otp: i accept all of what you are

Prompt 114

Person A is shy about their relationship with Person B. By no means is there relationship unclear–they both share a pretty strong romantic relationship and are faithful to each other–but Person A is just shy in general and they’re quite embarrassed by this.

They’re embarrassed by how loud their heart beats whenever Person B’s lips graze their own. They’re embarrassed by the way the feel of Person B’s touch sends shivers down their spine. They’re embarrassed by how Person B’s smile could make A melt into a pile of happiness. They’re embarrassed by how clammy their hands get whenever Person B’s fingers are intertwined with their own.

As a result, they sort of shut down whenever Person B tries to show affection like that; they step back, move away from B’s touch, B’s hands, B’s lips. Person B is confused about this and worries that Person A isn’t as in love with them as Person B is. So, as in any healthy relationship, Person B decides to talk it out.

And so they talk. Person B doesn’t get angry or accusing, just a bit confused and overall a bit concerned; Person A reassures them that nothing is wrong with their relationship and confesses that they are just shy about the affection.

You know what? Person B understands that Person A might not show affection in the same way and accepts that they’re shy. Instead of pushing forward, Person B asks Person A what they’re comfortable with, and they work on what they’re both comfortable with.

Person A falls even more in love with Person B, who loves and accepts them and their comfort levels; and Person B reciprocates this love for Person A.

All is good in the world.

Woman - Spencer Reid

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hello sweet cupcakes.  this one is inspired by Woman by Daddy Harry Styles and i love him more than i will ever love myself :) 


word count: 2,607

You drove Spencer Reid absolutely mad. Everything about you was so alluring, but yet most of your free time in work was spent laughing with, touching, and cutting up with one of the I.T. men, Mark. It was so frustrating to Spencer to try to court you but it had little to no effect. He was under the impression that he was a friend and nothing more.  

You worked in the same FBI building as Spencer and you basically did any and all legal paperwork that needed to be done for the Behavioral Analysis Unit to be sure that there was not any legal conflicts.  You were sort of like their own persona attorney in the building, and you were a treasured employee.  Spencer admired the knowledge you had on the legal field and he was always so interested in what you had to say.  You adored this about him, how he could sit there and listen to you speak for a limitless amount of time.  

Little did Spencer know, you were equally infatuated with him as he was with you.  Every little quirk he had, all his lame jokes and obsession with reading and Halloween, you adored it.  Spencer was the bane of your existence as he was not even aware.  Perhaps it was that you were simply horrible at giving signs, or that Spencer was mildly oblivious of any signs of affection.  Either way, it always discouraged you from him.  

On this particular day, as you pouted in you private office, you wanted nothing more than to listen to Spencer’s voice as he spoke about something you did not know a thing about.   Your head rested against the large oak desk in your office as soft music played from your desktop.  Today, you wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed, with your cat, and binge watch The Office.  Instead, you sat in your office, reading Agent Hotchner’s report on his most recent case, looking for any sort of trouble or dispute between the team and members of the local police department that called them in.  

A small knock on your door jolted you from your minor nap, and you quickly made yourself look busy as you called out, “Come in!”  

Slowly, the door of your office opened to reveal an eccentric looking Penelope Garcia and a bored Emily Prentiss.  “Can I help you?”  You asked with a faint smile.  

Penelope walked into the room and sat in front of your desk in one of the two chairs.  “Yes, actually.” 

Emily followed in suit, seemingly to be more awake now.  “About a fun topic.”  She insisted with a smirk on her lips.  

You folded your hands in front of you and narrowed you eyes.  “And what would that be, ladies?”  You asked, trying to be formal with your friends.  They saw right through your false demeanor and treated you just the same.  

“Spencer Reid.”  Emily said, raising an eyebrow. 

You furrowed your eyebrows.  “Why?  Is everything all right?”  You questioned quickly and found yourself to be leaning forward at the mentioning of his name.  Whenever they left on missions, and you got a call, you immediately worried that someone would be hurt, especially Spencer.  He was your kryptonite.  

Penelope crossed her arms full of bangles.  “If by all right, you mean a totally pitiful mess, then yes, he is all right.”  She muttered and glared at you.  You knew she was not truly mad, but just bothering you for fun.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, shocked at her words.  

Emily chuckled softly.  “What we are trying to say is that it is time for you to stop acting as if you do not have the biggest crush on Spencer.”  She reasoned and crossed one leg over the other. 

Your mouth fell open, surprised.  You had nothing at all to say, because the words would not form for you.  “Do not act like you do not know what we are talking about!  Spencer does not realize that Mark is gay and he thinks that you are head over heels for Mark instead of him!”  Penelope cried.  “It is time for my OTP to be together and if you do not accept that, I will make it happen myself.”  She threatened and pointed her finger at you.  

Uncontrollable laughter spilled from your mouth.  You could not believe the words she said!  “He really doesn’t know that Mark is gay?”  You laughed loudly, covering your face.  “The poor thing, he makes my heart so happy.”  You admitted.  You face was flushed and the two girls looked at you confused.  

“What is so funny?”  Emily asked and narrowed her eyes at you.  Obviously, she did not understand your humor.  

You straightened yourself out and sighed.  Your laughing had ceased and you had a poker straight look on your face.  “I am laughing because there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that the sweet Dr. Reid has any sort of romantic feelings for me.” You muttered and shuffled through your papers, looking for nothing in particular.  

Penelope rolled her eyes at you through her large colorful glasses. She did not speak, but instead, allowed Emily to.  “I do not understand how you got your degree and went to law school but be so foolish all the same, (Y/N).”  She said, exasperated,  and threw her hands up.  

“But, you do admit you have feelings for him?”  Penelope questioned.  

You blushed, and ducked down, looking at your papers.  “I never said that.”  You muttered and played with the corner of the document you were researching.  You didn’t actually admit it, had you?  Your worst kept secret, you finally spoke aloud?  

Emily perked up, smiling.  “You do!”  She accused and stood.  

You stood as well, walking around your desk and standing close to the two of the,  “No, no!  You will not interfere with my relationships and love life.  Remember I am your superior and all it takes is one paper to slip through the cracks and one of you could be interviewed by the board.  Especially you, Miss Garcia.”  You threatened with a blush on your face.  You never really threatened anyone because you were more peace loving than aggressive, but the situation require it in this point.  

Penelope smiled wicked.  “Not a thing will be done, my pretty face.”  She said and whisked herself from the room quickly with Emily in tow.  

Emily looked at you and mouthed a quick “I’m sorry,” as Penelope dragged her away.  

You sighed heavily and sat down at your desk again with your head in your hands.  


A week and a half has passed since your talk with Penelope and Emily and nothing suspicious has happened.  You were grateful for this, but it also took a mental toll on you.  The team had left for a big case in Atlanta and were due back any minute now, and you were rushing to finish the paperwork for them to sign and return to you to file.  Usually, you had it finished hours before they were due back and had it on their desks with more than enough time.  

This was not the case today.  

You had only Derek Morgan’s left to do, and it made you feel sick to your stomach as you rushed to finish the documents with the information Agent Hotchner had provided for you.  You finished typing away furiously, and printed the paper quickly and saved it to your database.  You paper clipped it and stood from your desk to deliver the papers to all of the team’s desks before they returned.  

After all the papers were placed on their respectful desks, you returned to your office and collapsed in your chair, immediately kicking off the black heels you wore to make yourself look taller.  You slipped your pink slipped on instead that kept their place under your desk and put your head into your hands.   

It felt like hours had passed as you breezed through work, trying to get as much done before you planned to head home at around seven o’clock that night.  Another light knock at the door interrupted you.  “Come in,”  you called and set your pen down and leaned back in your comfortable chair.  

Spencer Reid entered, not wanting to look at you.  He held the paperwork in your hand and you were alarmed.  Normally, you didn’t expect the paperwork to be finished until the next day at the soonest.  “You’ve finished reading it already?”  You asked in shock. 

Spencer nodded.  “I have, but there is one mistake that makes an entire paragraph inaccurate.”  He said stiffly as he stood at the doorway.  

“Well, come in, then.  And please shut the door, it is absolutely freezing out there.  I do not know how you handle it.”  You laughed and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of your desk.  

Slowly, Spencer did as he was told and sat stiffly in your chair.  “Section Six, Paragraph three you have the victim’s name incorrect.”  He said quickly and stared down at the paper.  You spun your chair around quickly to your second desk against the wall, where your computer with two screens sat.  

“Oh, I see.  Funny, I only got that incorrect on your documents.  My apologies, Spence.”  You said softly and fixed it quickly and pressing print.  You spun back around, looking at him.  He stared at your certificates on the wall, examining everything but you.  “Is there something wrong?  You are acting like I killed a puppy.”  You muttered sadly and grabbed the documents when they finished printing.  You paper clipped them and tossed them to Spencer. 

Spencer finally glanced at you with a sad look on his face.  “Why have you not told me that you and Mark were seeing one another?”  He questioned and narrowed his eyes at you jealously.  

“Pardon?”  You asked, rolling you eyes.  “Honestly, Spencer, I thought you were more intelligent than this.  Mark is gay, and I am not interested in him.  I am interested in someone else in the office.”  You tell him bitterly and crossed you arms as you leaned back in your chair.  

Alarmed, Spencer looked up.  “Who is it?”  He asked. 

“Why do you care to know?”  You retorted quickly, raising an eyebrow.

For a long time, Spencer was silent as he sat there in your office, looking for the correct words to say.  You waited patiently, picking at your nails, trying to seem uninterested and not as if you were going to throw up at any minute, which was quite the possibility.  

Spencer looked at you finally, and opened his mouth to speak.  “I would like to know who interests you because I know quite well someone in the office is very interested in you as well.”  He said dumbly and sounded nothing at all like the Spencer you knew. 

You rolled your eyes and stood, walking to the jacket hook on the wall and pulling your petticoat down.  You slipped in onto your shoulders and grabbed your purse, standing at the door.  Spencer watched you curiously, not sure on how to react.  

“Well, are you coming?”  You finally asked and smiled widely.  

Not sure what you were referring to, Spencer stood.  “Where?”  He asked and tossed the incorrect copy of papers into the bin by the door. 

You smiled coyly.  “To dinner.  There’s this great Indian place that is open 24 hours that this reallt great guy told me about.”  You offered, but smirked at your own reference of Spencer in it.  

He looked surprised, but opened the door for you and motioned for you to leave first.  “Just let me grab my jacket.”  He told you with a large smile and a blush on his face.  


As you sipped your cocktail, you watched Spencer’s mouth move with every word he spoke.  There was no doubt that you two were attracted to one another, but neither of you wanted to speak of it first.  He was babbling on about a recent article that came out about global warming and its effects.  You were not really listening, and did not really care too much, but you loved to hear him speak.  His words flowed so well and the way his lips moved so indicatively, you enjoyed it.  

“I am talking too much, aren’t I?”  Spencer finally asked as he looked down at his hands with a blush on his cheeks.  

You smiled brightly and shook your head.  “No, of course not.”  You said and swirled the stirrer around your drink.  

Spencer blushed further and shifted uncomfortably.  “I tend to not realize when I babble on.”  He told you and tucked his long hair behind his ear.  “I suppose at some points in time, I am rather loquacious.”  He said with a chuckle.  

You hummed and nodded.  “It is fine.  I enjoy hearing you speak.”  You admitted to him and glanced up through your eyelashes.  Spencer raised an eyebrow and smiled, watching your every move.  “As you were saying in my office earlier, about the colleague that had interests in me.  Do you mind filling me in as to who that is?”  You asked and watched his face change colors right before you.  You laughed gently at this. 

Your date shifted and avoided eye contact.  “I think you know the answer as well as I do, (Y/N).”   He said softly and licked his lips.  

