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could you do the rest of the numbers with hal jordan?

Some of the numbers are here.

Most common argument?

The fact that Hal is so damn selfless. He would die for practically anyone and especially if you were also in the superhero business, which would mean that it would always be his priority to make sure that you’re safe. Most of the time he didn’t know exactly what he meant to you, so after he narrowly makes it out of a dangerous situation, you would most likely go on an hour long rant about how utterly stupid and clueless he was.

Favorite non-sexual activity?

Hal loves to take you flying with him, whether it be with his ring or on one of his planes. His favorite thing is feeling the wind in his air and always seeing the look of utter admiration and adoration as the two of you soared high above the city.

Who is most likely to carry the other?

Hal is! Most of the time, you two would be enjoying date at home, watching some cheesy movies with your head snuggled into his shoulder. After the credits are rolling, he would gingerly pick you up and carry you off to bed.

What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

As cliché as it sounded, you were in love with his eyes. The freedom that they always seem to hold whenever he came down from the high of flying or the absolute love that they held whenever he even glanced your way. He loved your lips, your pink lips that always seemed to kissable and lovely to him. In fact, he was practically putty in your hands as your lips trailed down his neck, placing sloppy wet kisses down to his collarbone.

What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

If it was even possible, Hal became much more protective of you, up to a point where you would practically have to pry him off of you to head off to work or even off to the supermarket. You, on the other hand, became much more flirtatious—attempting to drop even more subtle hints towards him, yet it took him a while to finally pick up your suggestions.

Nicknames? & if so, how did they originate?

You love calling him by his last name, before the two of you were even dating let alone on a first name basis, the two of you would use last names as a term of endearment. Now, it just continued as a running joke between the two of you. He loves to call you babe, baby, or sweetheart which he pickup around the base, while you called him honey, or babe.

Who worries the most?

It actually depends who has the mission that day. But, a majority of the time whenever you knew he had an intergalactic mission your fears started to get the best of you. You knew that he could obviously take care of himself, but at times he could be a bit reckless and unstable, without you being there to be the clear voice of reason, things could quickly get out of hand. Him on the other hand, fretted for your safety whenever you were on a mission with anyone other than himself, for he didn’t really trust anyone with your life other than himself.

Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

Neither of you do! You weren’t sure if it was the spontaneous part of the relationship, but whenever there was a rare occasion where the two of you went out to eat, neither of you are really picky on what to eat so you usually would order whatever the other ordered.

Who tops?

Hal does! Hal loves to have you beneath him as he presses kisses against your body, he loves to be in control and making sure you know exactly who was giving you this pleasure.

Who initiates kisses?

He does! Hal is the biggest fan of PDA and enjoys quick and surprise kisses. He is also the biggest risk-taker, enjoying some PDA while on a dangerous mission or under Batman’s watchful gaze.

Who reaches for the other’s hand first?

He does, while being a big fan PDA, he also liked the comfort of having you near him or touching you at all times. His favorite thing, his kissing your hand and giving it a little squeeze before either of you goes off on a mission. Other than that, he loved rubbing small circles on the back of your hand while on dates or just walking home together.

Who wakes up first?

You do! Hal is the deepest sleeper that you have ever met, and even after the alarm clock rings for the third time that morning, he still hasn’t woken up even once. Which was why, it has become one of your mandatory duties to get him and yourself off to work before the two of you are late, as much to your displeasure.

Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

He does, anything from having to go work or get out of bed. It takes a lot of effort, which includes practically dragging him out of bed, to promises of what could happen later that night he gets off to work. But if all your efforts seems to be in vain, a simple kiss on the cheek and a simple threat would push him out the door.

Who says I love you first?

You do! After a life-threatening mission, where he comes back practically half-dead, you accidently spit out and ‘I love you’ in a string of pleading for him not to die. Cheekily, despite being on the brink of death muttered out a confession back, before surely passing out.

Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?)

