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Reason 8

She’s super supportive of Jensen and is always bringing out positive qualities in him. You know why, cause she isn’t only a good woman she’s a good wife and she’s his backbone.

And here’s all the proof, along with all the mcm on ig.

Let’s not forget the time when Jensen was depressed and he said Danneel helped him out and acted as his own personal “cheerleader”

Get me a SO like this please ♥️♥️.

lance: (on a wikipedia page clicking spree) oh cool, ghost stories

hunk: bro don’t do it

lance: … click!

(the next day; hunk and lance look exhausted)

pidge: are you.. guys okay?

hunk: no. we stayed up all night cause lance started reading ghost stories and got scared, so then he started reading them outloud to me and then i got scared, and then we kept thinking the castle was haunted again so we stayed up all night cuddling and keeping watch in shifts

lance: i’d say that i’m ready to ‘drop dead’ but i know. i know that the devils are here. even in space. and they are listening


Get To Know Me - [2/10] Relationships: Aomine Daiki and Kise Ryouta - Kuroko no Basket

Ah- damn… He’s so frigging… Cool… An absolute, unique style that no one can copy… I started basketball ‘cause I admired him. Although I can do other plays as soon as I see them, I could never do his now matter how much I tried. But actually, I knew why I couldn’t. If I’m admiring, I can’t surpass. Because deep within the heart that hopes for victory. I keep on wishing that he won’t lose. That’s why I’ll quit admiring you.“ — Kise about Aomine

takashi-allura  asked:

Which head-canon do you favor the most for Shiro and Allura? Pining!Shiro, Pining!Allura or (my personal favorite) mutual pining!Shallura.

Hi hello yes I’ll take an order of mutual pining with a side of “Shiro pining first and then Allura starts pining too”

  • Shiro falls for Allura first, very quickly, cos she’s just… wOW
  • Allura’s too wrapped up in The Mission at first, but she has to admit the new Black Paladin is very handsome 
  • And he keeps being really sweet to her, which is nice
  • Shiro is pining harder than the Arctic tundra, it’s pines as far as the eye can see, he’s hopeless. he’s just… he’s a mess
  • Lots of cold showers
  • He likes making her laugh but at the same time it’s a double-edged sword cos whenever she laughs he just falls in love with her all over again
  • He tries avoiding her
  • It doesn’t work
  • He can’t stay away even though he knows he should like… he is for sure gonna die but he’s gonna die happy watching her laugh so he has Accepted His Fate
  • He knows she doesn’t feel the same way
  • Doesn’t matter
  • He’s a mess okay someone help him he needs an adultier adult
  • But at the same time… all this making Allura laugh and listening to her talk and being kind and supportive is giving Allura all sorts of Feelings
  • An Altean Princess shouldn’t be feeling this way how inappropriate she has to maintain discipline and order
  • But Shiro took his shirt off one time and she forgot her own name
  • I mean he’s VERY DISTRACTING
  • But that’s all it is
  • That’s all
  • He’s just a very handsome attractive kind sweet caring man who loves to make her laugh and is genuinely interested in what she has to say and supports her helps her is always there for her
  • Q U I Z N A K
  • okay okay hang on she can handle this just… remain calm r e m a i n c a l m
  • Shiro: *smiles at her* Allura: *internal screaming*
  • And that’s it it’s Mutual Pine Time
  • Shiro remains convinced Allura doesn’t like him like that
  • Allura is almost sure Shiro likes her, but can’t figure out why he’s not making a move
  • They spend weeks making wistful heart-eyes at each other
  • It’s getting ridiculous
  • Like it’s painfully obvious to everyone by this point
  • Shiro, to Keith: what would a princess ever see in a guy like me? Keith: *facepalms so hard he knocks himself out*
  • Allura, to Coran: it’s just not proper Coran you know there are rules and it’s perfectly right that we should keep our distance and not cause complications
  • Coran: *stares into the camera like he’s on the office*
  • Every single other person on the ship at this point: 

they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))


Ya’ll want some angry Negan smut? Welllll guess who stayed up till 1 cause I couldn’t sleep XD

Warnings: Dirty Talk, fingering, handjobs, breathplay, oral sex.

I need jesus. 

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Gym HCs

okay bUt GET THIS: It’s Tythan buT WITH WORK OUTS.

*Tyler following a specific workout on an app or something.

*Ethan doing whichever machine looks most appealing.

*Ty having to always spot Ethan cause the little blue boi so reckless.


*Ty lifting giant weights and Ethan falling deeper in love as he watches him concentrate.

*Eth showing him what’s up on gymnastic equipment.

*Ty watching in awe and adoration as Eth backsprings across the floor endlessly.

*Tyler a nervous wreck each time Ethan leaps on the Uneven Bars.



anonymous asked:

Do you have any song recs you think are kinda clony like?