Watching him squirm was just edging you on.  “Perhaps I do.  I would like to hear it from you, for confirmation, of course.”  You told him and bit you bottom lip slowly.  

Spencer frowned and swallowed hard.  He was silent for a moment.  “The thought of you and Mark being together made me feel so jealous.  I had never been jealous before and I did not know how to handle it.   I wish you could see, the shape I was in when I saw him touching your skin.”  Spencer said lowly and sighed.  “I wanted to be him.”  He said softly and looked away.  

You smiled softly and nodded.  “Mark has been trying to give me pointers as to how to tell you that I like you.”  You said so gently that Spencer almost didn’t hear you. 

“You do?”  He asked, hopeful.  

You nodded and blushed, smiling down to your cocktail.  “Quite a bit, actually.”  

Spencer smiled brightly and reached his hand across the table, taking yours, and rubbing his thumb across the top of your hand.  “It would be an absolute pleasure to take you on an official date.”  Spencer told you as the waitress dropped the check off.  Both you and Spencer reached for it. 

You snatched it quickly, just before Spencer could, and smirked.  “What?  Like you just said, this isn’t an official date.”  You told  him and quickly paid and left a tip before standing.  Spencer stood with you, shaking his head, and walked with you towards the exit.  

A large smile was on your face as he began to walk you  to your car.  “So, you will call me?”  You asked him hopefully as you finally got to your car.  

With a nod, Spencer smiled.  “Of course.”  He said gently.  

You smiled in return, before standing on your toes and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.  “Goodnight, Spencer.”  You said as you climbed into your car and started it up.  You waved once more, before leaving Spencer with a goofy smile on his face.  

“Goodnight.”  He murmured before putting his hands in his pockets and walking down the sidewalk to his car.  He was never as at ease until now. 


Teen Wolf AU: In which finals are looming over Stiles’ head like the sword of Damocles and he turns into the cliché college student who pulls all-nighters before the exams, mostly running on energy drinks and fear. Luckily, he has Derek to slap him over the head and remind him to get some sleep once in a while. 

endless list of otps → ginny weasley and harry potter (harry potter)

↳ “When he told her what he was going to do now, she would not say ‘be careful’ or ‘don’t do it’, but she would accept his decision, because she would not have expected anything less of him.”

(all art by burdge​)

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So I totally started bnha because of you and now I'm in hell plz help I need some good fics for my sad life smut and non-smut are happily accepted

  1. everything i’ve ever written, ft. tododeku, kiribaku, kacchako, todoiideku, bakushindou, tsuchako, and bakukirikami
  3. breathplay tododeku hello an otp and my ultimate kink
  5. that’s literally all the bnha fics i have bookmarked and i only rec what i have bookmarked
  6. im sorry i don’t read fics bc im a selfish bastard and im either picky or threatened
  7. also i like preserving my characterization so i don’t like mixing with other people’s fics
  8. i’ve actually read more fics but they’re by people who now hate me so they can rot in hell??
EreMika Isn't Incest

Let me just say that I accept of all ships and I won’t judge you for what you ship.
     So, ever since I joined the AoT fandom I see people who dislike the EreMika ship, which is my OTP, but that’s fine to me if they dislike it, becuase if you have different ships that’s fine! What bothers me is people saying that EreMika is incest and _hating_ on it for that reason and that reason only. Let me make this clear, it is NOT incest and I have many reasons to prove this:

1. Eren is technically not het brother
      Yes he might be what you consider her “adoptive” brother but she was never officially made a Jaeger, which means she was never officially adopted, just took in. To add to that she isn’t blood related to the Jaeger’s in any way. I’m not saying that she was never family, I’m saying that they’re technically NOT brother and sister.

2. She only lived in the Jaeger household for a year

        Mikasa was 9 when she was took in (I looked it up on Wikipedia) and if you do the math The Fall of Shiganshina was when she was 10 since it’s stated that you join can join the training for the army when you’re 12, and when Eren, Mikasa and Armin went into the army, the screen said “3 years later.”

3. Mikasa literally blushes and gets flustered when a soldier adresses Eren as “the man you[Mikasa] loves,” and she shows signs of loving him throughout the series

    If she blushed and is all flustered when the soldier says that Mikasa is in love with Eren, I don’t think she would do that if she thinks of Eren as her “brother.” Also, season 2 episode 12, and chapter 50 in the manga.

     Before you come at me with pitchforks and torches, let me put something in your head. If you think that EreMika is incest and you ship Eren X Levi or Mikasa X Levi, with you’re thinking what you ship is ALSO incest and therefore, you are a freaking hypocrite. Think about it.

     Now, you may be a butthurt twat that hates EreMika and loves Eren x Levi and is like, “WHAT! HOW IS THAT INCEST YOU LIAR! I BET YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE YOURSELF WITH THAT YOU BI-!” Trust me, I have plenty of reasons and proof based on research that I did on this. (I have no life and I don’t give a crap)

Mikasa X Levi

   Okay, so it is confirmed that Levi is Mikasa’s uncle or something so this ship is incest no matter how you think about EreMika. I’m not even going to mention pedophilia. Like, Levi is freaking 30+ years old and Mikasa’s 15!

Eren X Levi

   Just to make it clear I have no problem wirh gay ships, I LOVE actually gay ships XD But back to the point: So if Levi is Mikasa’s uncle, and Eren is Mikasa’s brother, that’s means there’s uncle and a nephew together so that’s incest with your way of thinking! And not to mention my point about pedophilia again!

    You might say, “HAHA YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE EREN IS MIKASA’S ADOPTIVE BROTHER AND IT’S NOT EVEN OFFICIALLY ADOPTIVE SO IT’S NOT INCEST.” I must admit that you’re right! But… that’s the EXACT reason that EreMika IS NOT incest so that makes YOU an even BIGGER hypocrite! CONGRATS MAN!