You do, since Hal can’t even manage to get up on time let alone make lunch and write notes, it becomes your way of reminding him of little things throughout the day. For example, if the two of you are going some place special after work, you could remind him of that on the note—of course, no note is complete without your signature ‘I love you’ and a heart.

Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

Hal does! It was kind of an accident, the morning after his date with you. He couldn’t help himself, so as soon as Clark asked about his night the story had already began to tumble out of his mouth.

What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

After getting over the initial shock, after all how was someone like him able to score a date with someone like you? But, nevertheless after a few quips and cringe-worthy jokes they were of course accepting. Barry even asking the two of you to join him and Iris out on a double date sometime.

Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?

Hal is! Being spontaneous was practically his game, so before you could even register what was happening, he would have already swept you into his loving embrace. A slow song would be playing throughout the apartment, and despite how terrible both of your dancing skills were, the two of you enjoyed your night nevertheless.

Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Neither of you! Whenever the two of you seemed to have a moment alone, from working as a superhero or your normal day job, the two of you had better things that you could be doing besides cooking. The kitchen was practically unused, except for the occasional time where the two of you couldn’t wait for the bedroom, most of the time you would order takeout or eat leftovers.

Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Hal does! That boy never knows when to keep his mouth shut, which is most likely why the two of you were never paired on assignments together. He would do anything to make you squirm, and especially when the two of you were in public, with his hand sneakily sliding up your thigh. Somehow, your flustered face and teeth gnawing on your lip did something to him, the two of you excusing yourselves moments later.

Who needs more assurance?

In a way, both of you do. Hal’s flirtatious nature seemed to cause some rifts between the two of you, sometimes causing you to question the affectation that you held so deeply for the brunet. While, despite him jumping on every pretty female in the room, he often thought that you were too good for him. You were everything to him, leaving him to ponder how he had gotten so lucky.

What would be their theme song?

Perfect by One Direction.

Who would sing to their child back to sleep?

Both of you would! While Hal usually isn’t the singing type, he would do anything for his child and especially for, anything to give you and him a few extra hours of sleep. Though officially, to you he would never admit what he does, but catching him a couple of times was enough for you.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Hal would call or text to ask about your day, or plan some spontaneous dates after work. Most of the time he would be with the Justice League, hanging with Kyle or Barry. You would be working, answering his phone calls or texts, or out patrolling with Diana or hanging out with Iris.

One headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart?

The fact that Hal would die for you, absolutely and no questions asked he would lay down his life for you. This ideology caused his reckless behavior and his thoughts to be clouded whenever you were in danger. While he was lucky enough to avoid being killed a numerous amounts of times, it was only a matter of time till his luck would run out.

One headcanon about this OTP that mends it?

You were his lucky charm, and if only he knew that you would never leave without him. Everything in your power you would do to protect him, the two of you together being the unstoppable team when together, the perfect couple and team. That way, neither of you would ever perish with each other at your side.

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Both Sara and Oliver have been trained by 2 members of the Al-Ghul family:

Sara - Nyssa and Ra’s.

Oliver - Talia and Ra’s.

However. During her 2nd (or is it technically 3rd) stint with the League of Assasins in Legends 1.09 Sara was so good she attracted the attention of Ra’s and he trained her pesonally. To the point where Sara’s achievements were pointed out to baby!Talia and she was told to learn from Sara.

Talia, who learned from Sara, later taught Oliver.

Sara Lance kidna sorta trained Oliver Queen.

