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  • sg writers: omg don't you just love karamel and mon-el
  • literally nearly everyone: no we actually hat-
  • sg writers: omg i know right karamel is so cute and healthy. they're literally otp. here have some more
  • everyone: nah man we're cool we don't actually like karamel and don't think it's very healthy. maybe you should focus on sanvers more or explore supercorp or karolsen more. anything but kar-
  • sg writers: i love how everyone just loves karamel and mon-el so much, he's such a good character and boyfriend. can't have enough of him
  • everyone: um actually he's kind of an ass and no one lik-
  • sg writers: wow i'm glad we listen to our fandom and the media. let's keep karamel and mon-el

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You: I want to protect Deku from all the harm in the world!! / Also you: *ships him with the very person who caused him suffering for 10 years*... huh, okay

I actually kind of want to thank you for being cordial about this instead of just… insulting me anonymously like others. 

Granted, I just ignore them/delete them, but still. It’s appreciated.

Since you honestly seem a little bit curious and confused, I want to answer this with a more specific response! So thank you for being reasonable about it. 

There are some things I want to clear up first.

You’re completely entitled to your opinion on a ship, my anonymous friend, and I also respect and understand why people hate the ship and even Bakugou as a character. 

Do I share the same feelings? No, not at all, but I definitely understand it. 

It would be dreadfully boring if every human who experienced the same artistic medium had the same exact opinions and points of views on a character/ship, no? 

At least, I would think so. I love the variety in opinion and watching different people fall in love with anime/books/movies, whatever, in totally different ways and coming out of them with multiple conclusions is wonderful to witness. 

It… almost feels similar to getting angry with someone for picking green as their favorite color, and because it’s not your favorite color you argue about how the different shades don’t make sense and shouldn’t be acknowledged as a favorite.

(Not you, specifically, Anon, but more of a general “you,” if that makes sense.)

Alright. So.

What draws me to the the Bakugou Katsuki / Izuku Midoriya ship, and the two characters individually (as well as their canon dynamic) is based on the concept of healing, forgiveness, growth, redemption, understanding, mutual respect, and genuine deep-rooted pain and realistic acknowledgement of the gratuitous and toxic elements of their relationship

And this only scratches the surface, believe it or not.

Yes, Bakugou Katsuki treated Izuku horribly while growing up (hell, he’s still an egotistical asshole). The infamous line in the manga/anime with Katsuki suggesting Izuku “find a Quirk in the next life” is inexcusable, and he should be held accountable for this. 

We’ve been allowed glimpses of their dismantled friendship at Katsuki’s doing, and Izuku’s equally flawed and dangerous perspective in placing Katsuki on a pedestal for his admiration. 

Before I go further with this, I want to touch on things about how I view Izuku as a character, since something in your anonymous message struck me, with the quote you had written: 

“You: I want to protect Deku from all the harm in the world!!”

The thing is, when it comes to characters, and Izuku in particular… I don’t think I’ve ever adopted the mindset of “must protect the precious baby,” because I personally view Izuku as a very relatable and human character. 

I know that this doesn’t cancel one idea out from the other, since many wonderful authors/readers/viewers/consumers, whatever, who like BNHA have this same viewpoint. Clearing this up so that nothing is miscommunicated.


This may seem strange, and a bit… actually yeah this is a little weird, but as a viewer, I see him as someone who strives for an incredible goal, is very determined, much stronger than he appears (and believes) both emotionally and physically, and it’s slowly becoming a surprise to both himself and everyone around him. 

But I see him as not just a character, per say, but a definite reflection of the other side to his dynamic to Bakugou Katsuki. 

(Will touch more on this later.)

He’s been acknowledged as a beloved presence, and I actually don’t like viewing Izuku as a “precious cinnamon roll,” because he’s so much more than that. 

QUICK NOTE HERE: I do not think it’s wrong to think of him this way. This is how I personally think, and how I want to hopefully portray the character in fics I write, or just in a general acknowledgement of him. 

He’s a character that thrives on a complex personality and series of motivations that make sense for a character his age, with his history, and with his flaws and strengths as a protagonist. 

Izuku being “adorable” falls to the very bottom of my list of reasons why I love and relate to him as a character, and when he engages in horrible situations that challenge him, I live for those moments. 

(I know I’m not alone in this. Bear with me.)

I love seeing characters like this suffer and get thrashed and struggle in the face of their darkest times. It shows depth, and a sense of darkness that defies the overly comfortable image that comes across in an anime that is, quite objectively, a bit less of a risk-taker in the earlier arcs in comparison to others.

So, with that in mind… it makes sense why people can’t stand Bakugou Katsuki as a character for treating Izuku like he does, and it also makes sense why Izuku is shipped with just about anyone who can grant him that feeling of “must protect.” 

Again, there is nothing wrong with this. 

In fact, I want to point out, for the sake of people who can’t stand BakuDeku and enjoy other ships, that I see, respect, and completely understand why you feel the way you feel. 

There’s even a strong sense of admiration for it, because you wonderful people are coming from a place that wants Izuku Midoriya to have a stable dynamic. 

This is an incredible, awesome, respectful thing, and shows so much love for Izuku as a character. 

So at this point, it may seem that I’m arguing against myself. That I’m shoving my own argument into the ground for why BakuDeku is my Number Two OTP, and how I’m arguing for its validity.

But, this is where I want to put some light onto the perspective that I have for this ship, and I don’t think I’ve ever gone this deep before on Tumblr.

I mentioned a little bit earlier that part of what makes Izuku shine as a character is how he affects other people. He brings out elements of characters that they won’t even realize themselves. (Todoroki Shouto, Shinsou Hitoshi, and All Might are both huge, and popular, examples of this, even though they’re not the only ones). 

His drive and his motivations are directed towards an incredible goal that is founded in the roots of his passion. And this aspect of Izuku? This passion, this drive, this embodiment of equal strengths and flaws balancing and cancelling each other out as he grows and learns? 

They are reflected in none other than Bakugou Katsuki.

I’m in love with the depth to this dynamic, with the potential that’s built on what they could accomplish together. 

Izuku cares deeply for Katsuki, and admires him and respects him, but even with that in mind he knows that Katsuki is an asshole. It’s important to acknowledge this, that Izuku will not let Katsuki take advantage of him in any way. 

And Katsuki, quite evidently, hasn’t attempted to take advantage of Izuku at all; in fact, he’s been only focused on what he wants to accomplish, and is overly obsessed with Izuku potentially surpassing him and “looking down on him” (as confirmed in the story.)

Katsuki is dreadfully immature in a lot of ways, but the fact that they contain so many similar ambitions, balanced on top of a quite impressive tower of flaws that parallel each other perfectly… this, is what draws me to them. 

Izuku and Katsuki are both incredibly ambitious and determined. They both work exceptionally hard. 

I wrote a list awhile back that needs to be updated again anyway, so…

Here are some general contrasts/parallels to them:

  • Izuku is humble, while Katsuki is egotistical.  
  • Katsuki is prodigiously talented, while Izuku had to go the extra mile, despite them both being hard workers.
  • Izuku lacks self-preservation, and Katsuki looks out for himself, first and foremost, and how he will accomplish his goal.
  • Katsuki exhibits elements of both an intense superiority/inferiority complex, while Izuku… doesn’t. 
  • Katsuki is more instinctive with his actions, while Izuku is analytical and a definite planner. 
  • Izuku’s Quirk is more focused on the all-embodying element, like a supercharged mechanism that can both protect and damage in spurts. Katsuki’s Quirk is designed as more of a shield for himself only, and can release constant bursts of power. The more they develop, the more similar their Quirks can become in terms of balance.
  • Katsuki is exaggeratedly egotistical and lacking humility, pushing others away and immediately accepting himself as the greatest priority. Izuku is the exact opposite, but with a quality just as exaggerated and vast: his anxious hesitation and lack of confidence in himself and only believing that he can succeed with others. 
  • Izuku’s struggles in confidence is mostly internal and how he thinks of himself. Katsuki’s confidence is both too bloated for him to handle and in the exact same plane as Izuku’s.
  • Izuku admires All-Might for being the ultimate protector and savior of lives with a smile on his face. Katsuki is focused on the idea of winning, and how heroes always prevail in the end. 

