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Delena Forever Ours ♡ July 10th: 4/4 Delena Scenes
→ 3x01 The Birthday

“And In that moment he loved him.” This is it, the moment Elena fell in love with Damon, despite not wanting to, despite still holding on to Stefan, she still fell for Damon. Damon’s selflessness and kindness, in a moment she needed it most, was the breaking point. Damon’s love for Elena was so true and pure, that despite his love for Elena, he gave her a piece of Stefan, a symbol of hope that hope for her and his brother. This scene is so essential to Damon and Elena’s relationship and defining moment. 


“You can still make swords if you want,” said Arya. “You can make them for my brother Robb when we get to Riverrun.”

“Riverrun.” Gendry put the hammer down and looked at her. “You look different now. Like a proper little girl.”


Touching Cheeks~!

I was only planning to do TeruMob, but then I decided to do TakeMob and TakeRitsu version as well! Because, why not? Takenaka has two hands! If he can’t get the big brother, he can take the little brother instead. /wink wink

I still have an artblock and I found myself wanting to stop drawing while I was working on this! :”))) Hopefully these silly little comic would bring my mood up, so I can finally start doing the others. 

Hope you like it~!

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Following the “break”

I know that we won’t have a lot of onscreen time to spare on Alec’s dealing with this break. But there are a few things that I would love to see :

  • The first one who would notice that something has changed would be Jace. Because he is Alec’s parabatai, he can just feel that there is something completely wrong with this situation : Max just woke up, so Alec’s should feel better, right ?
  • Then why does he send shockwaves through their bond, while still standing speechless to smile in the middle of his family ?
  • For a moment, Jace would think that it has something to do with the Clave, and Valentine and… He would ask Alec to come with him for a minute.
  • “What is wrong ? Is there something else I should know ?”
  • And Alec would just deny it from a brief movement of his head, before turning back to escape from this situation.
  • Weirdly, I think Clary would be the next one. After the little meeting they all have at the end of 02x18, she would look at Alec, stare too long, and we would just see on her face that she gets that there is something. 
  • The only reason why Izzie would be the last one is the whole Max’s situation. She would be so tired, and terrified, and she would feel so guilty because as she said, she is the one who brought Sebastian in. 
  • But at the end of the meeting, she would hug Alec for a long time and whisper :
  • We made it through, right ? All of us. We made it through, Alec.
  • And she would not receive an answer, because Alec would choke on it. And so, she would look at him, and her eyes would open a little bit too much.
  • Oh god. What happened ?
  • And he would not answer, he would not even try to lie, just keep her close to him.
  • She would keep hugging him for a long time. But in the end, she would just ask :
  • Should I get Magnus ? Do you want…
  • Because she knows, and she has seen these last few weeks, what the warlock can do for her brother state of mind.
  • But Alec would just shut himself, standing straight, and whisper hoarsely
  • No. No more Magnus.  
  • Also :
  • Someone calling Alec “Alexander”, and him just freezing for a second, before shutting himself out again.
  • His mother trying to talk to him, to tell him that whatever is happening with him, he can talk about it, that he does not have to shoulder this war alone.
  • And him answering :
  • I don’t really care for a peptalk right now. Save it for the next time you, or the Clave, want me to lie to the people I love, okay ?
  • Alec not talking, doing his part, but not answering when people comment around him, or try to engage him.
  • Alec leaving the room while someone is in the middle of a speech.
  • Alec fighting, with all he has, because he has been raised like this, and more than his training, it’s all about rage, and anger, and sadness, and loss. His face showing all those things while he is taking down his ennemies one at a time.
  • A scene where he takes his bow and his quiver, and he can hear Magnus voice telling him to hold onto them for him.
  • And so Alec fighting only with a blade for the whole episode. And people noticing.
  • No bow ? would ask Clary under her breath.
  • And Izzie would just shake her head, and look at her brother with such sadness.
  • BUT : 
  • Alec behaving. Doing whatever has to be done. More than that, Alec volunteering for a dangerous mission, and taking no ones bullshit about not going.
  • Alec being reckless, Alec being broken but functioning. Alec still being a leader, a fighter, a shadowhunter, but showing that he also was a lover.
  • Basically, Alec not being a heartbroken demoiselle, but rather a heartbroken leader.
Rosvolio Prompt: Why? - Part 2

I know it’s been a while, but I have returned with a continuation of Rosvolio: Why? I do have an idea for a continuation to this continuation, so if you want a Part 3, let me know.

