otp: he's already in love with me

already won me over

The way Nursey tells the story is, “I got a new tattoo, and Dex thought it was so hot that he literally threw himself down a bunch of stairs to keep himself from confessing his undying love for me on the spot when he saw it.”

Dex can’t say he’d tell the story exactly like that, because he’d tell it in a way that preserves some of his dignity, but he can’t say Nursey’s lying, either.

It starts with Nursey’s tattoo.

Not, if Dex is being honest, the new tattoo–the first one, the one he’d caught sight of in the locker room before their first practice, when he’d glanced over and seen the brown ink circling over Nursey’s bicep and thought aw, fuck, mentally adding another check to the list of Stupid Gay Crush boxes that Nursey was hitting.

(Other boxes include: tall, broad shoulders, slim waist, smart, opinionated–even if Dex could tell after ten minutes with him that all his opinions were fucking stupid–great ass, long fingers–really he hit most of the fucking list. Fortunately, every time Nursey opens his mouth, he checks almost all of Dex’s Shit That Drives Me Crazy boxes, which is basically Dex’s saving grace.)

But what really fucks him over is the new tattoo.

The stylized tree curves over his side, the roots dipping down below the band of his jeans and the branches curling around his ribs. It’s a darker ink than the one on his bicep, a deep umber that stands out starkly against his sweat-sheened skin, and Dex, standing in the doorway of their new shared room with a box of books in his hands, stares.

Nursey, wiping sweat off his forehead with the shirt in his hands, catches sight of him. “Sup,” he says. He tosses the shirt onto the bottom bunk, which is covered in boxes. They’ve been moving in since the morning. “I’m fuckin’ dying, dude. When are you gonna work your handyman magic on the AC?”

Dex opens his mouth, and closes it, and opens it, and manages, “Tattoo?”

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Thank you Ishida, thank you God for TGRE 125

There are honestly more hate than I expected and I’m sorta disappointed? Cuz I mean I understand that there are people who has other ships, but Touken shippers who are hating this chapter saying that it’s too much and it doesn’t have anything to do with the plot?

Firstly, maybe it is too much and I am just a pervert but I think it is beautiful to see one of my OTPs making love. I have always wanted to my see ships and OTPs showing how much they love each other in canoned chapters and in my opinion Ishida did this without making it look like a hentai/smut chapter. Why? Because we’ll, for one he didn’t really show graphics (dicks etc) also it wasn’t just blush blush kiss kiss fuck fuck there was meaning and a story to it. Which leads me to my second point.

I’ve seen a few posts saying this already but I’ll say it again. This chapter HAD meaning, and it DID have something to do with the plot and the story. Kaneki has been so lonely especially since Hide disappeared. Now Touka is there with him and for him and loving him and he is not alone anymore. Yes that doesn’t mean that they have to have sex to show this but those two loved each other since part 1. Even when Kaneki lost his memories and became Haise he still had feelings for her.

My point is… this is Ishida Sui we are talking about and every chapter he writes always have meaning. I think we should all just except this chapter, we don’t have to like it but just except it. Because this is part of the story and Ishida probably has a reason for doing this not just because of fan service.

when your heart is bleeding, i’m coming to get you

Summary: Isak doesn’t exactly expect his hookup from last week to be the love advice columnist at the school newspaper he’s working at. He also doesn’t expect to fall even harder for him than he already has, which is a shame, really, since Even’s crushing on someone else. (Thank you to @stardefiant​ for prompting Isak and Even hooking up then becoming coworkers, which quickly spiraled out of my control, and @westiris​ for being my beta, coach, and enabler.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 13,548

Dear Juliet’s Nurse,

Do you believe in cosmic signs?

There’s a boy I keep running into at the gym. For some reason, we’re always going at the same time, and to be honest, I’ve started coordinating my workouts to match with his. I’ve never spoken to him, past asking him for a towel, but I’ve been trying to work up to it for the past two months. But the other day, we wore the same Nike Airs, and in the exact same color! He told me he liked my shoes, and I can’t help thinking that this is a sign.

Is this dumb? Am I making this up in my head?


Gym Rat


My Favourite Hasetsu Moments!

The best of all that happened in Hasetsu; enjoy!

10. Makkachin jumping on Yuuri, and that sad moment when he actually wanted it to be Vicchan.

He didn’t even, in his wildest dreams, think that Victor would come, and neither did I.

9. Yurio coming to Hasetsu to find good fashion.

Look at his face, it’s like he’s found heaven.

