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Can I have some of your fav pics/gifs to convince my friend that seb stan is amazing?


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I hope these help!! 

Yes Sebastian Stan is amazing. Everything he does, every part of his body, just everything!! He is awesome with his fans. He puts everything he has into his characters. I’m very proud to be in this fandom!!

There’s this stunning and powerful guy I know.
Brilliant with his quick-witted humor.
He’s a bear sometimes, full of rough edges that I find alluring.
He wears a delicious scent keeping me aware of his presence.
Does little things that give me a reason to smile for days, like a mysterious rose left in my car.
He has a magnetic personality, admired by many.
If he thinks I’m sad, he knows just what to say to make me smile.

Where is he?


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Whoa what you're a mom??????? How old are you? I thought Seb fans were the ages of 12-35 woe

haha yes I am a mom AND a grandma!! I had answered the age question earlier today. I’m 53. and believe me there are so many Sebastian Stan fans out there that are older than 35 or a mom. Some of my fav mutuals are in that group! 

And of course as I said earlier age is just a number. If a person loves what they are doing, that “number” should never matter!! 

thx for the ask. :D

I do everything in my power to not laugh,
To not feed into your annoyingness
I complain to all my friends about you
Everyone thinks I hate you
…I don’t
I look forward to the class we share
Because oh god do I love the attention you give me
Probably because the guy I like so very much
Doesn’t like you… at all
But at the same time
I think it’s because you make me laugh
And yesterday before you made me want to kill you
You asked if I was okay
Because I seemed different
And that really really really made me feel warm and fuzzy
For just a second
But then I suddenly felt way worse
Because you asked
But the guy I like didn’t
And thinking that made me feel even more worse
Because here you are being nice
And I’m being incredibly oblivious