otp: he's on my mind the most

steve rogers has exactly zero chill when tony stark’s involved, the proof

he just can’t stop thinking about how awesome tony is (Tales of Suspense 1994)

but then it goes downwards. they meet to talk things out and yet, (Casualties of War)

i mean the world is ending, no big deal, but tony (Avengers v5 043)

but that’s because tony hurt him (Avengers v5 029)

tony really hurt him (Avengers v5 029)

well the last time they divorced over illuminati, tony tried to apologise, and… (Avengers v4 009)

to be fair, it is after civil war, and during CW… (Civil War 007)

he also wasn’t particularly chill after turning himself in, because tony didn’t agree (The Confession)

you think evil steve would have some chill? HE’S EVEN MORE EXTRA (The Oath)

he totally doesn’t love tony like the weak good steve! he just HAS TO KILL THE REAL TONY!!! IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT (Secret Empire 006)



Unexpected skills that each MBTI type has (based on personal experience)

ISFJ: Brown belt in karate (second highest after black)(and has beaten up an ESTP and the ESTP is stil VERY VERY scared of ISFJ)

ISTJ: Can improvise and smoothly talk their way out of anything they want (once a teacher was about to give the group extra work (a month’s worth) and ISTJ talked her way out of it and the rest of the group (ENTJ, ESTP, ESTP, INTP) was staring at ISTJ with their mouths open)

ESTP: piano progidy!! like when he was 12 he was doing GRADE 7 work and has won like a billion piano competions and stills says hes not that good

ENTJ: a TOTAL idealist!!! wants to make the world a better place through his work!

ESFP: black belt in karate. works her ass off and does karate every evening. also revises for tests the most thoroughly in the year.

ENFP: when shes set her mind on something she will not stop and nothing will stop her.

ENTP: has a photographic memory and im not kidding. mentioned my favourite cake flavour was red velvet once and on my birthday he bought me a red velvet cupcake. 

INTJ: ULTIMATE FANBOY. he knows every fandom inside out and has a trillion OTPs. will not stop talking about how gr8 they are together.

INFJ: Actually really extroverted and fun-loving!!! can party harder than both the Se doms put together when she wants to!!!

INTP: really good at executing revenge plans. made someone who kept stealing from him cry and even the ISTJ + ESTP smarts thought it was another person (who INTP also hated) and everybody thought it was the hated dude until INTP revealed it was him. nobody was annoyed at him tho bcuz he had good reason, so i guess theyre good at winning ppl over too?

ISTP: master poet. writes emotional poetry which flows really well. uses it as a way to convey emotions which he has trouble explaining or expressing.

ENFJ: best chef! can cook anything. she’ll add things without measuring while also garnishing another dish and they’ll both taste perfect! how does she do it?

ESTJ:  Can play the French Horn really well! hes better at music than maths or english or other stereotypical ESTJ subjects!


ESFJ:  Does gymnastics, skiing, swimming, athletics, basically is the best athlete in the year.

INFP: Has pulled a prank on EVERYONE. theyre not even funny (she put a fake spider in my bag, and when ‘stoic ISTJ’ screamed it was apparently funny)(also it was the only time Ive screamed in front of the class so it was even funnier to her)(shes the only one who finds them funny tho)

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I've noticed you like kevin/aaron do you mind sharing any headcanons about them as they're an extremely rarepair and most people hate aaron so I can't ask alot of people.

Ummmmm an opportunity to yell about my rare otp and how much I love Aaron Minyard?? Yes ??????
(this took so long, im sorry D: )

  • Kevin gets into arguments with the foxes a lot and he’ll just stop mid-sentence sometimes and gesture angrily at Aaron like “can you back me up please???” and Aaron just closes his laptop or whatever and goes to stand by his bf and opens his mouth like hes gonna say something to the others and then just shakes his head and pats Kev on the shoulder and leaves
  • Aaron is low-key a meme king and Kevin doesn’t really understand contemporary social media but Aaron trains him to respond to memes educates him, and if you listen closely you can hear Aaron whisper “and we’re roommates” into the darkness at 3am right before you hear a half-asleep Kevin snore loudly and yell “OH MY GOD, WE’RE ROOMMATES” and then the sound of a startled Nicky jerking awake and falling out of bed while cursing
  • Aaron is everyone’s first line of defense when it comes to his bf pushing health food on them. The two go shopping together and every time Kevin turns to look at something, Aaron scans the cart and pulls out anything that’s too green. They get to the check stand and Kev is like “I swear I grabbed an artichoke??” and Aaron is like “guess all that healthy shit isn’t helping your memory at all is it? We walked right past that stuff and you didn’t even stop to look, babe”
  • Aaron is the only person that Kevin trusts to string his racquet
  • you’ve heard of andreil sleeping facing each other, now get ready for Kaaron sleeping facing away from each other. Aaron always sleeps facing the wall with the blanket over his head because he got used to trying to block everything out when his mom would bring guys home or when she would get into these drunk yelling matches with Luther on the phone, and Kevin sleeps facing the room because he used to watch Riko sleep and wonder how the soft quiet boy became so hard and cruel,,
  • (tl;dr,,, Kevin and Aaron feel safe at night with the warmth and weight of the other against their back)
  • sometimes Andrew and Aaron both wear long sleeves and Kevin can’t 100% tell them apart, so he’ll casually sit next to one of them and the boy doesn’t say anything, seems to lean into Kevin a bit even, so he’s like “ah ok this one is mine” in his head, and then he goes to kiss his boyfriend’s cheek and a book comes flying from across the room followed by a glare and “IM Aaron, you asshole,”
  • Kevin starts to get up to go sit by the other twin, but a hand grabs his wrist and pulls him back down and the twin next to him goes “what the fuck, Andrew? He knows it’s me, he’s not stupid like Neil”
  • (Neil got as far as “yes or no” last week before Aaron realized what was happening and shoved him off the couch)
  • Kevin nods and cautiously puts his arm around Aaron(?), and Aaron turns to “kiss” Kevin but actually just presses his lips to his and mutters “retract your arm, you fake bitch, I know you couldn’t tell it was me”
The Glow of a New Sun: Part VI


“They’re books.” Amren pointed to the largest white stacked box. “I know you can’t carry them now, so I’ll have the boys deliver the gifts later.”

Nesta smiled at her tiny friend, who was luckily not a hugger. The hot sun did hurt her back, but she kept quiet about the pain. “Thank you.”

Helion was next to say farewell.

He didn’t embrace Nesta, either. He held her hands in his own and kissed the back of each. “You truly glow, my friend. Don’t forget that.”

“Will I be seeing you again? Will I see you before you return to your Court?” Too often were Helion’s visits cut short.

“I’m afraid I have some business to attend to.” He exchanged a quick glance with Azriel, whose stoic face turned to embrace and congratulate Cassian on the upcoming child. Rhys joined the twosome. His expression a masked ease that anyone who knew him could see right through.

Nesta’s face fell into a deep frown.

Helion placed both hands on her belly and promised, “When the child comes, I will be there. I will give it my blessing.” He gave a trademark smirk to Cassian and sauntered off to rejoin Lucien.

Feyre and Elain hugged Cassian and Nesta warmly. It wasn’t entirely unwelcome.

“Here,” Elain handed a gift bag to Nesta. Helion’s lacy gift, to be exact. “I don’t know if this will help. But maybe your day can end happily.”

Nesta’s eyebrows raised and Cassian had to bite his lip from holding in a laugh at what she was suggesting. Evidently Helion hadn’t scandalized her.

Elain ignored Cassian and continued, “Perhaps Feyre and I will visit you soon. Have a day together as sisters.” She was using her most charming and almost sing-song like voice. It was one of Nesta’s greatest weaknesses.

Nesta loved her sister’s company and wanted to say yes. But she currently couldn’t abide the thought of spending time with anyone but Cassian, so she simply nodded and turned to Mor. So ready to go home and rest.

Cassian gripped Nesta’s hand tightly and turned to Mor, taking her’s as well. “Thank you for this.”

“Of course.” Mor squeezed his hand. She was there after it happened. She couldn’t forget, either. She never would.

“Take us home, Mor.” Cassian and Nesta’s eyes never left each other’s. There was warmth, understanding, sadness. And so much love.




“Do you want to go to bed?” Nesta called from the bathroom. “Or eat first? I’m famished.” She always was. Thanks to the bond they shared, he was as well.

“If you want, I could make something for you.” Cassian removed the bands that had held his hair in place. Running his fingers through the ebony locks, he loosened the braided sections and let his hair down. The waves fell gracefully just past his broad shoulders. He hid his face in his hands and blew out a sigh. It had been a long day and he was ready for it to be over.