I hope you enjoy it!


When Rosaline awakened the next morning, she felt terrible. Everything around her was spinning so quickly. Despite all that, she could tell that she wasn’t in her room. Where was she?

Suddenly, a shock of severe pain traveled throughout Rosaline’s head. She opened her mouth to cry out in agony, but instead of sound, the contents of her stomach came out.


Bile hit the floor and started to travel in all directions. She tried to stand up, only to feel her body starting to sag downwards. She leaned her body against a wall and used that to support herself. When she got to her feet, she walked until she reached the door. Her hand was inches away from the doorknob when the door was opened from the other side.

Her eyes grew as wide as saucers when she saw Benvolio Montague standing in front of her with a cup of water.

Confusion swiftly was replaced with fury. She was in his house?! Why was she in the house of of a Montague?!

Screams of fury would have left Rosalind’s lips if she wasn’t hit with a strong wave of nausea and dizziness first.

She vomited yet again, but the dizziness was worse. The room started to spin once more, causing the Capulet heiress to lose her footing. Rosaline would have plummeted straight into the pool of bile she created if a pair of arms didn’t catch her and scoop her up into the air.

“This is quite the mess you have made in my room, my beloved.”, she heard him say teasingly.

The amusement that she detected in his voice made her flush with embarrassment and irritation. She snapped,

“Ugh! Put me down! I can walk by myself!”

“I will do as you wish, but do you really want to risk falling again?”

Rosaline was fuming, but kept her mouth closed.

A smirk formed on Benvolio’s face. “I didn’t think so.”

Rosaline was placed in another bedroom while Benvolio stated, “Rest for now. I’ll take care of the mess. I’ll be right back.”

When her initial anger subsided, Rosaline pondered on Benvolio’s behavior during her solitude. Why he was being so nice to her? If she did this at home, Lady Capulet would waste no time striking, berating, and then ordering her to clean up her mess up. So, why wasn’t Benvolio at least a little mad at her?

There was also the bigger question that needed answering: What was she doing here in the first place?

The sound of footsteps made her sit up. Benvolio returned with a small cup of water. He handed the cup of water to her, declaring,

“Drink this. It’ll help you feel better.”

Rosaline retrieved the water and began to sip the liquid slowly. She tensed up when Benvolio sat on the other side of the bed.

After a minute of uncomfortable, tension-filled silence, she decided to ask Benvolio her question.

“Why am I here?”

Benvolio’s expression turned serious, which bewildered Rosaline. His question caught her off guard.

“What do you remember from last night?”

“I asked you a question first, Montague.”

“I’m well aware of that, Capulet. I will answer your question after you answer mine.”

“I remember going to a pub and having a drink. Does that answer satisfy you?”

“Do you remember our conversation?”

Rosaline huffed in annoyance. “Montague, you said-”

“I know what I said. Just…please answer the question.”

The distress in his voice made any words she might have had unable to escape her lips. What was so important about their conversation that was making him so upset? She thought for a minute before it dawned on her. Rosaline didn’t remember talking to Benvolio at all.

“No. I don’t remember. I don’t even remember seeing you at all.”

Benvolio took a deep breath, which made Rosaline anxious. He informed the Capulet heiress, “When I found you at the pub, you have had too many drinks. When I spoke to you, you acted normal at first. Then, you changed completely. You started screaming. You told me what His Grace said to you, what he threatened to do, how he hurt you…..and asked why I haven’t done the same.