I think I have some that might work. But I would like to take a step further if you don’t mind. What about songs + headcanons?  <3

   Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing: Tony drives alone to school after a bad night of sleep. He’s so done with Ryan and his overly possessive behavior, that it makes him want to skip school altogether. He is waiting for Tony in the parking lot, eyebrow raised, looking at his watch. Tony is 15 minutes late. He decides then, and there, that he and Ryan are over.

    Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun:  Clay walks alone through the school’s corridors, while listening to music. He looks to his left and notices Tony, staring. He does a hand motion to greet him and walks away. They used to be really close years before, but now, no longer. He sees Hannah by her locker and she smiles at him. He smiles back, but doesn’t have the courage to go there and talk to her properly.

     Seether - Fade Away:  Hannah kills herself, and Clay suddenly feels like he has no air left to breath. He sits in his room for what it feels like days, and he cries. All he does is cry, until he has no tears left. He feels even emptier when he’s done.

    System Of A Down - Lonely Day:  Still in the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide, the days seem the same, and they drag through eternity. He has the cassette player in hand , but his fingers don’t obey him when he tries to press play. Suddenly, there’s a hand gripping his shoulder gently, reassuring. He looks back and sees Tony, smiling at him. He sits by his side, and just…stays there. Doesn’t really say anything. But he stays.

Lana Del Rey - Ride: Months passed since Hannah’s death, but sometimes Clay still feels like he can’t breath. Like everything overwhelms his senses. He calls Tony and asks him if he’s busy. He doesn’t have to say anything else, though. Tony picks him up and they drive around town, without any proper destination. They just drive until Clay had stopped crying, and his tears are all dry. He always feels better after that. 

Hooverphonic - Mad About You (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EA-MIYY1bg) this version though. : Tony is fully aware now, of how much he repressed his feelings for Clay. He might get a bit too drunk every once in a lifetime, while fixing his car (aka thinking about Clay while looking at the car’s engine), and he hums to the rhythm only, because he knows that the lyrics will raise too much questions with his dad. 

Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night? : Clay found himself a steady girlfriend. Alice is her name.  She’s sweet, but with just the right amount of sour to add a little bit of mystery to her. They still hang out together, but there are nights that he knows Clay is somewhere, with her. Tony parks his car near the cliff, where he knows he’ll be alone. He turns the volume all the way up, and cries to the chorus, pining over Clay.

Portishead - Glory Box:  Alice’s parents are out of town, and she invites Clay to stay over. Halfway through the night, she puts the song on, and dances to it. Her moves are slow and sensual. Clay knows that she’s been waiting for this, and that he’s supposed to feel something, but he doesn’t. She kisses him with her vanilla flavored lips, and when he closes his eyes, he sees a vision of rough hands full of rings, and soft leather jackets. He excuses himself, and leaves. They break up shortly after that.

    Nothing But Thieves - Lover, Please Stay:  Clay is going to college on another city, but Tony is staying. He knows what he wants to do with his life, and college isn’t it. They get into a huge fight because of that, and for the first time in years, they don’t speak for a whole month. The day that Clay’s supposed to go comes, and Tony suddenly appears in the driveway, ready to take him. Clay still doesn’t say anything, and he puts the song to play, lets it fill the void. He doesn’t know how to make his feelings understood, but he thinks that now is maybe too late too even try. They get there and Clay’s crying. His incandescent blue eyes hidden behind the tears. He holds Tony tight, and lets go with a ‘I love you, Tony’, and then he leaves.

     Bill Withers - Ain’t No Sunshine:  On the way back form the campus, Tony listens to this song on repeat almost the whole way. It feels like the end of an era, and he doesn’t know when he’s going to see Clay again now that he’ll live in another city. So Tony cries. He cries for all  that they were, but mostly for all that they could be.

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  • simon: You look like CRAP
  • simon in Iron Sisters: *closes eyes for an almost kiss, completely confused when it doesn't happen*
  • [...]
  • raphael to elaine: simon is safe with me
  • simon: You threatened my mother
  • raphael: YEA WELL
  • [...]
  • also simon: can you fix my mom 'cause she saw some bad shit
  • elaine: can you fix my simon
  • also raphael: [internal monologue: what the fucking fuck] it'll have consequences but yes
Clony headcanons/prompts!(๑♡3♡๑) ❁❀

❁❀Hurt/Comfort ❁❀
• Clay is hit by a car while riding his bike and mildly injured. Tony freaks tf out and becomes a helicopter pest, offering to carry Clay’s books, feed him, help him bathe etc. Exasperated but amused Clay fights down the urge to complain that it’s only a wrist sprain, he will be fine, cause he’s honestly flattered that Tony cares so much
• Tony falls whilst climbing alone, not far but enough to leave him too dazed to drive. The only one he thinks to call is Clay. Clay rushes to pick him up and spends the whole journey back silently fuming because how dare Tony risk his life? Clay would have gone climbing with him if he’d asked. Tony makes it up to him with neck kisses and promises to be more careful
• Tony persuades Clay to go on another walk in the wilderness but doesn’t check the forecast first. They are caught in a downpour and have to huddle for protection and warmth under flimsy shelter. They are both sniffly afterward and spend the night wrapped in a cocoon of blankets drinking hot chocolate (in Clay’s bed)
• Clay suffers from severe nightmares and cold sweats after the tapes go public. Tony talks to him for hours on Skype till he falls asleep- its the only time he gets a peaceful sleep
• When Tyler shoots up the school, Tony rushes to find Clay, but ends up helping other people get out safely instead. They urge Tony to come with them. He goes back for Clay instead.