She attempted to tame her untameable curls and gave up quickly. “The baby is wanting bacon wrapped shrimp.” Looking in the mirror, she straightened the sheer collar of her newest lacy gift.

“Bacon wrapped shrimp? Is that so?” He couldn’t help but smile at that as he began to rub a cool salve at the edges of his wings that had become reddened by the sun. “That’s what the baby wants?”

“That’s what we want for dinner.” Nesta exited the bathroom and caught sight of her mate. Her breathing almost stopped at the sight. God, did she love him.

Grabbing one of his favorite books, she walked towards him. Careful not to trip on anything, though she couldn’t see her feet.

He looked up. His breathing did stop at the sight.

“Anything the two of you want…” He murmured as she reached forward. Tangling a hand in his hair, she massaged his scalp until he emitted a purr-like growl. Cauldron, did he love her. “I’m so in love with you, Nes.” He leaned his head in and kissed her exposed belly.

“I want to lay with you and read until we fall asleep.” Elain was right. The day had become more or less miserable. But it didn’t have to end that way.

He placed his hands on her hips, bringing her closer. “I would love to do that.” He kissed her belly twice more and rubbed his cheek against it. He loved Nesta so much. And he loved their child so much. He was certain the baby would be a girl and couldn’t wait to meet her. Couldn’t wait to fly with her, laugh with her, hold her.

Protect her. He would always protect her.

“Let’s go to bed, Cass.” Her eyes met his when he paused his randomly placed kisses and looked up. They were both exhausted.

Nodding in agreement, he stood. Carrying her to the bed they shared, he set her on her side gently atop the down pillows she seemed to like between her legs almost as much as she liked when he was between them.

He removed his shirt and pants, and crawled in next to her. Holding her close as they began to read quietly together.


“You’re breathing on my neck.” Her hand snapped up to rub away the gooseflesh that formed.

Blowing cool air through his lips, he chuckled when she shivered. “And you’re taking forever to finish this page. I swear our child will be full-grown by the time we make it to the end of this chapter.“

Perhaps not a gross exaggeration on his part. She was distracted. She was a whirlwind of thoughts and power that dangerously threatened to be released. And she was exhausted.

“Sorry.” A one-word response. He hated one-word responses. And for good reason.

Marking the page, he softly closed the book. “We should rest. It’s been a full day.” Nuzzling his face into the back of her neck, he inhaled his favorite scent.

Nesta fidgeted with the dark grey sheets. Her eyelids drooped. But still she asked, “Cassian?”


“I noticed a flinch- a moment- between Helion and Azriel. I know it’s unspeakably hard for him, too… What happened.” Not a question, but an observation. Neither Cassian nor Nesta could forget or ever repay what he did for them after it happened. The piece of himself he had to sacrifice to do what needed to be done.

“Nes. Please don’t worry about my brother.” She needed rest. The anxiety and melancholy she inadvertently sent down the bond clashed with his own. “Azriel is fine. If he isn’t, he’ll tell me soon enough. Or he won’t and I’ll just beat it out of him anyway.”

“Okay.” She conceded, her voice thick from drowsiness. “I’m drifting now.”

Kissing her cheek, he promised, “I’ll join you.”

But he wouldn’t for a while. Not with the memory that wouldn’t stop replaying in his head.

A memory of a very different time. Long ago when there was Nesta, a book, and him.


Approximately 29 years ago. As Cassian’s memory vividly recalls.


Nesta sat hunched over on a chaise in front of a window that overlooked the beauty of Helion’s springtime cottage grounds. A book lay opened in front of her. She stared, but did not seem to be reading any of the words. Cassian tried to be observant, but not hover. There was a very fine line on her bad days.

“Nes? You’ve been on that page for over an hour.” He walked over and knelt beside her, attempting to hide the jar of gelatinous ointment in his pocket. “Are you going to read it?” He wondered if she could lift the book herself. If this was a bad day, she could. If this was a hard and bad day, she couldn’t.

Her fingers curled around the page in question. Closing her eyes, she took a deep, ragged breath. Within seconds the book yellowed, then shriveled, then turned to dust. “Read it.”

He snorted, unamused. “Cute.” Lifting the jar from his pocket, he revealed that they were about to begin one of her least favorite parts of each day. She groaned at the sight of the goo. “Are you going to be stubborn with me today? I could always get Azriel to do this.“ Azriel was the one who helped with her cheeks. His fingers more slender than Cassian’s, which made it easier for him to gently apply the ointment on the lines that ran approximately three inches long across her jawline on each side.

