otp: he inspired me

for @armatise and her favourite kink of ‘platonic bdsm’ lol


(non-linear, just random time stamps of fun loving president pkane and his adorkable stoic assistant jtoews)

Patrick’s spent the day constantly in motion. He’s afraid if he stops for a second, everything will catch up to him and he might have a breakdown. It’s Election Day and he’s only a few hours away from possibly becoming the next President of the United States.

He’s also spent the whole day as close to Jonny as possible. He won’t let the man out of his sight. It gets so bad that Jonny can’t even fulfill his assistant duties like answering calls or running errands because Patrick’s clutching his bicep half of the time.

All of Patrick’s loved ones are with him by the end of the night. Most of the polls are close and once the west coast states start getting called, it’s a done deal.

When news networks start calling it, Patrick reaches over for Jonny’s hand and gives it a squeeze before he’s bombarded with hugs from his family and Sharpy and has to let go.

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It’s been only a few days now since Ryan has left us and it’s amazing how many people in those short days have come up to me and said they are saddened by our loss and how much they loved Ryan and all of us who helped inspire and entertain them for so many years. They say they grew up watching us and laughing there asses off, and that is exactly what Ryan did. He inspired a generation to be free, have fun, and laugh.
—  Ehren Mcghehey