otp: he ran


just don’t lie to that old man anymore. he was there when you were traveling to america together,he was there the tropical land day and then after that in that tragic date in the desperate revival. megure and some crime scene will always be part of your dates.


Minho! Thomas landed with a jarring thump that felt like every joint in his body came loose, then popped back into place. He ignored the pain, got up, ran forward, his vision full of darkness mixed with blurry afterimages, amoebas of purplish light. Then he saw flames.

It took a second for his brain to compute what he was seeing. Rods of fire dancing about like magic, hot tendrils whipping to the right from the wind. Then it all collapsed to the ground, a heap of thrashing flame. Thomas reached it and understood.

It was Minho. His clothes were on fire.


phan, whom? i only know danthony and pham.


Louis: Must you always attack me with words?

Lestat: Do you want me to use rocks?


idk why i love this scene so much but i really do love it alot

maybe its oikawas amused smug face. or maybe because iwaizumi is there.

maybe its because iwaoi just popped up together and in a random scene 

hinatas reaction is perfect though