She frowned at the thought, and gave an obligatory nod to inform him that she would be compliant. Turning her body, she required his help. “P-please,” she stammered, gesturing to the loose ties on her back. It wasn’t much of a dress, but it was the best Rhys could do. Nesta was grateful to have something to wear that didn’t make her back swell at the friction.

Cassian loosened each tie and carefully removed the shoulders of her top, taking it off entirely. Placing it at her side before opening the jar, she remained silent. He tried not to gawk at the sight of her from behind.

Dipping his fingers into the mixture Elain had concocted, Cassian rubbed it between his calloused hands.

“I’m going to start now,” he informed her. The mixture wouldn’t fully heal the scars. Like Azriel’s, Nesta’s would never fully fade. But it would help smooth and soothe her skin. Any way to alleviate any of her pain, Cassian was willing to try. “It’s not too cold. I promise.”

She said nothing, so he began to lather. It had taken weeks of practice for Cassian to master the technique. It had taken weeks for her back to heal to a point in which she wouldn’t need bandages. He didn’t miss those bandages. He didn’t miss rewrapping​ them after the healing wounds were torn open from her thrashing in sleep from night terrors of what happened.

Her body noticeably tensed when his fingers neared her spine.

“I know, sweetheart. I’m almost done.” He counted their lucky stars just the lower half of her back that had been burnt and not the entirety of it. He’d remembered seeing it raw and bloody when she laid on a table beside him being healed. His broken back had been nothing in comparison to her shattered body. “Why don’t you tell me about the book?” He asked in the most gentle voice he could.

“Can’t.” The words of the stories reeled in her mind- a temporary distraction from her ongoing agony. She wished it was a day that she could speak to Cassian- to anyone. She would’ve told him about the heroic characters, and the long chapters at the end of bliss and calm and love.

But today wasn’t a good day.

It was a hard day. It was a bad day.

“Can’t or won’t?” Her back sheened and he decided one coat would be enough for today.

“Too hard!” Her body shook in a sudden and broken sob.

Cassian was immediately at her side, cradling her in his arms. “I’ve got you. You’re here. You’re with me.” Smoothing her hair and kissing her forehead, he then looked into her tear-filled eyes. “Is it-” He didn’t want to finish the question. The answer was clear. He felt it screaming down the bond.

Nesta nodded and closed her eyes.

“Are you leaving again?” Cassian attempted to keep his voice even. “You don’t have to go there, Nes. I know how hard it is. I know-” Tears fell down his cheeks at memories of the events that led them to this point. “Remember I’m with you, okay? Remember that you’re here.”

Shaking her head, she momentarily put pure terror in his heart.

Wrapping her arms around him and pushing with as much feeble force as the bad day would allow, she hoped he would understand what she was unable to say with her words.

He did.

Leaning their bodies back, he got them into “their position.” Her legs around his waist, face hidden in his neck… He minded her back and instead held her thighs, rubbing small circles with his thumbs.

“You’re gonna stay with me today?” He whispered. He didn’t want to upset her, but he had to prepare if bad was going to turn worse. He had to know if he was going to need Rhys to assist him in guiding her back. He had to know if he would need to send for Helion to assist in healing her. It was his turn to tense- to mentally prepare himself if she began screaming about Him again.

As much as she could manage, Nesta puckered her lips and kissed his neck. “Sleep, Cass.” Even in the state she was in, she could feel his need to be comforted- no matter how hard he tried to hide his anger and anguish from her.

“That sounds nice.” He had barely slept for weeks. “I’ll join you.” In their position, she quickly drifted into slumber.

This time, he joined her. He appreciated the peaceful moments and savored each one.


Home. Present day.


Cassian looked down at Nesta.

He smiled when she yawned, her mouth forming a perfect pink “o.“

When his eyes found her belly, he felt peace wash over him.

Elain had been right, he thought. As usual.

With his wife and mate safe and sound, and their healthy unborn child stretching it’s wings… The bad day had turned and ended perfectly.

Cassian laid his head down. Placing a hand on Nesta’s belly, he kept his word. Quickly drifting, he joined her in sleep.


I lose it at this line, tears building and wetting my eyes. Not because it’s from a favorite play or a favorite piece of literature, but because these words belong solely to him.
I stood in a wedding dress.
I stood right across from him, from that rising grin, and he whispered, So long as I may be living, I live with you. The strength of his vows beats inside my veins.
I reply what I replied nearly three years ago, “In spirit and in mind, I live with you.”

