otp: here's looking at you kid


The main thing is that there, I’m just a passenger. Ghost Rider drives. And by drives, I mean he fights and kills. It’s kinda all we did.

That sounds terrible…and painful and…lonely.

Yeah, that about sums it up…But I’m here now. And that’s good.

Your girl Ms.dawdler over here is working on something for shallura week bc shes tired of her OTP’s tag being filled with everything but her OTP. Don’t get too excited kids bc I rarely finish anything I start

So we’ve got this shot in TLJ of Finn and Rose stuck in a jail cell…

Now I know it’s very likely that they’ll figure out an escape on their own and be just fine… but I just want to have some Stormpilot feels so I’m gonna go ahead and imagine this:

Poe, who was on an entirely different mission nowhere near them but is now standing outside their cell: Look alive, kids! It’s time to fly.

Finn, flabbergasted: Poe? W- what the- what are you doing here?

Poe: *stares with poorly concealed feelings*

Poe: *shrugs*

Poe: Returning a favor. Come on, we gotta go.


leyton appreciation week 2017 ♥ day one: high school or adult leyton 

“I believe in true love, I believe in love at first sight, I believe love conquers all. That doesn’t mean there’s not gonna be hard days, difficult things to deal with, because there will be. But finding that person who does it for you and knowing that that person loves you back, it makes everything so much easier. ‘Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott.’ That was the dream. And here we are ten years later, and we all get to witness today a dream come true.”

Over-Researching for Fanfic

I know that nobody reading a fanfic is really going there for deeply plausible science and history, but does anybody else put a lot of effort into those kinds of details… basically only to satisfy yourself?

Because while writing The Yearbook, I have read a crapton of studies and background information about neurology, including:

  • Details on the actual process of memory removal/implantation
  • Logical impacts of supposed brainwashing
  • Brain patterns of psychopaths and sociopaths vs. normal functionality
  • Different types of brain scans and what they can each reveal
  • and more!

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who cares whether I’m getting the science right or at least plausible whenever I talk about Danganronpa kids’ memory loss, but god dammit I’m gonna make it good because for some reason I’m obsessed with nailing the details.

It’s kind of hilarious when I stop and think, “Hey, nobody cares but you, ok? Like, calm down. No one’s coming here for a neurology lesson. Just make the OTP happy.”

And yet, I’m positive I’m not the only one who does stuff like. I bet there are plenty of us who are out there researching lots of unnecessary details.

Raise your hand if you’ve looked at the patterns of weather in South America for hours just so you can make it realistic when your characters go to Bolivia.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Amy: Oh, look. It’s Sheldon and little Leonard. Hi, little Leonard.

Leonard: Hi, Amy.

Amy: Hey, Cuddles.

Leonard: Cuddles?

Sheldon: Yes, Cuddles. We cuddled. Grow up, Leonard.

Leonard: Amy, what are you doing here?

Amy: Well, I came here to get a bottle of wine like Penny taught me to do when you’re sad.

Leonard: Yeah, but why didn’t you go back to your apartment?

Amy: Didn’t you go to high school, Leonard? Parking lots are where all the cool kids hang out. Not that the rat bastards ever invited me.

Leonard: Maybe we should get you home.

Amy: Oh, hang on, hang on, hang on. Sheldon, what would it take for you to go into that liquor store, buy a bottle of hooch, take me across the street to that motel, and have your way with me?

Leonard: Yeah, Sheldon, what would it take?

Sheldon: I’m begging both of you, please, let’s go.

Leonard: Okay. Come on. Upsy-daisy.

Amy: Whee! Ooh, finally someone found second base.

