otp: haylor

can you imagine...

niall cries loudy and looks at Harry just after he listened to Taylor swift 1989

I can’t believe it mate.

Harry: what? What you can’t believe? What are you crying?

N: the water filled her lungs, she screamed so loud but no one could hear a thing, you didn’t come back, you weren’t there, you didn’t stay even when she wished you would! Now she is clean! And she will never risk it again..

Harry: *swallow hard* yeah…

“I think everybody has that one person who kind of floats in and out of their life, and the narrative is never truly over” - Taylor Swift

“There’s just someone in mind. There’s always someone who’s the person you think about if something happens. But yeah. There’s nothing really happening at the moment” - Harry Styles

How "Haylor" Broke Up
  • Taylor: OMG I like you so much Harry!
  • Harry: That's great. I like you too, and I hope we never break up.
  • Taylor: Yeah, because we belong together.
  • Harry: Actually, because you would write a song about me.
  • Taylor:
  • Taylor:
  • Taylor: Fuck you