Dedicated to Shelby ♥

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Jared Kleinman

1: sexuality headcanon

That boy is gay. I have no doubts in my mind. 

2: otp

Evan/Jared (but only in a situation where they deeply apologize to each other for their actions and begin to actually speak to one another and have healthy communication skills!)

3: brotp

Jared and Alana!!!! I love them being friends!

4: notp

Jared/Connor. (I can’t imagine any circumstance where that would be even a little bit healthy, so…no.)

5: first headcanon that pops into my head

Jared blasts musical theatre songs–he loves Hair: The Musical the most–whenever he’s driving. He also unrolls all his windows, sings along at the top of his lungs, and dances along (as best he can while driving). 

6: one way in which I relate to this character

Using sarcasm to hide deeper feelings is an action I connect with very much!

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

Ahhhhhh that moment when he says, “Loving the new hair length, really school shooter chic” in that first scene to Connor, I cringe so hard. Jared…you’re better than that…please. Also whenever he says “family friends” to Evan, I’m just Yikes!

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

Problematic fave 110%

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Hey, so I was wondering, besides Jonerys, who do you think are the best GoT/ASOIAF couples

Ooh yay! I love this question!

Ok probably my favorite ship other than Jonerys is Gendrya. Gendry is so strong and kind and he and Arya mesh so well together. Because when Arya gets feisty and angry Gendry just takes it and throws it right back at her. Together they’re funny and sweet. Probably the purest pairing haha. I love the show!scene when Gendry calls her m’lady and I love the Acorn Hall scene in the books. It’s a travesty that the show denied it to us. 

Gendry will be coming back though this season and I am hoping that he and Arya interact in season 8. I just … I really need it ok?

That being said, I have to admit that the scene of Pod looking at Arya like she is literally the most amazing thing he has ever laid eyes on in the last episode really got me. So on the side I am really into the idea of Arya x Pod, too.

Pod is so desperate to become a good fighter, and Arya could teach him. And they could be sparring and she could knock him down or something and then they could have A Moment™.

It’s weird how immediately I latched onto that because Pod used to be the person I paired with Sansa as an OTP in my mind. I love the one book scene where they talk and he blushes a lot haha. He totally thinks she’s beautiful. It’s canon. And while Sansa has always wanted a brave knight (granted she’s probably disillusioned now), Pod has always wanted to be one. He would take such good care of her :’) He’s already dedicated the last few years to finding and protecting her … the fanfic writes itself. 

I also used to ship Sansa with Theon. I mean, how could you not after watching this scene? He was ready to die for her and they were just so sweet together idk. Especially when Pod and Brienne showed up, I loved how Sansa looked at Theon for his nod of approval before accepting Brienne’s fealty. And she seemed genuinely sad when he announced that he was going to leave to head back to Pike. 

Originally posted by deborah-woll

But I am not so sure now. This season is really making me doubt that Theon will ever be okay again, and I think Sansa deserves someone who can take care of her. Poor Theon can’t really take care of himself currently. :/

I also love Jaime x Brienne. Jaime is one of my favorite characters. Definitely top five. I’ve been getting more and more invested in him lately haha. Last episode definitely didn’t help. Anyway, I just love how when he’s with Brienne we get to see a softer and kinder side of Jaime, which I think is the real Jaime, the one who isn’t just doing everything he can to please and protect Cersei. Cersei is a toxic influence in his life and I feel like Jaime’s finest moments have either been with or influenced by Brienne. Trying to keep his oath to Catelyn, saving Brienne from the bear, deciding against violently attacking Riverrun, etc.

At the same time, Brienne is so wonderful and such an amazing character. She absolutely deserves love and to be loved by someone valiant and handsome like Jaime. I hate that she spends so long thinking she isn’t worthy because she isn’t like objectively pretty or whatever (that’s clearly book!canon because Gwendoline Christie is a goddess). And I do believe that they already love each other. Whether we see it become canon or not, Jaime loves her. No one will convinced me otherwise. 

Originally posted by brandonstark


Aside from these I have some crack ships that will never happen that are near and dear to my heart haha. 

I really enjoy Dany and Yara. They have both become these kind of ruthless, powerful badasses and I just imagine that it would be extremely hot?