I could go on and on with this… but yeah.

Something I noticed, as well, while writing this, is that Katsuki and Izuku’s contrasts, while very prevalent, are often rooted in similar, if not the same, bedrock of emotions that affect them differently because of their personalities. 

Sometimes their points of views and emotions are so balanced and imbalanced at the same time that it takes awhile to look back and think through all of those individual moments.

And so, before this gets too unbearably wrong, I’m going to bring this home with emphasizing the main point of why I love writing this ship: it’s a challenge

A huge. Fucking. Challenge.

It begs the question: how can you make this ship work? How can you make their potential dynamic come together and brush through those layers of misunderstandings and reckless emotions? 

How can Bakugou Katsuki pull his head out of his ass and realistically come into his own while learning to appreciate the person who’s respected and admired him for so long? 

How can Izuku Midoriya learn to stick up for himself when it comes to Katsuki and allow them both to be on equal ground, rather than Izuku always chasing the other? 

How can they get over their differences, and develop something beautiful and, dare I say it, healthy, after a possible length of years and years of mending?

For me, this ship demonstrates the gray areas of relationships, and the possibility of redemption for even the vilest people. 

For me, this ship revels in the depths of Izuku’s character as well as Katsuki’s, and how their dynamic can develop into something founded on equal respect, grounding, and healing. 

For me, this ship focuses on the damaged elements to both characters and embraces the toxicity to their current circumstance, as well as the awful and wonderful elements of their relationship down the line. 

For me, BakuDeku | KatsuDeku focuses on drama, realism, emotion, and the ultimate idea behind rebuilding, protecting, forgiving, and learning to pick up the pieces from one person to another.

There are no excuses for the damage done between these two. 

But there is something really beautiful, and tragic, about the potential in the horizon. 

So those are my thoughts. 

Thank you for inboxing, Anon.

OTP Idea #826

“It’s really really stormy today and to start a conversation with you, I said, “wow really nice weather we’re having huh?” and I meant it sarcastically but you actually really enjoy this kind of weather apparently, you weirdo”

  • Kyungsoo: You don’t understand. I like chanyeol but I don’t like chanyeol.
  • Kyungsoo: I have very positive feelings of attraction towards him
  • Kyungsoo: but I also kind of want to punch him in the face.
How I feel about VLD ships: in 10 words or less!

(please note that I fully support you shipping your pairing, warning: you are about to witness some opinions that you may or may not agree with)

In honor of the up coming season three, I decided to do this! Enjoy! (you guys can do this too if ya want!) (p.s. sorry if I didn’t get them all)


Sheith: “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me.”

Shklance: It’s okay? Bottom Shiro is cool. WRECK LANCE MY BOYS!

Hance: See as BROTP but it’s sweet. Kind of nice!

Hidge/Punk lol: They are cuties as whether as OTP or BROTP!

Lidge: I actually like this one! Needs more fanart! Much fluff!


Shunk??: Lowkey like it? Black n’ yellow, black n’ yellow!

Shidge: My guilty pleasure, really really adorable. 

Heith: Not sure if I like it or not. FLUFF ALERT!!

Klunk: The only OT3 I’ve ever liked. Lance is #blessed.

Shance: It’s weird but alright. Not recommend. 


Kallura: What ship? I don’t know what you’re talking about?

