otp: hung the moon


Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.

This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t have happened to him. First his mom, now… now his dad, his alpha? Both gone from him. How was he going to keep going? The rest of the pack was long gone, though their debts still weighing Stiles down, as the last member of the Stilinski line the responsibilities felt to him, even though he was only an omega.

The next three months were a blur to him. Stiles took the time off school to organize meetings with packs that the Stilinski pack still was indebted too, some understood the situation Stiles was in and settled their debts with more than gracious offers, some others weren’t so kind, they demanded the money they were owed be paid back immediately, and even worse, some suggested that Stiles should auction him self off for breeding, surely his sale would be enough to pay the remaining debts. Luckily while Stiles was busy with other packs pressing him for money and closure, Talia of the Hale pack was there to take care of John’s funeral for him.

Things started to settle into a routine, nothing was ever normal again, he wasn’t eating enough because he rarely had food in the house, and wasn’t sleeping enough because of the part time jobs he took on to make money. It was about 6 months after his father’s death that he finally broke, his body unable to take the stress any more, not having an Alpha to ground him. Sometimes he would sneak away to the Hale’s house like he did when he was a kid, but over the past months he hadn’t had the time, and he felt too much like a bother.

He didn’t remember how he ended up in Ms. Morell’s office, but all he knew was that he couldn’t really focus on what was happening, he was pretty sure he could hear Scott’s voice, and looking down, he saw that he was in his underarmour outfit that he wore under his lacrosse uniform and gear.

“..tiles! Stiles! Come on dude, focus!” Scott was shouting at him, but Stiles shrunk away, this wasn’t his alpha Scott wasn’t his pack, Scott smelled like Argent pack. That’s when Stiles remembered he had no alpha he had no pack.

He curled away and made a weak hurting sound, Ms. Morell doing all she could as an emissary to ground Stiles and keep him from shifting. But even she knew that wouldn’t work for much longer. 

“Someone get me Derek Hale immediately.” She ordered.

Stiles whimpered again at the sound, no he didn’t want Derek to see him like this. He had to appear strong, he couldn’t lean on Derek or the Hale pack for anything more.

Hung the Moon
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
Hung the Moon

I like the way you hung the moon, uh huh.
Well I just like being close to you, uh huh.
When you’re gone I feel so blue, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you hung the moon uh huh.

I like the way you know that dance, uh huh.
I like the way you hold my hand, uh huh.
Spin me all across the floor, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you know that dance, uh huh.

Well I like the way you sing your songs, uh huh.
You’ve been singing to me all along, uh huh.
The way you loved me won my heart, uh huh.
Yeah, I like the way you sing your songs, uh huh.

I put on that white dress for you, uh huh.
I told the preacher man, “well, yes I do”, uh huh.
I’ll stay and I’ll grow gray with you, uh huh.
Yeah, I put on that white dress for you, uh huh.