otp: henry has two mommies

We Need To Talk About Henry (Part One), Emma/Regina, NC17 (overall)

One death during The Miller’s Daughter just wasn’t painful enough, quite frankly, so another major character will be biting the dust.

We diverge from canon at the moment Cora’s heart is returned to her body, and this time not by Regina’s hand. What happens from there leads to a new Dark One, a family in turmoil and new alliances being formed to protect the most important person in all of their lives. Hey, like Hillary Clinton said: it takes a village. Slow-burning but definitely a Swan Queen story, so hang in there with me. I’ll update just as frequently as I can.

This is an AU requested by the lovely thewhitestars. The title is a nod to the excellent novel by Lionel Shriver, ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’.


Ok so this how my Swan Queen brain see this… Adam pretty much said that Regina and Emma are Henry parents. As in Henry has two mommies as in Swan Queen is real! Which makes total senses since Regina’s the dark and Emma’s the light!  

So there is really no need for Neal… he can go now!!!

also credit goes to who ever put this up at facebook

I know Tinkerbell knows Regina is one of Henry’s mothers but does Pan? 

He’s mentioned Henry’s Mom and Dad being Emma and Neal when taunting Henry but makes no mention of Regina. Does he know? 

Or does he just not care? 

I know Henry loves both Emma and Regina and has made reference to both his mothers coming to get him. 

So to me his becoming a Lost Boy over the fact that his Dad’s dead and Pan telling him Emma isn’t coming didn’t really add up. We know he believes in Regina and Pan hasn’t done/mentioned anything to belittle that faith. 

So either:

a) Pan doesn’t give two shits about Henry having two moms. 

b) Henry never really had faith in Regina (I will cry if this is true)


c) complete failure of OUAT logic

(C I believe is the frontrunner)

Swan Queen, always & forever

So between work, life & travel I had to take a break from posting…I think my heart & mind were grateful as well in order to sort out the deep, raw, intense feels I have for Swan Queen and how the last eps went down. I haven’t had an opportunity to read many posts by fellow awesome Swen so I won’t pretend that I’m rediscovering the wheel here, so if you can kindly bare with me I’ll lay it out like this:

- Emma & Regina, the Sheriff & the Mayor, the Savior and the ex Evil Queen, Henry’s two moms will ALWAYS be my OTP.  I have never been as affected by the relationship/dynamic/connection/story between two characters as with Swan Queen; from confrontation & revenge, to respecting, trusting, caring, protecting, defending, sacrificing & loving each other, these two have gone through it all (well almost). I will continue to celebrate, cherish and enjoy every single moment that contributes to this amazing & unique story.

- the show has SERIOUS problems in how they’ve relegated the core characters & stories to promote only one; and this character in particular has shown since the beginning so troubling traits it’s hard to stomach. What’s even worse is that this character & the “relationship” it portrays is romanticized and attempted to be presented as love. I’ve already commented on the numerous issues I have vs Captain Toxic, and I will continue to point out how that “relationship”, in light of Emma’s & Regina’s dynamic is a shell - pointless, unoriginal, unhealthy & tedious (forest hobo is not that far away in terms of the obnoxious “drama” they have created between a useless character & more complex one that impacts in a deep & meaningful way the rest of the cast is a waste of talent, time & creativity).

We still have a while to go until the show comes back….regardless of what the producers, writers & actors say I think it was very evident that an important % of the fanbase has last touch with the story & are very tempted to stop watching. Come what may, I do feel it’s been very important that in different forums & media we are expressing our opinions, our concerns, our interests (more POC, diversity…) and dislikes with certain (a lot) of aspects of the show. I have always favored a more positive & constructive approach - highlight the awesomeness of Swan Queen (in my case) vs other aspects I dislike, but I won’t shy away of speaking my mind. 

Thank you about the comments, questions, confessions & rantings you’ve shared with me in the last days…I’m here if you need an ear or to bounce off some ideas. Now let’s grab some apple cider, read some awesome Swan Queen fiction & merry away!!

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