     I’m sorry if I offended you but I am honestly sick and tired of narrow minded people. If you’re an EreMika-hater-hypocrite that’s triggered right now, how about you take a minute and think about ALL of my points above? And if you’re still triggered, leave a comment about “WHY MEL IS COMPLETELY WRONG AND STUPID AND I AM RIGHT!” Or even right a fricken essay like I did. Trust me, I’m a b*tch and I’ll be happy to prove you wrong. And if you have something that I didn’t think about, maybe I’ll THINK about it and get apologize to you if you’re right.

Thank you for taking you’re time to read this if you did.


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Why do you think people think Kaneki rejected Touka? I haven't been keeping up with the manga but I just read the chapter and to me it looked like he low keep excepted her feelings and just didn't flat out say "hey I like you too" because he wanted to wait for the war to be over before he and her became I guess what you would call "an item" Idk I really hope that they end up together and stay together because I am so done with all of my OTPs ending in heartbreak and tragedy

I think that the spoilers implied that he had rejected her, but the chapter and the translation implied the opposite. As far as I know, it’s common for Japanese people to confess indirectly rather than directly. From what I have gathered, is that they don’t say “I like you.” like we do. For me, Touka confessed indirectly by saying “Was I an idiot for being happy about it?” And Kaneki accepted her by not pushing her away and inviting her to come with him. It had romantic undertones, definitely. I guess people were expecting a kiss or an “I love you”, but it wouldn’t be realistic for the characters. I’m satisifed with what we’ve got, which is more than I expected. Kaneki didn’t deny that as Haise he had a crush on Touka, which to me were his old feelings resurfacing. His feelings were obvious in Tokyo Ghoul. Touka was always special to him, more than the rest. Now we have confirmation that he still feels something for her. It’s too soon for them to kiss or anything. They need to solve a lot of issues first. The upcoming fight with Mutsuki may strenghten their bond, though. I wouldn’t call them an “item” precisely, as in “officially dating”, but they have feelings for each other, and now they both know their feelings aren’t one-sided. That part will happen soon, probably. 

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top 10 ships?

In general or for Naruto? In any case: 

1) Louis Tomlinson and Harry styles.

 The only real people ship on this list, and i’ve shipped them since 2012. I s2g this is the best love story of all time. Louis is the sun and Harry is the moon. They love each other so much. Louis helped Harry come out of his shell, Harry was Louis biggest fan (you know the ‘and naruto’ joke in the SS fandom,, ehm,,,and niall). I love these 2 individuals they have taught me and each other so much. The matching tattoos, the songs everything is just perFECt (pun intended). I have cried with them, and for them. I have memories with the 1d fandom and the larries that will last me forever. Staying up all NIGHT (pun intended) listening to their new albums (buy four on itunes) and crying over larry lyrics. I won’t forget wild nights trying to decipher the mystery behind the RBB twitter accounts, the memes, the fics, the friends, the frenzy, the twitter world wide trends, the fandom fights. Also, Freddieismyqueen reblog if you agree.

(pick someone who’s supportive)

‘Is it so wrong that you make me strong’

‘for your eyes only i show you my heart’ 

‘ So many nights I thought it over
Told myself I kind of liked her
But there was something missing in her eyes

I was stumbling, looking in the dark
With an empty heart
But you say you feel the same
Could we ever be enough?
Baby we could be enough

And it’s alright
Calling out for somebody to hold tonight
When you’re lost, I’ll find the way
I’ll be your light
You’ll never feel like you’re alone

I’ll make this feel like home’

‘All I know at the end of the day is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way’

The larrents, the rose and the dagger, it is what it is, the ship and it’s compass, strong and happily, things I can and things I can’t, won’t stop till we surrender. I love them with all my little heart okay.

2) InuYasha X Kagome, InuYasha by Rumiko Takahashi (yes the kiss is not canon manga material, but it is shut up)

This is my otp. Kagome is my favorite female character of all time. I love how her unconditional kindness and acceptance was able to bring out the golden heart that was always inside of my lil shit fav inuyasha. They are able to openly communicate their feelings and insecurities, and they are so protective of each other. They have so much chemistry flowing between them because they are both so PASSIONATE by nature. They’re fun but they also make you cry, the journey they share is unforgettable. I love seeing Inuyasha jealous it’s so funny, and I love seeing how much selfless love kagome has for him. They’re literally MARRIED UGH, she was born to meet him and he was born for her UGH, she doesn’t know what she can do for him but she just wants him to be happy UGH.

#1 otp for life.

3) Ranma x Akane, Ranma ½ By Rumiko Takahashi 

Rumiko Takahashi is kind of known as a comedic genius, but to me she is a genius period. Ranma ½ is farce through and through. Nothing is meant to be taken seriously, the characters have motivations that are too wacko and the relationships everyone shares with each other are almost ridiculously violent down to ranma and his dad kicking the shit out of each other and verbally lashing out at each other 24/7. That being said, she still managed to make us care about these characters for years. That being said, she crafted one of the funnest, most iconic romances of all time. These 2 jump each others throats all the time but when it really comes down to it they support and love each other through and through. They would not HESITATE to die for each other. Ranma named Mariko his mortal enemy because she made Akane cry, Akane was ready to fight a bitch when she called ranma an ugly fool. Bonus : Akane loves ranma regardless of his sex change under his Jusenkyo curse. The amount of genuine moments these 2 have makes up for the jealousy, the fighting and the open ending. It’s that much funnier when you consider they are just 2 clumsy teens trying to navigate the situation they have been put in. Their development is iconic and i LOVE them.

(look at them spar i need sasusaku to do this)

Ranma Saotome is my second favourite male character of all time (you can guess who the first is) and I think I have a thing for black haired anime guys lmao.

 They live together so it’s pure domestic heaven too.

A good ship.

