otp: i actually kind of like you

OTP Idea #826

“It’s really really stormy today and to start a conversation with you, I said, “wow really nice weather we’re having huh?” and I meant it sarcastically but you actually really enjoy this kind of weather apparently, you weirdo”

Stop With The Hate

I see too many LuffyxNami shippers being way too aggressive with other shippers and vice-versa. A bunch of ganging up, name calling, and insults between different ships IS NOT something I support in my blog or in my shipping fandom. It is nothing more than BULLYING. I think shipping should be something that everyone can enjoy. People have a right to support whatever ship they like and people don’t have the right to bash someone for it.  

There are ships that I do not like and even hate, but I try my best to not bad mouth other ships and shippers in my blog because it’s about respect. Even if the other side is not showing any respect towards you, you should just ignore it or try to show some respect towards them because it makes you the bigger person. Don’t give me that bullshit excuse of “We have to defend ourselves”. That answer is UNACCEPTABLE. If you want to defend your ship, then make posts that builds supports within your shipping fandom and NOT to argue against other shippers that oppose your ship. It will get you no where. I don’t want to hear “It will make them and their ship look stupid because they can’t defend their ship and bring support for our ship.SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! Leave the other shippers alone because at that point you are only trying to make yourself feel good by putting other people down.  I understand that some people do not do anything, but still get hate and all I can say is just ignore the haters or you can simply block whoever is harassing you.

 The kind of shipping I like is showing actual moments, hints, and development that shows why I think my otp will happen. Whether you think your ship will happen or not you shouldn’t care what people say because what matters is what you like and want (unless Oda says otherwise).

Remember these are only fictional characters. People shouldn’t obsess on One Piece or on pairings. You have other things in life you should prioritize on. If you obsess, then you could end up getting depressed when things don’t go your way. I made my blog as a hobby that I can peacefully enjoy. A lot of the time people should just go with the flow in One Piece and just accept things that Oda gives the readers and not complain because he is the author of the series.

 If you felt mad or offended by my post, then GOOD because all that says is that you have bullied someone too and you are upset that someone had pointed out the actions you have done.

I hope people can ship in peace again and stop with childish nonsense because this doesn’t make supporting pairings any fun. I hope this post helps people of all kinds of fandoms.



 P.S. If I didn’t tag your pairing, then feel free to tag in.

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Hi dad i just saw that ask where you said you wanted a gamer au! Please make it happen! And also love your work


Yoongi is the very famous Jungle for a North american team who lives in California and is actually kind of like the old pro player while Taehyung is a Mid lane player from one of Korea’s major teams and the new rookie face of LoL. 

Everyone thinks that they would hate each other or maybe there would be envy because Taehyung kind of lowkey stole the spot light and the role as an MVP player from Yoongi but when they meet though it’s actually kind of funny because Taehyung is a total fanboy. 

The younger walks in with his team and they are trying to look cool as fuck and like they don’t care they are a top team in the league but all that goes down the drain when Taehyung spots Yoongi talking to another player nearby. Taehyung breaks out into a slight jog/skip until he’s in front of Yoongi and his eyes are totally wide as he bounces in his place. 


Yoogi does all while chuckling at how cute Taehyung is. 

“Aren’t you a pro player too kid? You ask every opponent you meet for their autograph?” 

Taehyung answers before even thinking about what he’s saying. “Only the hot ones.” 

Yoongi smirks at the way Taehyung’s face heats up and the way the younger’s face turns as red as the jacket he’s wearing. He wants to stay and tease Taehyung a bit more but his team mates are already calling him and letting him know they need to head on stage so he settles for kissing Taehyung’s cheek and winking as he walks away. 

“Good luck today, kid.” 

During that day both Yoongi’s and and Taehyung’s team of course do very well take down team after team like it’s nothing. It’s right before the last game of the day (Tae and Yoongi’s teams against each other) that they have both teams doing an interview. Each team member answers questions and the whole time they are talking Yoongi and Taehyung are staring at each other, completely ignoring everything around them. 

The interviewer seems to notice them and laughs. 

“Oh can we say there’s love in the air for certain players?” 

Everyone begins teasing them, since it’s known Yoongi is openly pansexual, and Taehyung again turns bright red when Yoongi casually shrugs. 

“There’s something in the air alright.” 

(cue fanboys and fangirls new otp tbh)

To everyone’s surprise it’s Taehyung’s team that wins first place and people assume Yoongi is going to be down about it but he’s actually smiling. 

“Good job cutie.” 

Taehyung lifts his head and giggles at Yoongi. 

“Thank you! Maybe you can take me out to celebrate?” 

When they actually begin dating it’s even cuter. 

Since Taehyung lives in Korea and Yoongi in California it gets a bit hard for them but they do their best. There are a lot of trips to visit each other during their off seasons and TONS of live streams of them playing together during those visits. 