05 x 08 – The Isolation Permutation 

married suyeol 🐰💓🐶

- ‘we came in here to buy a bookcase not look at the space themed bedding in the kids section. but yes you’re right we pay the rent so who’s stopping us getting the curtains’
- everyone thinks they must live in some stylish apartment but really it’s half studio half wasteland and every room accidentally became a hobby room
- yeol is good at flatpack furniture and jm isn’t but half the bookshelves slant and tables have legs the wrong way bc of course jm can help;;
- all of chanyeol’s Nice Shirts are just junmyeon’s work shirts two sizes larger bc jm buys them two at a time. they have occasionally turned up to events separately dressed the same
- cy proposed three times before jm said yes (first time was fancy, second was nerdy, third was a joking mention and they were both shocked when jm said yes) and he brings this story up as frequently as possible
- passive aggressively call each other husband when they’re fighting
- (call each other My Husband when they’re not
- they take separate vacations bc they have different interests but wind up missing each other so much they spend half of it glued to hotel wifi talking to each other
- 'no we can’t take home the baby you bonded with in the grocery store’
- jm only makes it to half of his work functions bc yeol physically removes him from the couch
- jm doesn’t make it to half of his work functions bc marathoning boxsets in your underwear with your husband and a pizza is work-life balance
- jm has lost his wedding ring so many times yeol agreed that he can just keep it in his wallet for sentiment
- it’s been five years and cy still can’t give head without a lot of coughs and splutters and jm has learned to find that endearing (and keep icecream in the freezer for when he inevitably complains he’s sore)
- kinda kinky mostly soft. cy’s sore back has kinda put an end to some activities. jm’s toy box is terrifying and his own business
- the sex fort. and the isolation area where all the plushies go bc yeol finds it offputting when they’re watching
- 'I wanted to get this super limited edition figure for your birthday and turns out you’re the asshole that was outbidding me for days why didn’t you tell me your username AND YOU SAID NO MORE FIGURES’
- jm flirting badly and using terrible pick up lines on yeol when they’re out on dates n yeol hiding in his hands bc he’s so happy he married this nerd but refuses to admit he still actually falls for all the awful things he says :T
- (jm: um I’m pretty sure in our wedding vows you said how funny I am–

A Hephaestus TV Special

Summary: Olympus tunes in to a Hephaestus TV Special- featuring Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase on the Thrill Ride of Love.

The screen suddenly switched, eliciting protests from gods and goddesses, both major and minor, and even nymphs, all over Olympus.

“Now, why would he cancel the show that had been made in my honor?” Athena shook her head, frowning slightly. ’So You Think You Can Weave Better Than A Goddess’ was one of Olympus’s favourite shows and Athena made an effort to tune in only because weaving was her specialty. Heck, she invented it. Besides, she wanted to view the nincompoops who dared challenge her try and fail.

A Hephaestus TV Special, live from Waterland! Featuring: Ares and Aphrodite!

“Not this again!” Demeter complained. “Can’t Hephaestus just eat his cereal and forget about that love goddess?”

“Mother, do you really have to mention cereal in everything you talk about?” Persephone, who was spending the summer with her, sighed in exasperation.

“Haha!” Apollo grinned as the words flickered across a small screen in his Maserati. “This is going to be good. I’ll have to record it.”

In her palace, Hera had her face in her hands. “My sons, my sons, why?” she grumbled.

“This gets old, but I guess it won’t hurt watching it again,” Poseidon muttered to himself, in his palace in Atlantis.

“Those messages can wait,” Hermes said.

Aphrodite, enjoying a treatment by her favourite nymphs at their spa, looked up in surprise. “But I’m not even there!” she muttered, absent-mindedly holding out a hand to a nymph who began preparing her nails for a manicure.

The screen flashed to life, but there was no sign of the god of war nor the goddess of love. Instead, water washed across the screen like it was a live tsunami broadcast. The water roared into a pool, sweeping away a hoard of metallic insects with eight legs.

“Ugh, spiders,” Athena muttered, but her eyes widened at the next scene.