8. Minako-sensei welcoming Yuuri.

The best and the most dedicated teacher ever tbh

7. Yuri = Yurio

Arigatou for this beautiful name Mari-neechan!

6. Victuuri bonding at its finest 

Okay but this moment was so important because Victor said exactly what Yuuri wanted to hear and that is what we all want in an OTP isn’t it lol

5. The first ever Eros.

Yuuri had me and Victor at that smirk alone

4. Victor watching Yuuri skate alone.

He knows what kind of a prince Yuuri is already, so he knows he needn’t worry about the magic spell he wanted to find lol

3. Victor’s beautiful ass.

Need I say more?

2. Yuuri paying his respects to Vicchan.

I feel like Vicchan played a very important role in making Yuuri the person he is today, and I wish we could see some moments between Yuuri and Vicchan soon.

1. Yuuri meeting his mother after five years, and his mother was just as happy as ever.

I love Yuuri’s mum - she’s like my favourite mum, after my mum lol. She and Toshiyo are supportive parents and acknowledge that their son is strong and have given him chances to redeem himself. They don’t even force him to help with the Onsen - they let him pursue his dreams and goals and that is beautiful af.

He Knew When She Knew


Throughout training, Cassian had been uncharacteristically quiet.
Intentionally quiet.

His brothers knew the reason, whatever it was, must be weighing him down.
Cassian had always been better with dealing with his emotions physically, rather than verbally.
Today, they wouldn’t allow him that option.
“So,” Rhys began, knowing exactly what would make Cassian tick, “Are you going to tell us what’s going on, or are Az and I going to have to beat it out of you?”
“I say we beat first ask questions later,” Azriel joked and gave a wicked smirk. Okay…maybe he wasn’t entirely kidding.
Rhys twirled the iron training staff in his hands and began stalking toward Cassian, “You are the expert interrogator, Azriel.”
Knowing his brothers would very likely attempt to beat his suspicions and thoughts out of him, he decided to give in instead.
“I think Nesta…could be pregnant.” Cassian admitted, his voice barely above a whisper but louder than any words he had ever said before.
The silence and tension was palpable.
For a long moment, no one even moved.
“She doesn’t smell any different.” Rhys observed quietly.
“No. She doesn’t smell different, she doesn’t look different. She tastes the same, acts the same…” Cassian glared at the ground.
Rhys crossed his arms, looking equally pensive and confused. “Why do you think she’s pregnant?”
Cassian didn’t know how to describe the feeling, the uncertainty…It was cloudy in his sea of confusion, but he could swear he was right. “I have this feeling. In my gut, in my bones. When I’m with her…Especially when I’m not with her.” He ran a hand through his hair and continued, “How..? What-?”
“Did you take…precautions?” Azriel tentatively asked, not meaning any insult.
“Precautions? What, like closing the door?” Even in this serious situation, Cassian wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sass his brother.
Rhys threw his head back and laughed. He knew what it was like to be with an Archeron woman.
Azriel, however, blanched.
“Yes to the first,” Cassian drawled. “And no to the second,” he added with a wink and ducked away from Azriel’s attempt to smack his head.


All at once, he felt it.
The difference was as stark as night and day. It felt like looking directly into the sun.
A white hot brand down the bond, his confusion- which he realized had not entirely been his own- was replaced with clarity.
Pure, blinding clarity.
Cassian dropped to his knees and roared so loud that the snow on the mountains began tumbling down.
Nesta, Nesta, Nesta
Rhys and Azriel were immediately at his side, ready to shield him or fight by his side at this unseen force that made this great man stumble.
Without looking up, Cassian sobbed. He barely found the words and choked, “Mine.” His shoulders shook and wings were fully unfurled and quaking.
A quiet understanding swept between Rhys and Azriel, and they lifted their brother back to his feet.
Putting his hands on his shoulders, Rhys looked Cassian squarely in the eyes. “Go,” he commanded.
Instantaneously, Cassian shook his brother’s hands free, and shot towards the sky.


Without looking back, he flew as fast as his wings would carry him to his new future.
“Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,” he said her name aloud, repeating it like a holy mantra.
I’m coming.


