otp: heffalump

So i was watching Pooh’s Heffalump Movie with my adorable nephew (who wasn’t really paying attention to is >U<) and my sisters! I actually watched this movie in the theaters (2005) and i fell in love with purple elephants since that day!

  Hahaha, so back on to topic. When watching the movie, I decided to draw Heffalump on my tan paper (strathmore)! Maybe in the future I will draw him again… Dunno, i’m not sure ^c^

  “Who is your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?”

  Mine is Heffalump!!!

  Well I hope you guys will have a good day and~



this was on disney jr. today. talk about flashbacks. 

so some kid lost his toy heffalump in my town

so some legend gave it a wash and set up a facebook page for it

and every day they update it saying that he’s hanging out with his friends

or eating cereal

or doing some learning on how to survive in wild if he’s lost again

help I swear this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen