otp: harry just really loves liam

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Ok please don't judge me because I'm a returning fan from a long-ass time ago...but please explain to me what ot4 and stan means? Like I know ot4 is the boys and Stan is like fan(i think) but why? PLZ AND TNX love you

Aw anon I wouldn’t judge! 

OT4 is the foursome that is One Direction; Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry

Stan used to be stalker+fan, but now it’s almost synonymous with just fan (or, well, someone who’s really a fan)

So you we right about the meanings. Where do these terms come from? Well, like I said stan comes from stalker+fan and OT4 comes from OTP. If you haven’t heard from OTP either, it’s One True Pairing, or like your favourite pair. OT4 is then your favourite four people - Liam/Louis/Niall/Harry in this fandom.

Hope this helped!

I was walking along a corridor with Liam at one point and we were both looking at all these famous faces, and I said, ‘Jeez, this place is amazing. You can literally feel the history.’ His dad’s the same as mine, really into his music, so he was like, 'Dad would love to see all of this!’
—  who we are (harry’s section), about performing at msg