Imagine your OTP...
  • I got drunk and climbed through your window and instead of kicking me out you tucked me into your own bed and closed the lights.
  • I just moved in and I caught you trying to prank me by rigging the front door of my house while I was walking to the front of my house.
  • On Halloween you tried to jump scare me but accidentally tripped over yourself and fell on me.
  • Bad pick-up lines(You’re on my To-Do List, If you were a booger I’d pick you first)
  • Wrestling over the remote. 
  • When I’m bored I poke you, pull on your hair gently, and sit on your lap, until you eventually you just grab my shirt and kiss me.
  • You left the window open and I can hear you raging about how difficult IKEA furniture are to put together.
  • I saw you kiss the cheek of your mom and tell her that you love her even though you definitely don’t look like the person to do that and most people would’ve been embarrassed to do that but you still did it and I though it was just the cutest thing.
  • The taller one in your OTP(Person A) grabs something out of Person B’s hands and holds it out of reach and while Person B is jumping trying to grab it Person A says that he/she needs a kiss for Person B to get it back.
  • We were both at this party and you were the designated driver but I was too drunk to give you my address so I woke up in your bed and commented on how you were way out of my league before realizing we didn’t sleep together AU

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29 for Merwin please?

one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart:

Not counting canon, you mean? Because that’s pretty damn heartbreaking …

Eggsy knows Merlin’s way out of his league. It doesn’t matter that he lives for the fond smiles and exasperated shakes of the man’s head during debriefs, or his long-suffering sighs when Eggsy does something stupid on a mission–which he does often, and he knows it reminds Merlin of Harry.

In fact, he’s almost positive that Merlin had a hard-on for Harry; the only time he’s ever seen Merlin with tears in his eyes was after V-Day when he gave himself leave to mourn.

And so Eggsy vows to never even let on that he’d like to get to know Merlin on a more personal level.

Once they find Harry, Eggsy sees those fond smiles aren’t just for him, and his heart breaks. He’s doing the right thing by letting Merlin and Harry be happy together.

Merlin, for his part, knows he’s too old for Eggsy. Plus, the boy’s too … too much for him. Too happy, too optimistic, too willing to put himself in danger if he thinks it’s right, and Merlin’s had more than enough of that in his life already, thank you very much. He’d had hair until he because Harry Hart’s personal handler, after all, and he’s no more to pull out over Eggsy.

He’d be better off with someone his own age, anyway.

But then Harry had come back from the dead, and Merlin’s heart broke again: Eggsy was obviously in love with his mentor, and Merlin would be noble and step aside so the two of them could be happy.

When Eggsy steps on that mine, Merlin knows that no matter the outcome he’ll die there. If Eggsy goes … well, Merlin was never as good in a fight as he’d wanted, and they needed to win this time. Even if he’d somehow survived the impending firefight, he’d not be living a full life knowing that Eggsy was gone. He took Eggsy’s place so that his best friend and the boy he loves might have a chance together.

Neither of them ever get up the courage to admit their feelings, and Merlin dies, Eggsy’s tearful smile the last thing he thinks of.

#1 Fic Week Masterlist (Sterek edition)

I think I’ll start documenting the fics I read. Ok, so I started from the last updated ones on AO3 and I found some pretty great ones. Go show some love to these amazing people who keep the fandom going.

(There’s an asterisk next to the ones I liked more)

Thank You For This Dance by matildajones for Emela (26/26 |  62,463 | M)

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

Its different, okay? by peachpetrichor (1/1 |  3,411 | G)

Stiles asks a question online, and Derek answers (with the wrong answer), and they both proceed to be huge dicks.

Keep reading

I imagine there was a time where looking at his reflection made England sick to his stomach, made his blood boil and forced him to look away. When everything started getting more and more beautiful. Fashion changed, colours brightened, patterns became more elaborate and buildings were carved and designed so that it took your breath away. Even his own people could keep up, but he couldn’t, and it was so painful to be completely aware that everything and everyone was out of your league.

France found out, and stayed with him for weeks just telling him how much he liked his eyes, how he’s grown up so handsomely, how he always looked like he was thinking about something intelligent or that his posture was impeccable or his smile brightened up his whole day.