Shock and horror filled Rosalind’s entire being. She stuttered, “I….I…I told you everything?”

Benvolio nodded solemnly, which made Rosaline bury her face in her hands. She couldn’t believe this. It was bad enough that he caught Rosaline and Escalus kissing, but this….this was a thousand times worse.

Her feeling of dread intensified when Benvolio added, “His Grace wanted to see you last night….ordered me to take him to you, but I wouldn’t allow it.”

She exclaimed with a tone that didn’t conceal her disbelief and surprise,

“You defied an order for His Grace?! He’s our sovereign!”

“I know. I just didn’t care.”

“Why would you do something like that?!”

“I did it for you.”

Rosaline’s mind froze after heearing that. She struggled to get out only one word.


Benvolio repeated without any difficulty, “I did it for you.”

Her stunned silence made him continue, “ I don’t know the entire relationship between you and His Grace, but I do know he keeps hurting you. I wasn’t going to let him hurt you twice in one night.”

Rosaline had no idea what to say next. No one had ever done something like this on her behalf before. Despite the bewilderment that was racing through her, she felt a sense of gratitude towards the Montague heir.

She opened her mouth to thank him, but was interrupted by someone screaming at the top of their lungs,


Rosaline and Benvolio jumped up and turned their faces to the door to see a furious Lord Montague glaring directly at his nephew. However, when he laid eyes on Rosaline, he sucked in a breath and stated while trying to contain his boiling rage,

“Nephew, I think it’s time for your betrothed to go home. I’m sure her family is worried about her and we have things to discuss.”


Benvolio was definitely going to suffer the wrath of his uncle when Rosaline was gone, but she did need to return to her family.

He stood up and replied, “You’re right, Uncle.”

Rosaline stood up too, saying, “Thank you for allowing me to stay here, Lord Montague.”

Benvolio watched as his uncle forced a fake smile on his face and said, “Don’t thank me, Lady Rosaline. It’s the least I could do since we will be family soon enough.”

Benvolio waited a bit for Rosaline to say something in response to that, but she didn’t. Rosaline just smiled as the two left the Montague house.

They made it to the Capulet manor in no time at all. When they were standing outside the house, Benvolio turned to Rosaline and said,

“Well, my beloved, I must take my leave now. It has been fun taking care of you, but let us not do that again anytime soon.”

“You may not get your wish, Montague. If we are married, you’ll might have to take care of me for the rest of your days.”

“Then, I hope we will never be wed.”

Rosaline laughed, which grew infectious and caused Benvolio to laugh as well. When his laughter ceased, he turned to leave but stopped when Rosaline’s hand grabbed his.

He looked at her with wide eyes and watched her eyes dart from left to right. Was she…nervous? Then, she looked at Benvolio and said,

“Thank you for everything you did for me, Benvolio.”

The sound of his name coming from her lips made Benvolio’s heart skip a beat. He was unable to form words for a moment before finally getting out the words he was looking for.

“Y-You’re welcome…..Rosaline.”

A small smile graced her lips which made Benvolio’s heart malfunction yet again. He stood there, frozen, as she walked into her home. He returned to his own household in a daze, which didn’t break even when his uncle was shouting at him.

Even, hours later, as he laid in his bed, his mind was plagued by Rosaline. She grabbed his hand. She called him by his name. She thanked him. There was no anger or sarcasm in her voice like the last time.There was nothing but pure, sincere, gratitude.

It made him feel….happy….extremely happy.

Yet, it was this happiness that confused the poor boy. Why did three little words affect him so much?

The last time he felt this happy…he was surrounded by the love of his brothers.

Was it possible that he was following in Romeo’s footsteps and falling in love with a Capulet?

Was he….falling in love with Rosaline?

“No. That’s impossible.”, he thought to himself. “She may be…intriguing, but I’m not falling in love with her. Absolutely not.”

