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This is obvious and has probably already been stated but you know what’s cool?

Finn and L.xa, both made it blatantly obvious that they were into Clarke and that they loved her, to the point of losing themselves (Finn shooting the grounder camp and L.xa bowing to her and compromising her people’s political position for her.) They both proved love is weakness.  

Bellamy, on the other hand, did many things to show how much he cares about her but he doesn’t like throw himself at her feet. Because they’re partners and they’re equals and he loves her for that. She helped shape him and make him better and he did the same for her. Proving love can be strength. 

And she loves him more than anyone because of that. 


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Regal Believer Appreciation Week

Day 4: eRegal Believer (Henry and The Evil Queen)


Okay, so this one has been in my drafts since…. November?? idk but I don’t have any new (finished) fanart to show you so have this at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some reason Shutora looks different each time I draw her and I never found out why?? Like it should be pretty easy to draw her since she looks pretty much like a smol Levy but without curly locks and yet I still manage to screw it up?? amazing


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I thought I was gonna die.
Not while I’m around.


Mattelektra week |  day 7  | free choice 

➜ Matt “you’re the most important” Murdock 



I put this in tags on a reblog, but I feel the need to put it in an actual post and gush about the RaviOli feels for a moment.

How much do I love the double meaning in the exchange between Chase and Liv (”Have I told you how much I like your new Look? I’m glad you finally got on board.”) followed immediately by Liv walking into the morgue in her old, pale look?

On one level we have her rejection of the Fillmore Graves method - Chase may not have put the plan in motion but he was following it through, FG is a bottom-line, big-picture company, and will do unethical things if they feel they need to - the ends justify the means. Liv is not “on board” with that and when Chase suggests that “tanning and dyeing” (or in her case wig-ing?) is a show of support for the Fillmore Graves way, Liv can’t wash that bronzer and tear that wig off fast enough. 

But also.

She doesn’t just show up any old place in her old look. The next scene is her walking into the Morgue, empty except for her and Ravi. 

She walks away from a person who is complimenting something shallow - and not just shallow, I mean there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be pretty right? but a disguise, something that represents Liv hiding her “true” self.

And Liv walks right to the person who has always, always seen the true her. Who has never been put off by her pale looks. Who thinks she’s “kind of amazing” and “beyond bad ass.” Who still saw her and trusted her when she raged out on hitman sociopath brains. Who is always in awe of her. She walks right to Ravi.

And if there was any doubt that Ravi and Liv are the true heart of this show and truly belong together, we get Ravi’s speech, started off with his simple declaration:

“I want it to be you.”

If Ravi is coming from a purely scientific point of view, one scratch is as good as another, right? He doesn’t say “Major won’t want to” or anything; he doesn’t want to go to Blaine who won’t care about ethics. He doesn’t want to ask them, he wants this moment to be him and Liv.

For Ravi, the story started with himself and Liv. It will continue or end, for better or for worse, with him and Liv.

You know what makes me sad? People don’t taking in notice Annabeth’s feeling for Percy, her feelings for his are as strong as his, but we don’t talk enough about it. It’s mostly how Percy loves Annabeth but there are a few times people talk about how much Annabeth loves Percy. And she does, she loves him so much, she is crazy about him. 

People usually focus on what will happen and how crazy Percy would go if Annabeth was the one missing, but guys, Annabeth counted every single minute she couldn’t find Percy. Percy is everything she wanted, he is her something permanent, she has know since the beginning and she knew about his feelings for him and she also knew he would probably die. 

Yes, she had a crush on Luke, but that crush was not even near to what she feels for Percy. He’s her family, he is her home. She started having a crush on him since the summer they met, that’s even longer since Percy started having a crush on her

Annabeth’s feelings for Percy as just as strong as Percy’s feelings for her and they shouldn’t be overlooked.