4) SasuSaku, Naruto By Masashi Kishimoto

And the award of Most Aesthetically Pleasing Couple goes to: These two. Listen,, sasuke is my favourite character of all god damn time and sakura is on my top 3 list of favourite girls, and their union is a beautiful thing. The whole ‘couple who endured’ theme is (almost too) real as shit with these two. I love how she was able to break his ice and his defenses all throughout the story without having to use force, and I love how her love for him stayed strong despite everything going on but how she was also becoming less naive, but more hopeful towards him coming back. She just wanted to save him and once the hate curtains were removed, he was so so thankful for her always trying to reach out to him.

 I love how they were both key parts towards each other developing, from sasuke going out of his way to compliment her with a wink, to her thinking of the Holy Trinity while cutting her hair.

 The fact that she talk no jutsud him into getting over his fear of stronger opponents with a sense of blood lust due to itachi, the fact that she was sick of him protecting her so she decided to get strong for herself. 

The fact that sasuke is a boy who lost his family, yet saw them in her and team 7. The fact that she gave him a new ray of hope called Sarada Uchiha. 

Listen,, I love how they judge people together

They have been Naruto’s parents at 12 before they ever conceived Sarada

Despite all the drama in part 2, these guys are a lowkey fun couple

And i love the passion between these 2 fucks 2



(My top 10 nards ships are: SS, Sasunarusasu, narusasusaku ot3 ,Sakukarin, inosaku, minakushi, narusaku, narugaa, naruino and shiita) (I like all of them unless you count naruhina, sasuhina and sasukarin lmao)

Anyways,,, i love these 2 and team 7 so much you don’t understand.

And love and light finally conquered 👼

5) KagSan, Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

pc to kago-bae

best girls stick together 

6) Zutara, Avatar The Last Air Bender

The 3 Ks, aka Kagome, Katara and saKura are my actual queens. 

Zutara should have been canon and I am forever salty. So much development, so much chemistry..UGH

7) Klance, Voltron

Ignore the fandom,,,,let’s APPRECIATE these 2 ‘rivals’ who came to respect each other. Keith is gay. Lance is bi.They are in love. It should happen.

A fun couple. 

8) Lily and Marshal, How I met your mother

9) Chandler and Monica Bing, Friends

10) Luffy and Nami, One Piece 

A Pirate King and A Navigator Queen

Remember what I said about support? It’s my favourite thing tbh.

sorry not sorry for the long post byebye

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Oooh, do Shiro please? (For the meme)

sure thing! i love him so,, 


  • How I feel about this character: i feel like ive said so much already about him lmao but,, i adore shiro honestly. there’s something about shiro that just kinda grabs you and pulls you in, makes you really care. my first time watching, i tried not to get Attached–i knew the drill of “he died like 8 episodes into golion” and figured with the arm and his convenient memory loss that the galra had probably let him escape and he’d be a sleeper agent or something. so i tried really really hard not to get too invested but,, he’s just so warm and genuine and kind. he cares about his team so much, commits himself to leading even though he’s just as lost as everyone else. 
  • and shiro’s just so damn unlucky its heartbreaking. like, he was all set at the garrison until kerberos and everything was suddenly a downward spiral. he had a promising career as a pilot, a bright future ahead of him. and he honestly loves space, really wanted to explore and learn. the fact that the whole world was torn out from under him, that he lost so much and he’s still so kind it just,, really gets me. and he still has this sense of adventure, says–“Defenders of the universe? I like the sound of that.”
  • But he’s still dealing with the aftermath of everything, and his symptoms aren’t minor or endearing. they’re detrimental and ugly–he freezes, breaks down, screams, lashes out–he’s down on the ground doing push ups at like five am in full armor because he can’t sleep, can’t rest, has to be ready for an attack at any moment, has to be ready to defend his crew so they aren’t taken from him again–he’s been through so much. and he’s a character with thirty something years of bad history and tragedy behind him and just,, i want so badly for him to make it. and i want him to realize that he deserves it. he thinks he’s not worthy of being a paladin, writes himself off as a loss and accepts he’ll just die. and you can see the tender look on his face when keith tells him he’s gonna make it, he’ll be alright. he looks so touched by that 
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: just keith and when i feel like it lance 
  • My non-romantic OTP: hm,, if this like, just means what character interactions i like platonically then, shiro and pidge i guess? he seems like her older brother; shiro’s familiar with pidge’s family and definitely looks out for her a lot. he’s also the only one pidge ever really opens up to about her dad and brother. they’ve both suffered heavy losses from kerberos, so they can kind of understand each other 
  • My unpopular opinion: i dont mean any offense by this but like,, im sick of the space dad thing. i feel really bad that everyone treats shiro like he’s so much older and more capable, like he has to be everyone else’s parent and cater to all their needs when he himself is described in official published sources as one of “five teenagers,” a “young pilot,” only “slightly older” than the other paladins and “wise beyond his years.” like, the guy was literally aged by his trauma. he acts older because he was forced into a position where he had to mature if he wanted to survive. he’s clearly going through so many things on his own, and yet people expect him to drop everything and micromanage the other paladins’ emotional needs at all times. he’s the leader, yes. and he puts in the time and care for other members of his team, he looks after them. but he’s certainly not their dad, and the other paladins are capable enough that he doesn’t need to “raise” them. he’s part of the team too, let him be 
  • One thing I wish would happen in cannon: I really want some flashbacks prekerberos, to see what kind of person shiro was before everything and just how much he’s changed. and then i want him to be able to start healing and realize he’s still a good person. he’s not the monster the galra tried to make him 
  • My OTP: sheith is just v important to me 
  • My cross over ship: ??? uhhhh,,,, ive never really liked ships with characters from different series
  • A headcannon: he and keith both have trouble sleeping, so sometimes they’ll train together late at night or just go back to one of their rooms and talk. if one of them has nightmares that are particularly bad, the other will be like “okay, time for a sleepover.” lots of comfort and cuddling 

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Hello :) I'm just wondering if you happen to know anything about an interview in which Liam talks about how he and Zayn would have found one another even if they hadn't met in 1D. I've heard stories about this infamous moment but it sounds too good to be true -- like lovely lovely fanfiction.