Allura/AnyGirlInVoltron: My first reaction- This is a thing? Okay?? XD?

Shay/AnyGirlInVoltron: O…Okay?????

Nyma/AnyGirlInVoltron: ???????????????

All Three Of The Above: I’M SO CONFUSED HOW??

Nyma/Lance: lol what

Lance/Plaxum: Adorable as heck! MOREEEEEEEE!

 Lallura: Princess, just kiss him to shut him up (on cheek).


Lotor/Anyone: I hate it, I hate him, this needs to die.

Alfor/Coran: HAHAHAH– oh wait this is nice.

Zarkon/Anyone: 0.o wot

Lions/Paladins: I’m leaving the fandom.

Lions/Lions: Depends on the lion but Red/Blue is cool.

Matt/Anyone: Cute but how do you even?

Ulaz/Thance: Dead space dads fall in love an it’s great!

Nyma/Rolo: Ehh…I wouldn’t mind.


Peith: They’re probably both gay so…


Does anyone else feel that Watt pad is kind of like the Craigslist for fanfiction? Like it’s kind of good quality but sometimes you have to weed out the bad ones to find the one semi-medium-Ok fic of your rare pairing. Anyone else feel that way about Craigsli- I mean WattPad?

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I feel like poop today so is it possible if you could write a very cute and fluff!jaylos please? Them being cute in bed cuddling and talking late at night or something I dunno whichever please

i don’t think i ever read this prompt all the way through and i love u anon and i apologize and i hope ur day got better and that u feel better now <3

this is set way in the future, possibly au but i don’t really get that specific

“Hey. You awake?”

There’s no answer. Carlos flexes his arms just a little around his boyfriend’s rib-cage, but Jay’s breathing stays even and calm. “Okay, good,” Carlos mutters. “Because I wanted to say something, and it’s better if you’re asleep.”

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sending you katsudeku just because

Who’s the Cuddler: I feel like they would both kind of switch in terms of who cuddles more? 

I think Katsuki would actually be more of a cuddler, though, whether out of the psychological need to hold Izuku close out of guilt or redemption, or just for comfort’s sake. Izuku would fall into these new habits with his partner and find it surprising and both, strangely melancholic and sweet for Katsuki to be like this. 

The further their relationship moves down the road, the more comfortable they would be with physical affection.

Who Makes the Bed: Oh gosh, Katsuki. I feel like he’s more compulsive and meticulous with what he does, despite his Quirk. I think we see evidence of this in the anime with how precise he is with calculations and theories, and how he’s just more organized of a thinker. We’ve seen it in his fights, his inner deductions of his opponents, etc.

Izuku, by contrast, is a nonsensical rambler who thinks too quickly to jot down everything on paper. I think that would translate to his cleanliness. He would be in such a rush and ready to go out the door for Pro Hero work that it wouldn’t even cross his mind to make the bed. Doesn’t mean he won’t apologize to Katsuki later for it, of course.

Who Wakes Up First: I think they would both wake up at the same time, actually, for morning gym sessions or runs before work. I would imagine Izuku to be the heavier sleeper, though, but both of them would be pretty disciplined with their alarm clocks. 

I could also imagine Katsuki purposefully messing with Izuku and messing up his clock, just to be an asshole, leading to a not-so-serious argument later with a flustered Izuku.  

So, yeah, it would depend!

Who Has the Weird Taste in Music: Okay, so, this might be a little strange, but I think Katsuki would actually be the type to maybe listen to some classical music? Usually more aggressive/competitive personality types can find an ironic comfort or source of adrenaline in classical music, and as they grow older Katsuki would become rather attune to this genre. 

Even on the more ironic side… Izuku listening to a total melting pot of all sorts of music, from bubblegum pop to classical to hardcore rock and more. I feel like these two’s musical tastes would be pretty ironic and based on what they would look for when listening to music in the first place. 

