otp: he saved me

I met him and suddenly the sky turned from grey to blue and my heart finally found itself.
I didn’t know what it was like to love, or even have a crush on someone. But one day someone was going to have to break me and oh God I wish it wasn’t him.
His brown eyes captivated me and I stared into them so much I saw the green that hid in them.
He was my green.
In a world of brown, he was my green.
Just by the simple act of our knees brushing set me to flames.
He made me love so hard and so fast.
He made the caterpillars in my stomach turn into butterfly’s and they flew up into my chest.
I didn’t care how many times he destroyed me.
Whenever I put my heart back together, it was stuck together with tape that had his name written all over it.
I didn’t care how many times he broke me.
I just wanted those amazing times in between.
He shattered me, or who I was, completely.
On that day, I changed. I became a different person and over half a year later, I’m still trying to learn who she is.
I still forget how to talk, or breathe, when his eyes meet mine.
He’s a horrible person who does nothing but hurt other people.
But oh how he saved me.
—  He saved me and destroyed me and I can’t decide which is better.

Perry Cox + Nicknames for Dr. Kelso

padfoots-lover  asked:

Can people be nice to Gabriel Reyes for like 0.1 seconds and not cast him as a villain?? He's a VICTIM he was a GOOD MAN

Not a good man… He was a GREAT MANHe was there for me, through everything! He raised me! Tucked me in at night! Name a more iconic man other than him? You fucking can’t! Because he was the BEST MAN. The BEST THERE EVER WAS. I love him and all that he stood for! 


top 50 otps of all time ☆  #30. Effy Stonem & James Cook  

“You know, if this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. Everything. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything. I’d do it all again.”


“Regardless of how people in the real world feel about this work, inside the world of this show, there will be absolutely no discrimination toward the things one loves. I will absolutely protect this world.”Kubo Mitsurou.  

I was waiting in the bar near my gate, as usual before a flight. I tend to gravitate that way at airports, as a bit of alcohol always calms my nerves before flying. I’m super anxious so I’m drinking whatever beer she put in front of me and decide to chat with the people on either side of me for distraction purposes, as I dont normally just chat up strangers for no reason. The men on either side both drove from Cleveland to my tiny airport because bad weather was shutting it down, cancelling flights left and right. 

The guy on my right is very friendly, clearly drinking more than he should. But he’s funny and chatty so we talk and joke. Not a terrible thing to find someone to talk to when waiting for a flight. He’s nice, and says we should sit near each other, since the airline lets you pick seats upon boarding.

Boarding begins, and I get a window seat, which I LOVE. I never wanna get up, just settle in and get in the zone. Stay there til we get off the plane, no big deal, easy peasy. The chatty guy sits aisle, but I’m really focused on the storm that had hit Cleveland hitting our airport and watching the snow falling as we prepare for takeoff. Not a minute later, the man is in the middle seat, next to mine. He talking much more aggressively, and telling me I have great legs and that he would totally fuck me.

He puts his hand on my thigh, and I try to make it clear I am not amused and that I am concerned about take off. He thinks he’s slick and tries to hold my hand (like he’s concerned about me. right.) He’s touching my leg and telling me he wants to fuck me and I am literally boxed in with him. I’m trapped. I can feel myself starting to panic, and try to figure out what to do. I’m already angry because I can’t just tell him to go away and then leave, I NEED to get home. He’s leering at me, and puts his big beefy hand on my leg again and again, flexing his arm muscles like I’m supposed to be impressed and tries to get me to touch his leg too. I’m so disgusted and continue to try and show my disinterest.

He is totally drunk, and after a few minutes, leans his head back and closes his eyes for a moment, so I wave at the people across the aisle. They wave back awkwardly and I mouth “I don’t know him” and “help” and they don’t seem to understand, or know what to do. The one lady just shrugs and I wanted to scream in her face IF THIS WAS YOU, YOU’D FUCKING DO SOMETHING, but I don’t. Then, after we are at altitude, he gets up to use the restroom. Literally the second I see the door close, I hit the call button for the flight attendant and the guy is quick to walk over and ask if I need anything.

“The man sitting here is making me really uncomfortable and I don’t know what to do.” (Honestly, I don’t remember my exact words and they might have been more like “I’m freaking out, this guy is creepy” but you get the idea.) The flight attendant asks if I want to move, no questions asked. I say yes, and I grab my bag and he moves me back several rows. He didn’t need a justification or explanation, he just moved me. He told me if I needed anything else, just ask. I thought I couldn’t be more grateful, but while I’m sitting there crying into a tiny square napkin meant to go with my beverage, the senior flight attendant comes over and kneels next to me. 

“I heard what happened and I’m so sorry. Is someone picking you up?” (I say yes) “If you’d like to wait until the other passengers deplane I will walk you to them. I’m so sorry that happened.” And just like that, I have two men I’ve never met before trying to make sure I’m safe. I cry through most of the flight, and I do wait until everyone else has gotten off the plane, watch the Hank, the flight attendant do a quick clean up and then he and I leave together. He said the man who was touching me was making lude comments at other women on the flight too, and as a man with daughters it was making him very angry. We talked casually and I felt so safe as this man protected me through the airport.

