otp: honey i'm home


Lady Lamb The Beekeeper- Between Two Trees

Honey I'm Home || Crisscolfer

A week had passed and Luke was still on edge of what he was going to do. How he was going to have to step up. And when and where he was going to be needed. Since everything still showed to be his fault he wasn’t taking it as everyone else was and it was starting to show. He hadn’t left Thomas’ side, he’d stayed at the hospital with him the whole time he was there, no breaks nothing. If he needed something someone in the family had to bring it to him because he wasn’t going to leave Thomas for anything. Now, Thomas was finally released, but he was coming back in a wheelchair, which was taking everything out of Luke not to break down because he still had to figure things out, when his appointments were going to be, how would their sleeping arrangements work. Everything was out of whack for him, yet there was a smile on his face as long as Thomas and the babies were around. He pushed Thomas inside the house and grinned “Baby we’re home!”

Honey, I'm Home || Keeper x Drake

Drake’s heart pounded as he stepped through the gate.  He hoped this would work, that this really was going to take him to the library where he knew he would find his heart’s desire.  He closed his eyes and reopened them with a smile when the familiar scent of old books hit his nose.  He briefly considered waiting for the Captain but couldn’t wait any longer.  

“Keeper!” Drake yeelled, his feet taking them as fast as they could towards his mate’s office.  "Love?  Are you here?“  He could sense Keeper was there, he just needed to find him, pull him into his arms and never let go.

Jericho inspected a tin of hot chocolate. A colleague had given it to him as a white elephant Christmas gift on the last day of work before winter recess when the university shut down–dark chocolate and raspberry, apparently. Jericho was never a hot cocoa fanatic, but it was at least better than the gift  of a Justin Beiber stocking someone else had been bequeathed, or a hermit crab.

Still, it was now his, and he didn’t like putting things to waste, even if he hardly ate sweets. And it was cold–or at least, cold for California, which was ridiculously laughable compared to what winters were like back home. And while there may be no snow on the beach, surely Mary wouldn’t pass off a cup of “70% Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Hot Chocolate” or seven, since he did not plan on taking it back.

He knocked on Mary’s apartment door, tossing the tin in one hand. These knock-along meetings have become common–it was a wonder why they didn’t just leave the doors gaping open and share each other’s saucepans at this rate.

Honey I'm Home || Rixon x Chloe

Rixon got out of his car and shut the door slipping into the house and upstairs. He walked upstairs and laid down on her bed, making himself comfortable. He’d ignored all of her messages and phone calls the night before, knowing she’d be furious and hopped on the plane home. This was the first stop and he’d lay here until she got home.