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1994 - Dean Winchester is alone in his living room, blowing out his candles for his birthday. Dean is 90 today - and his beautiful boyfriend cas passed 3 years ago. Dean smiles as a sad tear drips down his cheek, and returns to his newspaper. The headline reads 'GAY MARRIAGE LEGAL!'. A single tear drops to the page. "Cas," he stutters "I love you."

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That was uncalled for, anon.

@dewdlebot inadvertently gave me inspo when I was looking through the tags on the reblogs for the drabble about Johnny visiting Aisha’s grave. This one is about Lin.


Her funeral is one of the worst days of their lives. Johnny’s stone faced. Playa shrinks to the back of the group with guilt weighing heavy in their stomach. They rub the burn mark on their wrist slowly.

I should’ve used the lighter to free her.

No one blames him though. Or at least, they don’t say that they do. He knows that this is a hard day for the Saints though.

Everyone leaves one by one, but the Playa stays to watch as the grave fills up with dirt. When it finally seems that they’re alone, they stepped up and leaned down. Beside Lin’s tombstone, they placed her lighter. A million thought rushed through their heads but they could only think of one thing to say.

“Thanks for the dance.”

Their throat closed up. They hung their head. One tear began to track down their cheeks.

A hand landed on their shoulder, and they turned. Johnny looked at the stone, and then at the Playa.

“Let’s go home.”

Playa nodded, and together they left her grave.