Until England could look at himself and think these things too. 

ch 15 of bllb

aka adam is alone in the shop and ronan comes to visit.. what a chapter…. tbh i’m so upset… here we go

  • “There was no point telling himself not to fight with Ronan. They would fight again, because Ronan was still breathing.” my chest is going to collapse
  • skipping all of the cabeswater stuff and enter a scary monster nd my tiny angry gay creepy son ronan himself
  • adam tells ronan that he scared the shit out of him and ronan smirks? what a piece of shit grade school flirting technique is this?? “i scared you so bad that maybe you’ll need comforting i will comfort u with my mouth on ur mouth”
  • “I saw your shitbox in the lot on the way back,” Ronan said. “And I figured, anything to avoid Malory for a few more minutes.” lies blatant lies!! ronan ur pants r on fire
  • ronan comin to adam for advice about how to deal w greenmantle instead of gansey.. idk that feels so significant.. bc he knows gansey won’t want to get involved in something so messy but adam… after cabeswater, adam is a whole different kind of beast and ronan thinks two monsters are better than one
  • AND what ronan says in reference to researching greenmantle’s web: “Do it, then, for me.” woah woah woaH ronan is asking for help? like sincerely asking for help?? esp bc he asks adam, not gansey, not anyone else.. he asks adam bc adam is brilliant and incredible and i love him so much
  • and then adam’s response is basically fuck u i’m too busy which OUCH for ronan but i got u bb i know you’re trying to make that money 
  • they continue to argue about aglionby bc ronan thinks neither of them need it but adam is obviously like “uh… i’m getting into a damn ivy league do what you want just don’t drag me down w you” (again OUCH but yes bb get ur education)
  • “Well,” he said, “fuck you, Parrish.” 
  • after ronan leaves: “It felt safer, but also lonelier.” >>> after all of the “adam parrish was lonesome” shit, this means something. adam is not as lonesome w ronan around. i’m gonna die 
  • ALSO safer?? does being around ronan make adam feel dangerous? on the edge of something? out of control? 
  • manibus
  • manibu s for your hands
  • manibus for your ahnds?
  • manibsu 4 ur hanbds
the way i feel about you // a jeff’s pov jxa mix

i’ve never been able to get behind the idea of jeff as someone who thinks super freely about his feelings for annie. jeff winger is no hopeless romantic. he doesn’t spend his free time dreaming of spending his life with her. hell, he can’t even say what his feelings for her actually are.

and so i’ve created this mix for jeff “the way i feel about you” winger and the way his thought process on his feelings for /his/ girl annie edison progresses as he has a glass of scotch… or two, or three.

hem of your garment cake // out of my league fitz and the tantrums // everlong foo fighters // girl is on my mind the black keys // do i wanna know arctic monkeys // hannah hunt vampire weekend // take it easy the eagles // gravity sara bareilles         listen @ 8tracks


I used to go last and then Geno came in, and I said, “Oh do you usually go last?” and he goes, “Yeah,” and I go, “Ohhh,” like I wasn’t sure how to react like do you wanna do rock paper scissors here – what are we going to do? And then he goes, “Oh me three years superleague,” and I said, “What three years superleague?” So he’s talking about how he played in the Russian professional league for three years and I’d only played one year in the NHL.“ – Sid, on letting Geno walk out last.

Jensen X Reader- Tweet Tweet.

Request- Hi! I really like your blog and was wondering if requests are open? If they are could you please write me an image or drabble or something of Jensen finding reader in the bathroom or something similar when she has a mental breakdown. with a lot of fluff. - J

A/N- so I don’t really know anything about a mental breakdown. I’ve never had one, I don’t know anybody who has so I not going to right that anon I’m sorry. I’m going to adjust it just so the reader is really stressed and having a hard time dealing with it. I hope that’s ok.

Triggers: online abuse I guess.


“Jensen, I…”


“Dammit I said Jensen again didn’t I?” You asked.

“Yeah Y/N, you did, are you ok that’s like the 10th time you’ve messed up this scene and you never mess up.” Jensen asked you concern evident on his face.

“Yeah I think I just need a break.” You replied trying to brush off how you really felt.

“I’ll be right back.” Jensen said before walking over to Bob. You couldn’t quite make out what they were saying but you knew it was probably to do with you given all the gestures towards you.

