otp: he was my friend

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“Thorin Oakenshield will pass into legend.”
“I know that’s how you must honor him. To me, he was never that. He was… He was my…”

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series has reached its end as has our final journey through Middle Earth. This bracelet features Bilbo Baggins words about Thorin Oakenshield as he returns home from his quest to Erebor.

Made with glass beads that are smooth on the skin, this bracelet measures at 7.5 inches. It’s held together by heavy duty thread and a lobster claw clasp so that it’s strong and can follow you on your adventures.

This bracelet features a message in Morse Code, using different colors to represent the dots, dashes, and spaces. The letters are all spaced apart with the words double spaced, like so:

/ H / e // w / a / s // m / y // f / r / i / e / n / d /
/ …. / . // .– / .- / … // – / -.– // ..-. / .-. / .. / . / -. / -.. /

The dark blue beads represent the spaces ( / ), the light brown beads represent the dots ( . ), and the cream beads represent the dashes ( - ).

This product can withstand getting wet but for a longer life, it is recommended to keep it dry

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omfg yesterday i was hanging out with louise and my dad (i know) and we kept seeing police cars so louise called to find out what’s happening (vandalism!!!)

but my dad was like “well maybe it’s a creeper. there was a guy who used to live 2 houses down that was a peeping tom! so keep your shades closed. he got in trouble for looking in people’s windows!

…he was my friend.”