And while there was a time when I would have laughed about this ship I have recently been dying over Jaime x Dany crack. Mainly it started when I read this fic which was recommended to me by a friend. It is so good you guys. So fucking good. Consider this an enthusiastic fic rec. (Don’t worry–Jonerys is OTP. Like I said this is my side crack lol).

But I would probably be down for almost any Jaime ship lately because I’m deep in a Jaime obsession. I mean, look at him.

Originally posted by dawnofthedusk

I guess I ship Jaime x ME lets be real I am thirsty hahaha.

And while I have these side ships for Dany I don’t have any for Jon weirdly? Idk I am a hopeless Jon stan. He is my perfect prince and as far as I’m concerned the only woman worthy of him is Dany. I can’t wait to see more of them!

My answer to this question was such trash. I apologize :P

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001 | sormik obviously !

(For this ask meme!)

When I started shipping it, if I did:

I actually resisted shipping them when I started playing Zestiria - the cues were there, I could feel the narrative slapping me in the face with it, but I resisted it anyway.  Why?  Because it was the one thing I assumed would never actually happen.  I mean, an actual canonical mlm ship in my favorite JRPG series?  Come on, that was never going to happen.  Hell, I did the opening hours of the game with two of my friends who knew my shipping tendencies and even they were giving me the “Are you shipping them yet?” look.  Real Life happened and schedules weren’t lining up either, and I ended up starting up a playthrough on my own, and I still resisted it … although my will to resist was crumbling a little after that lovely inn skit where Sorey calls Mikleo a babe.

Then I saw the second epilogue, saw that look on Mikleo’s face, gave up and jumped in with both feet because damn it, if that isn’t the look of someone reuniting with their long lost lover I don’t know what is.  And I’m a sucker for it.

(Rest of the answer behind a cut because someone sent me an ask for an ask meme about my OTP and we all know I drop walls of text whenever that happens)

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1 and 9, whatever fandom comes to mind

Mmkay, so I guess I’ll go with KHR, because it’s my main bae and I don’t get to talk about it nearly enough <3

1) What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

8059. Like I mean, I understand it I guess? Fandoms do seem to have a strange obsession with hateships. But like, it kinda grosses me out since I see their relationship as more of a sibling relationship. It’s definitely my number one notp in the series.

9)  Most disliked character(s)? Why?

SAWADA FUCKING IEMITSU. He can go die in a ditch somewhere. Like, there are so many fucking things wrong with this man, I can not even BEGIN to list them. But for those who aren’t in the fandom, this should be sufficient explanation to explain my burning hatred of this man:

(That’s his 15 year old son btw)

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Hi! Hope you a nice day. A thought popped in my head as I'm daydreaming of my OTP. Do u think Sasuke know how Sakura is so desired/admired by a lot of men? Did it ever slipped his mind?

It was a wonderful day, thank you! I hope yours was well :)

And yes! I do definitely think that this is something Sasuke thought about, and tbh something he still notices all the time. While once that would have bothered him a little because he knew most of these men probably deserved her much more than he did, I think these days it just makes Sasuke realize how lucky he is that she always chose him. And he feels proud of being with someone who is so vastly admired by not just men but like everyone

Like that’s his wife!!! And everyone wants her!! Everyone thinks she’s a badass and a saint and a hero!!! She punched a goddess in the face!!!! And she’s his WIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke Uchiha is #blessed to have her and he knows it. 

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Akatsuki no Yona for the ask meme

Originally posted by k3llyart

Ready? Here we go!

Fandom: Akatsuki No Yona

  • Favorite character: Hak
  • Least favorite character: Kan Soo-jin
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):
  1. Hak / Yona
  2. Because it needs repeating, Hak x Yona 
  3. Tae-woo / Lili
  4. Tae-jun / Stress  
  5. Argila / Kitties
  • Character I find most attractive: Hak
  • Character I would marry: HAK!
  • Character I would be best friends with: Jae-ha
  • A random thought: Is Lili the queen of her own mini girl harem? 🤔
  • An unpopular opinion: Shin-ha isn’t that hot
  • My canon OTP: Hak x Yona ❤
  • Non-canon OTP: Tae-woo / Lili
  • Most badass character: Hak
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: Shin-ha / Yona
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Kan Kyo-ga. He isn’t my favorite and there isn’t much wrong with character as it is, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more development of his character.
  • Favorite friendship: Hak / Jae-ha
So someone asks me who are the most romantic anime couples for me

hmmm….personally i prefer crack pairings like okikagu, alimor, yatori and eremika (my top favorite <3 ) but if you ask the “most cheesiest” for me, here are the top 5 anime couples that leave thousands of butterflies in my stomach: (sorry if it’s quite odd)