“All right Y/N, go take a break for the rest of the day catch up on some sleep. We’ll Just film Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley scenes today, we can pick up again tomorrow and hopefully you’ll be feeling better kid.” Bob said to you and you nodded your head and left the set for your trailer. You didn’t want to say it but you really did need a break your head was just not with it today, You were far too stressed.

Your character Violet had been on the show since the pilot aired as Dean’s best friend and Bobby’s adopted daughter( her parents died on a hunt, she had grown up with the Winchesters.) Their relationship had always been strictly platonic with playful flirting. But on this new season their relationship has very obviously been heading towards something more. Most of the fans were ecstatic about this, they had been shipping Dean and Violet since the beginning, just like you; But others were not so happy.  

They had taken to social media, mainly twitter, to share their thoughts. Which mainly consisted of hate towards your character or even you. Sure you’ve had your fair share of mean comments in the past but this was so much worse. This had been going on for a few weeks, you had been able to ignore most of it. But since last night’s episode had aired where Violet confessed her feeling toward Dean to Sam it had gotten a lot worse. Fans had been saying things like ‘Y/N and Jensen would be a horrible couple, look how hot he is compared to her.’ Or 'eww why should she get Dean, just kill her off already.’  

These comments were really starting to get to you. Not that you had told the boys; You didn’t want them to know. You knew everything they were saying was true. But once they started commenting on you and Jensen instead on Violet and Dean you couldn’t take it. You’d had a crush on him since day one, and over the years that had developed into so much more. You were head over heels for the man.

You got back to your trailer and saw your phone going off with twitter notifications you had been tagged in a tweet. One of Jared’s you opened it up and there was a picture of you and Jensen with your arms around each other with big smiles on your faces saying 'Had a great day filming scenes with these two.@JensenAckles @Y/T/N. Most of the comments you could see were actually nice things like 'Aww they’re so cute together!!!’ Or ’ OMG!! OTP!!’. But you couldn’t help but notice the bad ones 'What does he even see in her’, 'why does she still work on this show’, 'she’s the worst character ever!! Just killer her off’, 'everybody would prefer the show if she was killed off’, 'omg he’s so out of her league’ but then there was one that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

'There is no way Jensen even likes her, he’s probably just pretending to for the cameras. He’d probably be physically sick if he had to film a kiss scene with her I know I would.’

That was all you could take before you threw your phone across your trailer, where it hit a picture frame which preceded to smash and fall to the floor next to the door, and you sank down on the floor hugging your knees close to your chest and breaking down into tears.  

You knew most of this was true. A lot of the fans hated you and you probably would be killed off. And Jensen would only ever see you as a friend; If he even saw you like that at all. That thought made you cry that much harder.  

You had no idea how long you had been sitting on the floor crying but now you were just sitting on the floor staring at nothing with silent tears running down your face. You were brought out of your thoughts by a knock on your trailer door, but you made no move to answer it. Instead you just continued to sit there crying hoping whoever it was would go away. There was another knock on your door and you still didn’t move.  

“Y/N it’s me open up.” It was Jensen. You still didn’t move hoping he would think you weren’t here and just leave, he couldn’t see you like this.

“Y/N, come on let me in or I’ll break in, and you and I both know I can do it.”

“Go away Jay.” Your request was followed by silence you thought maybe he had left, Until you heard the sound of metal scraping against metal and before you had time to move the door was flung open and Jensen was inside your trailer. He took one look around the mess in your trailer before he saw you sat in the corner obviously crying. He rushed over to your side and pulled you into his arms.

“Y/N/N what’s wrong.” You didn’t answer him, you just cried harder.

“Come on sweetheart, you know you can tell me anything.” When you still didn’t answer Jensen looked around your trailer and saw your phone next to the smashed picture frame on the floor. He went over there and picked up your Phone and typing in your password with ease and it opened up on twitter on that last comment.

He continued to scroll through some of the comments and your notifications he couldn’t believe what some of the fans had been saying to you.

