otp: he's my type

donghyuck to mark after high school rapper:

I can honestly say, I’m scared to find out who killed Jason Blossom

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Quick ScotEng doodle because I haven’t draw them for ages and I feel a little bit guilty T T (I doodled on my tablet phone that’s why the background is so yellowwww)

They’re still one of my fav pairings! and I’m willing to sell my soul for their fic posting every 3 days for the rest of my life XD

Hc corner ;)

Scotland is a teasing type. England will bite his hands off if Scotland is teasing him too much. Scotland wears bite mark proudly even if it’s not from their sexual activity. Oh well, who has to know? And it’s an evidence that he has tamed the beast! LOL

“Before the death of Future Lucy, Natsu will always hold Lucy’s left hand. But after that, when he learn about Future Lucy who lost her right hand, Natsu will always hold Lucy right hand (where she got her FT mark). Because, for Natsu, its a symbol that remind him when he invite Lucy to join Fairy Tail for the first time.”

An Extra…

See what I mean here??? (From FT Chap. 425)

based on this au: “i slept with you the other day and i didnt know we had a mutual friend and now we’re sitting across each other for brunch and it’s awkward because i ran out when you were asleep”

Patrick wakes up sticky and alone. He pads out of his room and searches the rest of his apartment for the guy he had amazing sex with the night before. He doesn’t find anyone or anything. No body, no note, no message.

He shuffles his way into the shower, feeling groggy and annoyed. For a second he thinks the whole night was all in his head, a really good wet dream, but then he spots the two condom wrappers in his trash can that weren’t there the day before and knows it was real.

The guy, Jonny, he think his name was, chatted him up at a bar. He wasn’t the least bit smooth about it, but Patrick was horny and Jonny was doing it for him. He had a solid stature and looked like a guy who knew what to do with his dick.

And fuck was Patrick right.

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Imagine that Person A and Person B are in different rooms when suddenly Person C decides to ask out Person A. Person C is considered popular and attractive, but Person A has no interest whatsoever and tells Person C that they’re already dating someone. Person C asks who Person A is dating. Person B walks into the room and Person A grabs their hand, looks at Person C, and says, “I’m dating Person B.” Person B is considered unattractive by most people, including Person C, and Person C tells Person A that they “can do better”. Person A shakes their head and walks out of the room with Person B, who’s blushing furiously. Person B was surprised to see that Person A stayed with them.