He told himself that over and over again until sleep finally came to him.

on Mor & Az

Hey friends,

I’m here to talk about moriel. Not just my feelings or headcanons or whatever, but to put down in writing some responses to arguments that I have seen that have been bothering me. I’ve already made this post about the nature of their relationship - Mor & Az have a comfortable relationship. It’s not dramatic, it’s not crazy, it’s not tumultuous. It’s easy to miss, tbh. Unless you pay attention to how they act, rather than what they say. I have also made a separate post about the way that Mor takes care of Az (and by extension cares for him). I framed this in the context of emotional labor because I wanted to show why people might miss a lot of these hints. Much of that argument is still relevant, and you can find it here.

*I am addressing a few things that have come across my dash, comments, reblogs, and/or direct messages with multiple people. This is not an attempt to call anyone out. (And I was asked to tag @stephaniemac8) And clearly, most of this is under the cut because it ended up over 4k words.

In order to create this post, I pulled together a bunch of evidence from the book; some of it I already had from other metas, some of it I had saved for this purpose. I’m going to focus on how Mor feels about Az because that seems to be the biggest point of contention. A lot of this will implicitly apply to some other common arguments – that they are unhealthy, that they don’t communicate, etc. But the bulk of this is about how Mor feels.

With that said: please don’t respond to this post with arguments/issues that I am intentionally not addressing. This includes: how Rhys or Cassian fit into this, what happened between everyone when they first me re: The Incident, events that may or may not have happened in the last 500 years for which we have no evidence, or whether there is a Mor/Az/Cassian love triangle. Those are all different issues. I am discussing how they/Mor feel based on the evidence we have, which is all coming from the present timeline. (Clearly they discuss the past, but I am intentionally not discussing that, for reasons I have mentioned before in previous posts, namely that time, maturity, perception, etc. color how they might explain/see it.)

The following are several examples of Mor showing that she cares for Az – I also want to note that this is what we see from others’ perspectives (namely Feyre and Cassian, with some commentary from themselves and Rhys). We never see how she treats him when it is just the two of them. And we never get a direct statement of her saying how she feels. But in this case, actions speak much, much louder than words. One of the things I realized while writing this was the fact that it is explicitly stated more than once that Azriel loves Mor – the same explicit statement is not made in reverse. However, that doesn’t make it not true.

I have these in the order they appear in the book, mostly (as usual, with chapters instead of page numbers bc I’m using my ebook – I don’t want to search my physical copy); most of these quotes are examples of things that Mor does to show how she feels, and are not things that she does with other characters:

“But I quieted my own curiosity as Cassian again shrugged, not even bothering to take note of the silence that seemed to leak from the shadowsinger. Mor saw, though—even if Azriel didn’t bother to acknowledge her concerned stare, the hand that she kept looking at as if she’d touch, but thought better of it.” (chp. 16)

I’ve discussed this before, but we have a clear contrast here between the way that Mor treats Az when he is potentially upset and the way Cassian does. Someone who is in love would not ignore the way that person feels, especially when they are upset. Even if she doesn’t act on it, she is in tune with how he feels and feels that she needs to take care of him in this scene. There are many examples of these two acting differently towards each other than they act towards their other friends. This is a major indicator that they are not just friends. Cassian has no responsibility towards Az other than a friend, and so his ignoring of Azriel is fine – the point is not to demonize him, but to show the difference between how a friend (Cassian) treats Az, and how someone else does (Mor, obviously, and I don’t know how to classify her e.g. lover etc.)