“Oh Y/N/N come here.” he said before pulling you to your feet and wrapping his arms around you.

“Is this why you’ve been down for the last few weeks?”

“You knew something was wrong the whole time?” You finally spoke pulling back slightly to look into his eyes.

“Of course I did sweetheart. You’re my best friend I can always tell when something is wrong with you.” There is was again that word. Friend. That’s all you would ever be to him, you looked down at your feet pulling away from him fully before asking…

“Then how come you never asked what was wrong?”

“I figured you would come to me in your own time when you were ready, I didn’t want to push you. But when I saw how upset you were today I figured maybe I needed to remind you that I was here for you.” He said before putting his hand on your cheek and making you look at him.

“I know this is easier said than done sweetheart, but you just need to ignore these people they’re just jealous of you, and who wouldn’t be. They just hate ya 'cause they ain’t ya.” Jensen said with a chuckle. That made you smile as well.

“I Don’t know if I can Jay you don’t know what it’s like…”

“oh don’t I?” He asked with a raised eyebrow before passing you his phone. “open up any notification I dare you.” You took his phone before opening the first notification on twitter. Someone had Retweeted the picture of you to with the comment 'What make’s him think he’s good enough to get a girl like her, I mean just look at her.’ And by the look on Jensen’s face this was far from the first tweet he had gotten like this.  

“You mean you’ve been getting these messages too?” You looked at him and asked.

“Yeah and as much as some of the comments sting I know that they are just sad people who have nothing better to do with their lives than hate on people they’ve never met or don’t know. And why would something like that bother me when I’ve got someone as beautiful as you as my best friend.”

“Jared is pretty attractive.” You said with a smile causing Jensen to laugh.

“That’s my girl.” Jensen leaned over and wiped away the tears still on your cheeks and once again resting his hand on your cheek only this time he didn’t move it.

“You really are beautiful Y/N.” He smiled before leaning in stopping just short of your lips giving you plenty of time to pull away. You closed to rest of the distance . The kiss was short and sweet, both of you letting all your built up emotions into the kiss.

“Hey Y/N why is the lock on your door brok.. Oh my god!” Jared interrupted you both. You and Jensen pulled away laughing at the look on Jared’s face.

“What’s up man?” Jensen asked for you both.

“well Misha, Mark, Rob, Rich and I are going to a bar we wanted to know if you guys wanted to join us?”

“You up for it?” Jensen smiled reassuringly at you when he asked.

“Definitely, just give me 20 minutes to wash up and get changed and we’ll meet you guys by the cars.”

“ok.” Jared answered before leaving mumbling something like 'Like that’s all you to are going to do.’

“You sure you want to go out?”  

“Yeah I could use the pick me up, and I’m not gonna let some cowards online get to me.”

“God I love you.”

“You what?” You asked in disbelief.

“What you didn’t know? Jared says I’m obvious. And I was wondering if you would maybe.. Errm want to yano, be my girlfriend? You don’t have to if you don’t want to it’s just…” Jensen’s ramblings were cut short by you pressing your lips to his.

“I would love to be your girlfriend Jay and I Love you too by the way.” That was all the persuasion Jensen needed to pull you close and crash his lips to yours once more.

Felicity Smoak was the queen of this episode

  • She made Oliver let her come with him to Nanda Parbat (actually there was never even a question- as soon as she said “I’m coming with you”, she was going with him. That’s it.) 
  • She yelled at Ra’s Al Ghul. Oh my god. I mean that scene was unbelievable. She fucking yelled at the Demon’s Head that he was full of crap. I’m…yeah. Fucking queen, she is (and literally fucking Queen)
  • She stole some drugs from the league of assassins and used them to drug Oliver to get him out of there, and then had him say he loves her more for it. Your otp could never
  • She bossed Malcolm around until he was practically shaking in his boots like “yes, ma’am. whatever you say, ma’am.”  man that scene was fantastic 
  • She hit a league member over the head to save Diggle
  • she trusted Laurel to see her break down. Queen.