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ya lit meme » {8/?} pairings: delilah bard x kell - a darker shade of magic

“He wanted to kiss her.

But she kissed him first.

The last time—the only time—it had been nothing but a ghost of lips against his, there and gone, so little to it, a kiss stolen for luck.

This was different.

They crashed into each other as if propelled by gravity, and he didn’t know which of them was the object and which the earth, only that they were colliding. This kiss was Lila pressed into a single gesture. Her brazen pride and her stubborn resolve, her recklessness and her daring and her hunger for freedom. It was all those things, and it took Kell’s breath away.”

But GUYYYYYS Rollo is lingering! He is touching her hand and is pausing just for a moment there!

And the way Gisla asked. She asked about three things.

What is more important?

  • Their marriage (aka HER for him)
  • His position of power.
  • His Viking soul

And Rollo is taking his bracelet (Viking Soul) and gives it to HER. THAT SAYS IT ALL.

And for a man so unrefined and brutal when he fights he is sure extremely gentle and sensual at the way he is touching her hand.

And I know I am trying to be reasonable and calm but…


Also can you imagine the people in Paris? Their lives depend on Rollo and Gisla at this point and let us count.

Gisla: I hate him, he disgusts me. I want to vomit.

Rollo: Hello!

Gisla: swears and spits on the guard that brought her kicking and screaming to her husband.

Rollo: Takes out his shoes like a five year old.

Gisla: All Hail the knives.

Rollo: lol Goodnight wifey.

Rollo: Nice pillow btw. MINE!

Gisla: Get your feet off me!

Gisla: I will cut you!

Rollo: stop tickling me go to sleep….falls asleep…

Gisla: How dare you.

Rollo: Throws coins to a plate. Life is hard man. And btw sign language ftw!

Rollo: Should I also use Loreal with that hair?

Gisla: Points and laughs at the first extreme make over of her husband. Girls girls look look look ha ha ha

Rollo: Gets up in the royal table and fights with his bride in front of everyone.

— Father in Law in the middle lol —

Gisla: Gets up in the royal table and fights with her heathen in front of everyone.

Rollo: More yelling.

Gisla: Throws wine on his face.

Rollo: next step …Pulls her pigtails!

People of Paris: The Vikings are coming and five year olds are ruling us…we are doomed O_O

P.s: Meanwhile Rollo finds a very interesting lace ribbon in Gisla’s night gown lol


I have no excuses for this but I just could not resist! lol

Please watch in 720p HD and…enjoy. I hope lol