Percy Jackson, that son of Poseidon whom almost all of Olympus had branded ‘The Lightning Thief’, was pulling Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena into a boat, and fastening her seat belt just as a tidal wave crashed against the boat, drenching both of them and sweeping the spiders away. The boat turned, lifted in the flood and began spinning in circles around the whirlpool.

“What is that boy doing with my daughter?!” Athena yelled, outraged.

“Plot twist! Best episode ever!” Apollo exclaimed. He thought of his sister. “Oh, Artemis, if only the forests had televisions…”

“Percy! It’s my boy, Percy!” Poseidon gaped at the screen. Nearby, Amphitrite and Triton scowled. “And isn’t that an Athena girl?” His eyes took in the amount of water swirling about, and he smiled to himself. The apple never falls far from the tree!

“What’s going on?” At his forge, Hephaestus scowled at the screen. “The location hasn’t been changed…” His face grew red at the thought of his brother escaping this one.

“It’s that thief!” Zeus fumed.

Down in the Underworld, Hades glared at his screen as well.

Aphrodite clapped her semi-manicured hands. “My new favourite demigod couple!”

The boat was turning. Poseidon noticed his son’s grim expression and knew he was trying to control it. “Go, Percy!” he cheered. Then the boat’s nose turned towards the tunnel and the two demigods rocketed through it. They disappeared from sight, but all the gods and nymphs could clearly hear the screams coming from the tunnel.

Then the cameras panned, and all the viewers were treated to a view of the boat shooting straight out of the tunnel and barrelling towards the exit- the Golden Gates of Love. But the gates were closed, and chained.

“They’re going to crash. Annabeth, think of something!” Athena spoke to her screen as though her daughter could hear her. At the moment, she didn’t care that Percy was in the boat as well; Annabeth could get injured if that piece of wreck slammed into those gates.

Percy Jackson strapped a shield to his arm. Aphrodite raised an eyebrow. That looked a lot like Ares’s shield.The boat was hurtling fast towards the chained gates. “Simple physics!” Annabeth could be heard yelling. “Force times the trajectory angle-”

“That’s my girl!” Athena beamed.

The two demigods were thrown into the air as the boat smashed. All of Olympus held their breaths. Percy and Annabeth soared straight over the gates, over the pool, and down towards solid asphalt.

“Annabeth, no!” Athena cried.

“Percy!” Poseidon yelled.

But then the two demigods appeared suspended in mid-air. The cameras panned a little to reveal a satyr with flying shoes (Hermes raised an eyebrow), grabbing them and trying to pull them out of a crash landing, but they had all the momentum. They went down fast, and smashed into a photo-board, the satyr’s head going through a hole. the other two demigods tumbled to the ground, banged up, but alive.

“Thank goodness,” Athena sighed with relief.

“They did it!” Poseidon beamed.

Apollo shouted with laughter. “That satyr-dolphin! I need to make a gif for this.”

Spotlights rained down on the demigods and the satyr, who had gotten to their feet. Percy Jackson looked up. “Show’s over!” he yelled. “Thank you! Good night!”

“Aww!” Apollo pressed a button a small remote and the words 'RECORDED’ flashed across the screen. “I’m giving this episode the highest ratings!”

“Well, that was refreshing,” Demeter stated, as the screen cut to a commercial break advertising a new restaurant run by dryads (Be one of our first 50 customers and receive a package of ambrosia and nectar packed in a tree-bark thermos, for FREE!). “I bet those kids eat cereal. Maybe I’ll actually take some time to give it a good rating.”

Persephone groaned.

“My new OTP! This is wonderful!” Aphrodite squealed with delight. “Did you see that, girls?” she shot at the nymphs serving her. “They make such a lovely couple!”

“He’d better be on his way here to return my lightning bolt,” Zeus growled.

“That’s my boy!” Poseidon was humming to himself, completely oblivious to the dark looks on Amphitrite and Triton’s faces.

“Now, what was my daughter doing with that sea spawn again?” Athena scowled.

