otp: hello

HELLO everybody!

Over the next couple of months or years I’m going to be posting up a bunch of clips that might look something like this. I want to play with different mediums and compile them all in the end to make one great big HELLO HELLO HELLO clip! I want diversity, so that’s where you, strangers all over the internet come in!


Email it to: hellomelaphantastic@gmail.com


  •  I want a few clean takes of “Hello” and one of “Hi”
  • Keep your clip under 10 seconds
  • Interpret this however you’d like. I will too. You can send your normal voice or a cartoony one. It can sound moody, or silly or whatever! Bonus points for kids and elders.
  • Remember to add your name! I’ll want to credit you.

I can’t wait to roll these out over the next couple of months, so do it! Do it! Do it!

Introduction post!

🌹🌼 Hello Tumblr community! I’ve been here for a little while now but i haven’t written an introduction post yet so I thought it was time now. 🌸🌵

☉ My name is Barbara. ♀

☉ I’m 18 years old

☉ I am from Los Cabos, Mexico.

☉ My native language is Spanish.

☉ I speak English. I am fluent, understanding as fluent not to be perfect but being able to communicate and express my ideas in a real time situation.

☉ I speak French, I am somewhere between intermediate and advanced. I understand if I read and I can write to communicate my ideas; I have to work on my accent and solve that piece to become fluent.

☉ I’m beginner in Italian.

☉ I want to learn German next, then Portuguese.

☉ Where I live it is super hot ALL the year, we don’t really have “winter”. It is super sunny and hot ALL the time.

☉ I like snakes, I find beautiful the colors of their skin.

☉ I love nature! I love to explore and discover something different.

☉ I like photography, I’m not good at it but my boyfriend is the best.

☉ I love to study languages. I love to memorize new vocabulary and grammar. I loveee grammar!!!

☉ I study languages at college. And honestly it is super bored because the program only manage French, English and Spanish and I already speak those languages! But my classmates don’t.

☉ I’m an English teacher, it’s a practice for me and a way to get some money.

Some of my favorite tumblrs: ❤ @les-langues-sont-ma-vie @lefrancaisetvous @lemonadeandlanguages @langsandlit @italianlangblr @funwithlanguages @french-official @bonjourfrenchwords @languageloveaffair @studyfrench @spanishsecondlanguage @strugglingtofrench @bonbonlanguage @ladybaguette @lullabystudies

If you’re a langblr and you’re looking for someone to practise please contact me! I’d love to.