otp: he taught me to live

Jaime’s Golden Arm is Symbolic of Brienne and the Better Person She Helped Him Become

Jaime lost his sword hand as a result of his actions (negotiating) to save Brienne from the Bolton men. The first act of compassion and selflessness we really see him perform.

Then when he hands Brienne Oathkeeper for the first time, it is passed on with said missing hand.

Now, when he waves goodbye to her at Riverrun he also uses that same arm.

Essentially, Brienne represents that missing sword hand. He sacrificed it to save her and that part of him will forever be changed. It is symbolic of everything they have endured together and it is something to remind him of how she brings out the best qualities within himself.


Jaime was ready to simply give up and die due to the loss of his best quality. But Brienne gave him the will to live and to face adversity. Throughout the rest of their journey she taught him that he was worth more than a mere sword hand.

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addicted15 day 12: fave tv show reference // The Bachelor  

Ryke nods to me. “Where’d you learn how to do that?” His eyes fall to the paper rose. He’s watched me make them over the years, but this is the first time he’s asked.

Sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m playing with the napkins. I just do it out of habit. “When I was a debutante, the instructors made us sit at a table for hours. I was really bored.”

“You taught yourself?”

“Yeah,” I say. “I found an article online on how to make cool shapes.” I finish the napkin flower and hold it out to him. “Ryke, do you accept this rose?” I tease. He knows The Bachelor reference. When we were living with everyone, I made him watch taped episodes with me while I tried to fall asleep.