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“Harry found himself newly and happily impervious to gossip over the next few weeks. After all, it made a very nice change to be talked about because of something that was making him happier than he could remember being for a very long time”

- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 25, after Harry and Ginny’s first kiss

Background by Martyn Smith

a scene that really bothers me in HBP is when Ginny feeds Harry that pie thing and she is like “don’t you trust me?” and then just feeds it to him all nicely 

because I honestly believe that book!Ginny would have said “don’t you trust me?” and then she would proceed to shove the pie in his face and then say “your mistake!” and just like run away laughing her head off and Harry would just be sitting there with pie stuck to his face and a small grin thinking ‘wow this girl is perfect’

sometimes I just get Ginny feels and need to scream about it


  • was possessed by lord voldemort’s soul for an entire year and managed to fight back enough to escape the diary’s hold
  • managed to throw the diary away only to steal it back because she didn’t want to subject anyone else to its spell 
  • survived possession by lord voldemort 
  • like what harry couldn’t manage it for like ten minutes in book five ginny managed a whole year okay can we just
  • is the proof that you can recover from trauma and are allowed to be happy after experiencing hell
  • isn’t defined by her past with tom riddle
  • wears flowery perfume and paints her room pink because she grew up with boys godammit let her be girly and pink
  • at the same time, is good at sports and kicks ass
  • is kind to luna and gets to know her before any else bothers to
  • stands up for neville who cripples under low self-esteem
  • stands up for harry when draco teases him about his fame, proving that ginny at 11 has outgrown her star-struck crush on harry and sees him for who he is
  • doesn’t put up with fleur’s snooty crap when she looks down on ginny’s family’s country life
  • doesn’t put up with hermione’s crap when she uses quidditch to emotionally manipulate harry, even though hermione and ginny are friends
  • doesn’t put up with harry’s screw the world angry crap either

seeing a pattern here?

here’s more:

  • stands up for herself when ron slut-shames her for kissing her boyfriend of months in a deserted corridor
  • doesn’t appreciate ron’s hypocrisy when it comes to public display of affection
  • for some reason is called a slut by fandom because she dated michael for a year, dean for another year, and then married her third boyfriend….
  • even if she was doing the whole taylor swift thing, that is no reason to slut shame her
  • at least she liked michael and dean for a while and tried hard to make their relationship work, unlike hermione who got with mclaggen only to make ron jealous
  • i love book!hermione okay but girl is cray sometimes
  • shares harry’s sense of humour
  • is harry’s “best source of comfort”
  • doesn’t argue or make things more difficult for harry when he breaks up with her because they understand each other perfectly, this isn’t about them, it’s about the war
  • the day ginny is taken into the chamber is the worst day of harry’s life
  • and this boy grew up in a cupboard
  • kid is twelve and describes her as “glowing like the setting sun”
  • harry my sweet perfect child you have no idea how bad you’ve got it
  • makes harry laugh when no one else can, makes harry calm down when no one else can
  • once she is with harry, doesn’t get trapped in some ‘you’re not like other girls’ trope
  • is honest and straight forward with harry about her feelings
  • harry’s too emotionally stunted for hermione and cho’s passive aggressive crap
  • war time harry and ginny is so classically romantic omg
  • harry watches her name on the maurauder’s map nightly while he’s away on the front line
  • she’s back at hogwarts doing her fight because dammit she will help the war even if she’s underage
  • is the last thought harry has before dying
  • literally is harry’s dying thought
  • has a career and a family and no one thinks that’s weird
  • i bet she cursed rita skeeter when skeeter asked her if she was a bad mum for working or if she resent her kids for interfering with her career or some familiar crap
  • come on she played pro quidditch harry’s definitely swooning at that
  • cursed child is a huge freaking mess, but through about half a dozen different alternate realities, ginny and harry are together in everysingle one
  • can you say otp?
  • is still harry’s best source of comfort in the mess that is cursed child

I love these so much! Also wanna remind you that I have started doing ships and personal imagines!

here’s a headcanon: ginny always talks about pushing back marriage for her career so harry starts proposing to her with random objects. like really bizarre household stuff like toothbrushes and garden plants ?? and then one day, he bends down on his knee and before he can ask for her hand with an old spoon he found in the kitchen, she screams ‘YES’ in frustration because hell, if she wasn’t done with his bullshit then, she sure is now but the moment she says yes, harry pulls out a ring and has this tiny little smile on his face as if all his confidence disappeared in a second. and ginny realizes that he had the ring all along. of course he did.


Prompt: 2) Hinny dueling, set anytime post-battle. Cocky harpy vs. wipe-the-floor-with-you Auror? First summer trauma coping? The angst/fluff potential is endless

A/N: so this is a combo of the prompt ^ from @julxr4 and inspiration from @blvnk-art‘s grown up hinny fan art, particularly this comic.

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Harry’s pretty capable, as far as new fathers go.  No major injuries or illnesses to report, and he thinks James seems pretty happy, all things considered.  So when Ginny goes to spring training for almost a month, he does alright.  Aside from missing Ginny like – something he would miss a lot.  Sleep deprivation is not particularly conducive to similes.  Or grooming.  Between a full workload with the Auror Office and handling James on his own every night, certain things get shunted to the side.  And it’s a pretty easy choice if he’s deciding between shaving and taking a kip for a quarter of an hour.