The interviewer asks them if they thought they would have met if they weren’t in 1D, and LIAM J. PAYNE asks Zayn “Where were you all these years”

and Zayn says quietly “Ah doan tend ta dooh mooch in muh own tahme, soh ah might noht ‘ahve seen yew”

Liam, LIAM, 📢L📢I📢A📢M, wouldn’t have any of Lewis’s anti-Ziam propaganda, because Liam is like “But then again you might have”

What kind of potato camera operation was this though that we don’t have any footage of Liam saying this to Zayn? The only answer I will ever accept is that the camera man was sobbing too hard to focus the camera. 

OTP Prompts: Random

1. Your bag was identical to mine and I accidentally grabbed it off the baggage claim…sorry?
2. I got knocked up from a one night stand and didn’t know how to explain it to my family. Please pretend to be my douchebag ex?
3. I’m sorry my dog keeps chasing you on your morning run. I promise it is just because she likes you.
4. Just because it is green doesn’t mean it is recyclable….
5. Okay, I know this looks weird but I promise it’s not what it seems.  
6. You sit next to me in class and just doodle the class away. Teach me?
7. Why do you always smell like cinnamon rolls?
8. Do you realize you’re wearing two different pairs of shoes?
9. I was doing a high kick and accidentally kicked you in the face. I’m so sorry!
10. Did you just put six pounds of cheese in that recipe for mac n’ cheese?
11. All my friends are accident prone and i’m the only one with a car to get them to the hospital. I wish we kept meeting under different circumstances.
12. What do you mean you’re banned from the school cafeteria?
13. Wait…Are these glasses real?
14. You can’t just turn people’s hair orange on a whim!
15. Those better not be more frogs…
16. Please stop smiling, it is creeping me out.
17. Are you the one that keeps taking my clothes out of the washing machine????
18. You’re left-handed and you keep bumping my arm when writing.
19. Sweet potato pie is better than pumpkin…
20.Stalking people is generally frowned upon, but in this instance it’s okay.
21. I can pay you. Maybe. Do you take cookies?
22. I can’t believe you ran over my toes with your car! What were you thinking?
23. Extreme couponing. Let’s do it!
24. Glowworm is not an acceptable nickname to use on strangers!
25. Do you just take off your shirt to distract people from having deep conversations with you?
26. We keep getting set up with each other on blind dates.


yestwlightfan said: What would it be like to be Esme,s mate?

A/N: Hope you enjoy what has been written up, sweetheart! Thank you for requesting! - Admin Wenzel 🌲💖

◾ Esme would cherish, almost coddle, you within each and every moment that she would have with you.

◾ It would be certain that she wouldn’t take you for granted, ensuring that you’re aware of the fact that she appreciates every second that she has with you left.

◾ It’d be inevitable to not have Esme reminding you of how much fondness and loves she feels just for you, simply due to the fact that you are everything to her. (And vice versa.)

◾ “I shall forever love you, (Y/N). You are the light of my life.” Esme breathed softly from her fare rose-colored lips, softhearted-ness lacing every syllable, enunciating her mesmerizing golden eyes in which gazed at you tenderly. 

◾ With being the mate of Esme, it would be a known fact that you both together would have a strong, supporting relationship. It would be basically impossible to tear up and get you both to turn against one another.

◾ Never even thinking or acting upon leaving one another. You’re both too in love with one another to ever think of such a thing.

◾ If Esme were to ever glimpse upon you whenever you would express, react, seem cheerful, appreciative, loving, ect. it would simply make her entire eternity: This would be particular if she were to be the reason behind it. (Vice versa)

◾ Because, to her, your happiness would bring her complete bliss, ensuring that it has brightened up her day and night. (Vice versa)

◾ “I swear, if you can get any more romantic, you’re going to make me blush.” You’d flutter out, nipping your lower lip.

◾ “There is that smile I fell in love with so long ago…” Esme would utter out in a soft-spoken tone with pure bliss and love wavered within each word, as her facial expression thus changed into complete delight and pleasure. It was as though her golden butterscotch eyes were gazing straight up into heaven. 

◾ Without a doubt, it would be a known fact that there would be an enormous amount of respect, trustworthiness, faithfulness and loyalty within this relationship; making these elements inseparable and unbreakable. 

◾ Esme expressing her utmost thankfulness and joyfulness towards the thought of having you as her mate, making all the fibers in her body and soul feel over the moon with complete bliss and happiness.

◾ No matter what you were, you would simply light up her whole eternity, her love blossoming all the more, if that were even possible.

◾ With that stated; It would be unthinkable for her to ever utter a thought or ever imagine of what it would be/feel like if she had never of found you. If this was so, to her it would feel as though her immortal life were to be forever frozen in time. This without a doubt would truly and utterly shatter her un-beating heart into a billion pieces, to which it would be eternally un-fixable. 

◾ If any person/person’s (or the Volturi) were to have the intention of inflicting any pain or harm, (etc) upon you, just known that Esme -as well as all the members in the Cullen Coven- would shield you straight away from them and would tell the ‘threat’ to back off and not to go near you. You are her mate and she -as well as every member in the Cullen Coven- would protect you at all costs, even if that meant giving up her life with the chance of sparing yours. (And obviously vice versa.)

◾ “My love, your safety is one of my most important priorities.” Esme would declare out with serene-ness cascading her tone whilst the rear of her pale fingers stroked your cheek attentively. “I could not bear the thought of losing you.” She’d add on while her golden ocher eyes locked with yours. “You are the love of my life, I will always protect you, no matter the cost.” 

◾ In truth; It would be a known fact that it would make no differences to Esme if her mate were to be the same species as her and her family -vampires- or if her mate were to be human (or any other creature). At the end of the day she would have the utmost respect, fondness and affection for her mate no matter what they were, looked like, and so on. As long as you are happy and healthy, that would matter the most to her. 

