otp: he's my son

((This is weather bendy. He’s a very smart, Polite, and charming young demon who really enjoys the weather. Ever since he was first created he always wanted to know what weather and seasons were like. He’d often ask Joey to drop by the library to pick up some books for him so he can at least read about the changing seasons since he wasn’t allowed outside. Joey agreed to do so and would usually bring around 5 or 7 books to weather bendy. Weather’s eyes would always light up when he saw the books!

Weather always had his eyes in the book and would pay no attention to the things going on around him. This often lead to consequences such as Boris getting onto weather for not protecting positive and bendy. It always ended in fists fights or even yelling between the two but after Joey and the others left, weather didn’t have any ways to get more books. So.. He was forced to pay attention to his surroundings rather than having his face in a book. ))

The dragon and her thief.

Ok so. All this time I was under the belief that Niles was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, but it turns out he’s voiced by Roger Rose. (who also voices Takumi and Hisame) My mind has been blown to dust. BECAUSE I REALLY BELIEVED THAT WAS YURI LOWENTHAL I WAS HEARING ALL THIS TIME. I have never felt so mislead. They both have such sexy voices it distresses me.