Not to be bothered trying to open their door with his muddied hands, he crashed it open.
He couldn’t stop staring at her. Nor she at him.
“She’s so beautiful,” he thought. She was already glowing.
He had to touch her, had to feel for himself the truth of what was growing in her body.
Barely grazing his fingertips on her stomach, he could feel it.
He was fire, Nesta was ice…
This was lightning.
Just conceived weeks ago, but the power was already there…
“Tell me…” His heartbeat was audible as it was pounding as loud as any war drum.
She knew his question, knew he had known the answer before seeing for himself and touching it. He felt the truth, now he needed to hear it.

With their love, they had created something special.

  • Shieth shippers: hA Our OTP had so many moments-
  • Klance shippers, smug as hell: Yea, as brothers
  • Me: Man but did you SEE Shiro and Lance together??? Oh my goD now that Keith said Shiro is like a brother to him this means my ship has a chance! And besides, Shiro already carried Lance last season, and Lance wanted to be on a mission with Shiro this season, and was super mad someone else was chosen-!
  • The Entire fandom: ...What
  • The Producers: What
  • Zarcon, as he's dying: What

commanderx2s  asked:

could you draw death glare? o:


  • Space punk boyfriends 
  • Tol n’ smol™
  • 👏 opposites 👏 attract 👏 👏 👏


  • It feels more like an unrequited love than anything else 
  • Peepers already has a strong individual he respects and who respects him in return whom I think is a perfect fit for him.

In short I love drawing the ship yeah, honestly I like a LOT of woy ships, I do have my otps, but almost every woy ship looks really good. 

BTS Ships as Justin Bieber Lyrics

Note: There was soooo much love for the BTS Ships as Troye Sivan Lyrics that I had to do another! Added a few different BTS otps this time :)


Wanna argue all day, make love all night.”


You know you love me, I know you care/Just shout whenever and I’ll be there.”


We were best of friends since we were this high/So why do I get nervous every time you walk by?”


“Didn’t have a friend, didn’t know what it was/You taught me how to dream and how to love..”


In my head we’re already together/I’m good alone but with you I’m better.”


God sent an angel to help you out/He gave you direction.”


You’ve given me purpose.”

conduitstr  asked:

Happy Valentine's Day 💖 McKirk headcanons?

