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Felicity’s inspiring speeches to Oliver in season 5.

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CB + underappreciated scenes | 3/?

This is the episode right after Chuck discovers the crushing revelation that Blair is pregnant with Louis’ child. It’s this discovery that finally awakens him from the bubble of self-destructive lack of emotion that he put himself into in order to cope with the pain of his breakup with Blair and everything that followed. Still, when Chuck and Blair run into each other on the street the next day, they fall back into talking like they always do. Chuck literally stops her in the street to seriously ask if she’s okay. Even though he was shaken by the news, he’s more concerned about Blair’s well-being. How she is and whether she’s okay is always what’s most important to him. I think that’s a big theme for them throughout the series. Even when they’re not together or they’re at their lows, they’re always there for each other and concerned about one another. There’s also an ease to their relationship that shows how comfortable they are with each other. I love this little scene because it demonstrates the support and comfort they always find in each other, whether they’re together or not. 

I’m forever thankful for ALL Jennifer Morrison has done for Once and the fandom. She’s been such a strong voice for her character and never failed to show how much Emma Swan meant to her.

For me personally, I’ll be forever grateful and thankful to the support she showed Captain Swan specifically. In all the time I’ve been shipping, I’ve never had the actors be respectful of the ships in the way both Jen and Colin have been towards Captain Swan. To see the actors who portray the characters on your OTP talk openly and POSITIVELY about said OTP?! That very rarely happens. Even if the ship is canon and endgame. But Jen and Colin have always held a sort of respect for Captain Swan and it’s made the experience of shipping the characters that much richer because you knew the people at the helm were treating it as importantly as you feel it is/was.

So yeah, thank you so much Jen. I’ll always cherish how you showed such reverence to something I love so much and will forever be grateful to you for it.



peraltaplots  asked:

Hi Cassie!!! I have a weird (?) question about Mark. His eyes have always been bicolor, right? Like always? And will we know why Jules and Emma can't remember Jessa's wedding in LoS? Jessa is my ultimate otp and I'm DYING to see their babies. Love you, thanks for everything!!!! ♡

No, Mark had the Blackthorn eyes - blue-green - until he was abducted by the Wild Hunt. All the Faeries in the Wild Hunt have heterochromia – bicolored eyes. Kieran has one black and one silver, Mark one blue and one gold. 

Dear whom ever it may concern,

You’re amazing. I know this for a fact. You may not have been looking for this post, but here it is, making sure you know that you matter, at least to me. Days get tough, but you are amazing. You always have been and always will be. Have a nice day you wonderful, wonderful person.

I think the only way anyone could upset me with headcanons would be if they killed off one of the trio in order to make the ship “pure”. 

I had a snarky tag comment a while ago from a person I have since blocked, who was complaining in the tags that I had ruined a “pure” m/m ship by adding Ursula, and I was this close to replying to them publicly and watching them get eviscerated because excuse u, my poly queer ship is entirely pure as is, tyvm. It was always a poly queer romance right from the very inception. I didn’t just shoehorn in a female character at the last minute just for funsies and to piss people off, the plan was always to have a m/m/f poly trio who fall in love and live (that’s an important part, LIVE. I edited so much toxic poly smut back in the day where someone always died and left the “true otp” behind and I H A T E D it  HAAAATED IT) happily ever after.

Which isn’t to say you couldn’t ever write fic about one or more of them dying if you wanted to (you monster, I’m just kidding) I’m just saying that one of them dying doesn’t erase the fact that the characters are and always will be queer and don’t conform to the simplistic binary of gay or straight. They’re bi/pan and that’s perfectly “pure” enough. So I mean, you can kill Ursula off if you wanted to to make a “pure” gay ship, but uh, that’d make you a pretty terrible person, sorry. I don’t make the rules.

Actually in this instance I do. And they’re poly bi/pan queer immortal idiots in love and there’s nothing you can do about it.