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OTP Questions!

In honor of us hitting a thousand followers, here are some OTP questions!

1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

6: Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?

17: Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

27: Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked?

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?


I’m in the back just now, in the middle of an intense game of Uno (you know, skipping, reversing, drawing four) and I hear you going on with this Jazz about the Ring of Honor World Championship. Congratulations, by the way, Kyle. But while I’m back there I couldn’t help but notice that you left this peacock out of the conversation.

Bokuto Koutarou is a philocalist. 

To put it simply, he appreciates beauty. 

He finds beauty all around him, Koutarou is a dreamer, an optimist and a romantic. He is able to find beauty in the heat of the game, in victory and much later, if not soon, in defeat as well. He finds beauty in nature with its frail and lovely flowers, to the fluffy clouds to the sights of birds in the air. To the skyscrapers as high as his head could tilt up and in the laughs of the children as he would walk past the elementary school. And finally he finds beauty in his family and his peers. 

Koutarou makes sure he acknowledges them all. He is simply an admirer of life. 

So when the concept of beauty in a partner comes to mind, Koutarou can only think of Keiji. Not ‘Akaashi’ who calls him by “Bokuto san” in the public sphere. Rather, it is Keiji who whispers “Koutarou” in the quiet of the night, his hushed voice ringing in Koutarou’s ear before pressing his lips to the light haired boy’s neck. 

The Keiji whose heavy lidded eyes would blink drowsily into Koutarou’s before their lips meet. Keiji, whose lovely long eyelashes tickle Koutarou’s face when they would just sit there, faces close, marveling each other silently. 

Koutarou loves the Keiji who allows him to touch, to let him pepper his skin with swift yet soft kisses. Keiji whose breath hitches as Koutarou would trace a line down his spine slowly. Keiji who wraps his arms around his waist and buries his face in the crook of Koutarou’s neck as Koutarou whispers sweet nothings to him. 

Koutarou is enraptured by the dark haired boy who lies next to him, his lips curling into a wide smile, contrary to his small ones in the day. The one who lets Koutarou entwine their fingers and laughs without a care at Koutarou’s words, leaving the lighter haired boy in awe. He loves staring into those deep blue eyes, sighing ever so satisfied by the presence before him. 

He loves Keiji who pulls him in and strokes his hair while Koutarou rubs small circles on his back, his calloused, hard fingers in contact with soft and smooth skin. Koutarou smiles contently when Keiji dozes off in his arms, soft snores filling his ears at last to which he shuts his eyes as well.

Bokuto Koutarou is a philocalist. 

Or rather, to put it simply, he appreciates the beauty blessed to him. 

Akaashi Keiji.