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So, we’re still watching SNK and my aunt asks: “So, does Eren like anyone?”
Me: “Well, he’s KillingTitansSexual”
Aunt: “What?”
Me: “The only thing he can think of is killing titans. The thought of any romance doesn’t even cross his mind”
Aunt: “Ah, okay. But Armin likes Eren, right?”
Me: “Uhm, well, there are people who think they would look good together…”
Aunt: “Of course he is. Look at that page boy hairstyle! And he keeps saying ‘Eren… Eren…’. That must be it!”
Bro: “That’s because they’re childhood friends”
Aunt: “No, shush. He’s obviously got something for Eren”

And kids, that’s the story of how my 58-year-old aunt was introduced to the world of shipping. It’s never too late, guys

avocado-heda replied to your photoset “We each got something the other will never have.  (For…”

yeah sadly they did..it was supposed to be elena and elena will always be stefan true love and stefan Elena’s

it was supposed to be elena according to who lmao. if you mean julie/kevin then julie had a perfect chance of rekindling romantic stelena when elena erased her memories of damon but no. stefan had no interest in pursuing her and instead was apologizing to caroline and focused on trying to make things up to her. if nina returned for s8, stelena would still have no chance of happening? stefan and caroline were madly in love with each other by the end of 7x22. they didn’t stop loving each other after being separated for 3 YEARS but he easily got over elena in the course of a few months. and even before that when he was stabbed by rayna’s sword he watched images of him and caroline flash before his eyes and not a single one of elena. and this is only season 7.

also if elena will always be stefan’s true love then whats this 

not only did he call his ~true love~ with elena messed up but he also said his and caroline’s love could be something even better. not to mention stefan told caroline he was over elena in front of elena’s comatose body?? his last words to elena were literally that he was going to love caroline forever. stefan was standing dead in front of elena and she asked him if damon was ok?? lmao elena hasnt cared about stefan since s4 and ppl still out here in the year 2017 saying stefan and elena are each other’s true love even though she fell in love with damon as she was dating stefan, cheated on him and broke his heart, was making out with damon as stefan was drowning on repeat not at all worrying about his absence in that time, led him on in s5 when he was amnesiac only to tell him she was dating his brother, etc. etc. 

elena married damon and found peace with her family. stefan is in the afterlife still wearing his wedding ring after 60+ years waiting for caroline. caroline herself said she plans to find peace and see stefan again and is wearing her wedding and engagement ring on a chain around her neck 10 years after stefan’s death. tell me again who stefan’s true love is

What do you want from me, Michael?

Fic prompt I received from @sarahscofeld: Would you be so kind as to write a fanfic about Michael’s thoughts, before during and after, Michael and Sara’s first kiss in the infirmary?

Originally posted by fangirler96

She’s in a good mood. She catches his eye as she makes her way down the infirmary hallway toward him, and she allows the smallest smile, just a breath of a smile, really, to touch her lips and eyes. Later, Michael will wonder if that smile changed everything. If it kept him from crashing and burning, stopped him from trying to snag that red-rubbered key from the ring in her pocket right then and there. Because Sara Tancredi smiles are rare. They’re earned, and he wouldn’t—couldn’t—throw one away with a clumsy snatch-and-grab. Surprisingly, not even for the escape. Not even for Lincoln.

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Minpuppy Appreciation!!

So @minhyukisnotmypuppy was in need of some more Minhyuk love, so I am here to help. I have so many things I could say about the precious Minmunggie that I couldn’t possibly fit into one post. So here are some of my absolute favorite moments and things about our Sunshine Virus Minhyukie!

First and foremost this post would not be complete without showing my appreciation for all things involving his laugh and smile. I mean it sincerely when I say that his smile could bring world peace!

He’s adorable/silly/hyper and the perfect cure for a bad day! #vitaMIN

Surprising rudeness that makes you want to re-evaluate everything you thought you knew!

I have seriously never seen someone try and fail so bad at trying to look/act annoyed/mad! Seriously he’s a cinnamon roll through and through!

I don’t buy it Hyukie ^^

Now for my favorite Minhyuk OTPs!!

1. Showhyuk - Seriously this boy loves him some Shownu!

2. Dolce & Gabbana - Deokspatch Season 2 Luxury Team (Still going strong)

3. Honeypup - One of my favorite Big Brother/Little Brother OTPs

At the end of the day this little fluff has a heart of gold and is full of so much love for all his members and Monbebes and he deserves the same tenfold!

