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Day 4: Favorite Relationship (Aidan & Josh)


There was passion and comfort and need and joy, there was a strength that knew no boundaries, a sense of kindred souls made one, and that whole being far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

– X-Men 2 Novelization, Chris Claremont

My ship is canon. It is a good day.

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maybe it would know better if we stitched it eyes

Summary: When you and your best friend have been attached to the hip practically since birth, you’re not going to let some scrap of cloth separate you. In which Oikawa redefines the meaning of a hatstall, and Headmistress McGonagall probably isn’t paid enough. Hogwarts AU!

Credit to @agapantoblu for the premise of Oikawa fighting the Sorting Hat forever to be in the same house as Iwaizumi (taken from this post). It’s just such a great idea that immediately sparked my dead writer brain.

Pairing: Iwaoi (You can take it either as queerplatonic or romantic)
Word Count: 1470
Rating: G or K or basically as hair-raising as a stuffed teddy bear

They stopped calling it a hatstall twenty minutes ago.

It was unprecedented, to say the least. The Sorting Hat’s record for the longest time to sort a student was seven minutes and 23 seconds - something that Professor Flitwick felt the need to say repeatedly as his gaze flickered between his watch and the boy on the stool, back and forth as though he was afraid he might miss something.

Headmistress McGonagall failed to see exactly what he could miss. Certainly, just past the five minute mark, the hall could hardly contain the frenetic waves of anticipation, everyone excited at the sheer privilege of seeing a hatstall. Even McGonagall - with an impressive sixty years at Hogwarts under her belt - had only seen enough hatstalls to count on one hand.

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And this? Ragnar gave me this.

reasons why i consider obitine 500% more tragic than anidala

well, first of all, we all clearly know where my preference lies. but what makes me sad about obitine is that they never would have ever had a chance. it’s one thing to have a summertime crush, when they were both still young and under qui gonn’s supervision. they could both pretend it was nothing, that their friendship was only that. a friendship of two lonely souls who are only spending time with each other for a year.

by the time they reunite, they’re both adults, both with their own responsibilities and their own lives to lead. they both know, no matter what they feel, a future is impossible, for a multitude of reasons. ben has firmly established himself in the jedi order, he has friends and people he needs to watch over, not to mention a recently graduated padawan he needs to keep his eye on. satine meanwhile, is a leader of her people, the forefront of a political movement, and the target of frequent attacks by rebels. they aren’t love sick teenagers who can allow themselves to wonder what it would be like to abandon all their duties to be together. they’re mature, they can’t allow themselves to think like that. 

and neither satine nor obi wan are the type of people who, even if they had remained in contact for their entire lives, would have tried to pursue this. they’ve both got this particular honor code, and more importantly, they know that allowing themselves to act on their feelings would be a bad idea for them both. both obi wan and satine would have to sacrifice a lot to be together, and they love each other too mention to want to take something away from each other. 

and then, satine is fridged. quite literally, she is killed for the sole purpose of causing obi wan anguish, of making him feel pain. she’s part of a revenge plot she shouldn’t have been. her only factor into it was that she loved obi wan, and he loved her, so much so that he would have literally abandoned all his ideals and changed his entire life for her. and because of that, because she’s loved by him, and because she loves him, she pays with her life. satine never should have died, and any hope of these two having any happy future dies with her. 

whilst anidala had their moments of sunshine, an opportunity for some measure of happiness, these two had nothing. any friendship they had was always tinged by heartaching feelings they could never act on, and satine’s memory is forever tainted by the fact that she was brutally slain because obi wan made the mistake to love her. and whether she’d lived, nothing could have come of their feelings, and they would have been nothing but “what might’ve beens” and longing glances and the occasional touches and buckets of heartbreak and regret

anidala was a relationship killed in its prime. obitine never really had a chance to begin



Listen, what you two went through and what you carry is real. And you know that if you ever need my help carrying it, you just have to ask me.


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