otp: how could i lose you

okay but can we just appreciate something very important about episode 11 of the 100, bc i mean how much time have we bellarke fandom have been waiting to see them team up in leadership again??? How much time have we been waiting, getting upset, or frustrated at the bad interactions (or lack thereof) between bellamy and clarke and the rest of the delinquents, or the deviation or loss of the characters’ development?

and now here we have bellamy and clarke back again, understanding each other, worrying about each other, helping each other, silently comunicating through nods and stares, giving each other comforting words, teaming up with their delinquents squad, working together in agreement and just surviving together, as it should have been since the end of season 2. and let’s just not forget how this seems to be what they needed to be themselves again

i know one episode doesn’t fix all our frustration and bitterness through this whole season, but it sure makes up for a lot of things and this is just so important