One thing that is mega adorable and Taehyung loves is that the fans do fan art of their champions together and literally they each have a wall in their homes just filled with art sent to them. 

During one live stream, Taehyung doesn’t really feel like playing so the fans get to scream over watching Taehyung sit on Yoongi’s lap and nap while Yoongi does his best to play with his over grown puppy boyfriend on top of him. 

It’s highkey funny too how competitive they get on those rare occasions where they go against each other whe they meet up in competitions.  Taehyung likes to yell out at Yoongi telling him he’s going to lose while Yoongi rolls his eyes and flips him off. Everyone laughs because Taehyung responds by shooting Yoongi a heart and a kiss and Yoongi blushes all while still flipping Taehyung off. 

Though they don’t play the same role in their teams they still try to help each other as best as they can. They’ll play together even though Taehyung is back home in Daegu and Yoongi is still in California and it’s cute because Taehyung slips in and out of Korean while Yoongi answers in English. 

They play into the early hours of the night/morning and when they are going to go bed finally Taehyung lets out a cute yawn. 

“Saranghae Yoonie.” 

Yoongi smiles. 

“I love you, too Tae.” 

LONG SKYPE DATES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THEM TALKING ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RELATED THINGS BUT REALLY ARE SPENT WATCHING MOVIES AND LISTENING TO MUSIC TOGETHER UNTIL ONE OF THEM FALLS ASLEEP. They even do that cute shit where one of them will just play games and leave Skype open to occasionally watch them sleep in between playing games. (yoongi’s phone is filled with pics of sleeping tae tbh)

(i ran out of ideas idk fam it’s 5 a.m im sorry this was late just think about cute gamer bf’s that shit talk each other while they play and kiss each other in between games okay it’s soft)

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Hey- can I ask your opinion on felicest? The ship between Luciano and Feliciano?

Oh, I think it’s a… quite interesting ship!
I imagine their relationship being rather funny. 1P!Italy with his energy and cheerfulness would probably annoy 2P!Italy from time to time. 2P!Italy would be rather demanding and impatient. Maybe he would try to keep 1P!Italy under control. However I could also immagine that both of them could be some kind of rivals like both of them want to be in control and don’t want to loose to each other, if 1P!Italy would actually have a dark/mafia side. But that’s just a random idea,

In the end I have to say that it’s not my main ship or OTP or anything like that.
And if you are asking this because you think this ship will appear in my Series or my Movie I must dissappoint you. There will be no “canon” ships…
//also did I ever post this picture somewhere? Tbh, It’s quite old

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loins ! what are your all time favourite vmin fics ? like 11/10 would read again, changed your life, best of the best fics ? like there are alot of fics to look through and its hard to know which will be written well or have a good plot or good characterization or not and I just trust your judgement (sorry if this is over whelming you dont have to answer this if you dont want to)

So vmin fics can actually be kind of hard for me, because I think that I have such a specific idea of their dynamic and characterizations in my head that it can be tough for me to find fics that fit how I feel about them? Like, that’s actually why I started writing them myself in the first place. I feel like it’s weird that I don’t have a ton of vmin fics to offer you, because they’re my otp and all, but there ARE absolutely some great ones. I know there are some missing but again my fic organization system is just abysmal:



The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air)
Episode 9 (Julian Koster’s Q&A): 

«One big question that got asked and I think is pretty neat is…were there things that were in season one, or episodes that didn’t make the cut for different reasons. 

The answer to this question is YES, there are a lot of things. And several people asked, if I could, if those things existed, if I could tell you about some of them. So I thought that would be kind of fun. And one, that I really like that the Janitor told was actually about… I think this is gonna possibly scandalize some people but it is in-universe, so I think that’s okay. But anyway. 

One thing that Janitor told about was… these visits of a special friend of John Cameron’s to the set of the Orbiting Human circus, to the ballroom. A very special friend of his, named Carrie… well, his real name isn’t Carrie, his real name is Archibald. John Cameron calls him Archibald, that’s how the janitor knew this, but everybody else knew him as Carrie. And he is a very special friend of John’s. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of rumors that they are VERY-very special friends. And… the Janitor did see… something that reinforced that idea very strongly very strongly one time. Something innocent, but something that led on that they are more than friends. 

 And everyone in the OHC would freak out of course when this fellow would come visit, which would be a few times a year, because he is a movie star. And so everybody was kind of dazzled. And the Janitor had seen him in movies. The Janitor’s, one of the Janitor’s favorite movies was called ‘Holliday’. And Carrie was in this movie and you know. The janitor was just completely star-struck… whenever he’d come around. And he was just very-very sweet person, and he was very-very elegant, and handsome. I don’t think the janitor had a crush on him, or anything like that, no, but he was just incredibly objectively handsome, which… you know. And kind. And so when he would visit it would always be a very interesting thing. He kind of fascinated janitor, and watching Archibald and John together was very fascinating for janitor. 