5. Teiichi x Yuko (Tasogare Otome X Amnesia) - I have to admit that i really like seme girls (don’t get the wrong idea lol, i mean girls who are much dominant in expressing their feelings) and horror/supernatural anime.  But this is not the only reason why I FEEL this pairing. I love the strong bond that they have on each other. The fact that Yuko is a 50 year old bishoujo ghost and acting like an overly attached girlfriend to Teiichi also moves me. At first i thought this was a harem type anime (since Yuko’s personality is similar to the girls on that genre), but then i realized that this couple is cute and pure. <3 <3 Their moments is really sweet too (especially on the last part oh my >////<)

4. Okabe x Makise (Steins Gate) - fine fine fine. i bet there are people who will disagree on this. Some even says that it’s not a romance anime. I agree on that but DAT EPISODE 22 and they made it on my list xD Anyway, it is actually just a typical love-hate-relationship. But what i like the most in this pairing is the good closure that they made on their feelings at the last part of the series. The movie also kills me with feels.  I even watched it several times //slapped.

3. Lawrence x Holo (Spice and Wolf) - If you’re much after on the romantic moments, this series may bored you. But mind you, just try to watch until EPISODE 4 and you will regret thinking of dropping this. xD This story focuses on Lawrence ’s work as a merchant and his travel together with Holo as well as their strategies on business. But then, aside from being amazed of Holo’s beauty and intelligence, i also started to love the romance developing between these two, how Lawrence easily get embarrassed on Holo’s advances and how he transforms from a confident business minded person to a man doing everything to fight for his girl. I’m not even contended on the second season!

2. Livius x Nike (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii) - the newest entry  and the most “awkward” couple on my otp list. I also read Bride of the Water God and Meru Puri (similar couple setting) and i also like those.  But on the both manga, the young boy can transform into a full grown man and that’s the only time that i have those fluttery feeling. Though it is not needed in this couple. THAT FUC*ING ADORKABLE 12-YEAR-OLD BOY IS TOO MUCH for me to handle all these feels. I really feel awkward at first because of their age gap (Since Nike is kinda like 18 and Livi is only 12) but then i start to ignore those differences and soon i find it cute for Nike to fall in love on a kid. This couple proves that it doesn’t always need a popular hot and cool guy for a shoujo manga to be romantic. HE CAN BE A KID TOO xD

1. Soushi x Ririchiyo (Inu x Boku SS) - “Ririchiyo-sama, Ririchiyo-sama..” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! <3 <3 Not kidding, but i think i already re-watched this series hundreds of times. Not to mention that i repeatedly plays back the last episode and Soushi’s GODDAMNED CUTENESS AND ATTACHMENT to Ririchiyo. If you’re searching for a romance-comedy anime with a hot guy then this is it. I enjoy every moments that these two have, even if it only just Soushi overacting and fanboying on Ririchiyo. Surely this pairing will be the most romantic for me.

Other couples that also makes my heart swoon:

6. Otani x Risa (Lovely Complex)

7. Nanami x Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

8. YuutaxRikka (Chuunbiyo)

9. Sousuke x Chidori (Fullmetal Panic)

10.  Banri x Kouko (Golden Time)

ruby-bae  asked:

beywheelz for the fandom ask.


5 favorite characters:
3 OTPs:
Sting/Jake is the questionable OTP
Other than that I’m not sure? I love Sho, Jin, and Leon’s relationship but I dunno who I would ship if any of them? Sho/Jin/Leon? Hmm..
Funniest character:
Odin living the infomercial life
Jake, by being ridiculous and outrageous
Prettiest character:
Matthew and Lucy are both pretty, especially as Leader A and Leader B, tbh
Most badass character:
My heart says Leon by my mind says Jin (especially when he randomly gets unexplained superpowers in Beyraiderz)
Also: Gigante,,, he makes me so proud
Character I’d like as my BFF:
Sho ;w;
he has so much enthusiasm and happiness
Character that’s ruined my life:
Ryan ruined all of our lives collectively
David and Gigante….
just the Dominators in general oh man

OTP (Stony) Artist Meme!

How do you draw your OTP (Stony)?