So I guess they both have “weird/ironic” tastes, at least for their characters.

Who is More Protective: They are both incredibly protective of each other. Of course, by the time they’re Pro Heroes, there should be an equal level of respect and understanding for each other in order for the Wonder Duo/partner thing to work at all. Mutual trust needs to be understood on both ends, but… given with how Izuku is as a person, he would definitely be protective of Katsuki (he already is, with not just Katsuki but for everyone in his class.) 

But Katsuki would have a natural protective urge after being with Izuku with more mundane things outside of hero work. If Izuku gets sick, the apartment/house is on total lockdown, with Katsuki basically doing a two-man job while his partner recovers. (Even though Izuku insists that he doesn’t need this extra attention.) 

Also, anyone who insults/threatens Izuku in front of Katsuki or vice versa, well. That’s a bloodbath waiting to happen.

Who Sings in the Shower: Izuku. Definitely. Drives Katsuki insane.

Who Cries During Movies: Izuku. Again, no contest. Katsuki finds it both annoying and weirdly endearing, given that Izuku’s old crying habits won’t ever seem to disappear, even with silly movies.

Who Spends The Most While out Shopping: They would both be horrible spenders, but only for special occasions. Izuku would completely lose his frugal nature when regarding heroic merchandise, especially if it’s for All Might, and Katsuki would selectively splurge for whatever reason. I could see Katsuki being in better control of his money, though, unless Izuku begs him for something (which I doubt would actually happen all that much).

Who Kisses More Roughly: Katsuki. Katsuki. Katsuki. But… after awhile it becomes pretty even, with Izuku learning the ropes and “challenging” Katsuki in more ways than one. Their dynamic is kind of built on their ability to constantly be attempting to compete against each other and still please the other person. Katsuki’s love for winning, though, often places him at an upper hand in this context.

Who Is More Dominant: So, at first it would be Katsuki, but similar to my previous answer, I think these two would be very equal down the road. Katsuki would have to sacrifice a great deal of his pride while also realizing that Izuku has needs, too. Izuku is much less of a dominant force personality-wise than Katsuki, but no one can deny his mental fortitude and strength. Katsuki is more willing to embrace this identity, though, so I think Izuku might actually let his partner take the lead on most occasions.

My Rating Of the Ship From 1-10: There are only two ships I will go down with… and this is one of them…

The KatsuDeku | BakuDeku ship gets a 10/10.

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any chance we could get a meta on dick/Kory in the newest teen titans movie? Pretty please

You know what nonny, why the heck not, I was filled with such utter delight at their interactions and scenes together that I got no trouble gushing about it for a few paragraphs.

Long-ass post and lotta screencaps, as per usual.

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I love watching kdramas but sometimes it can be frustrating because of the sexism and all sort of discrimination that seem very common in korean society – and that emerge in tv shows too. But my faith in humanity and drama-god is restored thanks to three on air show:


-addresses female harassment – this is like, honest to god, the very first time I see a kdrama heroine saying like that she was almost raped

-addresses sexism in the right way, showing the problem so you can feel disgusted like the women in the show feel disgusted

-addresses bullying in work place and (VERY IMPORTANT) in family, too

-makes fun of gender stereotype with: a female lead with a ‘masculine name’ who was a smoker, is described as 'handsome’ and likes football + a male lead who’s reserved, lives with a cat and has a 'feminine name’ + a very 'alpha male’ boss who likes pink

-have a girl REALLY saying to her friend, who desperately wants to marry just for the sake of it, that she is 'not just her uterus’

-makes sure to show that even the kindest persons can be sexist without knowing it

-ACTUALLY USES THE WORD ASEXUAL like this is the first time something like this happens in a kdrama, omg, I couldn’t believe it when Se Hee says in the preview 'who thought I was gay/asexual?’ and i bet the issues won’t be trivialized like in some other show /cough like strong woman dbs cough/

-female friendship goal!!!

-functional OTP and supportive, kind boyfriends!!!


-addresses slut shaming (QUEEN SA JIN JIN)

-says that’s ok even if you don’t have experience with dating/sex

-female friendship goal!!!

-functional OTP and supportive, kind boyfriends!!!

-supportive and kind and positive and loving relationships in general


-functional OTP and supportive, kind boyfriends!!!

-supportive and kind and positive and loving relationships in general

-ATHEIST POSITIVE REPRESENTATION omg I could cry only for this

anonymous asked:

Hi dad i just saw that ask where you said you wanted a gamer au! Please make it happen! And also love your work


Yoongi is the very famous Jungle for a North american team who lives in California and is actually kind of like the old pro player while Taehyung is a Mid lane player from one of Korea’s major teams and the new rookie face of LoL. 

Everyone thinks that they would hate each other or maybe there would be envy because Taehyung kind of lowkey stole the spot light and the role as an MVP player from Yoongi but when they meet though it’s actually kind of funny because Taehyung is a total fanboy. 

The younger walks in with his team and they are trying to look cool as fuck and like they don’t care they are a top team in the league but all that goes down the drain when Taehyung spots Yoongi talking to another player nearby. Taehyung breaks out into a slight jog/skip until he’s in front of Yoongi and his eyes are totally wide as he bounces in his place. 


Yoogi does all while chuckling at how cute Taehyung is. 

“Aren’t you a pro player too kid? You ask every opponent you meet for their autograph?” 

Taehyung answers before even thinking about what he’s saying. “Only the hot ones.” 

Yoongi smirks at the way Taehyung’s face heats up and the way the younger’s face turns as red as the jacket he’s wearing. He wants to stay and tease Taehyung a bit more but his team mates are already calling him and letting him know they need to head on stage so he settles for kissing Taehyung’s cheek and winking as he walks away. 

“Good luck today, kid.” 

During that day both Yoongi’s and and Taehyung’s team of course do very well take down team after team like it’s nothing. It’s right before the last game of the day (Tae and Yoongi’s teams against each other) that they have both teams doing an interview. Each team member answers questions and the whole time they are talking Yoongi and Taehyung are staring at each other, completely ignoring everything around them. 

The interviewer seems to notice them and laughs. 

“Oh can we say there’s love in the air for certain players?” 

Everyone begins teasing them, since it’s known Yoongi is openly pansexual, and Taehyung again turns bright red when Yoongi casually shrugs. 

“There’s something in the air alright.” 

(cue fanboys and fangirls new otp tbh)

To everyone’s surprise it’s Taehyung’s team that wins first place and people assume Yoongi is going to be down about it but he’s actually smiling. 

“Good job cutie.” 

Taehyung lifts his head and giggles at Yoongi. 

“Thank you! Maybe you can take me out to celebrate?” 

When they actually begin dating it’s even cuter. 

Since Taehyung lives in Korea and Yoongi in California it gets a bit hard for them but they do their best. There are a lot of trips to visit each other during their off seasons and TONS of live streams of them playing together during those visits. 

One thing that is mega adorable and Taehyung loves is that the fans do fan art of their champions together and literally they each have a wall in their homes just filled with art sent to them. 

During one live stream, Taehyung doesn’t really feel like playing so the fans get to scream over watching Taehyung sit on Yoongi’s lap and nap while Yoongi does his best to play with his over grown puppy boyfriend on top of him. 

It’s highkey funny too how competitive they get on those rare occasions where they go against each other whe they meet up in competitions.  Taehyung likes to yell out at Yoongi telling him he’s going to lose while Yoongi rolls his eyes and flips him off. Everyone laughs because Taehyung responds by shooting Yoongi a heart and a kiss and Yoongi blushes all while still flipping Taehyung off. 