And… and so there are different stories associated with his visits. And hopefully some of it would make it into season two. I hope I haven’t just ruined season two for you. I mean it’s not, really. It’s a small thing. But there was some… as a matter of fact, the jacket that John Cameron gave to the Janitor was actually Carrie’s, that was something that Carrie has left behind. Carrie always leaves his clothes everywhere. He’s very forgetful… and being a movie star he can afford lots and lots of jackets. That was actually where the jacket that John Cameron passed down to the janitor came from». 


A few words about photos: 

There is John Cameron Mitchell, a director, actor, singer, an overall amazingly talented man who also happened to be a voice actor of John Cameron, our beloved dramatic host. 

And there is Cary Grant, one of the greatest male stars of Golden Age Hollywood cinema, an actor so famous he probably still doesn’t need introduction. An actor whose given name was Archibald Alexander Leach and who played in dozens of great movies one of which is our Julian’s favorite “Holiday”. 

So what do we get here? A dazzling time-bending couple which all the OHC fandom should cherish. 


PS - John is a person from underground and Cary is long gone and I was just ridiculously lucky to know both of them beforehand. So if you’ve never heard of them, let me be your guide and suggest you an amazing rock musical «Hedwig and the angry inch»(2001) & hilarious «Arsenic and Old Lace» (1944). 

The first is about a transgender woman traveling through her past and future in the search of true love… or self. Mythical references included. And in general it’s just the best thing I know. 

 The second is a black comedy about adorable grannies who happen to be… serial killers. Cary is the cutest there and humor is absolutely surreal. Amazing experience, don’t miss it.

can we just talk about


in like

six years? the way harvey looks at mike has literally never changed. seriously.

day one (i mean shit this first one is after like ten fucking minutes)


i mean i don’t know about you guys but quite frankly i am offended and actually feeling a little attacked by gabriel macht and his fucking face 

like how affectionate can one man look for someone else and there are actually people who think harvey doesn’t love mike


imagine your life being that simple and care-free, what do you think they do with their spare time??? when it isn’t consumed w/ thoughts about how much harvey specter loves mike ross????

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Hello, from a swedish - korean person 😆 I was just wondering what your thoughts are on other BTS ships, other than Vkook, like Sope, Jikook, Namjin etc. It would just be fun to hear your personal opinion on a couple of the diffrent ships in BTS. Hope that you have the time to answer this and I hope that you have a great day😊

i find all of the ships cute actually haha. jikook, sope, namseok, vhope, vmin, etc. they have cute and distinctive dynamics i don’t know how people can hate on other ships just because they have certain otps ;-; but some of the dynamics give me a more special and intimate vibe, that’s why i ship them (๑•᎑•๑) oh and i ship namjin too lol, namjin and taekook are my top otps ;;


                i         c  o  u  l  d         n  o  t         l  i  e           


When you really love somebody they change you and I think that she’s changed mostly by her love for Booth and his love for her. And I think that’s kind of a beautiful thing.” - Emily Deschanel

@delicate-cherry As promised, here are my answers to the questions that no one asked:

2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?*

I only BroTP James and Sirius (unless there’s a Lily added to the mix).

3.  Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?

No. I honestly don’t think I’ve actively unfollowed anyone. Tumblr likes to unfollow people for me, which is kind of annoying. 

4.  Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*

Snarry and Snaco are NOTP territory for me. I know Snarry is popular for some, and I don’t ship shame. It’s just not my thing. 

6.  Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?*

I actually came into the fandom on a canon high, so the fandom changed ev-er-y-thing!

7.  Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?*


8.  Have you received anon hate? What about?*

Constantly. Some people are just assholes.

9.  Most disliked character(s)? Why?

I know everyone thinks I’m going to go Dumbledore on this one, but I’ve read fics where I’ve liked him (usually when he owns up to his bullshit, or things have changed to the point where he wasn’t a giant trash fire). But I’m going with Umbridge on this one. The pure reality of her is frightening and inspires such rage in me that it’s sickening. I will never write a story that redeems her. Never.

11.  Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I adore James Potter, and I know a good portion of the fandom doesn’t. I get why, and they likely get why I dislike the character they love, but I try not to fall into the “How DARE you besmirch my sweet fictional child!” 

16.  If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?

Tonks and Remus’s deaths. Completely unnecessary. 

18.  Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or biased?

Hell no. We like what we like, and we don’t like what we don’t. Does not liking ice cream mean I’m in denial? No. It means that I’m not a fan of sweets.

21.  What are your thoughts on crack ships?

They … crack me up. hur hur hur.

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Since you've given us all Starco baby feels today, would you be willing to draw an older Star and Marco with pregnant!Star? :)

This was actually kind of fun to draw even though it was a bit challenging.  I even had to get up and put on a jacket to figure out Marco’s pose for this one. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It doesn’t physically have pregnant Star but has the idea. ^_^

I hope you like the really late night cravings picture!  (hehe, Marco has bed hair)

Thank you so much for your suggestion and support!