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When you meet someone that ships all your ships

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I’ve never understood the need for quite a few Harry/Hermione shippers to always put Ginny and Ron down, as if Harry and Hermione don’t have their own flaws. To me, the fact that they bash them so much tells a lot more about the hypocrisy, delusion and entitlement of these shippers than about the characters themselves. They believe doing this somehow helps their case; it doesn’t.


“Hermione,”  Harry  said  at  once,  shaking  her  as  the  baby-headed  Death Eater blundered out of sight again. “Hermione, wake up… .”

“Whaddid he do to her?” said Neville, crawling out from under the desk again to kneel at her other side, blood streaming from his rapidly swelling nose.

“I dunno… .”

Neville groped for Hermione’s wrist.

“Dat’s a pulse, Harry, I’b sure id is… .”

Such a powerful wave of relief swept through Harry that for a moment he felt light-headed.

Harry Potter Rant

Reasons why I ALWAYS struggled to get behind the original pairings and completely agree with JK Rowlings latest statement.

Hermione is basically the second protagonist. Harry is the main character but Ron and Hermione are not equal below him, Hermione saves their lives time and time again. While Harry is hailed as the “boy who lived”, Hermione is referred to as the “brightest which of their age”. 

Harry and Hermione understand each other in a way that nobody else ever will. There are a number of moments in the story where Hermione and Harry go through things by themselves. Ron is absent for most of Prisoner of Azkaban. Hermione helps Harry prepare in Goblet of Fire. Harry and Hermione travel alone for a long time looking for Horcruxes. The challenges they faced together strengthened their bond. Hermione was always very aware of everything that was going on, she is the closest thing Harry has to someone who understands what he went through

Hermione is level headed and logical, time and time again Ron teased her and frustrated her. Having feelings for someone does not make your personality compatible. If Hermione was to end up with Ron they would argue. a lot. Ron is also short tempered, insecure/paranoid about people not wanting him around, and jealous. Putting an emotionally driven character with a logically driven character is a recipe for disaster.

Ginny always idolised Harry and put him on a pedestal, something Harry hated right from his introduction to the wizarding world. All he wanted was to be a normal person, not a hero or celebrity. Ginny has never seen him as “Harry” he was always “Harry Potter”, Hermione was raised outside of the wizarding world so even though she knows who he is she doesn’t see him any differently because of it.

Ginny was absent for almost all of the struggles Harry faced and would not be able to understand what he will go through after the war. Harry would suffer from PTSD after the war ended and would spend the rest of his life trying to put all the horrors he saw behind him. Ginny never experienced anything like that and would not be able to truly understand. Whereas Harry and Hermione would be able to help each other through it.

People are complaining that Harry and Hermione would have been bad because its the typical main character ending up together. I don’t see Ron and Hermione ending up together any differently. The relationship of Harry and Ginny seems more like an effort to include Harry in the family he always wanted. 

Throughout the story we see Harry and Hermione working well together and Ron causing clashes due to his inability to control his emotions. Realistically Hermione would not forget the times Ron has hurt her and would likely not see him as a potential partner. 

But the biggest thing for me is that Harry and Hermione were always on the same wavelength. Sure, maybe they were more like siblings at the start but feelings can change and evolve. Definitely during difficult times when you need someone to turn to. Could you imagine having that bond with someone then not being with them? even if they didn’t have passion they would likely end up together simply because they couldn’t imagine being apart after everything they went through together. They needed each other and that wouldn’t just go away.