otp: haylor

To Harry,

     I don’t know what actually possessed me to write this letter to you. Here I am, trying to write a decent song that people will actually like not because it’s of a break-up but because it’s of something positive. But no, the words are not forming in my head. They don’t seem to be appearing and giving me the ideas for one of my songs for my next album. Remember when I told you about the title ‘1989’ and you kidded around by saying that you were going to send me 1,989 roses. And everyone caught on so everyone taught you actually did that. Well, it made me laugh. Haha.

     I miss us to be honest. I know, I know. People will say I’m so delusional because my image of love is so fucked up but I tried telling them our story through 1989. Hopefully, they got to catch on. I just want to erase that stupid label they put on me as this girl who keeps on having boyfriends then breaks up with them just so I can write a decent song. No, Harry. I hope that’s not what you think of me. Because the whole of 1989 is all about us.

     I fell in love with you. I fell in love with your quirky sense of humour. I fell in love with the way you made me feel so safe, protected, warm and loved. That was the reason I wrote all those songs about you. You made me feel like I was on cloud nine when you and I were still a thing. You’re the only person who’s made me feel so special. You made me happier than the happiest man alive, Harry. I just hoped you know that by now. I loved you.. I loved you with my whole heart. Wait, scratch that. I still love you. I have never stopped loving you even though you gave up altogether.

     And halfway through writing this letter, I have come to a clear and harsh realization that you will never be mine again. Ever. You fell out of love for me. I feel so stupid for having wasted someone like you, Harry. You were the one I’ve been looking for my entire life and I just had to lose you. Stupid, stupid Taylor. But I guess that’s how things are supposed to be right? I’m glad you’re happy now. I really am, believe me.

     Just tell Louis to take good care of you, okay? I’m so glad you guys found your way back into love. I’m so glad you’re with the person your heart really belongs to. You guys.. You guys are so lucky to have each other. Thank you for making me feel special and loved, Harry. Even just for a little while. I hope you and Louis are doing well and I wish only the best for each other. I love you, Harry. Thank you again.



[A year in Haylor Review] 

Separated some things that happened to haylor this year (not found February and April sorry)

January: Harry and Taylor present in the pre oscar party

March: Harry and Taylor found wearing clothes they used when they were together (crying a lot)

May: rumors Taylor and Harry returned dating take the twitter

June: Harry opens a direct image of a fan who sent him a photo of Taylor

July: taylor uses the same dress she wore on the last trip he took with harry

August: fan mostar his love for haylor in a show of one direction (harry you have, Hella good Hair)

September: another fan takes a photo of haylor to the show and see harry (imagine what he felt at the time)

October: the new album of Taylor Swift named 1989 is full of evidence of haylor (see it)

November: Harry shows his love for taylor AMA

December: harry tweet wonderland stretch with some modifications in your twitter

other things that happened: fans who were in the secret sesion say taylor said she and Harry are friends / Harry Taylor cites the livestrem One Direction / harry and taylor in concert 1975 / romores that harry would have sent roses to 1989 taylor / taylor and Harry on the feast of VSFashionShow / seer preveu the haylor return in 2015

prepared for 2015?



I had heard rumors that “I Love You” by Alex& Sierra was written by Harry about Taylor and decided to do a bit of research:

1. The Songwriters are credited to be Carlsson and Mick Greenberg. Upon first glance, this is easily dismissed…BUT:

2. I searched the name, and this line from an article popped up. Again, something that could be easily dismissed…..

3. UNTIL I did a general search on this Mick Greenberg and found nothing solid. at all. If you are a songwriter, there should be SOMETHING about you or your life that would easily come up in a google search.

4/5. Then we get into lyrical comparisons, the first being a small, relatively unimportant line between Out Of The Woods and I Love You.

6. “I won’t trouble you no more”= reference to IKYWT?

7a. “While we laid there on soft, warm ground” perhaps an allusion to “now I’m lying on the cold, hard ground”?

  b. thirteen days? 13? Can it get better than this?

Of course, I could be wrong, Mick Greenberg could be real and I just wasted the last 25 minutes of my life. but one can hope.

p.s: I know trouble was written before they dated before someone makes that counterclaim, yet it doesn’t stop a response like paper dolls