  • Jim’s never celebrated Valentine’s day. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. The only way he’s ever really celebrated it is by going out and finding someone to spend the night with. So he doesn’t even think about it the first time valentines day rolls around while he’s dating Leonard. Bones thinks about it, though. Mr. Sensitive and all that.
  • And so Jim finds himself in the park on their day off. “What is this?” he asks curiously as Bones sits down in the soft grass, and Bones frowns. “It’s Valentine’s day, man. I arranged us a picnic.” “A picnic,” Jim repeats, sitting down next to Leonard with a grin, “you’re so cheesy.” “Oh, you have no idea,” Bones replies. Turns out, he’s right. It’s not overly romantic to sit and eat together, and Jim is grateful for that because he doesn’t really know how to romance. It’s still just nice to sit together, the artificial sun warm on their skin and Leonard’s eyes somehow lighter because he’s not worried or annoyed. Rather than actually enjoying most of that food Bones has brought, though, Jim’s more interested in pressing Bones down to lie on his back, and just leaning over him to kiss him and run his fingers over those always smoothly shaven cheeks.
  • They’re in space the year after when Valentine’s day rolls around, and one day feels like every other, so again - Jim doesn’t really think about it until he comes home to his quarters and finds an expensive bottle of bourbon (– that’s definitely contraband). “What’s this for?” Jim asks, holding up the bottle and facing Bones when he enters his quarters, too. “Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day,” Bones says, “C'mon. Take the bottle.” And so Jim follows him to the bar, where they quietly sit together in front of the giant window that displays the countless stars, planets, and galaxies they pass. It’s the most romantic thing, and Jim’s often just distracted by the view - every bit as amazed by space as he was since day one. “What’s your biggest wish, like, within the next five years or so?” Jim asks eventually, and Bones just shrugs. “I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now,” he says, and Jim smiles. He reaches out for Bones’ hand, squeezing it gently. “How ‘bout you?” Bones asks. “Oh,having sex in the captain’s chair. Definitely,” Jim says, and laughs when Bones pulls his hand back. “You’re the worst.”
  • Jim doesn’t forget the year after, but he doesn’t do romance as much. Or so he claims. They’re on Earth, so he drags Bones along to an old fashioned laser game match. “Why are we doing this?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “Because. Valentine’s day. Keep up.” “This is your idea of a date?” “Hey, I’m going to protect you from angry aliens, okay?” Jim says, leaning in to gently to press a quick peck to his lips. “Cover me,” he says, and then runs towards the battle zone – and then gets shot down by Bones almost immediately.  
  • They come up with ridiculous things: Going on a long walk around the ship at night. A movie marathon in the holo dec room, they go on a pub crawl through York Town one year to hit every single happy hour they can find.
  • They’re back in space, and Jim largely forgets about it again because he’s kept  busy for most of the day (and night) on the Bridge. He receives a bunch of nagging messages from Bones, too, so he’s busily typing away on his PADD to keep the other off his back. It doesn’t work, though, because Bones arrives on the Bridge just seconds later. “Bones,” Jim groans when the other approaches, though he smiles when Bones leans in to press a kiss to Jim’s lips, “I’m fine, I don’t need a check up.” “I know,” Bones says, and it leaves Jim momentarily confused. Especially because Bones’ lips are on his chin, and his neck, and Jim shivers. “Bones, we’re on the Bridge-” “Wasn’t that your biggest wish? Been almost five years,” Bones says, and Jim’s eyes widen. “But the Bridge-” “Empty,” Bones says, taking Jim’s PADD away, “we have 30 minutes.” “I don’t need that long,” Jim replies, grinning lightly and Bones rolls his eyes. “I know.“ 
  • Jim pulls him in, arms sliding around Bones’ waist when he pulls the other down on his lap. Jim smiles, almost arrogantly so because he’s definitely the first captain to get laid on the Bridge - which has been one of his fantasies since day one in the Academy. How Bones even pulled this off is beyond him, but he’s not gonna question it. His mind just blanks when Bones’ hands gently push up his shirt. “Marry me,” Jim breathes, before he even realizes it, and both of them just freeze at the same time. “… what?” Bones asks, sitting up straight. Jim briefly regrets it, but then; “marry me,” he repeats. “Are you drunk?” Bones asks, and Jim shakes his head. “No,” he says, “Bones. Leonard; you should marry me.” Bones glances at Jim’s expression. “Okay,” Bones says, and Jim looks up. “Really?” “Yes,” Bones says, “figured, since I’m already stuck with you, I might as well-” but Jim doesn’t let him finish his sentence. Instead, he pulls him in closer and kisses him. Bones’ arms wrap around Jim’s shoulders, and both of them feel a little breathless by the time Bones pulls away. “Happy Valentine’s day, Jim,” Bones breathes, and Jim smirks. “Happy Valentine’s, my fiance,” he says, his fingers running through Bones’ hair. “So, my love,” Jim continues, lips still curled into a devious grin, “you going down on me or what?”
  • raphael, harshly: valentine tried to *kill* you or have you already forgotten?
  • simon: but he didn't.
  • raphael: you're not safe here; you belong with your clan
  • simon: i literally just settled in here and now you wanna play nice?? why do you do this? why now? you don't even need me
  • raphael, softer: please
  • simon: *raphael's hand on his cheek* fuck
Little things from TouMyu Bakumatsu Tenroden Live to enjoy

(Apart from Yasu’s cuteness)

aka “why you should definitely buy it if you can afford it”

(if you were wondering, no, I don’t have a life)

1. The Venice-like opening and the way they just throw their mask away

In other news, they all are welcome to fuck me any day
Also, everything about these costumes. Good. 10/10. Shame they don’t keep it longer but well, they can’t really dance with that cape I guess…

2. Avoiding responsibilities, Kotetsu level

[this isn’t a gif, don’t wait for it to load]
No seriously I know this isn’t probably what’s going on but the only thing I can think about to caption this is “must look busy to not get interrogated”

3. Covering your eyes: you’re doing it wrong (but let’s be real, everyone wants to see Kashuu’s abs)

I can’t with the amount of cuteness here. My brain melt everytime I look at this gif and I can assure you I’m looking at it pretty often. (I’m in love with Horikawa btw)

4. That part where Yasu, Kashuu and Nagasone revealed that they actually were acrobats all along


5. Kashuu being a bitch

I love him (sorry Yasusada)

6. The otp standing next to each other

[This isn’t a gif either because I’m lazy and I’m already crying too much over this] 

7. Yeah so I’m pretty sure that this should be illegal

Imari Yuu is too beautiful for this world

8. I still can’t believe this is official content

Someone save me from this hell please

9. Also please someone keep Soji away from me because he is such a cutie I can’t deal with it

Make Kondo-san proud Soji, we all super believe in you!

10. Fuck this guy

But also fuck him (do him Horikawa. do him for all of us)