◾ Esme would for sure shower her mate with many compliments every chance she could get a hold of. To her you would be the most exquisite creature/being her eyes has glimpsed upon in her whole existence. -vise versa- 

◾ Honestly, you would be showering her with everything that you possibly could offer her.

◾ “You are the most enchanting and dazzling being my eyes have ever laid upon in my many years of living, my love.” Esme breathed out lovingly while her spectacular eyes peered into your (Y/E/C) eyes with affection shining within them.

◾ Eskimos kisses.  

◾ Lot’s of hand holding.

◾ Within this enamored relationship, it would be quite uncommon for their to be any tense confrontations, bickering or clashing. The pair of you would be respective towards one another’s boundaries, in which you would do your best not to cross the lines or limits set in place.

◾ Carrying on from that point, if it was so that Esme and yourself were to get into an argument, then be assured that it would certainly not last long. Yet afterwards, it would be a common occurence that you both would head off somewhere private to apologize for each other’s behaviour, words spoken, and so on; to which you would both make up.

With that said; If Esme and you were to have a disagreement or confrontation, it would only last awhile. But soon after the both of you would go somewhere private to apologizes for your behaviour and soon make up.

◾ Although the pair of you may not argue often, it is not to say that it’s all puppy dogs, unicorns and rainbows. There will be times of friction but those come rather rarely.

◾ It would be common for Esme to speak about her human life, prior to Carlisle having turned her; well, that of what she can recall and if you were to ask her questions about it.

◾ But not only that; she would share what different time periods were like through her eyes, ears and everything, but also what it was like for all the other’s in the coven.

◾ Esme would also tell you tales of what it was like for her when she was a new born and before she met you, etc.

◾ If you were struggling or suffering from anxiety, depression or whatever it was, Esme would do her absolute best with lifting up your spirits and brightening up your life to help you in anyway that she truly could. Surely she would stay by your side, ensuring that your every need is fulfilled.

◾ Comfort, advice, an ear to listen to, tending to anything, whatever it may be, Esme would take care of it. She wouldn’t even dare to think twice over it.

◾ Since in her human life she suffered bouts of intense feelings (maybe even in her vampire life too) she would try her best to relate to you, understanding where you come from and helping cheer you up and support you in anyway that she possibly could.

◾ “For I know the hardships of having felt, thought and having been consumed within these emotions, my love… ” Esme hushed out soft-spoken-ly with comfort wavering within her tone. Tightening her arms around you, she pulled your form closer into her loving and soothing embrace, soon giving the crown of your head a soft peck with her cold lips. “For you must remember to be the strong person that always lies within you. You are stronger than you think, my love, for I believe that and have seen it with my own eyes.” Your mate added on quietly. “You will get through this and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will always be here for you, (Y/N). You will always have me, my comfort, my support… my everything.

◾ If you were to have any talents or abilities, and so on, (as a human, vampire, etc.) Esme would be stunned, in much of a positive fashion, when you show her or tell her of it. By doing so, your mate becomes speechless, and if she could shed tears of happiness, she truly would.

◾ This would leave her incredibly intrigued with your gifts, talents, abilities and very self.

◾ “My dear one, you truly are special, the most fascinating being my eyes have ever laid upon. You are so unique, my love…” Esme would vocalize out with a large pearly white smile while watching you. “You truly are one of a kind and I would not want you any different.” 

◾ You both surprising each other with lovely homemade gifts or ones that were purchased within stores. Either way you both would still love it and would cherish it no matter what and would thank one another with a smile. 

◾ Taking lovely long walks within the forest that surrounds the Cullens house. 

◾ All the members in the Cullen Coven supporting this relationship and being overjoyed for Esme -and you- for finally finding each other. Which would end up with everyone accepting you within the Cullen family. (You both totally being everyone’s OTP no matter what…especially for Alice. She would be your guys number one shipper…like she would ship the shit out of the you two).

◾ Esme and you taking turns to plan sweet and thoughtful dates to go on and enjoying them dearly. (Alice would help you or Esme plan these dates from time to time. Only if you needed help or asked her. But let’s face it, the cute pixie will do anything to get involved.). 

◾ “This is completely breath-taking Esme…” You would utter out quietly with an expression of complete awe, whilst feeling your breath being taken away. “This…is…so…magnificent…”  

◾ “Thank you for the kind comment, my love, but it is not as breathtaking as you …” Esme replied back with passion coursing through her body and soul as a large pearly white smile spread across her lips. 

◾ Tender kisses. 

◾ Passionate kisses. 

◾ Nose kisses. 

◾ Hugs/Cuddles. 

◾ Whenever Esme would get the chance to have some private time or alone time away from her family, she would write lovely, meaningful and thoughtful love letters about and to you. Which would be filled with the fondness she has for you, but also of how much happier she is with having you in her life.  

◾ With that declared, once finishing the love letter, Esme would send or give this love letter, filled with thoughtful words, to you; as a reminder for you to know how much love that she will forever have for.  

◾ Passionate sex. 

◾ Gentle sex. 

◾ Whispering sweet nothings to each other.

◾ Mild PDA.

◾ Overall your relationship and having each other as mates would be filled with an enormous amount of love and loyalty, (etc). Your bond with each other would grow and turn inseparable to the point that no person or no situation could come between you two. Your are hers and she is ours, forever


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I hope you all have accepted my headcanons of Azriel being voyeuristic and kinky-but-consensual and a Frequent Planner of Sexytimes, but all in the name of pleasing Mor because damn is he a giver. 

Because that’s all you’re going to get in my fics, tbh.

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I see you're getting quite a few avatar asks, so I hope you don't mind me asking what your atla/lok ships are, if any? Ha, thanks! And if you don't feel like answering that, it's ok!! Thanks for all you do:)

ATLA: I’ll be honest with you, i swear I didn’t have even one little thought about shipping in this show when I was watching it. It was like “oh, he likes her, i see” and “they’re together now? sweet”.You can say i was like old granny pfff. I accepted all canon pairs but it wouldn’t change anything for me if creators did it other way.