“Oh well,” Hephaestus sighed. “But next time, brother Ares is not getting away from me!” He glanced at a computer. “Wow, look at the ratings…”

(The whole ratings thing was because Percy wondered about them :-D Thanks for reading!)

Mikanoa Fluffy Fluffiness

HERE IT IS, FOLKS: AS PROMISED, YET ANOTHER MIKANOA FIC FOR YOU TO SAVOUR. Just kidding, but I do hope that you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Pairing: Mika x Shinoa (this time it’s definitely on the otp side lol)

Word count: 3,422 words


Here’s a preview: From the corner of her eye, she saw the vampire lay down, placing his hands behind his head. “It has also been a while since I last saw the stars.” Still looking upwards, the lilac-haired girl replied, “Quite a sight, isn’t it? Makes one realise how insignificant and diminutive we actually are.”

A/N’s: You know, the usual - please don’t repost anywhere, and constructive criticism is more than welcome! Occurs in canonverse, following the events of the anime finale. They’re maybe a little bit ooc, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I seem to have this tendency to make sleep a recurring theme in my fics, and for that, I apologise. Kind of. Not really. What I do apologise for reals is for any typos that I might have missed. I freaking hate typos. That is all.

**Under the cut**

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minimalist covers series: sometimes you hear the bullet by boasamishipper

Dear Yung, there’s a lull at last after almost four straight days of meatball surgery. That’s eighty-five hours of sewing kids together; kids that look more at home behind a desk rather than a rifle. If this keeps up, I’m thinking of asking the army for a raise. / War is hell and seemingly endless. Yet, when Dr. Kai Wen meets Dr. Jinora Gyatso, everything goes uphill from there.

Lucky Part 8

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

How y’all doing? Hopefully good. This is the last part that you may need tissues…yay! I just finished writing part 9 last night and it’s crazy fluffy! So hang in there. Enjoy!

You were almost to the front door when Jared stopped you.

“Y/N? where are you going?” You wiped your face once more before turning and looking at him.

“Uh, I just….I haven’t packed yet and there’s a couple things I need to do before we leave tonight, so, I’m sorry, but I got to go.” You opened the door and looked back at him. “I’ll meet you at the airport okay.” as you were shutting the door, you heard the back door open. You knew it was Jensen.

You did a quick jog to your car and hopped into the drivers side. As you put the key into the ignition, Jensen opened the front door. He took off running toward your car to stop you, but it was too late, you pulled away and took off down the road.

“Dammit!” Jensen watched your car disappear around the corner, then turned and ran to his car.

You pulled up to your house and got out of your car as fast as you could. You knew it was just a matter of minutes before Jensen pulled up. You were about to make it to your front door when you heard a car door shut. You pulled your keys out so they were ready to unlock the door.

“Y/N!” You put the keys in the door. “Come on Y/N. Stop.” You turned the key and opened the door.

“Jensen, just….go away….please.” you walked in your house and turned to shut the door. He put his hand up and stopped you.

“No. Not until we talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about J. We can’t do this, that’s the bottom line. Now please……just go.” you tried to shut the door again, he wouldn’t let you. You groaned.

“Just…..let me in so we can talk about this…….please. You say there’s nothing to talk about, but I think there is.” You stood there and looked at him, his eyes never leaving yours, and they’re pleading for you to let him in. You released a defeated sigh and opened the door. He waited a second to make sure you weren’t going to slam it in his face, then he slowly made his way into your house. “Thank you.” You shut the door. You passed him as you headed for the kitchen.

“You want a drink?”

“No.No, I’m good.” he waited in the living room for you. He starred at the couch, where this whole thing started. You pulled him from his daze when you came back into the room.

“So what do you want to talk about J” you were dreading this conversation, and it came out in your voice.

