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“It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here.” I JUST CAN’T LOSE HOPE

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Jealous bastard

He smirked at his girlfriend who was currently bend over with his eyes watching her.

“Lucas stop, have you seen my blue heels” Maya hissed with Lucas let out a chuckle.

“No, why?” He asked, leaning against the door. “I have to meet Josh to plan out everything for Riley’s 23 it’s the big 2 3 ” she says, snapping.

“Josh as in uncle boing because he wants to me paint the venue in purple cat” she says chuckling.

“Of course he does” Lucas says, clinching his fist. “Are you jealous” Maya snoring as he turns his head, turning a redish color.

“I really am, hart” he says, bending down whispering in her ear while brushing her hair back.

“Lucas, I swear I’m hurt you, I need to go meet Josh” she says as he spins her body around.

“Lucas what the hell did I just tell you” she says.

I don’t care about Josh, damn it Maya, all I was noticing was that you didn’t have a hickey on your neck in a while”.

Maya gulps as he starts to kiss her neck and his hand is around her waist. Maya shuts her eyes as lucas snorts with laughter at her reaction to being placed on the sofa.

Wrapping a leg around Luca’s waist and feeling tugs , running her hands through it and messing up the hair he spent twenty minutes trying to style this morning, but he didn’t care.

“You’re so hot,and I am the only one who will see you like this" Lucas breathes against Maya’s mouth, parting his lips and sliding his tongue in for a few seconds. Maya gasps again, surprised.

Maya tugs at the hem of Luca’s shirt, her fingertips skidding across the soft skin of his lower back as Lucas breaks away from Maya’s lips for a few seconds, She began to tug on her boyfriend t-shirt over his head before capturing Lucas’s lips again in a kiss that sends sparks flying between them and fuck, they’re really getting off now.

“Maya” Lucas whispers.

“Yes…YESS” she yells as he kissed her neck; leaving a hickey on her neck and all down her torso.

“Atleast when you meet Josh know, he knows you’re mine” Lucas, whispering kissing her lips.

“FRIAR” she yells as he laughs at her, getting off the sofa and putting his shirt back on. “You are a fiesty one” he says laughing.

“You can not just leave me like this” she says pouting.

“Oh I can miss hart” he smirks with her hissing “YOU JEALOUS BASTARD, COME HERE AND FINiSH”.

He breaks out laughing with her grabbing him by his shirt.

“Friar, I will just tell Josh to send me what he wants me to do for Riley’s party, you come her” she says, yanking him back on the sofa.

Lucas let’s out a chuckle as his girlfriend is currently on top of him and yanking off her own shirt.

“That’s was suppose to be my job, hart” he says laying and laughing.

“Shut up friar” Maya hissed, as Lucas flips her.

“Maya, you should go meet Josh, I’m not jealous anymore, espically since I know you love me cause I love you”.

“Yeah yeah friar” she says as he gets off her.

“You are not fun friar” she hissed putting on tight jeans with a blue blouse’ making sure it covers the hickey.

“It mates your eyes” placing his chin on her shoulder.

“Oh shut up, heading to meet uncle boing” she smirks as Lucas bites his lip.

“I love you Maya hart” he says, closing the door, but not before he hears her say “I love you too”.


    A dangerous plan, just this time                   Hold me close through the night
 A stranger’s hand clutched in mine                   Don’t let me go, we’ll be alright
I’ll take this chance, so call me blind                 Touch my soul and hold it tight
        I’ve been waiting all my life                             I’ve been waiting all my life
  Please don’t scar this young heart                     I won’t scar your young heart
            Just take my hand                                           Just take my hand

                                         “I was made for loving you”

     A very happy ( and belated ) blog anniversary to @janexgibbons, as well as a ( also belated) happy birthday to our darling Jane herself! 

waaaaait a minute...

Just wait a damned minute. Are you telling me THIS day is the annual celebration commemorating the arrival or your smol self into this existence?? [looks around & under things] Nope. Didn’t get the memo. Well, here. Accept these gifs in lieu of gifts, bc all the stores are closed here. Happy Birthday, Vick!!❤️😘👊🏻

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For a sec there, I thought you were looking around and under things for ME and I was so offended because I’m smol, but not THAT smol! Until I read “didn’t get the memo” 😂😂

I don’t know whether to thank you or not for those two gifs…Let’s keep this the day of my birth and not my death, yea?