LOK: Pretty same. I don’t think the love triangle was neccessary though. 

So conclusion: I love and enjoy both shows but I have no OTPs or special ship prefers there. I don’t know what a magic it is, but there we are.

Thank you for the question, anon! :)

Sastiel Love Week Day 1

“Oh, my God. You-You’re Castiel.”

It comes out as a shaky whisper, and if Sam weren’t filled with such awe, he’d probably be more embarrassed by how he stumbles over his words  or how much he’s staring.  

For years, Dean said angels weren’t real. Said there was only demons and hell was not proof of heaven or God. Shot Sam down every time he so much as hinted at the possibility. 

“Mom believed in angels, Sam. Every night before I went to sleep? She’d tell me they were ‘watching over me. If that was true, why’d she have to die? They could’ve protected her. All of us.”

Now, Dean couldn’t deny angels existed even if he wanted to. They’re the whole reason he’s beside Sam, has a mark in the shape of a hand on his shoulder where one touched him, raising him out of Hell’s deepest,  darkest pit.  

That same angel is standing less than five feet away from them now in their dingy motel room Dean paid for with a stolen credit card. 

Castiel, or Cas as Dean calls him, does not glow, nor does he have a halo or wings (none that Sam can see, at least).

While he appears as human as anyone, with an unshaven face and short, dark tousled hair, there’s definitely something odd about him, the intensity and razor sharpness of those too blue eyes. 

“And you’re Sam Winchester,” Castiel murmurs, his voice gravel rough. “Dean’s brother.“ 

Sam smiles, stepping forward eagerly, hand extended-

"The boy with the demon blood." 

Sam ignores the sting of these words, waits for him to accept the handshake he’s offered. At last, they clasp hands firmly, Sam’s skin tingling at the contact. 

"Yes,of course,” Castiel says, his mouth turning up at the one corner into what could be a smile, “I’ve heard all about you.”

This was perfect. I could see Sam thinking this and Sam ignoring Cas’ hurtful words because he is meeting an angel makes me want to cry. Thank you this was lovely. 

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The relationship meme for Hawke and Sebastian?

  • Who was the one to propose:

Astrid. Sebastian was planning to wait until he was actually crowned Prince of Starkhaven, but she goes “Y’know what, I don’t need a prince. You’re who I fell in love with and we’ve waited long enough, I wanna marry you now.”

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

Sebastian. He’s all worried about making sure it goes off right and proper according to Starkhaven customs so that it’ll be acceptable to his people and Astrid’s just a giddy “Idc, I get to MARRY YOooouuU” ball of joy

  • Who decorated the house:

Five generations(more or less) of Vaels and propriety. They live in the Starkhaven palace, so they don’t get too much sway over decoration if they want it to look “proper”. 

  • Who does the cooking:

When one of them needs to, usually Sebastian. Astrid’s an okay cook, but he’s much better and he actually enjoys it, so she lets him have fun. She cleans up after bc teamwork.

  • Who is more organized:

They’re both pretty organized, tbh. Astrid’s maybe a little more lax about it, but neither is a horrible slob or anything.

  • Who’s the cuddler:

Both of them. They love cuddling. Cuddling’s the best. :D

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.

Sebastian’s the big spoon, pretty much always.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

Just being together. Reading, or talking about their day, or just sitting in silence, it doesn’t matter. They just enjoy each other’s company

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Neither. From the point when they met on, neither really drinks that much(even if Sebastian could drink any member of the Merry Band of Misfits under the table, except maybe Isabela, he doesn’t).

  • Who kills the spiders:

Well, the giant ones that look like they could swallow a man whole they both kill. The little, normal ones Sebastian usually kills.

  • Who falls asleep first:

Astrid. She has seven years of pent up exhaustion thanks to Kirkwall, so even while she’s Viscountess, she still somehow manages to fall asleep first.

  • A headcanon:

After Astrid and Sebastian finally both acknowledge their feelings for each other and start moving slowly but inexorably towards coupledom, Astrid develops a habit of running her fingers through the hair on the nape of Sebastian’s neck whenever they sit or stand next to each other.

  • Who has the most patience?

Astrid. Sebastian is working on it, he really is, but his better half(his words, not hers) will always be better at it than he is.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:

Have two, because once again I couldn’t decide and both are super perfect.

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The Five Stages of Grief: Yuitsu version

(Hilariously enough Mod Yui and I have never seen the movie [yet] so out of context this looks like a scene where Yuitsu is canon, picture by @keion-movie)

Azusa, in denial: Wait, this isn’t happening… Is it…? What’s going on?!



Mio, depressed: B-but… What will I do with all these songs?! Ritsu… I MADE THESE SONGS FOR YOU I DID IT . BECAUSE I LOVE YOU WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME

Yui, accepting: (I guess I’m okay with this. Sure, Ricchan’s not Mio-chan or Azunyan… But she’s just as good.)

Writing Prompts
  • “It doesn’t matter. Whatever else we are, we’re friends first.”
  • “I’m sorry, was I not supposed to notice you staring at me for months?”
  • “Did you really have to bring him along on this trip?”
  • “I’m not sure how you think oracles work.” “Yeah? Well I’m not sure you know how children work.”
  • “You convinced me dragons were cool. You lied.”
  • “An unhealthy number of our adventures happen because you did something stupid and I haven’t learned how to tell you ‘no.’”
  • “If you decide to teach me everything you know, you’ll have to accept me as an equal eventually. You know that, right?”
  • “All the skills you learn can’t be to fulfill a prophecy. What will you do with your life after the prophecy is over?”
  • “I don’t know why you thought naming me your sole heir would make me happier about your last will and testament.“
  • “Aren’t you glad I got arrested that night? Think of where we’d be if I didn’t!”

(These are a continuation of this series with a different ship. Same details apply)