“Okay…..” he took a deep breath and then pulled you over to the couch and sat you down. He sat on the coffee table so that he was directly in front of you. “I have no idea what has happened the last week or so……but, I’ve been feeling different when I’m around you Y/N. I don’t know why. I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. I tried to push it away, I did, but it didn’t work.” he hung his head for a second and then looked back up to you. “I need your help Y/N.”

“With what?” your voice was weak and quiet. You had tears in your eyes ready to free fall at any moment. He leaned forward and put his hands on your knees.

“I need to know how you feel.” You had to swallow the lump in your throat. They keep building up faster and faster. “Because, if you don’t feel the same…… then I’ll get up, and walk out that door, and move past this somehow.” he gestured his hand toward the door. “But if you feel the same……then…..”

“Then what? What are we supposed to do J? Go live happily ever after!? Go ride off into the sunset!?” you jumped off the couch and walked to the side of the coffee table. “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” he turned to face you and looked up into your eyes trying to argue his point.

“Why not!? Are you serious J!?” He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer so he just stayed silent. “Where do I begin!? How about with the fact that your Jared’s best friend…….I’m his sister! If anything were to happen down the road, it would ruin so much……not just you and me.” He stood up now and started to walk over to you.

“And don’t even get me started on the paparazzi or the press! Could you imagine? You see what they do to perfectly normal couples.” you paced the floor a couple times before you said anything else. “Then there’s our fans. Have you seen what they’ve been putting on Facebook and Twitter?” His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head.

“No……why, what have they been putting?” You went to the couch and grabbed your phone. You pulled up Facebook and the recent photo you put up of the two of you. Jensen had picked you up and was carrying you bridal style to your trailer after you twisted your ankle. Your arms were wrapped around his neck, and you both were laughing so hard when he picked you up, that your smiles were huge for the picture. Jared had been the one to take it.

“Here.” you handed him your phone. He was reluctant to look at first, but he was definitely curious on what the fans were saying. He saw the picture and smiled. Then he started reading the comments.

OMG! They are so cute!!

Those two are my OTP!

Are they even together? If not, they need to be.

Wait….Seriously, are they together?

No, not that I know of.

Oh come on! This needs to happen!

Right! They’re perfect!!

Their kids would be so freaking adorable

It just kept going, pages and pages of how they thought you were the perfect couple. He looked up from the phone and caught your gaze.

“What….” it took him a second to find the right words. “This is a good thing Y/N. Obviously we have the support.” he lifted the phone and waved it as if to show you something you haven’t seen.

“It’s not the support J. It’s what happens if we don’t work out. You and Jared would probably barely talk. We would be all over those magazines and newspapers with fake fights that we would supposedly be having. Then are fans would be heartbroken……and worst of all……” you had to stop. The tears were about to break through the dam and your chest began to hurt. Jensen could see you struggling, so he walked up to you and grabbed your shoulders.

“What? Worst of all what Y/N?”

“I would…..I would loose….my…best friend.” you broke. No sobs or anything, just tears, tears freely slid down your face. Jensen’s eyes started to fill with tears, knowing that your worst fear was also his.

“Y/N, look at me.” he put his hands on your cheeks and wiped away the tears. “You could never loose me…..never.”

“What if…”

“No! No what if’s. Y/N, I love you, and that feeling has only grown in the last couple weeks. I don’t want to loose you either, but everything you just said, is what would happen if we didn’t work out.”

“It could…”

“Yes, it could happen. Could. I’m not saying don’t think about what would happen if we didn’t work out. You’ve always looked at every possible outcome for things, that’s who you are, I can’t change that. But let me ask you this………why don’t you look at the outcome, of what would happen, if we did work out. Because Y/N, you can’t make everyone happy. I know you try, you love making everyone else happy, but in the end, that’ll kill you. It’ll take you down. You need to be happy too. You need to ask yourself, what do you want, not, what does everyone else want, what do they want to see. What do you want.” You looked into his gorgeous green eyes and tried to calm yourself down.

