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Dating Ashton Irwin Would Include...

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Warnings: smut

• Sitting on his lap whilst he tries to teach you how to play the drums
• Finding old bandannas and hats and trying to convince him to wear them again
• Comforting you when you’re upset
• Cuddles until 3am
• Random drumsticks turning up around the house all the time
• You being the only person he wears his glasses around
• Forehead kisses
• Holding hands with his super long fingers, wrapping themselves around yours
• Binge watching “That 70s Show” on Netflix
“Jackie is such a bitch” “No she’s not Ash, she just loves Kelso a lot” “I love you more Y/N”
• You being featured constantly in his Instagram stories
• On bad days, him being so scared that you’ll leave him for someone better
“Ashton Irwin, I am so in love with you, don’t doubt that for a second”
• The fans being unsure of you at first, but when they saw you loved him unconditionally and made him happy, you were the biggest OTP
• “Ash put these flowers in your hair”
• Him acting like a puppy
• Being in love with his giggle
• Taking his glasses everywhere because he constantly forgets them
• Holidays to the most amazing countries – Budapest, Thailand, Japan
• His mum being so thankful that you have made him happy
• Comforting when someone says something rude about him and brings his dad into it
“Ash, you are amazing and kind and so perfect, don’t be sad please”

• “Scream my name baby girl”
• Him fingering you would be the most wonderful feeling in the universe
• Super kinky with bondage, but still be gentle
• Making you cum over and over again

• Long cuddles and soft kisses after wards
• “You are the best thing that has happened to me Y/N”
• Him doodling over every piece of paper and giving them to you because they’re cute, and you putting them in a box somewhere and smiling to yourself
• Concert dates
• Going in tour with the boys
• Michael teasing you both – “Y/N why would you date a human banana” “Fuck off Mickey” “Just saying because I am confused”
• Him trying to cook for you and almost setting the kitchen on fire
• “I’ll order pizza”

•Him being so overly in love with you

His laugh was so obnoxious and the way he contorted his face was hysterical. He came up with the oddest things to say, his eyes naturally rolled when he was annoyed or thought something was less than brilliant. He shifted constantly in his seat, moving his feet beneath him, crossing his legs, moving sideways. He couldn’t talk without his hands flying around him just to reiterate the point he was making. He judged everything. His jokes were taboo. The things he said were sometimes the corniest things I’d ever heard. He was intellectual. He was childish. He was judgmental. He was the sweetest person alive.

He was beautiful.

things i like about malec:

i like that their first kiss didn’t happen in magnus’s loft, wherein they got drunk and had an offscreen slumber party. i’m glad that magnus didn’t take advantage of a situation where alec was not able to consent, instead offered him a comfortable and safe place to sleep (maybe let him borrow some clothes, too). i’m happy that alec didn’t take advantage of a situation wherein, theoretically, he could have recklessly done whatever he wanted, but would not be able to offer consent. this is a damaging trope and the show didn’t succumb to it.

i like that magnus, even though he knew that alec was simply forcing himself to go through with the wedding, actually backed off when alec told him to. “tell me, and i’ll stop.” then after alec berated him, telling him he wasn’t one to risk anything at all, magnus said, almost like an ultimatum, “you have a decision to make. i will not ask again.” but he did back off. he stayed away, he risked going to a wedding he was invited to. not to push alec into calling the whole thing off, but just to see him. (also to tell clary and jace about the book of the white which is a very important point!! because hey ho magnus is not only a prop dubbed as alec’s love interest, he’s the high warlock of brooklyn ffs) he stood there, told maryse he would go if alec wanted him to. notice how he left it all up to alec, and never pushed him to come out.

i also like that alec, even though he was simply forcing himself to go through with the wedding, actually told magnus to back off. not because it was great angst material and it’d be good for him to live in denial, but because it normalized an uncommon situation when people make advances, romantic or sexual – someone vocalizing their discomfort. and alec was uncomfortable. “you’re confusing me, you don’t have any clue what i feel, so back off.” he was still uncomfortable of his feelings, of what they meant. alec told magnus to stay away, while he still could, because he knew that next time wouldn’t be so kind and he would change his mind for real (he did). and this is where i say that this proves magnus was not harassing alec, wasn’t creepy, or manipulative like people wrongly insist – to an extent, he encouraged this kind of normalization (see: “tell me and i’ll stop” “i’ll leave if he asked me to”)! that’s really not something you see everyday.

i like that magnus didn’t rush alec into a relationship, as though they had everything figured out and it would all fall into place. even when they clashed, he understood alec’s family, he understood their rage. most importantly, he understood alec and the current place he was in. magnus’s concern that alec regretted that kiss didn’t mean he was insecure (okay maybe a little), it meant he didn’t want alec to regret anything he did. i love how he wanted to thank lydia as well, how he was the first one to say that they should take it slow. this response was so organic, so important. coming out to my parents, my girlfriend at the time was always there for me, and it helped so much that she didn’t trivialize the situation once it was out in the open, just supported me all the way. didn’t say “it’s okay,” because it wasn’t, instead said it would be – and that gave me hope; much like what magnus told alec.

i like that they tackled the immortality issue right off the bat. because it is an issue. it’s a rational, valid concern, which magnus didn’t evade, but addressed when alec brought it up. whoa how rare is that, two grown men communicating!! also i love how while it was logical and so alec to speak of that, him saying, “you watch the people you care about age and die,” was an immense contrast. he was worried about magnus. the internal struggle i’m sure he was feeling didn’t come first, what step they should take next in their relationship didn’t come first, it was just magnus. he always preached that emotions were an impediment, but then worries secretly and constantly for the people he loves – and right in that moment, magnus was already one of them.

tl;dr everything. i like, love, adore everything about malec.

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Heyyyy Dee, do you have any funny/angsty prumano headcanons? I'm getting ready to write a fic and I need a couple ideas.

Of course I have headcanons of my otp~ B)

Tbh I think sometimes Romano would doubt Prussia’s feelings for him?? Like, what if Prussia is only in a relation with him because he couldn’t get Veneziano? So of course he’d have to settle for the second best - Romano. Even though Prussia constantly assures him that, no, he’d still love him even if his brother wasn’t in love with Germany, Romano still has his doubts about it ;; poor baby ;v;

Also I feel that whenever Romano says “Oh my god” Prussia would be immediately at his side with a “you called?” and Romano just stares at him with THAT look. And Prussia stares back, grinning as if he had just pulled the best joke ever, giggling and going like “hehehe got it? “You called” because you said god and I-” and Romano would just interrupt him like “YES OKAY I GOT IT, THANKS.”