otp: he's my family


video game challenge: [1/5] heartwarming scenesa romanced morrigan talking about her warden

♔ Murphy family moodboard ♕

Did you see our baby? Oh, Serena. She’s so beautiful. She turned out okay. She’s so strong. And brave. And blue.
Did you ever think you could love another person so much?

You’re not so bad yourself, my little baker.

if ur writing a gerita human au and don’t include a scene where lud goes to meet feli’s family and he’s like a foot taller and 20x blonder than everyone else there and just tries to stand in the corner looking inconspicuous then idk what’s with u tbh


John and Helen Smith + system that makes parents kill their children

“When I thought about turning that gun on our children…”
“If Heydrich had pulled up in that car instead of me…”

“We’re not going to kill our son.”
“But they’re going to make us.”

“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”

I’m just… ordinary.

arialsal  asked:

Hunk opening jars for lance and lance thanking him w lil platonic cheek kisses

lance thanks hunk with: cheek kisses, nose kisses, forehead kisses, and even kisses on the hand. keith notices and starts trying to open stuff for lance first.