would make me leave you. You’re my best friend too, man, I would never leave you. Never.” 

“…Are you sure?”


“Okay…Well.. Well, I… I uh.. I love you.”

3. “Hey, Dude. What’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird around me all week, you can barely look me in the eye, and anytime I get near you, you act like I am about to stab you. Did I do something wrong?” 

“No, no uh.. The opposite, actually…”

“I think.. I think I might be in love with you…”

“Oh.. Oh thank god.”


“Dude, I thought you were staring to hate me! You were treating me like I had the plague, I thought I was gonna loose you.” 

“No way, I could never hate you. You’re my best friend, it’s pretty much physically impossible for you to loose me.”


4. “Come on dude, cheer up, anyone would be pretty lucky to have you…”

“Really, you think so?” 

“I know so, Man, You’re my best friend. I am pretty lucky to have you in my life, and well, I think you would make a great boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I would be the best boyfriend, I’d probably spoil you rotten and give you anything you wanted and tons of affection.” 

“I meant uh… I meant you’d make a good boyfriend to anyone, like you’d be a good person to date in general…” 

“I mean, you’re not wrong, but I think I would be the best boyfriend to you, specifically. I already dote on you since you’re my best friend, imagine what I could do as your boyfriend.” 

“Oh…I uh..Uh…guess you would make a pretty good one..” 

“Well? Do you want to actually find out?” 


“Do you want to find out how good of a boyfriend I could be?” 

“I.. I’d like that, yeah, I would really, really like that…” 

5. “I mean, everyone already says that the person you love should also be your best-friend, right? That’s how you get the  best, long lasting romances, apparently, when your partner is also your best-friend.” 

“Well, I guess that means were already one step ahead to having the best marriage.” 

“Were not even dating you…” 

“Dating or not, you’re still my best friend, and I still love you. You love me too, right?” 

“Well.. yeah, I do..” 

“Then it doesnt matter if we already dating, or if we start officially right now, or we wait a while. I don’t need a title to love you, in my mind, we’ve always been together, and I think we always will be” 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, please don’t be afraid to ask! 

A post on why I love jingyeom
  • They make each other happy. Jinyoung has said before that Yugyeom gives him energy, and it’s obvious that Yugyeom loves being around Jinyoung. Watch this fancam where Jinyoung seemed tired until he looked at Yugyeom and he became so happy he even forgot to sing (from 2:02). Find yourself someone who makes you that ecstatic, basically. 
  • They are on the same wavelength. Yes they’re always bickering, but it seems like they really enjoy doing that? It almost feels like watching a tennis match, the way they give and take. Like in their Got2Day interview (from 6.25) where Yugyeom makes this gesture at him and instead of ignoring it Jinyoung goes ‘we should make that into Got7′s next dance’ (simultaneously praising and making fun of Yugyeom, aka his favourite thing to do). Just a small example of how well they respond to each other. They’d make a good comedic duo. And they usually end things with a handshake, as though to say: ‘that was another good match’.
  • They confide in each other. Yugyeom has said that he trusts Jinyoung a lot and has depended on him since he was a trainee. Jinyoung has mentioned that it’s nice to talk about problems with Yugyeom because he listens well. They just seem really comfortable around each other and though their friendship might be low-key, it’s probably one of the strongest in the group.
  • They believe in each other. It’s no secret that Jinyoung is Yugyeom’s #1 hype man, always making sure that Yugyeom gets to show off his talents and gets to speak in interviews. Yugyeom also has said multiple times that he respects Jinyoung. Basically they always have each other’s back!
  • They find each other attractive. Hello, the tension between them?? (This is all flirting and also they look in love at 1.25, just saying). Not to mention the way Jinyoung looks at Yugyeom when he dances (from 2.20 onwards - same) and Yugyeom going into full blushing mode when Jinyoung does his sexy dance (also same). Add to that all the mutual compliments and you get the idea. 
  • They’re fun. You can’t have a boring show when you put Jinyoung and Yugyeom next to each other - whether they bicker or flirt or are being soft, they just have such a great dynamic. And they agree with this, look how happy they were when teamed up for making cocktails.
  • They’re hyper focussed on each other. Jinyoung can’t leave Yugyeom alone, it doesn’t matter where they are. Likewise Yugyeom is always trying to get a reaction out Jinyoung. They are like magnets. 
  • They look great together. No further explanation needed. Two distinctive visuals, I mean, wow. Also isn’t it kind of cute that Yugyeom, being the younger one, towers over Jinyoung (but then Jinyoung beats him at arm wrestling and most other things, so that evens it out). 
  • tl;dr jingyeom should be loved for al the above reasons, but it’s not as much as they love each other, the end. 
♡ true love ♡
  • person A: Ya know, I've always seen (person B) as a wonderful person. I think they're great. I think they deserve the best. I think they deserve someone who'll treat them right. I think they deserve someone who'll treat them like a queen/king.
  • person C:
  • person A: I think they should be loved by the person that can give them what they deserve along with the love they deserve.
  • person C: (person A)-
  • person A: And that's why I'm not interfering with you and (person B)'s relationship. Give them the love they deserve.