Surface pro :D

It made drawing convenient. I lay prone to draw on my bed sometime.
Moreover, I used PC to draw. My tool is Clip studio paint. A drawing comic PaintTool.

Who do you find more difficult to draw? Who is easier to draw?

Tony is most difficult, I can’t draw up Tony in my mind forever. He is

smarthandsomesexy and perfect. in contrast, other is easier, because I don’t care :D *To be hit by a shield.*

What’s Your Favourite Scenario to draw with your OTP (Stony?)

They hug on the fly. as like follow:

It‘s similar to Batman’s flight tool have Superman other than Batplane.
Ironman belongs to Cap’s flight tool :)

Favourite ‘verse/AU to draw?

AvAv. Clearly :D

Because the Game usually update and has new idea.

in addition, I’m a Game maker and Gameaholic :3
(BTW, I’m making a Game. So busy recently)

Least favourite/hardest ‘verse/AU to draw?

MCU after Civil War.

Because this Cap didn’t think Tony is his friend at all.

(You almost kill you friend and say “Oh, I’m so sorry! If you need, you can call me!” WTF?! It’s very very very unacceptable much!)

He is more illogical, ignore the larger issues and not even friend.

I’m even easier to accept he is a Hydra.

He is a magnificent commander at least.

What do you love most about drawing your OTP (Stony)?

Superfamily? Spidey is cute apparently~

I love to see they are happy in happiness.

Favourite Stony Art You’ve Done?

InsideOut AU :DDDD I draw finished laughingly.

I very love the animation and Tony Stark much.

Thanks tag me :3
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Me: You know, I’m not sure if Hiro and Ando are one of my favorite ships anymore.

My brain: Remember how Hiro spent most of the first season so desperate to be a hero and save the world, but when he learned Ando’s life was at stake he seemed more concerned with that then anything else? Remember how Future!Hiro was such a shell of who he used to be not because he failed the world but because he failed Ando?

Me: …okay never mind I love them and I’d do anything for them.

flaminkomage  asked:

002 Shouto Todoroki?

002 | Give me a character & I will tell you

How I feel about this character: I love everything about Shouto! He’s character design, he’s personality, how he interacts with other characters, just… I love him!!!! (Plus, he’s fun to write xP)

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Momo Yaoyorozu is the only one I ship, but I don’t mind any of his other ships!

My non-romantic OTP for this character: todo with Deku and Iida as best friends is one of my favorite things! Todomomo as amazing friends

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t think I have one? Besides preferring him and Deku as friends, I agree with most of the stuff I see about him

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I want Todo and his sister to visit their Mom and have it be on screen! I really want to know more about her, like her name, more about her personality, maybe finding out more about her and the other siblings relationships? She’s so important to Shouto’s life and I really want to know more about her!!!!


my cross over ship: don’t have one

a headcanon fact: Shouto is a really good swimmer. He started swimming as kind of a roundabout “eff you” to Endeavor, since he can’t use his flame side in the water but he can use his ice, but he genuinely liked it and now goes swimming whenever he can!

if-trash-could-speak  asked:

Rocket for the character thing?

1: sexuality headcanon: I think Rocket doesn’t really care about sex. Honestly, I’m not sure how to answer that because he’s a genetically modified raccoon. But I think he might be in the same situation as Peter, where he’s into sex for pleasure and not really anything else.

2: otp: Rocket and Groot (mostly in human AUs but sometimes not).

3: brotp: Rocket & Gamora/Peter/Drax/Yondu/Kraglin

4: notp: Rocket and Nebula

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Sometimes Rocket likes to mess with Peter and he’s been able to connect the Zune to the Milano’s speakers. He plays the most obnoxious pop/rap songs that he knows Peter doesn’t like. However, Peter will always get him back by dancing with Gamora to slow songs or be touchy/feely in his presence. Gamora doesn’t mind because she finds Rocket’s reaction funny.

6: one way in which I relate to this character: He’s a sarcastic, salty asshole, with a heart of silver. Not gold because he’d probably sell that shit in a heartbeat for units. He’d do anything for his friends.

7: thing that gives me second-hand embarrassment about this character: Whenever he does something heartwarming because you know he’s dying inside.

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Problematic fave, 100%.


  • Junhong: *drunk out of his mind* and I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because everyday you come home and you’re just, like, “What? It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate. We love each other.”
  • Daehyun: *also drunk* Wooo! He’s talking about me!"