otp: hi kitty

hi kitty


I’m thinking of writing/drawing/animating(???) a SK oneshot thingy based on Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, solely because it applies so well. Should it be a oneshot? Collection of drawings? Animation? Multimedia? (dare I say… wanna collab, maybe?) Ideas??? THOUGHTS?????? OPINIONS???? I HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS AND NEED TO THIN THEM OUT OR PIN THEM DOWN

(I’m actually super pumped for this so yeah that’s why this post is so random)

(and don’t ask why it’s a post and not a private message


The following is what went through my head during the last 5ish minutes…

No, Miles, don’t follow her. Is Tom there? Tom had better be there. But no seriously Miles don’t go. TOM IS THERE! Oh, but Miles… OH MY GIDDY AUNT FINALLY! Oh, but no, not my poor baby Miles…

You can’t just let us have one, can you, BBC? You can’t just allow everyone to be happy. I can’t even ENJOY Tom and Kitty finally kissing because looketh at Miles’s face!

You know that scene with Ten and Rose where Rose sees a cat, pets it, and calls it a beautiful boy, and the doctor thinks she means him but then realizes she meant the cat so he gives the cat this jealous looks:

Imagine this happening with Ladynoir. Chat being like, “Oh why thank you for noticing, My Lady, but not as beautiful as you tonight” then realizing Ladybug wasn’t complimenting HIM but an actual cat so he ends up giving the cat jealous looks like I wish I was that cat. Aren’t I a beautiful boy too My Lady?? Chat wants pets too

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Sign of the zodiac : Libra

Coffee or tea : Infusions. Coffee stinks and it’s only thing I can smell if I ever drink it and I think teas all have the same socks juice taste

Hair : Straight and basically the hardest thing ever to tame. Whenever I see my friends they’re like “Dude did you even brush your hair” and I’m just, shut the fuck up yes I did, they just hate me. Though tbh I could just not brush them and it’d look the exact same after 2 minutes. Also they’re a very dark brown.

Collecting : Bullshit ? I mean

So I guess pokémon cards, Disney movies, books and board games ?

Favorite cosmetics : I don’t wear makeup. As a chemist in the making, I should be ashamed to not know any actual makeup thing. *sweats nervously* Bayer ?

Favorite color : Blue. Always.

Color worn most often : Black, grey and blue I guess ? Though 75% of my shirts are super colorful 

Guilty pleasure : There is none. I am a human sent on Earth to suffer forever. (Listening to Barbie girl)

Innocent pleasure : Singing I guess ? Or doodling ? What the fuck is an innocent pleasure

Usual drink : Vodka. Kidding, apple juice

usual alcoholic drink : Wow, it all depends on the occasion man. Manzana is pretty good

Keychain : 

Currently watching : I’ve been watching iZombie but I’m done with it and waiting for season 3 so now I’m just watching anime I guess ? I tried kono subarashi yesterday but it’s only 10 episodes so

Thinking about : I’m so scared for my finals, who even decided that was a good idea ?

I love tumblr because : I Don’t know. I don’t really love it but I guess it’s nice ?

I hate tumblr because : Everyone gets mad so easily man, I can’t even crack a joke or post an opinion without some bullshit SJW somehow finding me and yelling about how I’m part of the problem

I would love to : Honestly, I just want to graduate

I wish I hadn’t : Gotten up so late this morning, I feel like actual shit 0A0

Sunny days or stormy days : Stormy days. Because I have a total legit reason to stay inside

Dream job : Honestly I wish tranlation wasn’t such a closed field cause I’d love to go to Disney to translate the movies. That or nose

I’d like to smack : Myself. Get your shit together please.

Favorite badass historical lady : I don’t have any

Least favorite French fries : …. You got a problem with me, pal ?

Whipped or regular frosting : Who cares,both taste like heaven like fuck yeah, sign me in

Baking or cooking : I actually don’t know. I tried baking once and it was pretty cool ? Both are awesome though, I love the smells

Party or stay home : Why not both ? I love to stay home with my friends and just have fun. Oh wait, maybe you didn’t mean that kind of party. Then stay home, definitely, fuck people and noise and drunk people. Unless the drunk people are my friends or I’m, myself, already drunk

Nightmare job : Working with sewage water or something like that. I’d just throw up because of the smell

Song that reminds me of high school : None actually. I hated high school, the only year that was nice was the last one because I’d finally find someone I could call a friend

Dominant hand : Right

Movie I can quote from memory : The nightmare before christmas and The kind and the bird

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