During No Mercy he said that if he was to debut he will make sure to become an indispensable part of the group. You have done just that! Monsta X isn’t Monsta X without you! 

“I get worried sometimes because I always have to show a bright side of myself, but I thought of the people who would be happy seeing my bright energy, it made me happy. I like it because it uplifts my mood too.”  - Lee Minhyuk

“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine” - Anthony D’Angelo

We love you our lovable puppy, ray of sunshine, mood maker, and vitaMIN Lee Minhyuk!!

Okay I may or may not be crying now so I will end this here!!


Pairing: Jack/Davey, Spot/Race, Finch/Crutchie, hints of Jack/Katherine
Verse: Modern!high school AU


Jack sighed, leaning back in his chair. “You going to homecoming?” He asked.

Dave looked up. “Don’t do that, you’re gonna break your head open. And no, I wasn’t planning on it.”

Jack set the chair legs back down with a bang. “Aw, you have to go. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t like dances for one. And who would I even ask?” Dave asked, shuffling through his notes.

“You don’t need to have a date, most of the guys fly solo anyways.” Jack replied, coming over to lean on the back of Dave’s chair and look at his notes.

“I could take Crutchie.” Dave said wryly.

Jack laughed. “Crutchie’s staying at home with Finch this year. The words ‘dance’ and 'leg brace’ don’t really go together.”

“Well then who are you taking?”



“She’s a friend. We had sorta, a thing for a while. But now we’re just friends.”

Dave felt a stab of jealously shoot through his body. “Hm.” Was all he said.

“Please go, Davey.” Jack leaned over until he was half on top of Dave. “Pleeaaasseeee.”

“I don’t have anything to wear.” Dave complained, shoving Jack off of him.

“It’s just a fucking suit, it’s not like you’re going to meet the president.”

“You wear a suit to meet the president.”

“Daaaaavvveeeeyyyyy.” Jack whined.

Dave sighed. “Fine. Fine, I’ll go.”


Dave stood awkwardly in the corner of the dance. He had already dreamed up several creative ways to kill Jack for making him come. He found himself exceedingly jealous of Finch and Crutchie who had been watching movies for the past three hours, as they texted him. Dave looked across the room. Spot, Race, and Specs were tearing up the dance floor. Well, at least Specs could dance. The same couldn’t be said for the other two. Dave’s eyes landed upon Jack and Katherine. He had to admit, she was very pretty, but he couldn’t stop the sting of jealousy that ran through his veins whenever he saw her. As he watched them, Jack leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Katherine nodded, gesturing at something in some vague direction behind her. Jack smiled down at her, pressing a kiss on her cheek. Dave’s heart dropped down to the floor, his hands clenching into fists. Katherine laughed and shoved Jack away, whacking his head lightly. Jack smirked, sauntering over to where Dave was standing.

“Having fun Davey?” Jack yelled over the music.

“No.” Dave yelled back.

Jack laughed. “D'ya wanna go home?”


“Well comeon then.” Jack started to pull Dave out of the gym where the dance was.

“Wait, what about Katherine?” Dave asked, stopping him.

“She’s going home with one of her friends, Hannah, I think it was. They’re having a sleepover. Now comeon.” Jack got them out of the gym and into the cool air. “Isn’t that better?”

“Much.” Dave agreed, loosening his tie.

“I’ll walk ya home.” The two boys started to walk next to each other. They both knew the route back to Dave’s house like the back of their hand. Jack took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Dave did the same. The silence stretched out between them. Finally, Dave broke it.

“Did you have fun?” He asked quietly.

Jack shrugged, looking up at the stars. “It was okay I guess.” He looked down and smiled. “To be honest I only came because you did.”

Dave looked up at him in shock. “Well I only came because you asked me to.”

Jack smirked. “I know.”

Dave rammed him with his shoulder. “Asshole.” Jack laughed, the streets echoing with the sound of it, making Dave join in.