“Just think, our fans would have their wish, and they would gush about us like crazy. The paparazzi and the press would plaster everywhere “Supernatural: The Set Of Love” or something stupid like that.” You chuckled. “and Jared, god Jared…. he could officially become my annoying little brother.” You laughed, it made him smile to get something out of you other than just tears. “And then there’s you. I would have the most beautiful, talented, overly caring and loving women in the world. The woman that makes my heart race, and leaves me gasping for air. The women that sticks by my side no matter what…….my best friend.”

Your cheeks are soaked with tears at this point.

“I’m scared.” your voice was weak and shaky. His hands were still cupping your cheeks and he smiled.

“I’m scare too.” he leaned his forehead against yours. “But I’m more scared of loosing you….loosing this.” he squeezed your face lightly. “We can do this. We can do this together. I know we can. Because I love you so much, and I will never give up on us. I promise you that.” he wiped away another tear. “So are you with me? I can’t do this if your not with me.” You starred at him for a long moment, still scared, but then you nodded against his forehead.

“I’m with you.” He smiled and then crashed his lips against yours. For once in a long time, you felt invincible.

Part 9

Random AU prompts

1) “I am a ballet dancer and I see you every time I perform in the first row and there are flowers in my room everytime I perform when will you finally introduce yourself”

2) “I am an actor/actress and I was signing autographs and then I smiled at you and you fainted oh my god I’m so sorry, let me apologize and buy you a cup of coffee, at least?”

3) “I was on my way to work and some asshole - aka you - caused traffic jam and I yelled at you but then I saw you at work and you are my new boss hole shit pls don’t fire me”

4) “I was hella drunk last night and you came by to cheer me up, and why you are acting so weird wait what do you mean I sexted you”

5) “I am the only adult on the children’s playground and here you are, looking too young for being a parent, playing with your kid and a puppy can I please pet your puppy I am so bored”

6) “When we were kids, we promised that we’ll never fall in love with each other and save our friendship, but here we are, ten years later and you are looking so freaking gorgeous oh hell I think I fell in love with you”

7) “You have a twin sibling and I always fuck up and can’t distinguish who is who please stop doing that this is not hilarious”

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Adrien turns into a cat(blond) due to an Akuma(famous rich boys are turning into animals) and Marinette found him. But he slowly is starting to like the idea of being Mari's cat (part of the transformation is going into the animal's mindset)

a cat is no angel [miraculous ladybug, ladynoir] 

Summary: Adrien gets turned into a cat, Marinette adopts said cat, Plagg just wants cheese, and Tikki just wants some peace.

Word count: 2.8k

A/N: This was supposed to be a nice short fill, but plot happened so it was supposed to be a long oneshot. But then I’ve got exams right after break so I’ll be posting this as chaptered to give myself some peace of mind. 

Part 1/3 [also on AO3]

“You know,” Adrien says while scanning the list of missing pets tacked on a corkboard. “If my father ever finds out that I’m at a police station right now, I’ll be grounded forever.”

No response. Just the slightest rough exhale that Adrien would hopefully call a snort. He looks sideways at Ladybug. To a casual passerby, there doesn’t seem to be anything off about her. Her expression is all business, her lips pursed as if she is concentrating on something significant, but through all the time that Adrien has spent with her, he now notices the tense line of her shoulders and the way her hands twitch as if she’s resisting the urge to clench them into fists.

He resists the urge to sigh on his part. So they’re still ‘not talking’. Fine by him. He petulantly crosses his arms and turns back to the list.

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Poly Cool Kids, Rupphire, and Poly Gems: A Double/Triple Date

Jenny hadn’t meant to tell Steven. It had just slipped out when Kiki had insisted that she was free for the night. Which wasn’t true, she had been planning on going out with her boyfriends to watch the new movie. He had been so naive and innocent, asking if they were going as friends, and she hadn’t really meant to scoff at him. Not really, no, because it was kind of mean and she had ended up explaining what they were going as before she knew it, and he had smiled this huge smile with stars in his eyes before he had run off.

