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Anonymous asked: omg please do nerdy/shy cas leaving notes for the unattainable dean winchester. (i love you, your blog is my life force)

Author’s note: This message warmed the cockles of my heart! So here, have a fic. :) 

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, I can’t believe I’m doing this…” Castiel quietly chanted to himself. “I shouldn’t be doing this. This is a terrible idea…”

Castiel threw a quick glance over his shoulder, making sure that the hallway was truly empty. When he concluded that the coast was clear, he took a deep breath before sliding the small folded piece of paper into locker number 134. He nearly tripped over his own two feet as he clumsily backed away before anyone would notice him.

As he hurried to the cafeteria to join his friends for lunch, he was already deeply regretting what he’d just done. The locker he’d left the note in was not just any locker, it was Dean Winchester’s locker. Heartbreakingly-handsome Dean Winchester. Uncrowned-king-of-Lawrence-High Dean Winchester. Popular, would-never-hang-out-with-nerds-like-Castiel Dean Winchester.

Of all the idiotic things Castiel had done in his life, this was the worst, no competition. The only factor making it less terrifying was the fact that Castiel had been smart enough to not sign his name…

It had been a simple note, just something to make Dean smile, because Castiel had a crush the size of Canada on the guy. Castiel hadn’t been sure what to write, but in the end he had decided on ‘Seeing you smile is the highlight of my day, I hope you have many reasons to smile today’.

Okay, so it was a little sappy. Alright, a lot sappy. But it was true, and love sometimes made people do and say crazy things. In Castiel’s case; it certainly did.

Castiel half-ran into the cafeteria, not even bothering to get lunch but instead aiming straight for the table in the corner where Charlie and Jo were sitting. His stomach had twisted into a million knots by now, and food was the last thing on his mind.

He flopped down onto the chair beside Jo, and Jo eyed him curiously.

“Whoa… Your face is redder than the sauce on my spaghetti! What have you been up to?” Jo asked as she looked up from her plate of pasta, her piercing eyes subjecting Castiel to a close inspection.

“I did it.” Castiel mumbled.

“Did what?” Charlie questioned.

She was sitting on the opposite side of the table, her eyes flickering from Jo to Castiel and back.

“What we were talking about yesterday… I left him a note.” Castiel said, the words making his stomach turn again.

“Oh my god! Finally!” Jo exclaimed. “You have been pining over the guy for a year! It was about time you made a move.”

“Wait, did you leave a name?” Charlie asked while she and Jo exchanged a gleeful look.

“Of course not!” Castiel said, hearing how his own voice suddenly sounded several octaves higher. “If he finds out, he’ll probably laugh at me… That is, if he even knows that I exist in the first place, which I somehow highly doubt…”

Jo snorted. “Oh dear, this is going to take a while then.”

Castiel sighed, not bothering to argue with Jo, because she was annoyingly right.

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