❁❀Fluff ❁❀
• Clay starts to receive flowers and cute gifts like chocolate hearts in his communications class anonymous gift bag. He thinks it’s a prank until he starts getting excerpts of romantic proverbs and a mixtape. Then he hopes it’s from Tony, and starts awkwardly dropping hints about how much he appreciates the trinkets from his secret admirer (Tony is irrationally jealous of himself and blurts out the truth, Clay is delighted)
• Tony takes Clay camping and they kiss for the first time under the stars, lips sticky from eating smores
• Clay asks Tony to prom, and Tony assumes he means as a friend, and is pleasantly blindsided when Clay pulls out all the stops, cheesy but so cute
• A customer at Tony’s father’s garage flirts with him incessantly, and Tony is polite but oblivious. When Clay arrives, the customer is very confused when Tony introduces Clay as his friend, but sure kisses him a whole lot…
• Tony’s brothers give Tony the shovel talk cause they all love Clay so much (cause the shovel talk is misogynistic heteronomative bullshit and should be mocked at every opportunity)

❁❀Angst ❁❀
• A new guy is paired with Clay for a project, unaware of all the gory history. Tony is insanely jealous, thinking the guy is Clay’s boyfriend, but tries to be a mature friend about it. Clay is oblivious, he just likes having a friend who knows nothing of his baggage and can’t judge him on it. The new guy urges Clay to be upfront with his obvious feelings for Tony
• Clay gets a girlfriend (Skye? Sherri?) and realises he doesn’t get nervous when they hang out, and only has butterflies when he goes on dates with Tony. He agonises over how to rectify the situation
• Clay goes on his first real date with a boy. A boy who is not Tony. He’s lovely, but not who Clay wants. Clay catches Tony stalking them, and when he confronts him about it later, Tony admits he’s scared of Clay getting hurt and fully intends on watching over him, just in case. Clay doesn’t go on dates with random boys after that; he’s found the only boy he needs
• Tony doesn’t get into college. His grades are decent but he can’t afford it, and doesn’t win a scholarship. He intends to work and become a mechanic in their hometown. Clay accepted a place in another State but doesn’t want to go without Tony. They row over it for weeks, until Tony finds a job in that State and they go apartment hunting together.

❁❀Romantic AF ❁❀
• Tony kisses Clay hello every time he sees him, regardless of where they are, who can see, or if one of them has only been gone 5 minutes to grab another drink
•They become that couple always kissing on the couch/in the pool/in the background of photos at every party they go to cause they can’t keep their hands to themselves now they know their kisses are welcome
• Tony proposes the day they graduate from high school. Clay is furious. (He was planning to propose later that same night.)

The EXO gc after the lutao moment during Tao's birthday
  • Tao: *giggling and squirming like a kid* LUHAN GE. I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THAT.
  • Luhan: *smiling at his dongsaeng* EXO-M DESERVES LIFE
  • Kris: yeah yeah happy birthday Taozi. Also junmyeon , this is totes unrelated but where will you be on the 22nd.
  • Junmyeon: *ignoring Kris, being a mom* but you didn't get affected by the netizens right???
  • Yixing: *asleep because he's already pampered Tao and for fricks sake it's 3am his birthday is over*
  • Jongdae: *teasing Sehun about how Tao likes Luhan more than Sehun*
  • Xiumin: *smiles at how caring his angel is about keeping Exo-m together*
  • Kai: *is asleep cause he's 'exhausted' wink wonk*
  • Kyungsoo: *shouts at everyone to shut up cause he's trying tO SLEEP AND HES 'EXHAUSTED' TOO.
  • Baekhyun: *pampers his dongsaeng and laughs at his boyfriend*
My poor murder child needs a break cause clearly the writers and the world are out to get him 😭😡

Me: *reads description for ep 11 about one of them needing saving*

Me: …. *squints*

Me: It’s gonna be fucking Wolfgang isn’t it


Me: *watches episode to see that it is in fact Wolfgang because of fucking course*

Me: *wailing* why can’t they just leave my smol German son alone!?!

Me: *wails louder* he was finally gonna meet up with the love of his life!!!!

Me: *seeing at the end of the episode, my son’s whereabouts are still unknown*

Me: *realises I have to wait until probably 2019 to find out what happened*


seeing people use genji’s blackwatch skin for their shitty otp art kinda disgusts me cause that’s when he was suppose to be at the point where he hated himself the most and was consumed w rage/vengence but w/e i guess that doesnt matter as long as he’s “hot”.