“Sorry I made you come.” Jack said, a few minutes later.

“It’s fine. Just don’t force me into any more dances.” Dave shoved him lightly again.

“Deal.” Jack smiled at him. They came up to the fire escape in the alley leading up to Dave’s window. “Sorry, about tonight.” Jack said, ruffling his hair.

“It’s okay. At least I got to spend some time with you.” Dave replied, grinning.

Jack looked at Dave, his hair a mess from him ruffling it. Then moved forward and kissed Dave on his cheek, well more the corner of his mouth then anything. When Jack withdrew, his cheeks were flushed.

“Sorry. Davey-I. Uh, Jesus.” Jack got out. Dave was still standing there in shock. Jack turned away to go, but then Dave said the only thing he could think of.

“I had a boyfriend.” Jack stopped, his back still to Dave. “His name was Darcy, we were together before I moved.” Dave continued. “We broke up because we decided long-distance relationships weren’t going to work. He was a reporter for the school newspaper.” Jacks shoulders stiffened. “I guess I have a type.” Dave smiled. Jack spun on his heel to face him. “You can kiss me again Jack.” Dave said quietly, Jacks eyes widened a bit. “But make sure you get me on the lips this time.”

Jacks eyes were wide, he stepped forward hesitantly. Dave was standing there, a hint of a smile on his lips. Jack reached up, one hand going around his waist and the other to cradle the back of his neck. Then, gently, he pulled Dave into a kiss. Dave tossed his jacket onto the fire escape, using both hands to pull Jack even closer. Jack made a shocked little noise at the enthusiasm Dave responded with, making the other boy smile a little. Then Jack pushed Dave back against the metal fire escape, kissing him equally as fierce. A small laugh escaped Dave’s lips because they were making out in an alley after homecoming which was so teenage cliche it hurt. But Dave wasn’t complaining. It may be cold and Jack may taste like spiked punch, but it was absolutely perfect. Except for-

“Ow.” Dave muttered. Jack drew back quickly.

“What is it? Did I hurt you?” He asked in a panicked voice.

“No, there was a stupid metal thing poking me in the back.”

The moment was gone. Jack stood a ways back, not knowing what to do with his hands.

“I-uh I better go. Your folks will be wondering where you are.” Jack glanced up at the window.

“Yeah.” Dave said quietly. Jack looked at him, then moved forward to kiss his cheek. Then Dave pulled him into a proper kiss. Jack reluctantly pulled away after a moment. “See you Monday.” Dave offered.

“Yeah, yeah. See you.” Jack smiled at him, before walking back out to the street.

Dave stood there for a moment, grinning stupidly, before he picked up his jacket and climbed up the escape to his room. As he was sliding inside the window, he heard a voice from inside the room.

“He’s cute.”

Dave turned around, but forgot his legs were still outside the window, causing him to fall flat on his face, slipping inside the window. He looked up to see Sarah sitting in a chair, a book open on her lap. She was smiling with a self-satisfied look on her face.

“What?” Dave asked, still in a heap on the floor.

“Saw you kissing eye candy down in the alley.” She expanded.

Dave’s eyes widened. “Sarah, please-”

“Relax little brother.” She interrupted. “I’m not going to tell mom. That’s something for you and your boyfriend to decide.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Dave protested.

“Sure he isn’t.” Sarah stood up and closed her book, sauntering out of the room. “He’s cute.” She said again.

Ok, ok, “mature” South Park Fans

Ok, Yeah. We understand your point. Maybe we are right and they are in love, or maybe you are right and they are boyfriends only because they have so much pressure to do it. But… What whit that? We understand. We are not fools. We are fans too. If they brake up, it they say that the had never love each other in the end of the season, well, we’ll be sad, but, the show is like this. The show is an entire satire. 

If you like it, that’s ok. If you don’t like, well, that’s ok too. It’s only a show.