He had no obligation. Humans are NOT obligated to be kind. But he chose it. And I went from being violated and trapped on a plane next to a creepy (married with children) man for 2.5 hours to safe, rows away from him and then escorted to my ride. I have fresh respect for Southwest airlines and the people they chose to hire. I don’t know that first man’s name, but if you ever see a bald guy on a Southwest airlines flight and his name is Hank, tell him he’s a girl’s hero.

I am proud of myself for getting myself out of that seat and away from that man. I know it was basically all I could do. But I am disappointed I got so scared and felt so helpless, but at least I got myself away from him. I hope that never happens to anyone else. Definitely press that call button. Definitely ask a flight attendant to move you. You don’t even need to wait for the person bothering you to get up. I felt I needed to share this, to get it off my chest. That man had NO right to talk to me that way, or touch me. Hank said “the good news is, the odds are that will never happen to you again.” He’s probably right. But that doesn’t mean it wont ever happen to anyone again. I’m grateful the flight attendants didn’t judge me or ask questions, and I hope passing this knowledge on helps someone else. There ARE people out there that will help you in a crisis moment. Don’t hesitate to ask.

He Saved Me

(Third part to The Hello Kitty Pants)
You were out late one night, walking home from hanging out with some friends, you didn’t mind though, you almost always walked home.
Though, you did feel a little uneasy for some reason. You shrugged it off though, you were probably just tired.
But that thought didn’t last long, because you heard a gun cock and then cold metal on the back of your head. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes.
“Give me your wallet. NOW. I’ll shoot.” A deep raspy voice commanded from behind you. You almost did, but you saw a figure swinging towards you.
You put your hands up and turned towards the man holding a gun to you.
“No.” You spoke firmly.
Before the man had any opportunity to do or say anything his gun was snatched from his hand, and he was stuck to the side of a building by webbing. You let out a shaky breath, you didn’t show it, but you were scared out of your mind.
Spider-Man dropped down from the top of a building and landed right in front of you.
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you at all?” He questioned.
You reached and grabbed his hand.
“I’m okay. Thank you.” You breathed. He let out a relieved breath. You knew he was Spider-Man and saving people is his job and all, but you weren’t so sure why he was so concerned about you. Could it be possible that you know the person under the mask? He did sound familiar…
No! There was no way you knew Spider-Man.
“So, where are you headed?” He asked.
“Home.” You answered.
“Alright. Then let’s go.”
“Wait. You’re gonna take me home?”
“Yeah. Why not?”
“Because you’re Spider-Man.”
“And because I’m Spider-Man I’m not allowed to be a gentleman?” He laughed.
“Well, no. I-I just…I mean…” You stumbled over your words, blushing and not really sure what you were trying to say.
You told him your address.
“Okay. I know that neighborhood. Hold on tight!” He shouted, putting an arm around your waist, and shooting a web at a nearby building. You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck, holding on for dear life. You screamed a little when you felt that you were swinging towards the building and buried your face in his neck. He laughed a little at your reaction.
“Hey, it’s okay. I got you. I promise.” He comforted.
You slowly lifted your head and looked around. The city looked so beautiful and peaceful at night. Especially when you’re hundreds of feet in the air, hanging on to Spider-Man.
He dropped me off on my fire escape.
“I…Thank you. I-I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to r-repay you.” You whispered.
“Well, maybe if you cloud just be here when I need you.” He proposed. “Superheroes need people to talk to, too, you know. And your friend, Peter. Keep being nice to him and being there for him. It means more to him than he could ever say and more than you could ever know.”
You eyes widened. He knows who you are, and he knows who Peter is.
“You…know us?”
“Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on you. You seem like a good person and I really admire you and the things you do. Don’t change. It was nice talking to you, but I gotta go. If you need me, all you gotta do is yell.” He finger saluted you and went swinging off into the night. You watched as his form disappeared into the shadows.
You quickly dialed Peter’s number and sat on your bed, waiting for him to answer.
“Hey, Y/N.” He answered.
“Peter! Oh my God! I have so much to tell you tomorrow. Let’s hang out after school if you’re free, yeah?” You suggested.
“Yeah. D-definetly! We can just walk to my place after school.” He agreed.
“Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow! Goodnight!”
“Night, Y/N.” Peter replied and hung up. You couldn’t see, but he had a huge smile on his face. It wasn’t that you guys hadn’t hung out before, it’s just that you had never sounded so excited about it. He knew that you would lost likely tell him about Spider-Man, but it was still flattering that he was the first person you thought to tell.
The next day, after school, you and Peter walked to his apartmentk.
“Oh! Hello, Y/N!” May greeted.
“Hey, May!” You chirped.
You and Peter walked to his room and you shut the door behind yourself. You turned to him slowly, smiling like a maniac.
“I met Spider-Man.” You blurted.
“What? No!”
“Yeah! He saved me. This guy had put a gun to my head and-”
“Yeah, it was crazy. Anyways, and then he saved me then he took me home, and it was so much fun because he was swinging from webs and wow! It was so cool. And then when he dropped me off on my fire escape and he said he’s been keeping an eye on me! And you too! He knows who we are!!” You squealed.
“Wow….that-that-that’s amazing!” He exclaimed.
You two went on talking about different things and, well, a little more about Spider-Man. But only a little.

I hope you enjoyed and I’m so sorry this was late! I know I keep doing this, and I truly do apologize. I probably won’t be posting anything else tonight because there’s a storm coming and the power will probably go out. But you are still welcome to request and feedback is very much appreciated! Have a great day/night, lovelies!