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Gintama 30 Day Challenge

Day 13 - Favourite Pairing = GinZura

I could write a lot about them. I mean, yes, they are my Gintama OTP but it’s not just about it here. They have amazing friendship (even if they won’t admit it). They know each other since they were kids, fought together during war. After that Gin and Zura went seperate ways but still they can rely on each other when the situation requires it. They are always teasing, always arguing, but there is so much more behind it if you look closer.

bird’s-eye view. (a birdflash mix) by speedoflight

listen [here]

a mix for the dorky bird and the dorky speedster that tags along with him.

Starts off with fluff, then progressively the songs induce feels.

1. ain’t nobody (loves me better) feat. jasmine thompson - felix jaehn                 //captured effortlessly
      that’s the way it was
      happened so naturally
      i did not know it was love//    

2. domino - jessie j                                                                                                       //i can taste the tension like a cloud of smoke in the air
     now i’m breathing like I’m running cause you’re taking me there
     don’t you know? you spin me out of control//              

3. stop - spice girls                                                                                                   //stop right now
     thank you very much,
      i need somebody with the human touch,
      hey you you always on the run,
       gotta slow down baby, got have some fun.//

4. bird’s eye view - natalie holmes                                                                         //and i won’t go, I’ll never go without you.                                                                     i’ve been waiting a very long time for you,                                                                   i’ve been waiting, and now I see us from a birds eye view,                                         me and you.//

5. say it, just say it - the mowglis                                                                                 //i will take your side
      you make me feel like i’ve been waiting my whole life
      and i could die
      to find that simple kind of love
      you can’t deny//

6. when we were young - benjamin dunn & the animal orchestra                          //yeah we remember when we were younger
     and all that we wanted was each other//

7.  to the sky - owl city                                                                                              //chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery//

8.  boomerang - lucy schwartz                                                                                  //i’m immune to the symptoms of romantic affliction
       but i’m trying to see light//

9.  don’t mind me - walking on cars                                                                             //i was just thinking of you
      i feel alive inside, oh finally, i feel alive inside//                              

10. heart vacancy - the wanted                                                                                     //i hear your heart cry for love,
      but you won’t let me make it right.
      you were hurt, but i decided,
      that you were worth the fight.//

11. if i let you go - westlife                                                                                        //but if i let you go i will never know
      what my life would be holding you close to me
     will i ever see you smiling back at me?//

12. night glo - foxes                                                                                                 //hear the noise, tonight.
        you’ve burned out your light.
       breathe you in, hold you down.
       you don’t have to tread the line.//

13. come to this - natalie taylor                                                                                 //will you hear me when i speak?
      do you feel the pain with me?
      i tried to be so strong
      i thought that hope would come
      but you’re not here//                      

14. give it all - train                                                                                                        //i see faces everyday, they’re looking at me in a way as if to say
       if you only knew, you wouldn’t last a day in my shoes
       and i suppose that’s true
       i have a lot, maybe too much, but//      

anonymous asked:

yoongi jealous over jimin >>>>


yoongi is so possessive in general (it doesn’t even surprise me anymore when he gets jealous), and it’s literally the cutest thing in the world

also all these gifs aren’t mine and i downloaded them v long time ago, so credits to whoever made them.

just look at him here, getting jealous because of a robot (!!) he looks so offended.

ok, i find this one actually sooo funny. he looks like one of those cute 5 year-olds kids that get mad when their best friend/lover give something to someone else.

how rude, jiminie,,

and here, ladies and gentlemen, we have an exasperated yoongi, turning jimin to face him instead of namjoon.

but let’s not forget that in every strong relationships (friendship or more), jealousy walks in both ways ;)  

just to point out that yoongi really don’t like when we get too close to the ones he loves.