We have shipped them since ‘99, but, if they are canon ‘cause bad things, Have we have to be sad or angry? Can’t we be happy? I don’t understand. The shippers will never change. They can be boyfriends, if they break up, people will write fanfiction about they getting together again, they will draw fanart about they being happy years after. 

So, what’s the point of being angry with us? You know. They are making fun of us, the shippers in a really realistic and soft form. I really like how they manage it. 

We shipped them before, we ship them now, and no matter what happens in the next episodes, we will still ship them.

Take it easy, Trey and Matt are great and love us no matter how weird are we.

With love, a South Park fan like you. 

Klaroline Adventures 6 of ??

“He took me to your estate just outside of London, where he had a picnic planned for us out in the garden.”

“My brother the hopeless romantic. I honestly don’t know how you bring it out in him.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Bekah, he still showed me the dungeons and explained in detail his favorite torture techniques.”

“Yeah, those were good times.”


Hi, can you write about Fred and Hermione telling the Weasley’s they were a couple and all of their reactions (including Bill, Charlie, and Percy)?


She stared up at the stars, lost in their glimmering. Constellations had always fascinated her, but she would still never understand how some of them had come to be.

“Hey, Hermione.”

She had always loved stars, though. She could remember laying in the garden with her mum, much like she was doing now, watching them, coming up with stories about them, giggling as her mother made her own pictures in the sky.

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littlelightinggirl  asked:

I'll give you two characters : Maven and Coriane <3


How I feel about this character: I hate him, but I love him. In the first book, I didn’t ship him with Mare, but when he betrayed us all, in the moments he hesitated to do things because of Cal being his brother, I felt so bad for him. I still feel so, so bad for him, because of what his mother did to him, and because of Thomas, too. Instead of growing and learning to make his choices, he was stripped from that and was forced to do as his mother pleased.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Thomas, and Thomas alone. I don’t know if happiness counts as a person. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Cal and Mavey. The glimpses of their time as siblings were so cute, and I hope they can have those times again.

My unpopular opinion about this character: (I don’t think this is unpopular but) that I want Maven to be happy. Not to die at the hands of his brother.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Thomaven. I wish he lived. I wonder how different this story would be. Also, if he was somehow able to break free from the claws of his mother inside his mind.


How I feel about this character: Through the novellas, I got to see how much Coriane is like Cal. How they tinker with tools, especially. She was a woman who was crippled by Elara’s mind, and I feel like we didn’t get much to see of her. All I know of is just her memory, and how she had died. Her diary, is something I would have liked to have read to understand her more.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: The young Tibe VI. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Coriane’s relationship with Sara and Julian, along with Cal.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t think I have one.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Coriane getting to see Cal grow up. *cries*

thank you for the ask! and sorry this was a long post.

“Together, you and I can rule the galaxy; make things as we want them to be!”

Dark Side Au: Padme agrees to Anakin’s plan. Anakin doesn’t burn in the lava, he still becomes Darth Vader, but he kills Palpatine. Padme becomes empress. Luke and Leia grow up as prince and princess of the galaxy, Luke is Vader’s apprentice and Leia is the heir to the throne (the Sith rule of the two still stands, and she chooses to leave the role to her brother in order to become empress and pursue power in her own way, but Anakin teaches both of them the ways of the force, as children).

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Rex (you know, from Generator rex)

(I just binge watched this thankyou)

1: sexuality headcanon: Bisexual 

2: otp: Benrex (I blame the crossover episode)

3: brotp: Skwydd and Rex uwu i love my boys

4: notp: Six and Rex- they’re more family (father/son) in my mind, than lovers.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: I don’t really know any headcanons about Rex (or anyone, for that matter), but I like to think that despite Caesar being his brother, he didn’t put all of his trust in him, after everything that happened, after Endgame. At some point he does, but not immediately. Baby boy needs time (I’m still crying at that moment when Rex said “Caesar, I’m scared.”).

6: one way in which I relate to this character: I don’t-

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Almost everything he did in Exposed (Season 2, episode 16)

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Cinnamon roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!