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I love that Lexa is choosing Clarke and living up to what she swore. Clarke's needs are her own needs, she will not go back on her words. She won't betray Clarke again. I just hope it won't cost Lexa her life. But I think Lexa is ok with death if that is the consequence of the oath she swore.

Gah! Everywhere I turn there is someone else saying that Lexa is going to die because of the decision she made. A lot of comments saying that doing what Clarke says is going to be Lexa’s demise. 

I can see that happening, 100% I can see that happening.

But I just don’t think it will.

I think the writers are smarter than that. 

They don’t do expected.

Maybe I’m getting too next level on this shit, but everything that has happened so far has been unexpected. The one thing I’ve learned about The 100 is that if things look like they are going to go a certain way, it pretty much means it’s not.

I don’t think Lexa has to die for them to make a statement. 

Sure half a year ago I was alllllll about the, ‘I can never see Clexa working without Lexa dying’ but then I never saw Lexa apologising either. I never saw her bowing before Clarke and swearing fealty to her. I sure as shit didn’t see Lexa walking into Clarke’s room all barefoot and slinky dresses openly adoring her as she wished her goodnight. I never thought we’d see such a momentous do-over of ‘head over heart’ without it being immediately followed by Lexa dying heroically for Clarke.

To be perfectly honest my wildest drunken dreams never even imagined we’d get real Clexa.

But we are.

We’re getting REAL, FULL BLOWN CLEXA. As real as any canon otp has ever been in any story ever. That’s what we’re getting with Clarke and Lexa, and it’s honestly like some god fucking damn miracle. It truly is. 

We are all scared because of the disasters that have come before on other TV shows.

Maybe The 100 are breaking the cycle.

I’ve obviously taken the City of Light pill and I’m a believer. The 100 has been consistently good, and I mean, episode after episode since the start of Season 2. Do you know how hard that is to find these days? It’s almost non-existent in long form tv. I would argue The 100 is more consistent than GoT any day, any fucking day of the week. It’s sure as hell better than TWD, even Jessica Jones (which I love love love) had some patchiness to it. Shows these days lose momentum, quickly. They usually come out with a big strong first season and everyone falls in love with it and then the writers feel the pressure and nonsense starts happening (exhibit A: GLEE). The 100 has gotten better and better and better, and it’s because they are doing what they want.

If you haven’t read this Kim Shumway response I reblogged you really should. It’s excellent. It seems obvious that a writer should know their characters inside and out, but that’s not always the case QUINN FABRAY. I felt so much reassurance when I read Kim’s reply because I was like, ‘yes, this woman knows her shit.’ You can tell how much she cares about the show and its characters from the way she writes, this is how I know we’re in good hands.


Yes, Lexa loves Clarke like she has never loved anybody, correct, but that doesn’t make her weak. Clarke is right in this situation, okay? We’re not applying this to the real world, we’re in The 100 universe. If Lexa sends the grounder army to Arkadia, there will be a very high number of casualties on both sides. Abby, Marcus, Raven, Octavia, Lincoln, Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, Sinclair, Jaha, Miller… how many of them would live? How many hundreds of grounders die before Arkadia run out of bullets? Does Lexa even live?

That is something that I don’t see a lot of people talking about. The fact that Clarke may have just saved Lexa by convincing her not to ride in against machine guns. The very same thing that caused Lexa to leave the Mountain in the first place. Lexa knew then that her army would suffer great losses because the Mountain Men had guns.

That’s why it was important for us to see Lexa filled with such anger after she talks with Indra at the beginning of the episode. Why she immediately orders them to send riders to call upon the 12 Clans. Lexa can more easily deal with pain if it is targeted at her, she can carry that burden, she can overcome it. She can fight for peace even when Costia is taken from her… but when it’s her people that suffer? That have been slaughtered in cold blood? When she sees a field covered in the bodies of her people? Yeah, Lexa wants revenge. She’s almost blinded by it.

And she is cold towards Clarke throughout the episode. She mocks Clarke (mockery is not the product of a strong mind. omfg I have to make that gifset lol), “Have you come up with a way to save your people yet again?” I don’t think Lexa ‘kills every chance she gets”, but also let’s remember that time Lexa very casually tried to have Octavia killed. Lexa is by no means a saint, which is something I think we all tend to forget about because she is perfect. But you know who does makes Lexa better? Clarke.

What are the three pillars of being a Commander? Wisdom. Compassion. Strength.

Compassion is what Clarke brings out of Lexa. She has always been wise, always had strength. But it is Clarke’s show of compassion that brings Lexa back from the brink, back to who she is, makes her more clear-heda’d.

This is why loving Clarke doesn’t make Lexa weak, it makes her strong. Complete. They make each other better in only ways that they can.

When Lexa chooses Clarke’s alternative, yes she is choosing Clarke, yes she is doing right by the vow she made, but yes she is also doing what is right as Commander.

Obviously I can’t say whether or not Lexa lives this season. I completely believe she does, because I’m probably in denial, but also because I just think it’s not a smart decision. Ultimately it rests on whether or not JRoth wants to break our hearts or not. Seriously, that’s all it is. Because Lexa dying at some point makes sense. SHE’S THE COMMANDER. The Grounders are not going to be happy, and they will want to overthrow Lexa. The fucking gorilla could finally escape and seek revenge on Clarke, and Lexa would throw herself at it screaming, “Death is not the end!” There are a million ways Lexa could die.

And I agree that Lexa would be okay with death and die all of those million ways for Clarke, to save her, to keep her vow, whatever. That’s a given. Lexa accepted the inevitability of a short life long ago.

Would Clarke, though?

In 304 we saw that she would let Lexa fight and die, because Lexa asked her to. But Clarke still doesn’t really know, she still hasn’t resolved her feelings – and that is changing very rapidly every episode. Maybe this season we’ll end up seeing just how much our little Clarke loves Lexa when she’s ready.

And if Lexa’s imminent death comes knocking, do we not trust Clarke Griffin with her life? I mean she has already saved it a bunch of times, and that was before she even knew there were tingly feelings involved.

Everyone always assumes that Lexa will die being Clarke’s saviour, Clarke’s champion. But if you think for a second that Clarke is going to let anyone, let alone Lexa, die for her? Do you even know Clarke?

You’ll see.

You’ll all see.

Please everyone link me this dumb post when Lexa dies and I’m crying myself to sleep and vowing to never watch The 100 again. That show I used to love so much and trust back in February 2016.