Though they don’t play the same role in their teams they still try to help each other as best as they can. They’ll play together even though Taehyung is back home in Daegu and Yoongi is still in California and it’s cute because Taehyung slips in and out of Korean while Yoongi answers in English. 

They play into the early hours of the night/morning and when they are going to go bed finally Taehyung lets out a cute yawn. 

“Saranghae Yoonie.” 

Yoongi smiles. 

“I love you, too Tae.” 

LONG SKYPE DATES THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THEM TALKING ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS RELATED THINGS BUT REALLY ARE SPENT WATCHING MOVIES AND LISTENING TO MUSIC TOGETHER UNTIL ONE OF THEM FALLS ASLEEP. They even do that cute shit where one of them will just play games and leave Skype open to occasionally watch them sleep in between playing games. (yoongi’s phone is filled with pics of sleeping tae tbh)

(i ran out of ideas idk fam it’s 5 a.m im sorry this was late just think about cute gamer bf’s that shit talk each other while they play and kiss each other in between games okay it’s soft)

OTP Prompt 26

Person A is part of the waitstaff at the local Applebee’s. They, like most waitstaff, don’t always get the most polite treatment. 
But then, a new customer, B makes a habit of saying “thank you very much Miss/Sir/Mx.” 
At the end of B’s meal, A asks the classic “feeling like any dessert?”
“No, I’m gonna be making pies when I get home.”
“That sounds fun. What kind of pie?”
“I’m making a bunch of mini ones actually. You want one?”
“Haha sure.”
“Do you work tomorrow?”
“No, haha, dang. I do work the day after though.”
“Sounds good.”
Person A doesn’t really pay it much mind, thinking it’s just friendly banter. But B makes sure to know the name on the receipt and surely enough, comes in with a pie the next day. 
“Um, is A working now?” B asks a host, and waits until A is on break to talk to them. “I didn’t know if you were allergic to peanuts or chocolate or cinnamon or anything so I just brought one of each.”
B thinks it’s nothing more than treating A like a human being, but A remembers them next time B comes in, and switches tables with a coworker so that A can wait on B.

Okay but as much as I hate the idea of the Vizards coming back to SS (I just can’t see them adjusting to that place again lmao Rose and Shinji are 100% human world characters) if there’s something that was done right was Shinji and Momo friendship.

• Shinji, in terms of leading, is probably Aizen complete opposite. It’s exactly what Momo needs.

• And Momo is Aizen’s opposite without really being one. She is, at least when working … Nerdy vice-captain Aizen, but not fake. Shinji probably had a very hard time with that.

• But Momo is fierce! And we all know that, we saw her getting angry! Shinji probably brought that side of her more - I think Momo tried to repress it being Aizen’s subordinate, as it was not exactly what Aizen taught in his training.

• Also, Shinji probably has as much hard time trusting someone as Momo. He already had before the betrayal, and Momo just had her entire world crushed. They both learning to trust each other was such a good thing.

• Let’s not forget that Shinji is blunt as fuck. Aizen probably always sweet-talked Momo, but Shinji wouldn’t never do that. He probably also put loads of work in her back because he is lazy as fuck. Momo had to learn to say no if she wanted him to do his goddamn work.

• And we actually saw it!!!!! We saw Momo getting better, learning to speak her mind and scaring the shit out of Shinji and Lisa!!! Like she was some kind of new Unohana!!! Kubo didn’t let her be “the girl Aizen broke”, she still great at kido, she helped tons healing people at war, she is more relaxed and serious and!!!!!!!! Momo is intact and happy!!!

• And I know it’s just a novel but Shinji forcing her to take a break and calling her “daughter” is just the icing of the cake because oh boy this fucking dumbass actually doing something like this, and to Momo is just!!!!! Thank God Kubo at least did that. They probably are the best captain and vice captain duo (prob something like a reverse Toshiro-Matsumoto duo) and I am 100% they work amazing together.

If we only saw more of it …. (but that’s okay I guess)