otp: hold on tight

Revenge will be Mine

Warnings: Yo, this story gets a lil dark in places. We’ll put a couple of the darkest replies behind cuts as to avoid triggering anyone. You may also like to blacklist these phrases in advance. tw: violence, tw: torture, tw: injury. ~Revenge will be Mine will hide the whole thing.

Mission complete and they even had time to grab half the menu from a burger bar they just saved from a landslide. It’s the best burger he’s eaten in years. Scott devours it like a sink-hole, filling in the gaps with fries and washing it down with a mint flavored milkshake. He’s sure the noises aren’t pretty but he and Virg just saved half a town with nothing more than a POD and half a crate of explosives. Scott’s starving!

Australia sprawls out beneath them as they head for home. It’s such a familiar flight path Scott doesn’t even need to look at the many displays on Thunderbird Two’s dash to know where they are. He leaves Virgil to it, preferring to fish out the last few fries from the bags piled on his lap.

“That filled a hole.” He sighs happily once the last fry’s gone to a better place and he’s cleared up the debris. “I won’t tell the guys we grabbed a burger without them if you don’t.”

They didn’t just grab a burger. They grabbed three. But if nobody else witnessed it then who’s to say it ever happened in the first place? Scott’s in such a good mood he chuckles at nothing in particular and spreads out in his seat to enjoy the rest of the flight home.

His chuckle’s cut short by an alert he knows well from his own Thunderbird. The giant cargo ship’s picked up a localised signal from somewhere beneath them. To the left there’s a hill and to the right a river but Scott can’t see anyone in need of rescuing.

“What do you think?” He asks his brother as the signal continues to beep. It could be nothing but it might be an SOS. “Wanna check it out? Five minutes and we’ll be back in the air again. It’s gonna be a lost hiker, I just know it. Those guys never update their maps before coming out here.”

Scott twinkles as he reaches out to squeeze his brother’s shoulder, “Sometimes they’re ladies.” He hints mischievously, “You never know, Virg. Carpe diem!”