Which is why Ginny comes home to her husband lying spread eagle on the floor with the tiniest Potter splayed across his chest, playing with his newly grown beard.  “Alright Potters?”

James claps his chubby hands and topples back against Harry’s now raised thighs in excitement.

Quickly, Harry catches James around his middle and soon enough has his entire family wrapped in his arms.  Ginny’s warm and firm under his hands, freckles and just a touch of sunburn across her shoulders, her chocolate eyes sparkling in that way that lets him know he’s not the only one who’s been lonely.

James pitches toward Ginny, his kiss overly wet and gummy, while Harry nuzzles her damp hair.  “We missed you.”

Ginny takes James into her arms, showering him with kisses before using her free hand to scratch at Harry’s beard.  “This is new.”

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 (I love George Weasley and I love you very much and have a wonderful day)

“Shut up and watch.” Fred elbowed his brother, who was snickering at you and George as you drank from your cups, which were spiked with love potions. 

“Shut up, George.” you snapped

“Are you going to make me?” he asked. 

“I just might.” 

“Be careful, I might like it.” he sneered. 

“Is it going to work?” Ron asked Fred. 

“It has to, I did exactly as the book said.” Fred answered, looking warily around as Hermione sat down. 

“What are you doing?” she asked when she was settled in her seat. 

“We’ve given Y/N and Gerogie a love potion.” Fred answered absently, watching as the two of you continued to fight. Hermione rolled her eyes as she stared at Ron and Harry.

“Nothing is going to change.” she rolled her eyes, earning the attention of everyone in on the joke. “They’re already head over heels. A love potion won’t change anything.” 


“Sure, they fight all the time, but haven’t you seen the way they look at one another?” she asked like it was obvious. She was right, nothing had changed, you still shot insults back and forth, George had a ghost of a smile on his lips and your eyes were on fire, as you both leaned over the table and got close to one another, noses almost touching. 

“Be careful, Y/N, if you keep looking at me like that, I might kiss you.” 

“Is that a promise or a threat?” 

“It’s definitely a promise.” he growled. 


HOGWARTS VALENTINE’S DAY 1992 | | Remember the time Gilderoy Lockhart ruined everyone’s life again…but seriously, if Ginny can bounce back from a dwarf dressed as cupid tackling Harry to the ground, sitting on his knees, and reading that aloud….I believe in you & your romantic endeavors. That text message can’t have been as embarrassing tbh and she married him, she did that!!! After doing that ^ !!!!

  • me defending hinny in 2007:
  • person: i don't understand why harry ended up with ginny
  • me: because harry loves her and ron and hermione are meant to be!!!
  • me defending hinny in 2017:
  • person: i don't understand why harry ended up with ginny
  • me: *takes a gulp of water, cracks sweaty knuckles, takes out essay* well first off your an idiot for even asking that but let me read you my 20 page essay on why there is no better girl for harry than ginny

Guys… 2016 is almost over….Oh my Goodness


Hinny (Ginny × Harry)
Hogwarts Pairings 4/?


A/N: @read-a-hinny-fic pointed out that the hinny fandom is lacking bed share fics so I wrote one hehe.  I hope it satisfies.  It’s an AU where Harry and Ginny didn’t get together in HBP but everything else is the same…

Please let me know what you think!

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Also I think these people were all interested? @dameesmeralda; @diva-gonzo; @thetruthisinthetooth

It’s raining the day Harry realizes his life has been devoured by work.  Not that rain in London is particularly novel, but it still feels more dramatic when milestones in self-understanding occur with thunder in the background.  And the real development is less about the concept of being overworked – because Hermione’s been badgering him about the very same for the last eight months – and more about the fact that he realizes why he’s been obsessively working.


Which doesn’t mean it’s her fault, just that she was the catalyst that made an already work obsessed Harry ratchet up to such a degree that Hermione Jean Granger said he was working too hard.  The Ginny Prompt is really because he runs out of excuses for not asking her out – i.e. Voldemort, mourning, Ginny’s return to Hogwarts for her Seventh Year – so he apparently subconsciously created one.

The rainy day is a Saturday, and Ginny has a game – the second of her rookie season with the Harpies – and Harry’s not there because he’s a self-sabotaging git. At least that’s what Ron grumbles at him when he gets dragged into Harry’s voluntary overtime shifts.  And on this rainy Saturday, Harry decides he’s going to stop floundering and just ask Ginny out.  His heart thuds at the thought, and now he has to spend the next three hours of his shift mentally calculating the many ways this plan could go sideways.  Which involves a lot of scenarios with angry, violent Ginny and a permanent end of the Potter line.

So it’s a miracle that he’s still on board with the plan when he clocks out for the evening, which was largely boring aside from the two-hour call in Sheffield where they apprehended a small band of smugglers bringing illegal potions into the country.  By the time he finishes his paperwork he’s stayed a half hour late, but he’s so revved up to see Ginny at this point that his brain doesn’t even register the time until he’s mid knock on the door to her flat in Holyhead. 

He’s too committed now, to bag out, so Harry spends the ensuing wait for an answer concocting various ends for this scene, which largely entail muscular, faceless men answering the door in their pants.  So when the door cracks open just enough to reveal one of Ginny’s squinting chocolate brown eyes and her sleep mussed hair, Harry lets out his breath in a gush and blurts, “WillyougooutwithmeGinny?”

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