otp: hanna x spencer

So the other day I was at the mall with my friend and her sister in law shopping for her husband’s Christmas presents and somehow we got onto the discussion of our favorite TV shows and they’re talking about Pretty Little Liars, in which we all agree that the show is amazing and that we’re so sad that it’s ending but glad that it’s going out on a high note instead of the alternative of crashing and burning in the form of being cancelled and they were talking about ships and stuff, you know spoby and ezria and haleb and emison. My friend looks at me and my lack of input and asks “Who’s you’re OTP?”
And me being shameless and not giving a single fuck because I’m proud as hell said, “Bellarke.”
The two of them stared at me as to explain what the hell I’m talking about and because my love for the 100 has no limit and shalt not be contained! Go into this long fifteen minute dissertation as to why the 100 is so much better than PLL.
My friend disowned me and threatened to leave me at the mall because we carpooled from work and we were over an hour away. Though I still did not concede, and she has no way of proving me wrong because in spite of me she’s refusing to watch the show even though I told her that Eliza Taylor is one foxy mama for her eyes to ogle.